How To Do A Newborn Photoshoot

Week 9 To 4 Months: Skip It Altogether

How to Do a Newborn Photoshoot at Home

What to expect: You can expect most newborn photographers to say, hold out a little longer and well see you in Month 4 to Month 6. The reason being that your baby is too big and awake for the newborn look, but still doesnt hold his/her head nor sits by his/herself. This complicates things a little for us photographers, thats why we suggest waiting to book a professional session for a little later.

Youll capture plenty of memorable photos on your own during this time, and I recommend with pride.

Know Your Clients Expectations

Time is of the essence when youâre doing newborn baby photography, so itâs crucial that you establish the goals for the shoot before the tiny one arrives on set.

Take some time to work out which kind of newborn photoshoot your client is after. You have two different types of newborn photos: posed and lifestyle.

So, whatâs the difference between these newborn baby photoshoot types?

Have Props At The Ready

Baby is of course the star of the photoshootbut adding in a few props can really make your newborn pictures shine. Need some ideas? Most people have things around their house they can use, Mohr says. Household baskets or Moses baskets can all work well as a prop for your baby. Make sure to put lots of padding on top so baby is comfortable! Babys safety and comfort are always the most important things to consider.

Another handy prop to have: a breastfeeding pillow, like the Boppy. It can go a long way in helping you nail the perfect photo of baby, Sulcov says. Whether your little one is asleep or awake, itll keep your hands free and baby upright with their neck protected. Placing a blanket or swaddle over the Boppy will help hide the propjust avoid big, bright patterns that could get distracting.

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Should I Reschedule My Newborn Photo Shoot If My Baby Is Fussy

Dont put off your newborn photos because your baby is fussy!

We are trained professionals and will know the best ways to sooth a cranky baby.

We are also trained in newborn massage which can help with relaxing your newborn baby.

99% of the time if the baby is well-fed, warm, and swaddled they feel comfortable so there is nothing to worry about! We will capture amazing images for you, thats why you chose a professional!

Best Apps For Editing Newborn Photos

14 Newborn Photography Ideas for Your Little Ones

There are a couple of apps I like to use to edit my DIY baby photos. Lightroom is one of them and its free!

You can even download Lightroom right on to your phone.

There are some advanced editing techniques in Lightroom. However, if the intimates you, check out these free newborn Lightroom presets.

The other editing software I have learned to love is Photoshop!

I have filmed a short newborn photo editing tutorial in photoshop for you watch below if youre interested to learn how!

Newborn Photo Poses Cheat Sheet

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Make It A Family Affair

Newborn photoshoots can sometimes include more than just the infant: Mom, Dad, and siblings might come along as well.

Communication and planning are key. Discuss in detail what is going to happen on the day, what the clients will be wearing, and what youâre going to be bringing. Coordinate their outfits with your props, or, say, the babyâs booties with their decor. You have to think of it all. Best of all, if you hit it off with the family, youâll get that referral and your client base will grow. Speaking of whichâ¦

Newborn Poses Guaranteed To Delight New Parents

Newborn poses are vastly different from all other poses if only because, for the first few weeks of life, newborns cannot hold their heads upright. This necessitates a specialized approach to making portraits of new babies.

Perhaps unexpectedly, the true magic of these beautiful newborn portraits happens behind the scenes.

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What You Need To Know

To prepare for fussy moments, youll want to have a few things ready a pacifier, a bottle of formula/breastmilk, a swaddling blanket, and a few clean diapers. If nothing seems to be working to calm your bundle of joy, ask for a break in your session while you try to get things under control.

A few other things you should keep in mind when it comes to your babys newborn session are:

Most photographers include props, but if there is something in particular you want your photographer to include, let them know.

Try to keep the volume down to maintain a calm environment. When you get overwhelmed, you and your baby can both feel it. Staying relaxed and quiet will ensure a calm atmosphere.

Make sure you come prepared to be in a few of the photos. You may not be feeling like a supermodel quite yet, but getting in the photos with your infant will create some lasting memories youll both treasure.

Wear neutral colors like creams, mild tones, and soft hues for intimate portraits.

Its best to avoid chunky jewelry and watches, which can be distracting elements and will look dated years from now. Strive for timeless photos that will be staples in your home for decades to come.

If you want to capture your entire family with your newest addition, the best time to do so is toward the end of the session. Consider having the rest of your family show up at the end, so the noise level from the extra people doesnt disturb your baby.

Newborn: Welcome To The World

How to Do a Newborn Photoshoot at Home | Scary Mommy

The popularity of newborn baby photography has risen hugely over the last decade. Increasingly, this is the time that families will hire a photographer to create beautiful and timeless images of these wonderful first few days.

The early moments fly by in a sea of euphoria and sleep deprivation. Having pictures you can look back on, a reminder of how tiny your child once was, is priceless. Even a week later, theyll have grown so much.

Newborn photoshoots might capture those elusive first attempts at a smile or the milk-drunk sleep of your wonderfully contented baby. They will record the moments between you, as parents, as you look at your baby and see what youve created.

These are magic moments. When I finish a newborn shoot, Im almost on a high from the love in the room. Its incredible.

Have you considered what style you prefer? There are several different approaches to newborn photography. For me, its all about keeping it natural.

Instead of props, elaborate posing or hours spent on Photoshop post-shoot, I simply photograph your baby as they are: a tiny human being held close by their loving parents. No worrying whether their fingers are placed just so, no precision poses in unnatural positions.

If youre unable to arrange a session before the 3-4-week mark, its best to wait a little longer before hiring a professional photographer.

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Take Pictures From Above

Keep your camera strap on for safety. You dont want it to slip out of your hand and fall. Angle your shot so that youre shooting down the babys nose instead of up because that doesnt look flattering on anyone. If youre shooting your baby from an elevated surface, Morrison recommends getting eye level with them so you can establish eye contact. Speaking of which

The Best Time To Schedule A Newborn Photography Session

The first important question is when should the session take part. First, you should ask yourself whether you want the photos of the baby asleep, and, if that is the case, the session should be done early, within their first 14 days. Around 8 days old, babies start stretching out, so it is more difficult to get them into those cute, sleeping poses.

However, some parents do not really understand why you would even want to take baby photos when they are asleep, and they want playful and awake baby photos. That changes the timetable, and those photographs should usually be taken after the four-week mark.

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Adorable Baby Christmas Picture Ideas You Should Try

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Especially if a family just welcomed a new member and they are celebrating the babys first Christmas together.

Here, we collected 19 adorable baby Christmas picture ideas for you.

No matter if you want to shoot a newborn photography session or capture an older baby. You will find the inspiration you need!

How Old Is Too Old For A Baby To Get Newborn Photos

Angel Eyes Photography

Ideally, parents schedule a newborn photo session during the second- or early third-trimester to get on the photographers calendar, and Weeks 1 through 8 of newborn life are optimal for capturing the essence of teensy-tiny babies. If I’m totally honest, pre-Week 6 is even better the majority of my best sleeping poses were taken around week 5 or prior. Then again, some 2-week old babies cry through the entire session you just never know what youre going to get.

So, from a theoretical perspective, its never too late to schedule a professional photography session for older infants and young toddlers. Realistically, though, every stage of a babys life brings different considerations into the mix.

Rather than looking at your newborn or infant photography session from a, how late is too late? angle, its best to view prospective sessions through the lens of what does each week- or Month- bring to the experience?

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What I Would Do Differently Next Time

During the process of this session, I learnt a lot from using the phone to take photos and heres what I would do differently if I was doing it again:

1) I learned that zooming in and taking photos is not a good idea. All the zoomed-in photos I took were pretty pixelated. So, dont zoom in much when using your phone.

I would suggest that it is better is to take the photo and then just crop it after if you would like the baby to fill more of the frame.

2) I discovered that colours can also be tricky to get right in the camera phone.

I had hoped that I would be able to easily adjust the white balance on the photos if they came out slightly yellowy. But, in reality, I was pretty limited in what the phone could do in regard to getting a good balance of colour. Try to photograph with very neutral colour balance, dont ad filters.

3) I would also have liked to have had more control that the camera phone allowed.

I strongly recommend that you get an app on your phone which will set your phone camera in full manual mode. This will allow you to control the exposure of the camera, the white balance and will ensure that it stays consistent throughout the time that you are taking the photos.During this shoot, we didnt have this. So, in the video youll see that the exposure was jumping up and down like crazy! Every time the phone took a photo, I needed to adjust the exposure again which wasnt ideal. In manual mode, it will simply stay in one setting and wont change.

Newborn Photography Tips Before The Day Of The Photoshoot

Do your research and compile a list of baby poses you love. Look online is a great resource, as are newborn photographers websites. You can view my newborn gallery here. Choose simple poses to start with and print your list out.

Start to compile a small collection of props, like a cute little teddy or any personal items that you want to include in the photos. Put them aside in a safe place so you have them ready to go when you need them.

Think about the clothes you and the baby will wear for the photos. Ensure these are clean, ironed and put aside so you dont risk wearing them the day before and getting them dirty!

Install any apps onto your phone that you plan to use and experiment with them. Get familiar with the functionality so you know how to adjust your cameras exposure and that it stays consistent while you take photos.


Purchase or borrow a tripod or phone stand, and check that it is working.

Consider the available light in the house and think through where may be best for you to take the photos and at what time of the day.

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Warm The Space You Will Be Working In

Now, you are ready to get to work. But there are a few things you still have to do. The most important is to heat the room you will be photographing baby in. Newborns can not regulate their body temperatures as well as older children or adults. So you will need to keep your space comfortable, cozy and warm. This is especially important during bare baby poses. You can use a space heater if your shooting area is usually cold.

Keep Your Baby Supported On Set

DIY Newborn Photography at Home | 4 Simple set-ups for Baby Photoshoot at Home | Mom N Me

Place the baby in the scene and theyll be snug and secure. Image: Its Always Autumn

Shooting your baby on the floor is a good option for getting overhead shots and making sure your baby doesnt roll off anything. If you want to try shooting a couple of other poses, Autumn Baldwin from Its Always Autumn presents two great options: Having someone hold the baby while theyre under a big, bulky blanket or placing the baby on a Boppy pillow thats covered with a blanket. Having someone hold the baby is an especially good trick for newborns since they get cold and love to be held. Its pretty easy to keep the holder out of the shot, and the baby will be less fussy.

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Using Towels And Fabrics To Create Photo Backdrops

One thing youll definitely want for your newborn photoshoot at home is one or more large coloured throws or pieces of fabric on which youll place your baby for the photographs.

Then, once you have positioned them there, you will need to wrap up towels and prop them under the duvet, around your baby, in order to pose them. What you dont want is for your newborn to sink into the duvet we need to prop them up to make them more visible.

Using the towels is also a safety precaution and will keep them in place.

Watch the video to learn how to set up the bed for baby photos at home. Covering safety, posing, setting up the background and lots more.

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