What Do I Need For My Newborn Baby Checklist

Baby Checklist For 4 To 6 Months Old

BABY ESSENTIALS LIST UK 2020! What else do I need for the baby? What do I need in my hospital bag?

Much of what youve already bought will suffice as your baby grows. For instance, you wont have to replace her blankets every few months. But some of her needs will change as she grows into new clothes, cuts her first teeth, begins grabbing objects and starts putting everything into her mouth.

Teething ointment

Spoons and bowls for soft solids, such as cereal

High chair

Stationary activity center for babies 4 months and older

Toys: Tactile stimulation is important at this age, and every touch brings about new sensations. Try toys with different textures, shapes and colors. Rattles are also good at this stage, as baby may begin to associate an action, such as shaking a toy, with instant sound feedback.

Going Out With A Newborn

Your newborn is required by law to be in a baby capsule or rear-facing car seat while travelling in a car. Its a good idea to have one professionally installed a few weeks before your due date. Make sure you are familiar with your states car child restraint laws.

You might also want to invest in a good quality pram. Look for one that reclines flat for a newborn but can be converted into a stroller for a toddler. See our checklist for buying a pram to ensure you dont make an expensive mistake. Many families however prefer to use a baby carrier for new babies and perhaps a cheaper stroller for older babies and toddlers.

  • Baby capsule/rear-facing car seat
  • Baby carrier and/or pram
  • Nappy bag


Baby Checklist For The Hospital

Many of the items in the hospital bag will already be part of your layette a fancy word for babys wardrobe but you might have some purchases to make specifically for the time in labor and delivery.

For Mom

Warm, nonskid socks or slippers for walking the halls

Maternity bra and a few nursing pads

Maxi pads

For the baby

At least one outfit for the trip home: Pack a few different sizes in case junior is swimming in the 0-to-3-month gear or filling out newborn-size onesies.

A few warm blankets: You can skip these if its summer or you live in Miami.

Outdoor gear

Diaper bag, including a few diapers, wipes and a pacifier

Nerd tip: Be conservative in buying clothing for your little one. Many babies wear newborn sizes only for the first few weeks, if at all. As your baby grows, youll know better which sizes youll need and when.

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The Ultimate Checklist For New Parents

Ohsofickle: My First Baby Checklist

Whether you are browsing online baby stores, shopping for yourself or comparing baby products, getting stocked up on new-born essentials can be overwhelming and can also be fun.

There are abundant of varieties of feeding bottles, hospital essentials, nursery must-haves that can make your head spin and costs can add up quickly, not forgetting the cute factor which can prompt you to place one too many items in your basket.

But preparing for life with your new-born is just an incredible milestone with so many precious ones to follow.

Babies R Us South Africa has taken it upon them to make sure you have everything ready for your new arrival all under one roof!

Our Babies R Us ultimate new-born baby checklist can help you determine exactly what you’ll need to purchase and prepare as you get ready for baby’s birth. This must have moms checklist has been especially compiled to take the hassle off new moms allowing them to focus more on the momentous occasion, said Nicole Jansen Van Vuuren, marketing manager Toys R Us & Babies R Us SA.

In addition the ultimate check-list doubles up as the perfect gift registry seamlessly combining a wide selection of products with things like special offers, discounts and new trend items.

This will definitely help keep mom-to-be focused as she gears up for the grand arrival. The list includes every product or item youll actually use or need when your little one comes home, added Van Vuuren.

For more information www.babiesrus.co.za

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Health And Safety Checklist

Itâs good to have some essentials at home in case you need to take your little oneâs temperature or put an adhesive bandage on a small scratch. These are some basic items to have at home:

â First-aid kit. You’ll want to have basic items at home like a baby thermometer, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, and petroleum jelly, all in one place. You may wish to have another first-aid kit in the car or in the diaper bag so that you have some of these essentials when youâre on the go as well.

â Bulb syringe. This can help gently remove mucus from your babyâs nose.

â Nail clippers or a soft emery board. Your little oneâs nails will need trimming from time to time, and doing this will also help prevent him scratching himself.

â Soft-bristled hairbrush. Even if your little one doesnât have much hair, a brush can help loosen scales if your newborn ends up with cradle cap.

â Sunscreen. Generally speaking, your little one should be kept out of direct sunlight for at least the first six months. However, a little sunscreen may be applied to exposed small areas like the face and hands if adequate clothing and/or shade isn’t available.

â Gentle detergent. This can be used to wash all of your newbornâs clothes and bedding for the first few months. If your babyâs skin shows any signs of irritation, you can try a hypoallergenic detergent, perhaps one designed especially for babies.

The Ultimate Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist

Are you all set for the big day? Your baby might arrive earlier than expected, so itâs worth having your baby hospital bag organized and packed around month eight of your pregnancy â just in case.

This checklist will help you prepare everything youâll need for yourself and your new baby. Plus, thereâs a mini-checklist for birth partners well. Perhaps pack your bags together so you can double-check that youâll each have everything you might need. Once all the bags are packed, keep them handy, either in the car or near the door, so you’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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How To Clean Baby Bottles

Here is some happy news! You dont need to sterilize baby bottles every time you use them. You can do this for the first few months, but as your baby grows, you only need to sanitize every few days. However, according to CDC if your baby was born prematurely, has some medical condition or is less than 3 months old, you may need to sanitize bottles daily or more often3. Consult this with your pediatrician, depending on your babys health condition.

When cleaning your babys bottles and nipples, or anything in the feeding process, use a separate tub or basin using a specific baby bottle brush. Rinse them thoroughly in warm water and let them completely air dry, do not use a towel to wipe them. The other way is to use the dishwasher with the special basket for all bottle parts.

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My Newborn Baby Essentials & Must Haves 2018 | Mummy Nutrition UK

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Travel Newborn Essentials List

Of course some of the most essential and top things you need for a newborn baby include items for travel such as a pram and car seat. These are usually the very first items to buy for newborn baby and can also be among the most expensive things to buy for newborn babies. So I urge you to take your time to consider what is right for your needs before making the purchase.


A list of baby items needed for a newborn is of course going to include a pram. A pram is probably one of the most essential things a newborn baby needs well the babys parents at least.

A pram provides a convenient way for you to take your baby outside of the home. Whether thats for a stroll around the park, to the local shopping centre or even around your home.

Before purchasing a pram consider what you want from your pram. Are you looking for something with all the bells and whistles with loads of storage, lightweight and compact, or would you prefer something simple and low cost.

Ive always been a big fan of the Mountain Buggy Nano its what Ive used for all my kids and its perfect whether we are at home or while we are travelling.

Car Seat

One of the most important newborn baby must haves is a car seat in fact you wont even be able to leave the hospital without this. When purchasing a car seat, youll need to consider whether you want a travel system or a separate car seat.

Whatever you decide to purchase, be sure that it meets the Australian Standards to ensure your childs safety.

How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need Everything You Should Know About Choosing Bottles & Nipples

When I was expecting my first baby I felt overwhelmed with the choice of baby strollers, baby carriers, play mats, baby swings But the selection of baby bottles made me dizzy! There are so many types: wide neck, small neck, for colic, for gas, for upright feeding, made from glass or silicone and so on! How to choose the best one and actually how many bottles do I need?! I still remember how concerned I felt.

If you feel this way too this article is for you! Im going to share with you the results of my LONG research. I will give you the answers you need to choose the right baby bottle for your child!

This article is NOT a substitute for medical advice or care

When it comes to feeding your baby, using a bottle can be a vital part of the routine. Although some mommies want to breastfeed exclusively, it is not always possible. The reason for that may be a busy work schedule, or the need for formula supplementation.

Making sure your baby has the right bottles is very important since not all bottles are created equal, and you may need more than one. Besides, each baby has different preferences and may be even picky about specific bottles!

When youre searching for baby bottles for your little bundle of joy, there are many factors to consider, such as different sizes, variety of styles and shapes, type of material they are made of, the shape of the nipple, and of course, the cost.

Keep on reading and youll learn everything!

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Baby Checklist Everything You Need For Your Newborn

Having a baby is such an exciting time in your life, but preparing for their arrival can sometimes be stressful! When I was pregnant with our first baby I was overwhelmed with figuring out what items I needed and what things werent necessary. There were so many options and so many different reviews on every option that its almost impossible to know what youll need when youre a first-time mom.

So, Ive put together a baby checklist to help get you started and hopefully relieve some of the planning stress!

Nappies Newborn Checklist Australia

Printable Newborn Checklist

A list of what you need for a baby is of course going to include nappies and a range of associated items, so Ive made it its own category! Whether you decide to go with cloth or disposable nappies below Ive listed all the essentials for a new baby checklist.

Cloth or Disposable Nappies

Nappies are one of the most important baby must haves for the first year so stock up! Whether you go with cloth or disposable, your baby is probably going to go through 10 to 12 nappy changes a day at first, so youre going to want to have loads of these on hand.

If youre going to do with disposables, look out for sales and stock up well before your baby is born. Nappies come in different sizes so you might want to buy a few small ones, but not too many as they grow really fast.

For cloth nappies, there are heaps of options these days. Id probably recommend you look at a starter kit like this Mama Koala one. This set comes with the cloth nappies and bamboo or microfibre inserts.

Nappy Rash Cream

Every new baby essentials list must include nappy rash cream and for new parents sudocrem is about to become your new best friend! Sudocrem acts as a barrier between your babys skin and the nappy to as much as possible avoid nappy rash. However it is also great for helping to clear up nappy rash as well.

You can also use coconut oil as a natural alternative. Read more about using coconut oil for nappy rash here.


Nappy Sacks

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Basic Information About Bottle

Its a good idea to start introducing a bottle to your baby between 3 and 6 weeks of age. After that, it may be a little more difficult to get your baby into using a bottle. Remember that your baby gets to decide the right bottle for him/her. If your little one is fussy because he/she is trying too hard to suck, or even worse, is choking because the milk flows too fast, you should consider trying a different bottle or nipple.

You dont have to warm milk before feeding, as some babies like lukewarm milk too, but most will want it about the same temperature as mommys breast milk.

So if you give baby freshly expressed milk, you dont need to warm it, but if you have stored it in the fridge, warming it up to 98°F may be needed to avoid bottle refusal.

Most newborns will want to feed every 2 to 3 hours or 8 to 12 times a day. As your baby grows , this will normally lessen to 7 to 9 times a day.

Finally, remember you only get to choose how many bottles and what other items to use, but your baby gets the final decision on which bottles they want.

> > Read more about bottle-feeding and how to deal with bottle refusal

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