Are Air Purifiers Safe For Newborns

Are Air Purifiers Good For Babies What To Know Before You Buy

Are Air Purifiers Safe For Babies? Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Baby Safe.

Babies are more vulnerable to sickness and many other things we as adults can handle better. Since their lungs and immunity hasnt fully developed yet, its easier for them to get sick and suffer a lot.

When you think of ways to keep your homes air fresh and healthy, air purifiers are one of the first things that come to mind.

But are air purifiers good for babies? Which ones should you avoid? Ill share with you everything you need to know, plus much more.


Tips For Keeping Babys Room Safe And Clean

Controlling pollutant sources is a vital first step in keeping your babys room clean.

  • Do not smoke in the house. Tobacco smoke is, to be blunt, incredibly harmful to infants. Even smoke on your clothes or hair after smoking elsewhere has been found to be harmful to babies. Keep smoke out of your house.
  • Clean surfaces with a damp cloth and vacuum regularly. This will remove many pollutant particles that have settled out of the air, preventing them from being stirred up into the air again.
  • Be careful with new carpeting or furniture. New items may off-gas toxins such as formaldehyde. Let them air out for a few weeks in a garage if possible.
  • Do not allow mold to form. Clean up spills and keep humidity levels from getting too high. This will prevent the formation of mold and mold spores.

Protection From Dust And Other Airborne Particles

Babies spend most of their time on the floor where most dust particles settle. They also breathe twice as fast as adults. Therefore, they can inhale more dust and other allergens.

Also, a babys weak immune system is prone to many attacks, due to their underdeveloped organs. So, they cannot fight attacks as well as adults do.

Inhalation of air pollutants may result in asthma and other allergic attacks. This harms their fragile bodies, damages their cellular systems, and can result in a lifetime of challenges. An air purifier, therefore, becomes an essential part of your home. It acts as a shield by capturing all the pollutants that would otherwise gain entry to your babys lungs.

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What To Avoid At All Costs

Safety 1st Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier, Blue ...

Two types of air-purifying machines should never be placed in a babys room: ionizers and ozone generators. The opinions are already divided, and many users consider that they should not be used in rooms inhabited by adults, not to mention kids.

So, whats the problem with these machines?

The only issue is that they produce ozone. Ozone generators to a higher degree, as this is their main means to fight pollution. For ionizers, on the other hand, the ozone is just a secondary product and is usually in low amounts that dont affect adults but which could affect babies. If you are wondering, ozone is a highly dangerous gas that can cause serious breathing illnesses if the exposure period is long enough.

Therefore, the rule is no ozone in the nursery or around kids. It is better to go with a classic filter model than with filterless air cleaners. And check closely if the unit comes with an ionizer. In this case, you should be able to turn it on and off when you wish, and always keep it in off position when the baby is around.

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Odor And Smoke Elimination

Baby rooms and nurseries can harbor the worst of smells especially during changing times. Purifiers make it possible to capture all odors, smokes and chemical vapors they clear the air and enable a fresh environment for the baby. The most common odor eliminating filters are activated carbon, charcoal filter, and PlasmaWave.

What Are The Benefits Of Air Purifier For Baby

The main benefit of having an air purifier for babies is it can remove all harmful pollutants in the air. Our indoor home is filled with biological contaminants, germs, and toxic gases that are often hidden from our sight. These allergens are often hidden in the rugs, ceiling, or wall that will become airborne when disturbed. A good baby air purifier will capture all of those, including:

  • Dust, Hair
  • Odor and fumes
  • Chemical

When your newborn and baby only breathe in healthy air, they will cry less because there is no discomfort. They will also experience fewer allergy symptoms like sneezing or breathing difficulty. More importantly, it will ensure healthy body development growth. The babies would be at lesser risk of developing respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma. They will be at even lower risk of experiencing nervous system damage, organ failure, eczema, and cancer.

Babies have a faster breathing pattern than an adult. This is because they have much smaller breathing pathways. Babys lungs are still underdeveloped, and their chest wall is more pliable. They are still not used to breathing with lungs and the associated breathing muscles.

A newborn will breathe 30-60 times a minute or slow down to 20 times per minute during sleep. A 6 months baby will breathe about 25 to 40 times per minute. For comparison, an adult will take about 12 to 20 breaths per minute.

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Why An Air Purifier Should Be A Priority For Your Baby Nursery

Air purifiers come in many styles, sizes and come with various technology and smart features, depending on the brand. When choosing an air purifier, it would be best to select a unit with an H12 filter or H13 HEPA filter. Genuine HEPA filters eliminate 99.97 percent of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger, while H13 HEPA filters eliminate 99.99 percent as small as 0.1 microns.

Choosing an air purifier that has an activated carbon filter is also helpful. Activated carbon filters use tiny pores between carbon atoms to capture and trap harmful particles that pass through. It would also be beneficial to choose an air purifier with a carbon filter as they capture gas pollutants. No matter the filters you choose, please understand that they will have to be changed depending on your usage and air pollution. This is why its essential to keep these costs in mind when choosing the right air purifier for your baby nursery.

Since nurseries tend to be smaller than the master bedroom and living room. As such, it would be best if you chose a unit with a smaller room coverage. Not only is a smaller indoor air cleaner budget-friendly, but this allows your unit to be effective. To maximize the best results, find out your nurserys square footage and then find an air purifier with the necessary room square coverage. For instance, if your nursery is 500 square feet, purchasing a unit that only covers 300 square feet is not a smart choice.

Afloia 2 In 1 Hepa Air Purifier With Humidifier

Is air purifier safe for boosting newborn’s immunity? – Dr. Manish Ramteke
  • 3-in-1 HEPA Filtration: The air purifier has a 3-stage filtration system.
  • Evaporative Humidification: The evaporative humidifier works on evaporative principle to convert the invisible water into nano-water molecules to moisten the air.
  • Gorgeous Seven-Color Lights: Three light modes, seven color cycle-current color- light off.
  • Purchase with Confidence: CE and RoHS compliant.

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The Best Air Purifiers For Your Babys Room To Help Them Sleep Through The Night

Clear the air of allergens, pollutants, and particles to help your little one breathe easy.

Youve cleaned and sterilized the house from floor to ceiling, as well as every single surface in between, in anticipation of the impending newborn arrival, but what about the air in your babys room? If youre on the fence about whether or not to add air purifier for baby to your registry, here are a few perks of having one that you might want to consider:

  • Air cleaning:Air purifiers with a good HEPA filter can zap 99.7% of invisible contaminants, like external pollutants , radon, asbestos, chemicals , germs, bacteria, pathogens, dust, smoke, and even nasty odors.
  • Allergen elimination: Pet dander, pollen, and dust mites are all allergy triggers you and your family could do without. An air purifier can get rid of these pesky allergens, keeping little noses clear and sneezes at bay.
  • White noise: The gentle humming of an air purifier can double as a white noise machine, which has been proven to help babies fall and stay asleep, as the sound reminds our little ones of the sound of the womb .

Most Versatile Air Purifier

Why it’s great

The Philips AC2887/30 Air Cleaner provides powerful airflow circulation to ensure every inch of your room is crisp and safe. This air cleaner comes with 3 automatic purification settings: general mode, an extra-sensitive allergen mode for someone sick at home, and an extra-powerful bacteria and virus mode to remove up to 99.9% of virus in the air. Its versatility would be useful for parents who have rooms that are used for different purposes throughout the day, as this air purifier can be adjusted to perform the particular function that would suit that particular family member who is occupying the space.

Additionally, many of us would be pleased to note that this device has even been tested for coronavirus filtration. On top of its resounding effectiveness in air purification, it also features Smart sensors for scanning and independently selecting the appropriate speed for your home and it indicates the air quality with its colour ring. With its extra sensitive âSleep Mode” and âSmart Light Control”, this device will safeguard your child at all hours and allow your entire family to enjoy a good nightâs sleep.

Features that we love:

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Hamilton Beach Trueair Air Purifier For Home

Special features: This is another decent air purifier from the well-known Hamilton brand amongst air purifiers. It is pretty small in size, and very suitable for small-sized areas, and comes with a 3 stage filtration system including a permanent HEPA filter, and two zeolite filters. It operates very quietly, is very effective against odors and gaseous contaminants in the air.

The device takes in air and passes through three-stage filtration, the first two, which are activated zeolite filters. The presence of these two activated carbon zeolite filters is whats responsible for the air purifiers effectiveness against gas pollutions like smoke and other repugnant odors in the home. After these stages, the filter then goes through a HEPA filter, which removes other contaminants as small as 0.3 microns in size, with a 99.97% efficiency.

For maximum comfort of the child, the device operates pretty quietly and also has a special mode called whisper clean for an even extra quiet operation at night. With this air cleaner, be sure that your kid would have a long undisturbed night of sleep. Another feature that helps lower running costs significantly is the purifier having a cleanable ceramic filter. This eliminates the frequent cash spent on buying filters occasionally. Do know that the filter doesnt do well with water, but should preferably be cleaned with a vacuum.

Safety From Hidden Toxin

Air purifier good for baby: Honeywell removable top fill ...

I couldnt believe my eyes when I read, a huge amount of molds, bacteria, viruses or other allergens floating in our house frequently. The fact is the air inside our house can even be more polluted and harmful than outside.

Quite alarming, isnt it?

The reason behind of all this, homes are airtight. Hence, once any pollutant enters the house, its hard for it to escape. As an air purifier works to remove those entire harmful particles, it performs as a protector.

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Best Air Purifier For Tech Enthusiasts

Why it’s great

The Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan operates with both a purifying and cooling function. Featuring Dysonâs proprietary Air Multiplier technology, this device both eliminates contaminants and circulates clean air throughout the room, creating a conducive climate for your child to thrive!

For those of you who prefer to let your baby sleep in an air-conditioned room, do not cross this product off your list yet! It also boasts a draught-free mode which will purify the air without making the temperature too cold for them. With a 360 degree Glass HEPA filter, the Dyson Pure Cool ensures all-around protection. It is certified asthma- and allergy-friendly by the Allergy Standards Limited. With Dyson’s well-known and cutting edge home technology as well as its additional cooling function, this product is naturally on the pricier side.

Features that we love:

  • 360 degree Glass HEPA filter: Captures 99.95% of microscopic allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns with all around security
  • Dual functionality: Toggle between cooling and draught function based on how cold you would like the room to be.
  • Smooth Oscillation: Diffuses clean, purified air across your babyâs room.
  • Air Multiplier Technology: Provides a constant and powerful flow of pure air with state of the art effectiveness.
  • Effective area: ~27m²

Are Air Purifiers Safe For Your Babies

How safe an air purifier is for a baby, is mostly dependent on its build and filtration stages/ processes. Devices with the regular physical filters , are entirely safe to make use of around kids, as they work by the books, holding back contaminants while air is being forced through them.

On the other hand, an air purifier that makes use of infrared light or ions exposes the baby to potential hazards. These hazards could be as a result of high ozone residues, or even a broken case that might lead to escape of the infrared rays.

We recommend never using air purifiers with ionizers around babies, and even those with UV-C light because you never can tell if there is a leakage or not. Its infrared rays, your eyes cant see them. As far as you stick to the basics, you and your baby would be just fine.

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