When Should You Take Newborn Photos

Be Flexible Safe And Dont Give Up

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One thing I learned when I became a parent, was that the baby is the boss regardless of how much control I pretend I have. The same is true for this type of photography. If the baby doesnt want to go to sleep for posing after youve tried everything, take some lifestyle shots & keep shooting.

Swaddle tight and try to get some eye contact. Get images of mommy rocking the baby, be open, light, and flexible the session doesnt always go as planned and that might just be the best thing that happens to you.

The best shots usually come from open minds and surprising moments

Aside from being flexible, be safe. The most important thing on this list is to research newborn photography safety before you start. Many traditional shots are actually composites with spotters and safeguards in place so the baby is out of harms way.

Lastly, dont give up. I remember the first time I went snowboarding when I got back before I could open my mouth, my friend said I need to do it 5 more times before I decide to give up, that the learning curve is steep and that it gets much easier.

The same is true for this type of photography. My first session left me feeling very defeated, but Im glad I got back up and did it again and hopefully, this list removes some of your growing pains.

Any questions? If so please leave a comment in the form below, Id love to hear from you.

Good luck! I know youll do great!


How Do You Prepare For A Newborn Photoshoot

If just thinking about your newborn photoshoot is overwhelming, weve got you covered. We do our best to make sure your newborn session is relaxed, calm, and peaceful and yes, that includes complimentary Wi-fi, video streaming services, and snacks so you can rest while we do all the work!

While preparing for your newborn session, there are a few things you need to do to make the day of your session go as smoothly as possible.

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What Are Good Newborn Photo Props

You. Your baby. Your partner. Siblings.

Nothing else, we have a firm belief that simple is always better. Too much stuff distracts from your newborn which is what you ultimately care about.

When you look back on these images in 20 years, you will care that they have that same smile or the same little freckle. You will care how little their fingers were.

You wont care about the theme or the balloons or the background.

Thats why we believe in clean, simple backgrounds that are timeless.

Ok so now that my philosophy is out of the way, lets chat logistics.

An expert in newborn photography will have a bean bag or the likes that is a soft place to pose the baby. Some are on the floor and some are on tables .

They will also have props specifically designed for newborns bowls, baskets, etc. These are specially made for newborns to ensure they are the right size.

An expert newborn photographer will also utilize weighted bags to ensure the props are just right for your babys weight and size. Bottom line, work with an expert. They have what they need. You should only need to show up.

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Feed Your Newborn Ahead Of Time

A cry of hunger is going to completely ruin your newborn photography session so make sure to feed your newborn around 30 minutes before you plan on taking pictures. A baby who is fed and content is far more likely to drift off to sleep, giving you the perfect opportunity to snap happy. But resist overfeeding them, or else your photography session might end up cut short due to diaper disasters.

Mirrorless Camera For Newborn Photography

What should you know about the newborn

Canon EOS RIf you already own a DSLR and are looking to jump into the mirrorless game, this is as good a camera as any to do it with. If you already have an arsenal of DSLR lenses, you can purchase an adapter to save yourself from having to reinvest in new glass. Speaking of investments, the EOS R boasts the same 30.4 MP full-frame sensor as the 5D Mark IV, but its less expensive, which will no doubt appeal to your wallet. In addition, like all mirrorless cameras, the EOS Rs absence of shutter noise makes this a quieter option to use around sleeping newborns, a factor youll appreciate if youve ever woken a baby with noisy shutter clicks on a DSLR.

Nikon Z6 IIAlthough newer to mirrorless world, Nikon has wasted no time in creating quality, affordable mirrorless cameras. The Z6 II, which weve reviewed in depth, has been touted for the high quality images it is capable of producing as well as for its user friendly design. This cameras dual card slots, incredible in-body stabilization, autofocus capabilities, and more make it a great newborn photography camera as well as nearly perfect mirrorless camera overall, and all for under $2k.

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A Couple More Very Helpful Tools

Ive also found that warming the spot on the beanbag where they will be posed is incredibly helpful too, particularly on the first blanket Im working with. A heating pad works great for this!

To sooth the baby while posing, I have found that a very loud SHHHHHH goes a long way! I hold my warm hands firmly on their body, often one on their head and the other on their tush, and say SHHHHH in their ear.

What Are The Activities Of A 2 Month Old Baby

Fun and Engaging Two Month Old Baby Activities Wiggle toys. This is the most basic of all play. Talking to your baby. Talking to your baby is how they will learn to pick up the sound of your voice over others and different sounds. Cuddle time. Exploration through touch. Tummy time. Reading. Family Get together. Move around.

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Tip 8 Use Your Props Reasonably

Many beginners and experienced photographers take all their props with them to every photo shoot and this is their biggest mistake. Even if you have a lot of newborn photo ideas to implement, you can just become confused with a large number of props, panic and lose time. It is better to think through and plan about three to four baby girl or baby boy pictures ideas, depending on the clients preferences.

Best Age For A Newborn Photo Shoot

What should I do if my baby wakes up damp because their nappy has leaked? Quick Tips For New Parents

So whats the best age for a newborn photo shoot? Where possible I recommend scheduling a session before baby is two weeks old, to capture him or her in all their wrinkly and scrunched-up newness. Id also recommend ideally also scheduling a session for around 4 months, again at 8 months and perhaps at a year old too. Babies never again change as quite such a rapid rate as they do in that magical first year. It makes a wonderful keepsake to have all that changing and growing captured on camera.

Lots of my baby photography clients have fine art books made with a selection of photos from babys first year get in touch if youd like more details on how to preserve your photos for future generations in this way.

I offer a great value First Year package for baby photography this costs £450 for three photo sessions, plus £150 back in print credit to spend on your favourite photos of your baby.

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Why Is The Two Week Window So Important In Newborn Photography

So why is this two-week window so important, and what changes on day fifteen that makes posed newborn photography so difficult?

This two-week window is really a guideline rather than a rule. Typically, when a new baby is aged two weeks or under, theyll spend long periods of time asleep, and will naturally enjoy spending time in the fetal position, which results in them also being comfortable in newborn photography poses.

A two week old newborn baby boy

Scheduling The Best Time To Take Newborn Photos

So, when should you take newborn photos? It all depends on the types of photos you want. The guide above can help you choose your ideal newborn photos time frame, but its always best to talk it through with your newborn photographer too. To discuss your options and learn more about scheduling your newborn photo session, contact my Connecticut photography studio today.

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Where Possible Babies Younger Than 14 Days

Typically, we recommend scheduling your newborn baby photo shoot about 10 days after your due date. Once bub is born we then lock in a date and time for your newborn session.

7 to 10 days is our ideal age for a newborn portrait session as babies this age are pretty chilled, sleep most of the time and curl up easily in those gorgeous poses. While newborn smiles are not conscious yet, as new babies fall asleep they tend to grimace and pull faces that look just like a grin! Once bub hits two weeks old they tend to be more alert, and outgrow that fragile newborn look.

This age is great for capturing snuggles with parents, photos of baby feeding and close up shots of babys eyelashes, lips and feet. It’s also a wonderful time to capture some beautiful photos of baby with their siblings.

A de lumière photographer will come to you at home for your newborn baby photo shoot, this means that even if your bub is a little older than two weeks, we can still achieve gorgeous portraits. We blend a mix of lifestyle photography with a newborn portrait session, so we cater for all ages of babies.

If you have your heart set on those gorgeous curled up shots, then capturing baby within the first 14 days are imperative.

Is It Possible To Take Newborn Photos After 3 Weeks

How long after birth should I wait to bathe my baby?

Absolutely! In fact, after 3 weeks stage, you will be much more confident and life will be settling in. What you need to bear in mind, is if your baby arrived past the due date, we might have half of the gallery with more awake photos. Some poses are not possible with awake wriggle babies.

3 weeks newborn session definitely can be amazing and I have no problem photographing this age group.

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How Often Should You Take A Baby Photo

For milestone photos, you have to commit to taking a picture every month, at least for the first 12 months, ending with the first birthday photo. 11. The Alphabet We love this idea from Famille Summer Belle. Its so simple but effective! All you need are felt or fabric letters which you can lay out around baby. Thats it! 12.

Ask Parents To Do A Little Prep At Home

We always ask parents to keep baby awake and alert at home for about an hour the morning of the photoshoot. Baby will usually sleep deeper and longer during their time with you if they can do this. This will enable you to get in the maximum number of set ups that you will want to deliver to parents. Singing, walking around and talking, or even taking them for a stroll outside are all great ways to interact with baby to keep them awake. Also, if okd by the pediatrician, tell parents to give baby a bath in the morning. Sometimes this will keep them alert for longer periods and get baby photoshoot ready!

Tell them to be sure to wipe down babys eyes and face as best as they can during awake time at home. Paying special attention to any flakey skin or dry skin around the babys eyes, corner of eyes and any crusty eyelashes. Last, recommend that parents do not use any kind of oil based skin lotion or moisturizer on baby the morning of the session. Oil based lotion can add shine to babys skin that the camera will pick up. Any cream based lotion is fine to apply.

Next, have parents give baby a full feeding before leaving the house. A full belly of warm milk will help keep baby content and asleep during their photoshoot. If mom is breastfeeding, recommend no spicy foods and no caffeine for at last 48 hours prior to the newborn pictures.

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Can I Combine My Maternity And Newborn Photography In One Package

As special as newborn photos are, its even better to have maternity photos as well. You want to chronicle every part of this incredible journey. To make the most out of both your maternity and newborn photography, you can schedule these photo sessions together with the same photographer, because I specialize in both!

Now that you know when to do newborn photos, the natural next question is when to do maternity photos. This can be tricky because every magical mom-to-be experiences her own pregnancy. You want to take your portraits when youre far enough into your pregnancy that you have a beautifully pronounced belly. At the same time, you dont want to wait so late into your pregnancy that youre uncomfortable. You especially dont want to worry that you might go into labor before your session happens. The sweet spot is usually between 28 and 36 weeks.

What Happens If My Baby Is Awake During The Photo Session

Useful Baby Care Tips for a 4-Months-Old Baby

Sometimes, babies do not want to fall asleep during their photo sessions. While its rare for babies to stay awake for the entire session, your little one could surprise you! Dont worry, though. Newborns are often content to look around at the world and take in everything going on around them, and our assistant, Katelyn, will be on hand to help soothe and comfort your little one if needed while you take time to relax and enjoy the time.

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When To Take Maternity Photos

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Sharing the joy of your soon-to-be little one starts during your pregnancy. Preparing for your newborn to arrive can be stressful but your maternity photo session can ease this stress, serving as a reminder of how beautiful your belly is. Your maternity photos are an important part in documenting your journey and will be cherished for a long time. Whether youre due over the holidays or over the summer, there are so many beautiful seasonal photo opportunities. In order to take successful photos, you should figure out when to take maternity photos so your belly is captured with a full shape. Find helpful tips and answers below on the best way to take maternity photos.

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