When Should Newborn Puppies Go To The Vet

When Do You Take A Newborn Puppy To The Vet

Golden Retriever Puppies Go to the Vet For the First Time!!

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This is my second year with a litter of Golden Retriever puppies and I still have a lot of questions like when do you take a newborn puppy to the vet?

Seriously! Its sometimes difficult to detect when a newborn puppy is sick.

Last year we whelped our first litter of puppies and everything went swimmingly!

Well, there was one snag in the road. Raven got mastitisTWICE!! But, the puppies did great the entire 8 weeks they spent with me!

Todays story isnt about Ravens mastitis, its about a sick newborn puppy

This is our story about when we took our newborn puppy to the vet. We are not experts. If you have concerns about your pets or puppies please contact your veterinarian.

QUICK TIP: If your puppy is sick or not nursing properly you may need to bottle feed your puppy. Make sure youre prepared and have formula, a bottle, and a nipple for the bottle. When Falken got sick we used this PetAg Nursing Kit and Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer. By the way, dont tell my wifewe tried using Emmas little bottle, but I think the nipple was too big for poor little Professor Falken.

How To Handle Newborn Puppies

As we have explained, there are certain situations in which you can or have to touch newborn puppies. However, you should never be careless. Make sure you are handling the puppy correctly so as not to harm it. The first thing to keep in mind is that your hands should not be cold. You can touch newborn puppies with your bare hands, but make sure you have washed your hands properly and that they are at body temperature. Of course, if you want to play it safe, you can wear gloves.

To pick up a newborn puppy, open your hand and circle their body, keeping your thumb on one side, between the front and back legs, and the rest of your fingers on the opposite side. This is the easiest way to pick up newborn puppies if you have to move them or put them into a box or carrier, for example.

To hold a newborn puppy, it is more common to run your hand under its belly, keeping one or two fingers between its front legs to cradle it. This is the position normally used when bottle feeding orphaned puppies. If you are caring for an orphaned pup, look at this article homemade newborn puppy formula and how to administer it.

Signs For Telling If A Newborn Puppy Is Dying

Puppies who die soon after birth are frequently called fading puppies. There may be a known cause, but approximately 55% of puppies who are lost to this condition have no identifiable cause, so telling if a newborn puppy is dying is not always straightforward. There are four main causes of newborn puppy death.

These four factors are all intertwined without managing one factor correctly, you will struggle to manage the others. The four problems to be aware of are low body temperature, dehydration, hypoglycemia , and missing the golden window of colostrum intake.

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Blood Sugar And Feeding

Puppies need to be fed every 2 hours or so to maintain stable blood sugar levels. If theyre nursing well, their bellies should become somewhat round and they should sleep well. If bottle feeding, be sure to use a commercially prepared formula for puppies and feed the puppies in an upright position. If a puppy seems unwell or agitated, they may not be getting enough nutrition – consider increasing the amount fed or feed more frequently.

Its extremely important to feed them a nutritionally balanced, commercially-prepared formula, this is no time to consult with Google. Also, mama should be on a commercially prepared puppy food as shes going to need the extra calories while shes nursing.

Its a good idea to come up with some sort of system to identify each puppy as well as to weigh them daily. A kitchen scale works nicely. The puppies should gain at least a very small amount of weight daily. Not gaining or losing weight is one of the first signs that something is wrong, and the puppy should be examined by a vet.

After they eat, if mama isnt present, the puppies will need to be stimulated to poop and pee . A cotton ball or tissue dipped in warm water and squeezed out can be used to lightly stroke them along their lower abdomen and onto the genitalia. Be sure to hold them in an upright position while doing this in case theres any vomiting.

How Can I Help A Puppy To Go To The Bathroom

When Should Newborn Puppies &  Mother Go to the Vet?

Newborn puppies cant go to the bathroom on their own. Their mother licks their genital and anal areas, which stimulates the muscles and nerves and causes the pups to eliminate their waste. If your puppy is orphaned or wasn’t trained by their mother, you can use a washcloth or cotton ball soaked in warm water and gently stroke these areas, which simulates their mothers licks.

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How To Save A Dying Puppy

Youve taken all the precautions to protect your litter, but one or more of your pups are failing to thrive. Now, your puppys survival depends on the underlying cause for their decline as well as how quickly you begin treatment.

A hypothermic puppy will not feed. So, if you dont treat hypothermia quickly, your puppy can quickly fall ill with dehydration and hypoglycemia. In order to monitor your pups temperature, its important to use a rectal thermometer. If your puppys body temperature falls below 94°F you need to act fast. You can gradually re-warm your puppy by holding them against your skin and ensuring that their whelping box is around 85°F. Observe any frostbite-like symptoms and take care of them as quickly as possible.

If your puppy is unable to feed on their mother within 12 hours, its crucial that you use a colostrum substitute. The mother may be tired from her pregnancy especially if she faced birthing issues or a cesarean section! A good colostrum supplement should be rich in probiotics, glucose, essential fatty acids, and immunoglobulins. Introduce the correct measurement of the supplement on to the back of your puppys tongue and allow them to swallow.

If you need quick answers in regard to newborn puppies dying, our Frequently Asked Questions section should have the answers youre looking for. If in doubt, always contact your veterinarian for advice.

How To Take Care Of Newborn Puppies

There are two possible options for taking care of newborn puppies: helping a mother or do everything by yourself. In the first case, you would only need to direct the dog in the right direction if it became a mother for the first time. Also maintain cleanliness in the house, especially where a young mother and her offspring are. The first 4 weeks are very important, as the puppies cannot eat anything other than their mothers milk. Monitor the condition of your pets, if the dog has any problems with feeding, then you should immediately contact your veterinarian. The specialist would recommend to you what mixture you can buy for puppies. We would like to draw your attention to the second option taking care of the puppy completely or to a greater extent on you. Lets talk about it in more detail.

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Caring For Orphaned Newborn Puppies

The term orphaned does not always mean that the mother of the litter dies. It is also used to refer to puppies whose dam is either unable or unwilling to nurse them. If this happens, you will need to step up to the plate as nursemaid.

The best replacement milk for puppies is a commercial puppy milk formula. Cows milk does not have the same nutritional content as dogs milk and is not a suitable substitute, as it does not have enough calories, calcium, or phosphorous for growing pups. Puppy formula bags come with manufacturers instructions regarding mixing guidelines and how much to feed. If you have questions about these instructions, contact your veterinarian.

Feeding orphan puppies can be a little tricky. Some puppies take a little while to get the sucking part of feeding down. If they dont nurse right away, you may have to take them in to see the veterinarian, so that he or she can show you how to tube feed to get the puppies started.

Feeding itself is usually straightforward. Warm up the formula to body temperature and angle the bottle to prevent air bubbles. You may need to enlarge the hole in the nipple, which is best done with a hot needle while the bottle is inverted. Always feed a puppy facedown, never on its back or upright, as this could cause it to choke. Puppies should nurse enthusiastically, but not too rapidly, as this can cause indigestion. The puppies should be burped during and after each feeding.

They Cant See Or Hear But They Can Make Noise

Vet Visit | Baloo the Newfoundland Puppy has to go to the Vet

Puppies cant see or hear for the first two weeks of their lives, but they can make puppy noises. Theyll vocalize right from the beginning, Wheeler says. When they are born, the mom will lick the placenta off to stimulate them.

At around 10 days, theyll start to open their eyes, even though they arent fully formed yet. The rudimentary eyeball hasnt formed completely until up to 10 weeks, Wheeler describes. All puppies are born with a blue-gray color to their eyes, Casal adds. Their true eye color will be evident at around 10 weeks.

As for hearing, Casal says, Most newborn puppies can hear a little bit when they are born. However, their ears are still closed until about 14 days of age.

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To 12 Weeks Is Fine For Some Breeds

Some breeders prefer to keep their puppies a bit longer than 10 weeks. Those who breed toy breeds especially, including Chihuahuas, Papillons, and other tiny dogs, will keep the puppies until they are 11 to 12 weeks of age. These tiny puppies can be quite fragile physically and may be slower to mature mentally and emotionally as babies. A few more weeks with their mother and littermates, as well as the people they know in their family, is often best for them.

Larger puppies, however, shouldnt wait this long to go to their new homes. Nine to ten weeks of age is fine but any older could be problematic. Not only do large breed puppies grow rapidly, they are also stronger and rowdy, potentially making it more difficult for new owners to bond with this excited, big puppy who is jumping, pawing and otherwise making life difficult. Also, a 10-week-old large-breed puppy is still a dependent baby by 12 weeks hes changing. Its much easier for new owners to bond with an eightto 10-week-old puppy.

How To Tell If The Mother’s Milk Supply Is Adequate

A contented litter of plump puppies is the best indication that the mother is producing adequate milk. Any puppies that appear restless and do not have fat tummies will benefit from supplemental feeding one to three times a day. Please contact your veterinarian, who can supply the necessary food and feeders. It is important that any supplementary food is fed at the correct temperature. One rule of thumb is to drop some of the warm, puppy milk replacer on your arm. It should feel about the same as your normal body temperature.

All the commercial products carry detailed instructions regarding preparation and feeding amounts. Your veterinarian will advise you on supplemental feedings for your specific situation. .

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They Develop Over A Short Period Of Time

Puppies develop and grow inside their mothers womb for approximately two months. This is the normal gestation period for dogs. In the sense of development, a newborn puppy is not unlike a premature child, explains Dr. Margret Casal, associate professor of medical genetics at the University of Pennsylvanias School of Veterinary Medicine.

Helping Your Puppies Go To The Toilet

One of the first places to take your new puppy is the vet

Your puppies will need help weeing and pooing until they are approximately three weeks old. Normally, their mother would lick them to stimulate them to go to the toilet, so you will need to replicate this, using damp cotton wool, after each feed.

  • Use warm, damp cotton wool to gently wipe their bottom and vulva or penis areas in the same way that their mother might lick them.
  • Continue until you see them pass urine and/or faeces.
  • Wipe them clean afterwards, using fresh, clean cotton wool and warm water.

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Is It Necessary To Keep The Mother And Puppies In Subdued Light

In the wild, dogs will find a secluded whelping place, usually a dark or sheltered spot. Some mother dogs, if they feel their puppies are too exposed, may become anxious and start carrying them around the house. Placing a blanket over part of the top of the box or providing an enclosed crate may resolve the problem.

Some females are more anxious than others, particularly with their first litter. They may try to hide their puppies, even from the owners. If the mother does not like the place you have selected for her, try to compromise. If she is still unsettled, contact your veterinarian for guidance. Since stress can affect her milk supply and may cause problems with the pups.

How Often Do Newborn Puppies Die

Sadly, normal pre-weaning losses can reach 30%, with around half of these losses occurring within the first week of the puppies lives. As well as this, only half of these puppies die from identifiable causes. This leaves the other half as sufferers of true fading puppy syndrome. In true fading puppy syndrome, there is no identifiable cause of death, and death can occur suddenly with seemingly no warning signs.

Like other animals that have multiple births, it is not unusual for dogs to give birth to stillborn puppies or to have puppies who die shortly after birth. Sometimes a stillborn pup can disrupt the birthing process, causing dystocia. Unfortunately, some breeds are at an increased risk for dystocia, resulting in the need for a caesarian section. If a caesarian section is performed too late it can result in the death of the puppies.

Telling if a newborn puppy is dying can be very daunting for any breeder. However, its important to know the signs so that a struggling puppy can be helped as quickly as possible. If you suspect fading puppy syndrome, make sure that you act quickly and call a vet for advice. If you have just been through such a traumatic experience, please read through our article on the loss of a pet.

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