What To Gift A Newborn Baby

Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Baby + Bonus

The #1 Ultimate Gift Idea For New Babies – newborn gift ideas

To see the joy on a childs face after unpacking Christmas gifts its priceless. This moment is definitely worth the effort. No matter if its the first Christmas with the baby or the third one Im sure you want it to be magical.

Instead of running from store to store, take a look at my tips and mygift ideas for babies. See what will be suitable for a newborn, what will make one-year-old baby happy and what will bring joy to a 2-year-old child.

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My favorite Xmas Gift Ideas For Baby

Xmwealthy Newborn Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket

A sleeping baby is the cutest. Xmwealthy swaddle blanket is a soft, comfortable wrap to keep your angel cozy and warm when they sleep. It is knitted from premium quality acrylic that is safe and cozy on your babys sensitive skin. The beautiful crochet Knit technique makes the blanket conform and tight.

It has wooden buttons and can easily be converted to a sleeping bag. The buttons make it easy for the fast opening and closing of the wrap for convenience. This lightweight swaddle blanket is suitable for babies from zero to six months.

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

This toy engages baby in numerous ways and stimulates the senses. There are many different textures and materials that aid tactile sensitivity development. Chunky sized bumps encourage baby to reach, grasp and transfer from one hand to the other.

It is super colorful, has many different pattern and also makes rattle sounds to help in sensory development. High contrast colors and bright colors are appropriate for infants developing vision and help baby to focus. This toy is suitable for baby from 6 to 12 months old.

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Baby Monthly Milestone Cards By Child Universe

Check These Beautiful Organic Cards

With these cure baby milestone cards you can take great pictures of your little one and capture precious moments in time. You dont need a photoshoot with a professional photographer you can also take some pictures at home and use monthly cards to celebrate babys next milestones.

I guess at the beginning it is rather a gift for new parents, but when babies get older it will be great memento for them too. It will be awesome to look at these photos in 10 or 20 years!

The Child Universe brand offers milestone cards made of organic materials and non-toxic paints. These wooden circles are available in three different styles: with leaves, flowers and abstract art. Im sure you will find perfect set for your baby girl or baby boy .

Hudson Baby Plush Animal Face Robe

New Arrival Baby Boy Gift Basket

Most babies love bath-time. The Hudson Baby Animal Plush Hooded Robe is the perfect wrap for your babys delicate skin. Made of 100% plush fleece fabric, it is super soft and keeps your baby dry and warm after a bath.

The animal hood dries the hair without the need for rubbing and making the baby uneasy. If your baby is a fussy bather, the appealing animal designs can excite them and make them amiable in the bath. The robe is available in a single size and suitable for babies from zero to nine months.

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Burt’s Bees Baby Getting Started Gift Set

To keep her skin soft and clean, theres this set of products from Burts Bees. The set contains shampoo and wash, diaper cream, body oil, and soapall in sizes perfect for taking on the go. All the ingredients are natural.

These precious socks are perfect for any occasion. There are six pairs in each set and they come in a variety of colors to match any outfit. The soles feature rubber grips to keep baby from slipping when she gives walking a try.

Baby Print Short Sleeve Bodysuit

As with muslins, you really cant have too many bodysuits. With a new baby, no one has time for laundry so keeping a steady supply of these will come in handy. They have a cotton construction, sleeveless design and are adorned with assorted, stylish patterns with stripes, clouds and more.

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Our Best Soft Book For Babies From Tobereadyforlife

This gift will make your infants and toddlers very happy. Its an entertaining and educational cloth book that has numerous adorable and stimulating features. There is a mirror, peek-a-boo flap, different textures and it also makes sounds! During reading this book you have a chance to strengthen the bond with your baby.

Your baby will have so much fun while practicing sensory skills, imagination, communication, language and reading skills. It is never too early to start reading book to a baby. Moreover, this toys is also packed in a luxury gift box which makes it the perfect Christmas gift idea for baby!

A Pacifier That Won’t Keep Falling To The Ground


Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle Pacifier Holder with Detachable Pacifier, available at Buy Buy Baby and , from $14.95

This pacifier features a plush animal that can be detached to make cleaning both pieces fast and easy. You can choose from a variety of animals, including elephant, giraffe, monkey, and seal, that make it easy to find and comforting for babies to snuggle.

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Satin Edged Cellular Baby Blanket

Theres a reason why this blanket from The White Company is a best-seller. It is made from pure cotton with a cellular construction for breathability in summer but keeps the warm air in during winter. The fabrication is super soft and theres even a satin trim that the baby will love. There are a range of colours and sizes on offer.

Mommachi Baby Gift Set Socks

A great gift for baby showers or newborn babies, the Mommachi Baby Gift Set Socks can fit babies from 3 to 15 months. The four pairs of combed cotton baby socks have spandex elastic closures that do not slip. They are safe and comfortable on the babys skin and come in muted, neutral colors that can match any outfit. The cutely quoted socks are suitable for both boys and girls and make the ultimate, exquisitely cute gift box.

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Hatch Rest Baby Night Light Sound Machine & Time

Treat new parents to the gift of a good nights sleep with this top-of-the-range sound machine. It works as a nightlight, white noise sound machine and even has a time-to-rise feature for the toddler years. Parents can use their phone to customize the color, sound and volume to create the ideal sleep environment for the whole family.

Buy it: $60, Walmart.com

What Baby Gift Should I Buy For A Christening

Newborn Baby Boy Gift Basket on Storenvy

When you need a gift for a christening, it is often a good idea to choose something that can be kept as a memento. A christening is a milestone occasion in the life of a baby, but also for the parents who choose to christen their baby. Therefore, a memento or keepsake baby gift is the perfect present.

For a christening or naming day celebration, personalised baby gifts or precious crystal figurines make lovely gifts. A baby photo frame, silver money box, anything from the Bunnykins range, or the baby keepsake dinner sets from Royal Doulton are perfect designer gifts for baby.

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Thoughtful Presents For A New Bundle Of Joy

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Its no secret that buying gifts for baby girls is nothing short of exciting, so picking the right gift to celebrate any special occasion can be tricky. Whether youre welcoming a baby girl into the world or simply buying for one, there are plenty of great options on the market.

You will definitely want to consider the age appropriateness of the gift youre buying since one gift may be safe for a nine-month-old but not a three-month-old. Additionally, gifts that are useful and can be used for a long time for either baby or parents and caregivers are always a great route to go.

Here are some of the best gifts for baby girls to help make your shopping experience easier.

Melissa & Doug Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks Educational Toy With 5 Double

This educational toy consists of 5 two-sided boards, each has a recessed design template that need to be filled with geometric pieces. Baby can play with 30 geometric shapes and try to complete the picture with these parts. Its great tool for learning colors, shapes, common objects and developing matching skills.

Melissa & Doug Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks

Children can also create their own design which allows them to develop their creativity and imagination. It is a great Christmas gift idea for baby around 24 months and up.

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What Are The Most Practical Gifts For A New Baby

If you’re looking for something that is practical to give as a baby gift, choose the essentials like clothing, blankes, and teething toys. Baby clothes gifts not only keep them warm and protected from the cold, but cute and fashionable baby clothes are so much fun for the new parents. Theyll love a mix of handy baby singlets, grow-suits, baby onesies, and stylish baby outfits like knitted cardigans and snuggly dressing gowns for babies and toddlers. Giving 100% cotton baby clothes and muslin wraps makes washing so much easier, plus cotton is super gentle on babys delicate skin.

Natural teethers and safe baby rattles are also gift ideas guaranteed to please the new parents. These essential neutral baby gifts are perfect for a baby boy or baby girl so you dont need to wait until baby is born.

The First Years Stacking Up Cups


Another great toy that engages baby in numerous ways. There are 8 colorful cups which baby can stack together or built a pyramid with it. The cups have different sizes and colors so they help to learn differentiation, practice counting and learn colors.

The First Years Stacking Up Cups

Babies can put things inside the cups and take them out or hide things underneath. There are so many ways to play and learn! I used these cups to hide other toys underneath and teach my kids that objects still exist even if we dont see them. All of my three kids love to play with these cups!

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Gift Baskets For Baby

If you’re wondering what the most popular baby gift is, we’ve figured it out. Clothing items made from premium, organic cotton is the best gift for a newborn baby, as well as toys that stimulate proper cognitive development. Whether you’re shopping for the best baby gifts for boys and girls, we’ve professionally curated everything you need to make a good baby shower gift. Surprise the new parents with everything they want and need in our baby baskets, made to suit every price point. View our site for more options, and get free shipping on all orders of $100 ore more. Delivery options available for across Canada.

Shopping for gift baskets ideas for babies 0-3 months that fulfill your trendy baby gifts needs can be tricky. Finding something to fit your baby first Christmas gift ideas shouldn’t be challenging, which is why me made a variety of unusual baby gifts for the most unique of tastes. We’ve curated the most-coveted toys that check off your list of newborn baby gift ideas for parents. Gifting the family with what the baby needs and what the new parents want is the best way to go. If you need Christmas gifts for babies under 1 years old, our selection of baby gifts include a variety of toys, clothes, and entertainment.

Motorcycle Diaper Cake A Cool Baby Gift

The unique nappy bike is a fantastic gift for hip parents and cool kids. With the homemade motorcycle made completely from nappies, you will attract some attention at the baby shower. With our practical step-by-step instructions, the motorcycle diaper cake is very easy to make yourself at home. The nappy bike is not only a super gift for new fathers and their sons with a few simple steps, the bike becomes a great gift for girls too.

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Bonus Other Christmas Gift Ideas That You Wont Find In A Store

You dont want to buy your child for Christmas another toy? You want to give your baby something special, that is not available in a store or advertised on every childrens TV channel? Gift for a baby dont have to be trivial! Check out my list of Christmas gift ideas for baby that cant be bought in a shop.

Im sure that in your area there are couple of photographers, but of course the prices may vary. So if you wonder what Christmas gift would be awesome for a newborn or 1-year-old baby, photo studio session is always a hit!

Zoo or Aquarium Membership

Kids love to watch animals and regular visit at the zoo or aquarium can be not only very enjoyable but also educational. For some kids watching fish in aquarium might be also soothing. Besides, visit at a aquarium is always a good idea, regardless of weather conditions.

Swimming pool/ Trampoline park/ Climbing wall Pass

If your child likes this kind of physical activity it will be a really awesome gift for him/her! And the child will enjoy it for a very long time after Christmas.

Swimming Lessons

Even small babies can start learning to swim!

You can start swimming with your baby really early. There are also special courses for infants, toddlers and preschoolers where they can learn to swim under the watchful eye of the coach

Creative Classes for Kids

Other Classes for Children

After-school activities can be a really awesome gift for a child. Choose something related to kids hobby and passion!

Match tickets


Vtech Care For Me Learning Carrier

beautiful boy new baby gift basket by the laser engraving ...

This is excellent Christmas gift idea for baby from 9 months to 36 months. It includes sweet plush puppy, interactive pet carrier and pet care accessories like bowl, comb, bottle and ball.

This toy is not only super adorable and entertaining, but also helps to learn colors, shapes, new sounds and songs, and how to take care of a pet, because it encourages role-play! It plays numerous songs, melodies and playful phrases so its very stimulating and helps to develop motor skills.

Recommended age: 10 months +

It is super helpful for taking first steps. We can adjust the wheel speed depending on the surface and babys walking skills. If your baby just started to learn walking you can increase the friction for a slower pace. Its also very sturdy, doesnt run away and doesnt top over easily, which makes it a perfect push toy for early walkers.

It is made of wood and very durable. It can serve your baby as a walker and a storage for other toys or a stroller for dolls! Its recommended from 10 months. Thanks to this walker first steps will be super fun!

Recommended age: 12 months +

These wooden 3-piece jigsaw puzzles help children to learn first words and give them opportunity to practice fine motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination.

There are 4 different boxes that introduce baby with: animals, vegetables, fruits and vehicles.

Parents can join their little ones in this education activity which is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen parent-child bond.

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