What Do I Need To Get My Newborn’s Birth Certificate

Registered Education Savings Plan

How to Get a Birth Certificate for a Newborn.Step by step.

A Registered Education Savings Plan is an education savings account that is registered with the Government of Canada. It helps you, your family or friends put aside money for your childs education after high school.

With an RESP, you may be able to receive other saving incentives, such as the:

Baby With A Single Name

You can register the birth of a baby online with a single name if your culture or the babys culture has a tradition of single names.

Before starting the online registration, make sure that you have the following form completed: Request for a Birth Registration with a Single Name Form, signed and commissioned and have obtained the required evidence as indicated on the form.

After you finish using the online registration service, mail the additional form and required evidence to the Office of the Registrar General to complete the registration. All parents must be present when using the online registration service in order to agree to the single name.

Registering Your Baby’s Birth

The birth certificate is issued by the province or territory in which your baby was born. You should apply as soon as possible after your baby is born.

It is never too early to apply for a Social Insurance Number for your child. With a SIN, you can start saving for your child’s education through such programs as the Canada Learning Bond, Registered Education Savings Plan, or the Canada Education Savings Grant.

If you live in any of the provinces and are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you can use the Newborn Registration Service to complete your child’s birth registration and apply for your child’s Social Insurance Number. For the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan, you also have the option to apply for your child’s birth certificate at the same time.

You can also apply for your Canada Child Benefits at the same time as you register the birth of your child if you are the birth mother and live in any of the provinces. The information on the birth registration form will then be sent electronically to the Canada Revenue Agency over a secure communication network to protect your personal information. Canada Child Benefits include the Canada Child Tax Benefit , the Universal Child Care Benefit , the GST/HST credit, and any related provincial/territorial programs that the CRA administers.

To access health-care services, your provincial or territorial government issues a health card for your baby.

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Maintaining A Healthy Pregnancy

The Public Health Agency of Canada has developed the Sensible Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, which includes useful tools and advice for pregnant women. Good nutrition and health, before and during the pregnancy, influence the health of the developing baby.

The week-by-week pregnancy calendar allows you to follow your babys development.

The Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program is designed for pregnant women and new mothers facing challenging life circumstances, such as recent arrival to Canada lone or teenage parenthood poverty and social or geographic isolation. Services offered by the program vary by location, but often include: nutrition counselling food preparation training food, food coupon or prenatal vitamin supplementation breastfeeding education and support prenatal health and maternal lifestyle counselling education and support on infant care and child development and referrals to other agencies and services as required.

Programs to help women maintain a healthy pregnancy may also be offered by your provincial or territorial government.

How To Apply For My Newborn Baby’s Birth Certificate

Homebirth Birth Certificate

You will be required to fill out a form during your hospital stay for the birth certificate and the rest will be taken care of by the hospital. In some states, the hospitals advise you to apply for SSN first and then for the birth certificate. The reason for the one-month lag is to give time to the hospital to send a record for the baby’s birth to the State office. Once the office has that record, the birth certificate can be issued very quickly. Verify this process at your hospital in advance.

In either case, you will receive the birth certificate through mail. In case you haven’t decided the name of your baby, then you can fill out a form later and submit it at your County Health Department. It might take a while before you actually receive it. But it is always better to think about the baby’s name in advance as it is much easier to apply for a birth certificate at the time of birth. There is no charge for this service.

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Where Can I Find My Social Security Number As A Kid

When you are a kid, your Social Security number is generally assigned to you by your parents when they apply for your birth certificate. If you dont know where your birth certificate is, you can usually find it in your familys important documents or ask a parent or guardian. If you still cant find it, you can contact the Social Security Administration directly.

Children Under The Age Of 16

If you are the parent/guardian of a child under the age of 16, you only need the childs birth certificate with parental information for most purposes, including a passport.

If you are applying for a passport, make sure to check with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for a list of acceptable documents.

If you already have a certified copy of birth registration, it may be accepted. Please check with the ministry, government agency or the person requesting the document before you order.

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If You Adopt A Child Born In A Foreign Country

  • Contact the Center for Vital Records for information on creating a certificate of foreign birth.
  • Some foreign countries require adopting parents to have an apostille attached to a certified copy of the vital record before adopting a child. If the foreign country requires an apostille, the certified copy of the birth certificate must be personally signed by the State Registrar or the Deputy State Registrar. Contact the Secretary of State’s Notary Division, 401-222-1487, to ask if you need an apostille or certification.

How To Get A Newborns Birth Certificate

How To Get My Birth Certificate?

Now that we have established how important a birth certificate for a baby is, were going to address how to get one for your newborn. Regardless of whether your child is scheduled to be born on a specific date or you are surprised with an unexpected delivery, you should carry your personal identification in order to register your childs birth.

Usually, if you give birth at a hospital, they will provide you with the necessary forms before you are discharge to go home. Most often, a nurse or midwife will offer her assistance in completing the babys birth certificate form. If you have programed the birth at home or in a birthing center, a midwife generally has the required forms on hand. If you give birth outside a hospital is important to proceed correctly to create a certificate of live birth, and a correct register for a birth certificate.

You must complete the certificate of live birth and the birth certificate application. Note that most hospitals are required to register a birth within five to ten days after a baby is born. Following this registration, it can take up to 30 days on average for the birth to be fully registered with the local department of vital records.

When completing the form for the babys birth certificate both parents should provide information including their social security numbers, full name, maiden name, and a mailing address. Parents should have proof of identification, a drivers license or a passport are both valid.

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What Do I Need To Provide

To order a birth certificate, noncertified informational copy of a birth record, and Heirloom birth certificate, you must provide:

  • First, middle, and last name of the subject of the record.
  • Date of birth .
  • City or county of birth.
  • First and last names of all parents that are listed on the record.
Birth Certificate

The Attestation Of Birth

This document is prepared by the doctor or midwife who helped the mother during the delivery. It indicates the place, date and time of birth, the childs sex, the mothers first and family name as indicated on her act of birth, her domicile and the name and address of the hospital where the child was born.

Two copies of the attestation of birth are made. The original copy is immediately sent to the Directeur de létat civil. The hospital gives the parents the other copy, along with another form to be filled out, called the declaration of birth.

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If You Adopt A Child Born In Rhode Island

  • The court hearing the adoption will forward the to the Center for Vital Records. For children adopted in Rhode Island, the Center for Vital Records usually gets the report about three weeks after the court hears the adoption. Reports for children adopted in other states may take longer to get to the Center for Vital Records.
  • The processing fee is $15.

What Is A Birth Certificate

Birth Certificates and Adoption

Birth certificates serve as official documents printed on certified security paper and used for legal purposes to prove a life event. Uses include proving identity, citizenship, and relationship to others in order to get a passport or driver license, adding a child to health insurance, enrolling a child in school, or obtaining Social Security or other benefits and services.

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What Do I Need To Bring With Me To Prove My Identity

We recommend that you bring several forms of ID to ensure that DCVRD employees are able to verify your identity.

For a printable version of the below requirements, please review our Identity Guidelines Information Sheet.

During your visit, you will be required to complete an identity verification questionnaire at our self- service kiosks.

If the name on your identification does NOT match the name on the certificate, you must prove evidence of a legal name change. This may include a certified marriage certificate, certified divorce decree or a certified legal name change court order that reflects the history of the changes to the name on the certificate requested.

If the kiosk is able to authenticate your identity, you will be required to present at least ONE of the following forms of primary photo ID :

  • State-issued drivers license or non-drivers ID card
  • Passport or passport card
  • Military ID Card
  • Law enforcement ID
  • Government employee ID

If the kiosk is able to authenticate your identity but you do not have a primary photo ID, you will be required to present TWO FORMS of alternate identification from the list below :

If the kiosk is unable to authenticate your identity, you will be required to present ONE form of primary photo ID and TWO of the documents from the list below.

Your Baby’s Birth Certificate

After your baby is born, the hospital staff will gather information to complete the birth certificate and send it to the state health department.

The procedures for getting a copy of your baby’s birth certificate depend on the county in which your baby is born. Ask your birth center staff how you can get a copy of your baby’s birth certificate. .

On the birth certificate questionnaire is a question asking if you want to apply for a Social Security number for your baby. Although your baby doesn’t legally need a Social Security number for one year, now is the easiest time to apply for one.

Any child older than one year old who is listed as a dependent on a tax return is required to have a Social Security number. You will also need your baby’s Social Security number to open a bank account, buy savings bonds, or apply for government services for your baby.

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Birth Certificate With Parental Information

A birth certificate with parental information is an extract of information from the original birth registration and includes:

  • all of the information included in the birth certificate
  • the name and place of birth of the subjects parent

This certificate is recommended for newborns and children under 16 years of age where parental information is required. It can be used for the same identification purposes as a birth certificate with only subject information, but also for:

  • a childs passport in Canada
  • child health insurance

Find out how much it costs and how long it takes to get a birth certificate with parental information.

Births Through Assisted Reproduction Surrogacy Or With Three Or Four Parents

How to Avoid Birth Certificates

Through the Childrens Law Reform Act, you may be recognized as a parent to a child in certain circumstances. For example, you may be recognized as a parent to a child:

  • if the child is born to your spouse, where the child was conceived through assisted reproduction or insemination by sperm donor.
  • if you are part of a pre-conception parentage agreement for that child that has no more than four parents in the agreement.
  • where the child is born using a surrogate, if you had a surrogacy agreement before the child is conceived, and the surrogate agrees to give up parental rights no earlier than 7 days after the child is born.

You can register the birth online for all of the examples listed above.

If the birth involves a surrogate, make sure that you have the following forms completed, signed and commissioned before starting the online registration. You will need to mail them to the Office of the Registrar General to complete the registration.

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How Do I Apply For My Baby’s Ssn

You have two choices. You can:

  • Apply for SSN in the hospital when you furnish information for your baby’s birth certificate. It is always much easy to apply at the time of birth. You will be asked if you want to apply for a SSN for your baby. If your reply is “yes”, you will be required to provide the SSN of both parents. Your baby will be assigned a number which will be directly mailed to you.
  • You can apply later also for a SSN, through the Social Security Administration Office. You will need to:
    • Fill out an SSN application.
    • Show evidence of your child’s age, identity and citizenship.
    • Show evidence of your identity.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Social Security Number For Your Child

Generally, it takes between four to five weeks to receive the Social Security number and card if you had submitted the application at the hospital. However, this might vary depending on the state where you live. If your childs Social Security card has not arrived within six weeks you can head to your nearest Social Security office. You will need to take proof of your childs citizenship, age and identity as well as documents to identify yourself.

A childs Social Security number cannot be give out over the phone, therefore it is necessary for you to go in person, in the case that it has not arrived.

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Information For Unmarried Parents Or Questions Related To Paternity

If you are not married, the father’s name may be completed on the certificate only if both parents sign the Acknowledgement of Paternity. If you are not married to the biological father of your child but you want to establish paternity on the baby, the Acknowledgement of Paternity form must be completed. Please note that Form 1608 Acknowledgment of Paternity is voluntary.

What Does Paternity Establishment Mean?

  • Paternity establishment is the process of determining the legal father of a child born to parents who are not married.
  • Every child has a biological father, but if a childs parents are not married, the law does not accept or recognize the biological father as the legal father. Until the father is determined to be the legal father, he has no rights to or responsibilities for the child.
  • Establishing paternity for a child born to unmarried parents gives the child the same rights and benefits as a child born to parents who are married.

How Can Paternity be Established?

Unmarried parents can establish paternity in one of two ways:

What Is Acknowledgement of Paternity ?

Who Benefits From Establishing Paternity?

The child benefits from establishing from paternity. A child benefits from establishing paternity by having:

Learn More

Family-Focused Parent Education

How Do I Get My Certificate

Blank Birth Certificate Templates

How do I get my certificate?

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