Can A Newborn Sleep In A Swing

Weaning Baby Off The Swing

Is it safe for my baby to sleep in a swing?

First PublishedOctober 22, 2012

For most babies, the swing is a handy tool to help ease the occasional disruption of teething, growth spurts, and days when naps just arent happening. For about 15% of babies, according to Dr. Karp, the baby swing will be a crucial newborn survival tool.

You will know you are the parent of one of these babies because the thought of your baby outgrowing the swing will cause you to break out in flop sweat.

How To Safely Use A Stand

  • Always supervise a baby using a swing or a bouncer.
  • Do not carry the bouncer. Swings and newborn bouncers belong on the floor.
  • Keep straps snug, but make sure they dont restrict the babys airway. Think about car seat best practices.
  • Dont exceed weight limits. If the baby can sit up unaided, then the baby bouncer or swing is no longer safe.

So as long as an adult can supervise and intervene if the babys head flops too far forward, and ensures that the straps are snug and not in danger of compromising the babys breathing, the risks posed by a baby swing are minimized. Still, its not a good option for feeding. Believe it or not, gastroesophageal reflux is worse sitting at that angle than it is lying flat, says Hoffman. That runs counter to a lot of peoples belief, but thats what the science tells us.

A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics identifies falls due to baby swings or bouncers as a significant cause of ER visits for babies, either from kids squirming out on their own or from parents and caregivers dropping them as they transfer surfaces. If an infant has developed the ability to sit up on their own, or exceeds the maximum weight limit, its time to stop using the device. And parents should only use a newborn swing or bouncer on the floor not counters, not couches, not tables and should never carry the bouncer or swing with the baby in it.

Faqs: Putting Baby To Sleep

Practicing safe sleep habits for your baby can be grueling during the first year. You’re exhausted, up and down all night, and listening to your baby wail on her back in her bare crib. In these moments, sticking to what you know is right may feel insurmountable. But this stage won’t last forever. Your baby will drift off. Soon enough, she’ll outgrow these risks . In the meantime, you’ll rest better knowing that you’ve done the safe thing.

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How Serious Is The Risk

You may be wondering just how dangerous it truly is to allow your baby to sleep in their swing. After all, you’ve likely seen other babies doing it, and manufacturers test infant products before they are released. So, what’s the harm?

Research published by the AAP has indicated hundreds of babies die each year while sleeping in devices meant for sitting. This includes swings, carriers, car seats, strollers, and bouncy chairs.

Can My Baby Sleep In A Mamaroo Is A Common Question Asked By Sleep Deprived Parents

Electric Baby Crib Cradle Auto Swing Rocking Cot Sleeping ...

If youre here reading this article, you probably have at least an inkling that the Mamaroo seat is not safe for infant sleep.

Youre probably wondering, Just how unsafe is it?

In a state of utter exhaustion, maybe youve found yourself thinking or saying things like the following:

  • I know babies arent supposed to sleep in swings, but I have to do what works for my family.
  • I know sleeping in a Mamaroo isnt recommended, but all that matters is that my baby is happy, healthy and growing.
  • I let my baby sleep in a Mamaroo when hes fussy and I can keep an eye on him. Its the only way I can maintain my sanity.
  • I let my baby sleep in a swing occasionally. Anything is fine in moderation.
  • Letting my baby nap in her Mamaroo is the only way I can get stuff done.
  • I let my baby sleep in a swing because its better for his reflux. It eases my anxiety about him choking on his spit up.
  • My baby sleeps so much better in a Mamaroo. Hell give me long stretches of sleep, which I desperately need.

The unfortunate truth is that the scientific evidence does not support these personal philosophies.

While these thoughts are well-meaning and relatable, each of the above statements is dangerous and/or untrue.

Towards the end of this article, well take a look at the counterpoints, line by line.

Now, lets take a look at what the experts have to say about the safety risks of letting your baby sleep in a Mamaroo swing

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Reasons Putting Baby To Sleep In A Bassinet Is Important:

  • Safe Sleep. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your baby should sleep on a firm, flat surface which is a bassinet, crib or pack and play. This safe sleep guideline helps to minimize the risks of SIDS
  • Long Game. When it comes to your newborn sleep we often donât really know what weâre doing 🙂 and weâre so in love with our precious little person that we promote sleeping in arms. However, when it comes to baby sleep you want to think about your long game. Where do you want your baby to sleep when sheâs 8 months? Ultimately sheâll need to be contained in a safe environment for sleep. That means introducing that environment now when preferences and habits are being formed.
  • Baby Should Always Sleep On A Flat Surface

    This is one of the most fundamental recommendations for safe sleep. With the invention and promotion of so many baby products that enable upright sleeping positions its not uncommon for some babies to not do any of their sleep on a flat surface.

    Instead, theyre using things like the rockn play, or automatic baby bouncers like the Mamaroo, or just a basic baby swing. Even though these products specifically say they are not for sleep, and that babies should always be supervised, this is often disregarded.

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    Never Sleep On The Couch With Your Baby

    A staggering 53 percent of moms in our poll report they share the couch with their infant, a number that astonished our experts. It’s by far the most dangerous choice because couches can be softer and more plush than an adult bed, and Mom or Dad could accidentally roll over and suffocate Baby, Dr. Moon says. Ironically, some parents think couch-sharing is relatively safe because if they put Baby between their body and the back of the couch, she can’t fall off like she could in a bed. In reality, the child can become trapped between the parent’s body and the couch, and that can be much more dangerous, Dr. Moon says.

    As a safety upgrade, bond with your baby before bed, and then put her in her crib, Carr says. When you’re wiped out or if it’s nighttime, avoid nursing or feeding your baby on the couch. You’re more apt to doze off there than in a less comfy spot, Dr. Mindell says. If your sweetie falls asleep and you’re tempted to snuggle her while you browse your Netflix queue, think twice.

    Finally, never place a sleeping baby on a couch. About 18 percent of moms say their baby has slept on a couch alone, but even if you’re awake, it’s never safe. It takes only a minute for suffocation to occur.

    Dont Put Off Sleep Training Because The Baby Is Teething

    Is it okay for a newborn to sleep in a bouncy seat or swing at night?

    Newsflash: Your baby is always teething. Or sick with a cold. Or coming down with something. Or recovering from something. Or over-tired. Or suffering from Unexplained Fussy Baby Syndrome. If youre hoping to sleep trainplenty of parents dontits important to know that it may never feel like the right time. Experts say its easiest to sleep train a baby between the ages of six and 12 months, but use your judgment and listen to your gut. If youre not fully committed to sleep training before you start, you wont stick to it.

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    My Baby Sleeps In A Swing But Not In A Crib What Should I Do

    Given how unsafe this is, the only thing to do is eliminate the option of using the swing for sleep.

    Its too risky to transition gradually. The baby should stop sleeping in the swing immediately.

    It will probably take time for your baby to adjust to sleeping flat on his back in a safe crib , so be mentally prepared and recruit as much help as you can.

    If your baby is at least 4 months old and you have pediatrician approval, you can start sleep training.

    We used a modified Ferber method when Aden turned 4 months old and it worked like a charm. Hes been an incredible sleeper ever since!

    How Many Deaths Have Occurred Related To Inclined Baby Sleepers

    Between January 2005 and June 2019, the Consumer Product Safety Commission received 1,108 incident reports related to inclined baby sleeper injuries. This included 73 infant deaths.

    The commission therefore had Erin Mannen, PhD, an independent expert from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, research the safety of inclined sleeper products marketed for infants.

    Mannen tracked infant muscle movements and oxygen saturation and compared them based on the sleep surface a flat crib, an inclined crib, and various inclined sleepers.

    Her investigation found that no inclined sleep surface is safe for an infant to sleep on.

    An incline of more than 10 degrees and soft or plush surfaces increase the risk of infant injury. In contrast, flat and firm surfaces are safer for infant sleep.

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    Is The Mamaroo Considered An Inclined Sleeper

    While not advertised as a sleeper, for all intents and purposes, the Mamaroo seat would be considered as such.

    As the 4mom website says, there is always a slight recline, even when the seat is reclined as far as it can go.

    We know from a Consumer Reports investigation that inclined sleepers have been linked to at least 93 deaths and that the federal government has proposed banning all such products.

    Infants should sleep flat on their backs in a crib, a bassinet, or playard that meets CPSC standards.

    Swings, seats, sleepers, nappers, nests, pods, loungers, etc. do not meet federal standards for infant sleep.

    What The Research Shows

    Electric Baby Crib Cradle Auto

    Research published by the AAP has indicated hundreds of babies die each year while sleeping in devices meant for sitting. This includes swings, carriers, car seats, strollers, and bouncy chairs.

    The research studied 11,779 infant deaths that occurred during sleep. Of those deaths studied, 3% of them occurred in a sitting device.

    Of those 348 deaths:

    • 219 deaths occurred in car seats
    • 122 deaths occurred in baby swings and bouncers
    • 7 deaths occurred in a stroller

    It should be noted that many of these instances occurred under similar circumstances. Contributing factors to infant death in these cases included:

    • Exposure to secondhand smoke
    • Prematurity, or low birth weight
    • Improper use of the device and its harness

    Researchers also observed death occurred more often when the baby’s caretaker was sleeping or otherwise distracted. However, it’s still possible for SIDS to occur when the parent or caretaker is alert and awake if a baby is not in a proper sleeping position and apparatus.

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    Is It Safe For My Baby To Sleep In A Swing

    Most babies love to swing and the to-and-fro motion can help soothe them if they are fussy, and yes, it can even lull them to sleep. But infant swings are not designed for sleeping. Newborns lack the muscle strength and coordination to keep their heads properly positioned, which could make it hard for them to breathe and lead to suffocation. The babys body position is inappropriate, as well. The upright swing does not provide the back and hip support a baby needs. Any soft blankets or pillows placed to keep the baby in position may end up covering the babys face. Some swings may have a cradle attachment in which the infant can lie flat while gently swinging. These can be safe as long as all guidelines for safe sleep surfaces are followed. When your baby falls asleep in the swing, it is best to move him to his crib or bassinet.

    A related issue for a baby about 6 months and older is the inappropriate sleep association that can develop after falling asleep in the swing all the time. If a baby is used to falling asleep in the swing, it will likely be difficult to get him to fall asleep in his crib. And if he wakes during the night, he will expect to be put back in the swing to fall asleep again, since that is where he remembers falling asleep the first time.

    How To Use A Baby Swing Safely

    The first thing you need to know about baby swings is that they arent dangerous if you use them the way they were designed to be used. That means:

    • Reading the package insert for directions on use of your swing and any buckles or attachments that come with it.
    • Not letting your baby sleep in the swing for prolonged periods of time. A catnap under your supervision might be fine, but your baby definitely shouldnt spend the night sleeping in the swing while youre asleep, too. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends moving your baby from the swing to a safe sleeping place if they fall asleep in the swing.
    • Understanding that the swing is an activity device, not a replacement for a crib or bassinet. You should use the swing as a place to safely distract, contain, or soothe your baby when you need a break.

    These same tips apply to any sitting device your child might need to use. A car seat, for example, is considered the safest way for a baby to travel. Its not, however, a safe place for a baby to sleep outside a vehicle.

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    What Should An Infant Wear To Sleep

    Infants are more mobile than newborns and by 6 months often roll over both directions . Once they start attempting to roll sometimes as early as 2 months old swaddling should stop. While swaddling may help a newborn sleep on their back, should they roll over, the combination of swaddling and stomach sleeping increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome .

    Wearable blankets can be used in place of swaddles once a baby begins attempting to roll over. Wearable blankets are also called sleep sacks and sleep bags. They are unique in that they leave the babys arms free while still covering their torso and legs. Because sleep sacks are worn and not loose like blankets, there is little risk of the babys face becoming covered during sleep.

    Wearable blankets come in a variety of materials, from jersey cotton to bamboo-derived viscose. They’re also available in a variety of shapes ranging from those with a bottom resembling a sleeping bag to those having foot holes that allow for walking. Take care to choose the best option for your baby’s current sleeping conditions and moving capabilities.

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