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How to do Newborn Photography at Home

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Newborn portraiture is a take on portrait photography. Only the subjects are often less than two weeks old.

Newborn portraits are about capturing this beautiful moment before the child grows up. Soon enough they will start asking for pocket money and borrow the car.

Diy Newborn Photo Example #2 Babys Profile In Mom Or Dads Hands

I love baby profile shots because they capture the pure perfection of tiny newborn details that precious little nose, the tiny ears and the sweet hair swirls. Its a slightly different way of photographing a baby, in place of the standard shot of his face.

To get this photo, all you need is baby positioned in someones lap, with their head cradled in the hands. This is a sweet shot whether baby is sleeping or awake, but I love how this little guy is looking up at his dad. It is such a beautiful way of displaying how most of baby fits in dads hands, and the contrast between dads hands and babys body is so precious.

In this image, were once again relying completely on natural light. Its taken mid-morning, around 11 am. The window is just behind dad and baby.

You can see the soft outline of the decorative couch pillows. Had those not been a neutral shade, I would have moved them out of the shot to keep the focus on baby.

Heres another variation of this same photo :

I simply changed my position to snap this image. Instead of photographing from the side, Im standing directly over baby, in front of dad. Youll still capture babys little features, as well as dads hands. This works just as well with mamas, grandparents and older siblings that you trust to hold your little one.

Heres one more, with me positioned in front of dad:

See, DIY newborn photos are easier than you thought!

Taking Pictures At 30+ Days Old

At this stage, your baby is well on their way to becoming a toddler. They might be starting to crawl, stand, or even walk !

This is a great time to capture your babys personality in photos. Try doing some activity-based shots. If your baby loves to crawl, take some pictures of them crawling around. If they love playing with a certain toy, take some pictures of them playing with it. You can even try taking some pictures of them eating or sitting in their high chair.

However, babies at this age will also kick more, so it will get harder to keep them in one position for long periods of time. And they will also be more likely to put their hands or feet in front of their face while youre taking pictures. So be prepared to swaddle them or use a blanket to keep them from moving around too much. , ,

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Is There A Specific Newborn Photos Time Frame

There is a common myth that newborn photos need to be taken within a certain period of time, otherwise they arent officially newborn photos. Some people believe the limit is 14 days after the babys birth.

In reality, there is no set line when newborn portraits cant be called newborn portraits. Any time in your babys first weeks of life will fall under the newborn category. In fact, a skilled professional newborn photographer can take your babys portraits up to six weeks after their birth and capture the sweetness of their infancy. So dont worry, there are no newborn police putting a timer on your babys first photo session.

Health Condition Of Mother

5 Tips to Take Beautiful Newborn Pictures in the Hospital

Childbirth is a beautiful, miraculous event. But its also a very physically and emotionally demanding process. So its no surprise that some mothers need time to recover before theyre able to take on the task of newborn photography.

In some cases, the mother might have had a C-section or other complications during childbirth. These mothers will likely need more time to recover before they feel up to taking pictures.

Mothers could also be on a bedrest which could last for weeks or even months. In this case, it might not be possible to take newborn photos until the baby is a few months old.

Another possibility is that the mother was simply too exhausted after giving birth to take pictures. This is especially common if the mother is also taking care of an older child or children.

Other times, the mother might be suffering from postpartum depression or anxiety. In these cases, its best to wait until the mother is feeling better before trying to take any photos.

If the mother hasnt fully recovered, a photo shoot might put too much stress on her body. Additionally, some mothers simply dont feel comfortable taking pictures of their newborns right away. They might want to wait until they have bonded with their baby more or until they feel more confident after birth and thats okay!

This is why its important to wait until the mother has recovered before taking newborn photos.

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Newborn Photography: Capturing A Precious Fleeting Moment In Your Little Ones Life

If youre interested in capturing the first moments of your babys life, there is a relatively small window of time that is ideal. For this reason, its a good idea to get booked on your favorite photographers schedule well before your due date. This way, you can be sure to not miss these precious first few days and weeks.

At Silver Bee Photography, we specialize in newborn, baby, family, and maternity photography. Our calendar fills up quickly, so be sure to grab yourself a slot to ensure that youll have the perfect newborn pictures to cherish forever. Contact us today to set up a photoshoot!

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Watch Newborn Photography Videos

I gained so much confidence before my very first session by watching a video of a well-known photographer working with a newborn. Just seeing how she handled the baby opened my eyes to what was possible. You will pick up a number of soothing techniques that will prove to be so helpful.

I hope that some of these tips will help you toward your goal of successful newborn photography sessions, as much as theyve helped me!

Dont forget there are so many different types of ways to photograph newborns. Another popular option is to create a lifestyle newborn photography session.

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Over the past several years, photography has gone from taking pictures to a critical part of my life! I adore taking photos of newborns and pregnant mamas for my business, but my passion is definitely capturing my familys everyday life. Finding beautiful light in which to document the adventures of my three little boys truly fills my heart. I also love to help others learn about the amazing art of photography by serving as a Mentor on Clickin Moms.

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Collect Your Outfit Props And Accessories

This is the part we all love: Wardrobe. Pick an outfit and accessories for your little one to wear for her big debut, or keep it au natural with just a cute cloth diaper.

Whatever you choose, be sure to have a few backup options in case an accident happens. Also in the photos favorite toys and family keepsakes work well.

How Do I Find The Right Photographer For My Newborn Photos

How To DIY A Newborn Photo Shoot at Home | Newborn Photo Ideas | Chatbooks

There are so many ways to make your newborn photos the perfect addition to your familys home. The most important step, though, is to choose a photographer who can capture your vision. For newborn photography, in particular, you need a photographer who specializes in working with newborn babies and has dedicated safety training in newborn care and newborn poses. Im proud to say that I meet those criteria.

Make sure you take a look at the photographers work too, particularly their newborn photo gallery. Photography is an art form, at the end of the day. You want to know if a photographer has similar aesthetic tastes to you and can create the portraits you want for your baby.

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Become Friends With Lightroom And Photoshop

In addition to learning how to take newborn pictures, you should know how to improve them using photo editing softwares. I prefer to work in Lightroom and Photoshop but Im still mastering my photo editing skills in these programs. They have a lot of useful features and tools that are designed to correct various flaws. Besides, I often apply different presets and actions to speed up my workflow.

When To Take Newborn Photos

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Mar 18, 2020

The day has come and your sweet baby boy or girl is finally here! After youve settled in at home with your little one, the next step in announcing your babys birth is taking newborn photos to share your joy. Loved ones and friends are looking forward to seeing the newest addition to your family and nothing makes a better statement than sending out photo birth announcements. Among many other items on your baby-at-home checklist, we have you covered with suggested time frames on when to take newborn photos below.

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Bonus Tip: Consider Monthly Baby Pictures

DIY baby photography shouldnt end at the newborn stage. Taking monthly photos is a great way to track your childs growth over the first year.

Consider using a prop that will help show a sense of scale when used in all the images, such as a stuffed animal or a letter board.

Keeping images consistent from one month to the next will highlight change the best. Remember that while your newborn wont try to crawl away, your 11-month-old will. Choose props and a background that will grow with the baby.

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Dont Give Too Much Food

Taking Baby Pictures and a FREE Photo Canvas

You should not overfeed a baby. The child may be too active after such overeating. In addition, the diet is broken, so there may be some problems with spitting up and gas. In my opinion, even the coolest newborn photography poses and ideas are not worth the inconvenience that you cause to breastfeeding moms by giving the bottles. Avoid overfeeding if you want to get amazing shots!

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Aim For A Sleepy Baby

For the best photos, you want baby to be calm, says photographer Michelle Rose Sulcov of Michelle Rose Photo. Sound machines can help lull your little one into a contented state. A happy baby makes your newborn photoshoot go much smoother, but the easiest way to get a great shot is when baby is peacefully sleeping, she adds. The trick, Sulcov says, is to feed baby before the shoot. Also be prepared to potentially give baby a quick snack or full feed during the session if theyre crying.

Where To Take Newborn Photos

Typically, newborn photos in Edmonton either take place in a studio setting or your home. I am a huge advocate of taking newborn photos at home, which I explain more in the section below. Newborn photos almost always take place indoors, because we want to make sure your baby is as comfortable as possible during the photos. For Fresh 48 photos, photos are typically taken at the hospital.

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Involve The Parents In Newborn Photography

But whether it is a finger that keeps wanting to curl under or a foot that wants to pop out, holding the newborn in place will comfort them a great deal and bring the pose into perfection.

Swaddling during your newborn photography session will help the baby not only feel comfortable but helps to hold the pose as well.

Tips On Posing Newborns

How To Take Better Baby Pictures

Posing a newborn is not the same as posing men or women. What you look for in adults, you look for the opposites in the baby.

Fat rolls and wrinkles are the focus, alongside their expressions. Place them in poses that extenuate and show these off.

You can also decide not to shoot posed newborn photos. Instead, you can choose to do lifestyle shots newborn photography. It means that the baby is in a natural setting and moves into an unaided pose.

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What To Wear For Your Diy Newborn Photos

Theres no need to overcomplicate your newborn photos you have enough to think about! Instead, focus on getting a handful of photos you love, not creating a baby-wear look book of every knitwear item and headband you were gifted. Heres how to create a great DIY newborn photo look for the whole family:

1. Complement, dont match.

Start with the most difficult person to dress most likely mom, because shes feeling the most vulnerable and uncomfortable right now and plan the rest of the familys outfits around her. Try not to be matchy-matchy. Instead, aim for a simple color palette with a range of tones. Sticking to a color palette of two colors plus a neutral for the whole family will make your photos look more cohesive.

2. Choose solid colors.

Soft neutrals, like white or cream, oatmeal and grey, look great in photos. Try mixing a neutral with just one or two other colors, like navy, mustard, chocolate, charcoal or soft pastel tones. Simple, solid colors look best on parents, children, and newborns.

Avoid logos and bold graphics, as these will date and distract. Also keep away from tight zigzag or pinstripe patterns, as these dont photograph well. You really cant go wrong with solid colors broken up by texture instead of pattern.

3. Use layers and textures.

4. Dress baby in something super simple.

Heres a mood-board for some what-to-wear inspo for your newborn photos:

Take The Photographs In A Room With Plenty Of Window Light

To take beautiful photographs, you’ll need plenty of window light.

Have a look around your home, and look for a window where there’s plenty of light coming in, but not direct sunlight. Then find the spot where the light starts to fall onto the floor from the window. It’ll probably be a few steps away from the window, unless your window goes all the way down to the floor. That point is where you will photograph your baby the top of your baby’s head will be pointing towards the window, and their feet will be pointing away from the window. The photograph below shows you what this would look like.

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Preparing For Your Diy Newborn Photos

Remember, nothing needs to be perfect! But here are a few tips to help you prep for your newborn photo session.

1. Declutter: Its a good idea to quickly tidy up the room youll be using for your at-home newborn photos. No need for a deep clean, just do a quick check for stray phone cables, empty water glasses and used burp clothes.

2. Get baby ready: Consider doing your photo session just after a feeding, when your newborn is likely to be relaxed. A warm room, some white noise and a clean diaper might also help. More on what to wear below.

3. Get everyone else ready: Its easiest if everyone is ready to be photographed before you begin the session. If you have other children, have them get dressed and then give them a quiet activity or movie until youre ready to bring them into the picture.

4. Prep your gear: Make sure your batteries are fully charged, lenses are clean and that theres space on your memory card.

Should You Book While Still Expecting Or After Babys Arrival

15 baby photo ideas to take during baby

In a perfect world, you should be booking your babys newborn photography session while youre still expecting, but life gets in the way and sometimes that doesnt always happen, and thats ok! Ideally, youll want to book in your third trimester. Why? Because many professional newborn photographers reserve only so many days per week to photograph newborns, and you want to make sure that your photographer has room for you. Its totally understandable if you might have put this off during your pregnancy and now baby has already arrived and youre ready to book your newborn photographer. If baby is already here, like even if baby is just 20 minutes new, book your photographer ASAP! Heres why

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Take Advantage Of Diy And Take Your Time

When you choose DIY newborn photography, you lose the skill, expertise, equipment and creative eye of working with a professional newborn photographer.

But what you gain is time and an understanding of the subject the baby. Take advantage of those perks.

Like heading out to the studio, the best time to do the newborn shoot is typically between two and three weeks old. With DIY, you can start earlier and continue later if you need.

With DIY newborn photography, you dont have to travel to a studio and get all the photos done in one day. Take advantage of the time that you have with your new baby. Spread out the different setups and poses.

Dont stress out yourself and the baby by trying to do it all in one day. Stick to one or two setups a day, or for as long as the baby stays content. Try additional props and poses the next day.

Another perk of DIY newborn photography? No one knows your baby better than you. When is your baby most content and most likely to sleep? Thats the best time to try to shoot newborn photos.

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