When To Get Newborn Photos Done

How To Use Flowers And Greenery In Newborn Photography


Another way to add texture and interest to a newborn photography session is to use flowers and foliage. Here at Matt Cramer Photography we absolutely love to incorporate these organic and natural elements to our newborn photos. For baby girls we tend to use flowers like peonies, roses and babys breath. For baby boys and general greenery, we like to use ferns, eucalyptus, moss, and willow branches.

How Do I Prepare For My Newborn Photos

Once you have your newborn photography session booked, check in with your photographer about what kind of props and accessories they already have.

Put together three to four different outfit ideas that you can use for your baby. And when I say outfit, I mean very basic pieces. Think swaddles, headbands, and sentimental items.

Your newborn doesnt need a full on shirt, pants, and shoes. A sweet headband and swaddle is enough to capture their delicate baby skin and face!

Keep in mind that the photoshoot may take between 1 to 2 hours. We had to take several breaks to feed my daughter. I also wanted a few different outfit changes and props so it took time to change her and then get her back to sleep.

Our photographer was so patient and managed to capture the most angelic photos of our girl! I mean, look at her!

Tip #: Coordinate Outfits

I already basically mentioned this, but get your own clothes and everyone else’s bought and ready before baby comes, so they’re laid out, planned, and ready to go. Keep everything fresh and brand new in the back of your closet so that they don’t get worn and stained by dad and other kids while you’re in the hospital.

For Millie’s newborn shoot, I kept everyone in creams/whites/neutrals and I loved how they turned out and love that we kept Millie in a swaddle for her newborn photo outfit. You can also see how my girls and I dressed for some snaps in Millie’s nursery reveal here.

For Harry’s newborn photos, we added a little bit more color. My girls wore this dress in 3 coordinating prints, and I wore this dress as I mentioned, and then Neil and Harry wore more neutral colors. I’ll be honest, I didn’t follow my own advice and kind of just slapped these outfits together at the last second. Not a huge deal! But you can definitely see that in Millie’s photos our outfits coordinated a lot better and I wish I would’ve maybe worn a different color dress.

In the pics below you can see that my girls and Harry all coordinate much better. Maybe they’re just cuter too haha.

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A Helpful Guide To Deciding When To Book A Professional Baby Photoshoot

In the whirlwind months after welcoming your new small person into the world, it can be hard to think of anything beyond nappies, milk and sleep.

If youre considering professional baby photography, deciding who will do it and when can be difficult, especially with so many other things to keep on top of.

For many, its something they only do once so the timing of these precious portraits is worth thinking about carefully.

There are so many milestones in their first year. Would you like photographs of those irreplaceable first few days? Or maybe youd prefer to wait until your baby is smiling or sitting up?

Heres a handy guide about the different types of pictures you can expect at different ages. Its designed to help you make an informed decision about the best age to photograph your baby, ensuring you get images youll cherish forever.

Best Camera Settings Newborn Photography

This Newborn Baby Getting Her Hair Washed Is Having the ...

Nothing quite makes a person wish for the ability to freeze time like holding a newborn baby. But while pausing the space-time continuum isnt possible, freezing that moment is you just need a camera.

But what are the best camera settings for newborn photography? How do you keep the photo sharp, but the background blurred?

The best baby photography settings blur out the distractions. They freeze any movement for sharp memories of those first few months of a childs life.

Heres what you need to know to freeze time and capture great newborn photos.

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How About The Age Of 4+ Weeks

We are talking here 4-6 weeks. This is where things might start to get a bit more tricky. If babies have arrived on the due date or past due date, chances are that photo session might be quiet awake. It all depends on what would be your expectations here. If you are after sleepy, moulding poses, I would say it will be 50/50 that we will have them, but if you are after some awake photos and simply beautiful newborn photography with parents, the perfect age for this.

6 weeks would be kind of my cut off stage what I would be calling newborn photography stage. The next stage when I would say you have a good chance of posed newborn photos would be around 12 weeks when babies roll on their tummies.

If you are after more lifestyle natural baby photography then stage between 6-12 is perfect for that. You can see here home session I did with 7 weeks baby.

Hope this post has calmed you down a bit and there should be not so much worry of perfect age for newborn photos now. I would say the perfect time is when you and baby are ready for it. It all depends on what are your goals from this session and how you would like your photos to look like.

Enjoy more guides for parents.

Newborn Photography: Capturing A Precious Fleeting Moment In Your Little Ones Life

If youre interested in capturing the first moments of your babys life, there is a relatively small window of time that is ideal. For this reason, its a good idea to get booked on your favorite photographers schedule well before your due date. This way, you can be sure to not miss these precious first few days and weeks.

At Silver Bee Photography, we specialize in newborn, baby, family, and maternity photography. Our calendar fills up quickly, so be sure to grab yourself a slot to ensure that youll have the perfect newborn pictures to cherish forever. Contact us today to set up a photoshoot!

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How To Get Professional Looking Newborn Photos At Home

February 2 by Steph

Today weve got a tutorial Ive been wanting to include in our section for such a long time!

Capturing a childs fleeting newborn stage is so important to so many parents out there but trying to get that elusive, perfect pic of a sleeping infant can be beyond frustrating and hiring it out can be prohibitively expensive.

Of course not every type of shot can be achieved by a novice, the photo above of the baby propped up on her hands, for example, is done with special props and shouldnt be attempted at home for safety reasons. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of beautiful shots you can achieve on your own .

Here to help is guest poster Andrea with her top six tips on how to get your newborns good side.

Having a baby is exciting and fulfilling beyond words. Yet with the joy of a new little person also comes the reality of how expensive they can be. From diapers and formula to car seats and cute outfits, a newborns expenses add up quickly!

Like many first-time mothers, when I had my first child two years ago, I went overboard filling our home with way too many baby accessories. I also invested a small fortune on a newborn photo shoot. Unfortunately, the whole experience was a mess and the photos turned out terribly.

If youve recently welcomed a new member to your family, follow these step-by-step instructions for capturing those fleeting moments that youll cherish for the rest of your life.

Roll Cloth Diapers To Help With Posing

iPhone 11 – First 13 Things To Do!

In addition, when stuffing rolled up cloth diapers under the blanket to properly pose the baby, it really helps to stuff them all the way under the bottom blanket for a very smooth, not lumpy, look.

And lastly regarding blankets thick, textured blankets are just so much easier to work with in post-processing because they are not as prone to wrinkles.

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So When Is The Best Time For Newborn Photos

Here’s the kicker: Ideal timing for newborn photos will depend on the mom & baby. If it were me, for a single child birth, a smooth, on-time delivery, and an average recovery. I’d plan to have my newborn photos taken at about two weeks old. This would give me slightly more time to recover while still getting photos of my new sweet babe in her tiniest state.

My disclaimer on this: Timing does matter…but only so much! There’s really no wrong answer when it comes to photographing your baby. Listen to your body. Don’t fret if you find you’re not up for it right away. It’s okay to wait. Photos taken when your baby is 3-4 weeks old might be slightly different , but they will be just as incredible. One of my all-time favorite newborn sessions was of a baby who was three weeks old.

Should Mothers/fathers Be In Newborn Photos

Unequivocally yes mom, dad, and siblings should get in the photo.

We know you might not feel your best. Heck, you might not even be cleared to drive yet. But you will never regret having those memories. And you cant get them back. Dont regret it. Get in the picture.

Again, this is why you go to a newborn photography expert. They know all the perfect angles and posing to make sure you look amazing, even if you are not feeling the best. These images really highlight your connection with your partner and your newborn!

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Newborn Photography: 10 Tips For Taking Great Baby Photos

So weve covered all the different aspects of newborn photography in this guide. Youve read it through a million times and you are familiar with everything you need to do . Safety- check. Eduction- check. Posing- check. Accessories- check. Now, you are ready to take adorable newborn photos. But how do you prepare for the actual photoshoot?

Here are a few tips to get you started.

When Should I Book A Newborn Photographer

DIY Newborn Photography Props

When should I book a newborn photographer? That is a great question! Lets be honestthere is so much about having a baby that no one ever tells you about. I mean, without resources like What to Expect When Youre Expecting, so many of us would be completely in the dark about things like episiotomies, mucus plugs, and the magic of lanolin. Even after having two babies, I still find myself constantly learning new things about childbirth and child-rearing, having thoughts like, So thats what a doula does! and Who would have ever thought to take a newborn to the chiropractor for things like reflux, colic, and ear infections?

So lets clear up themystery because the last thing you need when you are figuring out how toadjust to life with this new baby is to be trying to reach a newbornphotographer to get on her schedule within the next few days!

Here are the answers to the three most frequent questions I hear as a newborn photographer in regards to booking.

When should I book a newborn photographer?

How do you schedule a newborn session when youre not quite sure what day the baby will be born?

Why do you have to schedule newborn sessions when the babies are so young?

The general rule of thumb for the best time to schedule a posed newborn session is around 7-14 days old.

I am more than happy to answer any other questions you may have about the newborn photography process if you want to reach out at .

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Top 5 Basic Newborn Photography Poses

There are five main bare baby poses.

  • Womb
  • Back Laying

1. Womb Pose

In the womb pose, babys feet are crossed over and curled up underneath them. A hand is tucked sweetly under their cheek. This posed is named for being somewhat similar to the position baby is inside the womb during pregnancy. In this photo, there is a little posing pillow underneath babys cheek to gently lift their head up towards the light and camera.

2. Bum or Tushy Up Pose

During the bum or tushy up pose, babys feet are crossed and resting underneath their bottom. Babies tend to love this pose. Having their knees tucked under their tummy, with their head to the side is a natural position for them when being held or burped by a parent. The tush up pose is one of the most classic bare baby shots in newborn photography.

3. Hands Under Chin Pose

The hand on chin pose is a parent favorite as it focuses on babys face. Babys hands are folded sweetly and placed under their chin. Your photographers goal is to have babys face in focus, as the body goes into a soft blur, or bokeh.

4. Side Laying Pose

While the side laying pose can be more of a challenging shot during a newborn photography session, we think it can be one of the cutest too! In this pose, baby is laying on their side with their hands tucked underneath their cheek. Again, the babys face is in focus, as the body goes out of focus.

5. Back Laying Pose

If Hiring A Photographer

Obviously, professional-level photos are still going to be best captured by professional photographers. Weighing and evaluating risks for our families is part of parenting. Many photographers have been adapting their business to the new normal, with porch portraits, outdoor shoots, and more. Ive been offering editing services since March,Hoover said. I provide some photography guidance and then clients submit their photos to me for editing.

Source: Apple of Our Eye Photography

Michele V. Wagner, a photographer based in Chicago, has also expanded options for her clients and enacted strict safety protocols. I have been giving clients the options of whether they feel comfortable shooting completely outdoors or if theyd rather I come into their home, she said. But my safety protocols are the samemasked and glovedusing camera lens lengths that allow me to maintain a 6 ft. social distance the entirety of our session while giving the appearance I am standing close to them in photos.

If your newborn photographer does not mention the safety precautions they are taking during this time, look elsewhere, Wagner said.

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