How To Dress A Newborn In Summer

How To Dress A Newborn In Summer

How to Dress Up A Baby in Summer

This article was co-authored by . Julie Wright is a Marriage and Family Therapist and the co-founder of The Happy Sleeper, which offers sleep consulting and online baby sleep classes. Julie is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in babies, children, and their parents, and the co-author of two best selling parenting books published by Penguin Random House. She created the popular Wright Mommy, Daddy and Me program in Los Angeles, California, which provides support and learning for new parents. Julie’s work has been mentioned in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and NPR. Julie received her training at the Cedars Sinai Early Childhood Center. This article has been viewed 8,972 times.

When your baby is a newborn, they arent able to regulate their own temperature that well, so its really important to help keep them cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Youll need to keep a close eye on them to determine if their clothes are light enough or too light, depending on the weather. It might take several weeks to learn what keeps your baby comfortable, but you will get there sooner than you think!

Creating The Optimal Sleep Environment In The Summer

Before you figure out what baby should sleep in, itâs important to consider the temperature of the room theyâre in, whether theyâre in their own nursery or still bunking with mom and dad. âIn the summer time, attempt to keep the sleep area 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit,â says Lydia Yeager, CPNP-PC and Director of Care Management at Ryan Health, in an interview with Romper. If temperatures are below that range, she says the baby may wake more frequently in the night. In hot temperatures well above that range, there is amore serious issue. âStudies have shown that when babies become overheated, they are at increased risk for SIDS,â Yeager says.

Of course, itâs simply not always possible to keep their room within that optimal temperature range. If babyâs sleeping environment is well below or above that, you may need to add or subtract layers. Most monitors have a handy temperature gauge so you can stay informed about the temperature in babyâs room at all hours of the night.

Additional Tips For Keeping Your Baby Cool In The Summer

Looking for more ways to beat the heat? Here are a few additional tips for keeping your baby cool on a hot, summer day.

  • Rethink disposable diapers. Disposable diapers have a plastic layer that is designed to trap moisture, which can lead to a sweaty baby bottom and diaper rash. Keep your little one cool and comfortable by choosing cloth diapers instead. Not only are cloth diapers more breathable compared to disposable diapers, theyre also better for your budget and the environment.
  • Opt for light colors. During the warmer months, dress your baby in pastels and light colored neutrals, such as gray and white. Light colors absorb less heat compared to darker colors, keeping your baby cooler in hot weather.
  • Give the baby a cooler bath. On extra-hot days, consider turning the temperature of your babys bath water down a little. Misting your baby with water is also a great way to cool them down.

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Start With The Onesie Or Wrap Shirt

Onesies are practically synonymous with baby clothing: They cater to the needs of a tiny human whos unaccustomed to wearing clothes. Think of these bodysuits as ideal base layers for newborns. The main benefit is that theyll stay in place and keep your babys back and tummy from being exposed, says Suzanne Price, founder of childrens clothing retailer Sprout. Plus, the snaps at the bottom mean you dont have to undress baby completely when youre changing diaperswhich makes the chore easier for parents and less chilly for baby. Another option? A long-sleeve kimono or wrap-style shirt. These especially come in handy during babys first days. The shirt, which snaps across the front, doesnt have to be pulled over your little ones headwhich many babies dislikeand its easier on the sensitive umbilical cord stump, which needs air to dry out.

A Hot New Zealand Summer Presents A Muddling Conundrum For Parents How Do You Dress Your Newborn Baby In The Heat

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We all have vivid delivery-room memories of the midwife rushing to wrap your baby in a blanket when they were first born. Then theres Grandmas obsession with booties and hats.

It all points to everyone being very focused on keeping your baby warm. But babies have a limited ability to regulate their own temperature, so its just as important to keep your baby cool in the warm months as it is to keep them warm in the cool months.

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How To Dress Baby For The Car Seat

Fitting newborns into car seats isnt too hard when the weather is mild. Usually all they need to wear is a onesie with a light blanket placed over them once theyve been buckled in. A pair of pants or shorts for hot days can help provide an extra layer of protection against pinching from the buckle.

But what about during winter, when baby is outfitted in his lovely new puffy Patagonia snowsuit? There are strong recommendations about not using any puffy attire in the car seat, Price says. Thats because the extra air between baby and the coat could be dangerous during a car accident. Its important to take it off and put a blanket on top of the straps, she says.

Making Your Baby Comfortable In The Summer Heat

When the mercury rises, keep your infant happy and healthy with our hot-weather survival guide.

Summer used to mean carefree days laying out by the pool but as a new mom, you’re now more concerned about your baby’s safety in the heat. Overdress a baby and he could develop an angry heat rash. Expose his fragile body to hot conditions and he could be vulnerable to a painful sunburn or to heatstroke, a serious affliction characterized by a high fever and rapid breathing. Overheating has also been linked to sudden infant death syndrome , a fatal sleeping disorder. “Babies sleep deeply when they’re hot, making them difficult to arouse, which may increase the risk of SIDS,” explains Bruce Epstein, M.D., a pediatrician in Pinellas Park, Florida.

To make sure your little one stays cool and protected during the long, hot days of summer, check out our expert advice.

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How To Change A Newborns Clothes

Since a newborn cant maneuver their head or neck, its important to dress them with the utmost care. The wrong technique could cause discomfort or irritate babys skin.

  • You can keep baby safe and happy while changing their shirt or bodysuit by gathering the cotton material on each side of the outfits collar.
  • Gently stretch the collar open until it forms a wide oval or circle.
  • Keeping both hands on each side of the collar, carefully pull the top over babys head. Dont be afraid to pause so you can use a hand to support your childs neck.
  • Throughout the entire process, the oval or circle should stay so wide that it never touches their ears or hair.
  • Let go of each end once the clothing is safely over the head and around babys neck.
  • Next, reach back behind your child and pull the bottom bodysuit tab or the rest of the shirt material slack downward. This step makes it easier to get his or her arms inside the sleeves.
  • Pull the left sleeve to the side and then gather as much material as you can . Hold babys arm with one hand and guide the sleeve over their arm with the other. Be sure that the sleeve doesnt get caught on their fingers.
  • Do the same thing on the right side. Once your little ones arms are in the sleeves, pull the remainder of the shirt or bodysuit down and around over their torso.
  • Snap the garment secure as necessary.
  • How To Dress A Newborn In The Summer


    You had your baby just in time to not have to make it through pregnancy in the summer heat, but now youre worried about your baby being out in it. Between the bright sun with its UV rays, the dropping temperatures at night, and the outdoor heat while taking a walk, what are the best baby summer clothes? Here are our top dos and donts.

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    How To Keep Baby Cool In Hot Weather Outside

    As we know, theres a lot of things to do with our kids during those summer months. And we want baby to come with us!

    If youre going to be outside in 90+ degree weather there are some things to keep in mind,

    • If you are wearing baby, get baby out of the carrier regularly to avoid overheating. The carriers are often made of heavy duty material that, while sturdy, can make baby hot.
    • Get a shade or canopy for your stroller. Some strollers come with these, if not, buy one. You dont want to cover the top with a blanket during super hot weather, but a breathable shade will keep baby cool.
    • Use a spritzer. You can buy a fan that attaches to the stroller to keep some air circulating while you are outside wandering.

    Keeping Your Newborn Well

    When it comes to clothing, the newborn phase is fairly simplealthough we cant guarantee anything else during this stage will be as intuitive! Focus on gathering the essential newborn outfits and then follow the proper way to dress baby each time. When you practice these steps and keep an eye on the weather, each changing will become like second nature!

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    How To Dress A Newborn For Sleep In The Summer

    This article was co-authored by . Julie Wright is a Marriage and Family Therapist and the co-founder of The Happy Sleeper, which offers sleep consulting and online baby sleep classes. Julie is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in babies, children, and their parents, and the co-author of two best selling parenting books published by Penguin Random House. She created the popular Wright Mommy, Daddy and Me program in Los Angeles, California, which provides support and learning for new parents. Julie’s work has been mentioned in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and NPR. Julie received her training at the Cedars Sinai Early Childhood Center.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 35,458 times.

    You certainly don’t want a newborn to be cold. On the other hand, you don’t want the baby to be overdressed and get too hot. Since there’s a link between heat stress and the risk of sudden infant death syndrome , this is really something to pay attention to.XTrustworthy SourcePubMed CentralJournal archive from the U.S. National Institutes of HealthGo to source In the summer, this risk may be higher. Dress your newborn in lightweight clothing and keep blankets and other items out of its crib. Take care to keep the room temperature comfortable as well, and youll help your newborn sleep soundly and safely during the warm months of the year.

    Keep Them Out Of The Sun

    new 2015 baby girl summer dress baby girl chevron dress ...

    Under six months, babies skin contains too little melanin to give any protection from the sun so they shouldnt be exposed at all. When they are in the pram, attach a clip-on parasol or sunshade. Dont cover the pram with a blanket, towel or even a trusty muslin because your baby can overheat this way.

    Read more sun safety tips here.

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    Dressing A Baby According To Indoor Temperature

    Wondering what your baby should wear indoors during the summertime? From suitable sleepwear to the ideal room temperature for your baby, here are a few tips to ensure your newborns comfort:

    • Stick to thin layers. If you like to keep your home temperature on the chillier side, its a good idea to dress the baby in lightweight layers. Consider adding a pair of pants to your babys bodysuit for extra warmth. You can also slip on a pair of socks to keep them comfortable while the AC is running.
    • Dress the baby comfortably for sleep. No matter what the weather is like outside, youll want to dress your baby in accordance with the ambient temperature inside your home for sleeping. On warm nights, keep your baby cool and comfortable in a short-sleeve bodysuit made from organic cotton and a swaddle blanket. Soft cotton rompers are also a great option for mild nights.
    • Skip the blankets at naptime. Putting your little one down for a nap? Skip the blankets and opt for a lightweight sleep sack instead. Wearable sleep sacks provide babies with the same comfort and security as blankets without the increased risk of overheating.

    Best Clothing For Babies In Summer

    Generally, your baby can wear all the normal clothing options that are appropriate for their age. For instance, the swaddle, a parenting favorite that many babies wear until around 3-5 months of age, can still be worn on warmer nights. And the same goes for combinations of rompers, onesies, baby sleep sacks, and pajamas, which are all technically fine for babies during summer.

    However, the important part is to make sure clothing materials are thin and breathable. While clothing options like swaddles can naturally create extra warmth, raising the babys body temperature higher than normal, you can still use them as long as you opt for lightweight blankets and sheets.

    You should also remove any unnecessary layering. The Canadian Pediatric Society warns against overheating your baby with too many layers as part of their advice for parents during warmer weather.

    For a detailed breakdown of what baby should wear to sleep at different ages, take a look at our blog: What Should My Baby Wear to Sleep? The Right Products for the Right Time.

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    Sleep Sacks For Warmer Weather

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