How To Do Your Own Newborn Photos

Print Those Pictures Out

How to do a beautiful and safe newborn shoot in your own home by Vail Fucci

Please, for the love of all that is newborn photography, do not leave all of your beautiful newborn photos sitting on your hard drive. Print those babies out!

I feel a bit hypocritical telling you this, as I myself have been absolutely horrible about printing my own images, but just do it. Do not wait to design the perfect wall display, or to choose the perfect picture. If you see a good canvas sale going on, just order something. You will love it I promise!

What am I doing with all of Gabriels newborn images? I am making an epic baby album for him, of course. I cannot wait to order it and have it in my hands! There is NO substitute for the actual finished product for you and your family to enjoy.

Pictures on a computer screen are nice, but a huge 30×40 canvas hanging in the entryway of your home is even nicer. Trust me on this.

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The pictures taken from your perspective, the mother who loves her baby like no other, are going to have a little something extra special about them. Just take it slow, and be sure to get a lot of rest. You just had a new baby. Enjoy your baby!

These days go by so fast before you know it, theyll be heading off to school, learning to drive, getting married, and giving you grandbabies. Im not even kidding! It seems like just yesterday I was bringing Clint home from the hospital, and now we are working on a drivers license. It goes by in the blink of an eye!

Newborn Photos Are My Thing

I cherish the photos from my other childrens newborn sessions and was so sad that we wouldnt have any of all of us from our time with our brand new, perfectly squishy, Tilley girl. Thankfully, Im well equipped to take plenty of my own newborn photos at home and knew that the only way wed have some of her in her early days was if I took them myself.

Maybe youre on the fence about hiring a lifestyle newborn photographer. Or maybe you want to but its not in the cards right now. Maybe you have one lined up, but know that youll want to document your baby each day/week as they grow. Im going to share with you some of the most important things to keep in mind to take your own newborn photos at home. Well go over a few things:

Use A Blanket And Wrap In Complementary Colours

Using coordinating colours is something that lots of newborn photographers do, because it gives the photos an edge it brings everything together, it’s more pleasing to the eye, and it means that we can focus on your baby and not lots of different things that are going on in the photo.

You’ll need a soft blanket to lay your baby on. And then something to wrap them up in that complements that blanket that could be a stretchy blanket, a swaddle blanket or a scarf in a complementary colour.

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Use Templates To Create Cute Birth Announcements

When youre done with your photoshoot, you can edit the pictures in PicMonkey and use our baby graphics to turn them into birth announcements, wall hangings, or get them scrapbook ready. You can also use your newly discovered baby photography ideas to create a personalized baby gift for someone in your life. Here are a few of our designer-made baby announcement templates to get you started. Have a great photo day!

Think About Newborns Safety

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When you are dealing with more complicated baby picture poses and props, there supposed to be another person near to assist you and keep an eye on the newborn. Personally, I prefer more natural newborn images without intricate poses. My husband was always around even though I didnt need much help. Keep in mind that all these newborn shots with complicated poses and scenes are combined from several pictures, not a single one.

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How To Do Baby And Dog Photos

I LOVE pets. I have always said, if I wouldnt be a newborn photographer, I would be a pet photographer. So, I am always happy to help clients who wish to include their dogs in their newborn photos.

If you wish to include pets in your newborn photos at home, I say, do it. It would be a shame not to have a photo of your fur baby in the family portraits!

TIP: KNOW YOUR PET! If you have a crazy, bouncy puppy jumping around a small newborn baby, that is far from ideal. Make sure that you take them for a really long walk beforehand so that they can get rid of all their excess energy. The warm room might also help them to be calmer, which is what youre after here.

Treats will do magic. Dogs normally respond well to treats and rewards, and during the video below you can see how I use treats to achieve my goals. Again, be patient though. Dont shout at your pet try to keep the atmosphere calm.

– If you have a cat, then it will be more case of just getting your cat to walk into the photo cats like to do their own thing!

Bonus Tip: Share Your Plan With Your Family

Communicating your plan with your family is so important and often forgotten! Set the expectations ahead of time with your spouse and kids, and let them know why you are doing this, when youre doing this, how they can help! You can get them excited by saying youll be having a Family Picture Day to celebrate the newest addition to your family 🙂 Getting them excited will definitely help make the shooting process easier as you capture this special season of life.

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Alternative To Labor And Birth Photos

This is usually an alternative to having photographs taken of the labor and delivery experience but still be able to capture the brand new life.

Most of the time these will be in the hospital, dont forget to get all the little details from the signs to the gifts.

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Quarry Park Se Calgary

Experts warn about trying to do complicated newborn photography on your own

*Im a maternity and newborn photographer with 8+ years experience.

*The booking process is easy and straightforward.

*You and your little one will be in safe hands, whilst I take beautiful images.

*I have everything I need at my studio to create beautiful newborn images, there is nothing you need to bring, besides yourselves and your newborn.

I scheduled a last-minute maternity photos with Maggie. She went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule. I just wanted a few simple indoor photos to remember the moment, and was utterly blown away when I received gorgeous images. Not only that, but Maggie was such a calming, confident presence, and made the entire experience such a fun, easy, memorable day. Thanks for the love you put into your work. I would recommend her to anyone looking to have an amazing experience.

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Roll Cloth Diapers To Help With Posing

In addition, when stuffing rolled up cloth diapers under the blanket to properly pose the baby, it really helps to stuff them all the way under the bottom blanket for a very smooth, not lumpy, look.

And lastly regarding blankets thick, textured blankets are just so much easier to work with in post-processing because they are not as prone to wrinkles.

What You Need To Do A Newborn Photoshoot At Home

Hiring a professional newborn photographer is often a great idea, but you don’t need to be a pro to get some great shots. You also don’t need pro gear for making good infant portraits. Here are the supplies you need to do a photoshoot with your baby at home:

  • Camera – You can do DIY newborn photos with an iPhone or other cellphone camera, but it’s even easier if you have a DSLR. No matter what camera you’re using, take some time to explore its settings and learn how to use it.
  • Clean background – You’ll need a nice, clean background for your pictures to keep the focus on baby. Choose a simple, neutral-colored blanket, if possible.
  • Good natural light – The best light for a newborn photoshoot is next to a large window or patio door on a cloudy day or when the sun is on the other side of your house.
  • A warm place – Babies can have trouble regulating their temperature, and a nice, warm spot for your photoshoot is important. If it’s drafty or chilly where you’re shooting, bring in a space heater.
  • Outfits – You can photograph your baby in anything, but special newborn photoshoot outfits can make your pictures extra special. Consider heirloom items, a special wrap or piece of fabric, or a sweet dress.
  • Props – Newborn photoshoot props are definitely optional, but you could consider using a basket, flowers, or a special item that represents your family.

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Include Your Older Children

Some of the sweetest and most endearing photos you can take of your new baby will be the ones you get with his or her older siblings. I set out a task for myself to get an image of Gabriel with each of his nine older brothers and sisters. I still have two to go, but I am getting there!

Older children may be able to hold their new brother or sister, while simple laying down poses are perfect for younger children. This will make your older children feel special and involved as well, which is always a bonus when there is a new baby in the house getting a lot of attention!

Are Newborn Photos Safe

How To Make Your Own Bubble Quilt!

Making sure that baby is safe as you take those amazing photos is obviously going to be at the top of your priority list and while taking these photos is generally safe, here a few things to consider.

  • Keep poses as natural and organic as possible. If baby keeps moving out of position, then its probably because they dont like it. Go with what they are comfortable with.
  • Ask for help! Dont think you can do it all on your own. If you think youre going to need an extra hand, ask for it. If nothing else, youll feel safer and more relaxed.
  • Remember to wear the neck/wrist strap of your camera when shooting from above. The last thing you want to do is drop it on babys head.
  • Taking newborn photos with your pets can be great fun but make sure to keep baby out of the way of any excitable paws!
  • Remember to transfer baby into a safe sleeping position once the photoshoot is over and away from any potential hazards.

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How To Take Your Own Newborn Photos At Home With Any Camera

Feature photo by Laura Barr

Birth is a momentous occasion. Newborns grow so quickly in those first weeks that its important to record this time in pictures. But right now, with strict hospital visitation policies and most of us under stay-at-home orders, professional newborn photos are most likely impossible. Thats OK! You can take your own newborn photos .

Were sharing newborn photography tips from pro newborn photographers so you can take your own newborn photos, with whatever camera you have on hand. From lighting to cant-miss photos to what to wear, this advice will help you create beautiful newborn pictures at home.

And, if its all too overwhelming, we hope youll remember that the best photo is the one you actually took. So, just take pictures, perfect or not! Embrace this moment and remember that at some point this quarantine will be over and your photographer will be more than happy to schedule a newborn session with you when its safe to do so.

What Should I Put On My Baby Book Cover

A photo book or album cover is a great way to introduce your story. We offer a range of different cover options across our various products so you can create something entirely unique to you. Cover options include the option to add small, large and full-page cover photos, text only covers, and Designer Covers. Our Designer Covers offer 17 stylish design templates in 11 colors and there are some beautiful baby-themed ones to choose from.

You could opt for a cover image with a photo of your little one accompanied by their name and date of birth. Or you could keep it simple with a creative text-only option. Get inspired with a list of book title ideas we’ve come up with.

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Keep Your Baby Awake Before The Session

Its no secret that infants sleep a lot. But sometimes, their sleep patterns dont cooperate with our plans. If you want your little one sacked out during the photo session, so you can get those adorable sleepy newborn poses, keep them up for a while before your photographer arrives.

Making sure you keep your baby awake prior to a session is a great way to guarantee they will sleep through most of it. That will lead to peaceful pictures, instead of ones where they look enraged or red-faced from crying.

Use Letter Board Announcement

Cheap Props for Adorable Newborn Photographs

You can create an announcement with baby birth details for your DIY newborn photos. It can be a letter board or a special sign. Remember it should match the design of the children’s room. When the sign is ready, put it near the baby. To have a smiling child in the photos, make a funny face or show his/her favorite toys.

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Be Mindful Of Your Aperture

I know many portrait & wedding photographers love to work wide open at f/1.2 & f/1.4. However, with this type of photography, many of the babys positions can have extreme angles and you will have better luck with your depth of field and sharpness by shooting around f/2 & f/2.2.

Dont forget, it will be rare that the babys eyes are always on the same plane of focus and by closing down my aperture a bit from wide open I get that little bit extra of the depth of field that is often needed.

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