How To Heal Bad Diaper Rash On Newborn

How Do You Care For Diaper Rash

Infant & Toddler Care : How to Quickly Heal a Diaper Rash

Most babies will get a diaper rash at some time. Their bottoms are in frequent contact with moisture, bacteria, and ammonia, and there is rubbing from the diaper. Babies and toddlers are at risk as long as they are wearing diapers. Rashes are much easier to prevent than to cure. Many rashes can be treated by the following:

Apply Soothing Breast Milk To The Rash

Human breast milk is the best treatment and a natural way to treat baby diaper rash.

When applied to the rash, it is a very safe and effective way to manage the rash.

You can express the milk straight from your boob while changing you baby or get some from your stash first.

My favorite is the breastmilk bath for babys.

This can really sooth the skin down there and promote healing power.

Here is an awesome article on how to make a soothing breast milk bath for baby.

Our Recommended 10 Best Cream For Bad Diaper Rash In 2021

TriDerma Baby Stubborn Diaper Rash Healing Cream, 4 Ounces The Honest Company, Diaper Rash Cream, 2.5 Oz

  • Gentle and effective: Honest diaper rash cream forms a protective barrier on babies skin to provide relief and soothe irritation Our diaper cream reduces the duration and severity of diaper rash when applied at the first sign of redness
  • NSF certified: Our NSF certified gentle, non Nano zinc oxide diaper rash formula helps reduce and prevent redness and symptoms of inflammation Our hypoallergenic diaper cream is made from organic plant and mineral derived ingredients
  • Made without: Parabens, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, dyes, silicones, petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin, or pegs because we believe you shouldnt have to choose between what works and whats good for you
  • Plant-based: Perfect for kids, our wipes, medical-grade cloth is made from sustainably harvested plant-based material and is ultra-thick and durable. Theyre embossed and interlocked for extra loft and softness and for easy pop-up dispensing
  • Honest purpose: We love your babies Thats why we err on the side of caution when it comes to ingredient selection, doing our best to avoid chemicals of concern We use smart ingredients and create trusted products that work

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How Can You Treat Diaper Rash At Home

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a diaper rash is inevitable.

Luckily, you dont necessarily have to bring your baby to the doctor to treat his or her rash. Follow these simple steps for a few days at home if the symptoms of your babys diaper rash appear mild to moderate.

  • Avoid products that seem to trigger your babys rash, and be cautious about introducing new ones .
  • Avoid soaps and wipes that contain alcohol or fragrance . I happen to like WaterWipes, a natural and chemical free alternative to classic wipes, whose sole ingredients are water and grapefruit seed extract.
  • Wash your babys bottom with water after each diaper change . Then, make sure your babys skin is dry before putting on a new diaper . When a rash is present, you may want to dry the area with a small fan or cool setting of a blowdryer before putting on a clean diaper.
  • Give your baby as much diaper free time as possible to air out the skin . If youve got a little boy, you may want cover his genitals loosely with a diaper whilst doing this so you dont accidentally get peed on.
  • Change your babys diapers frequently and apply a diaper cream, lotion, paste, or ointment as a barrier between your babys skin and a dirty diaper . I like to use Triple Paste because its fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and creates a smooth, thin film that protects my babys delicate skin.

The Mayo Clinic also offers some additional home remedies.

Use Caution When Applying Powders

Treat a bad diaper rash quickly and naturally

Many pediatricians do not recommend using baby powder as talc can injure a babys lungs if accidentally ingested. Some parents still choose to use powders as they help keep the babys bum dry, which can help prevent and heal rashes. Talk to a pediatrician before applying powder. If they give the green light, be sure to avoid using too much and keep it away from babys face as much as possible. A pediatrician may recommend a topical cream over powder to reduce irritation or redness.

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Questions To Ask Your Doctor

  • How often should I change my babys diaper?
  • What ointment would be best for my baby?
  • Are cloth or disposable diapers better?
  • What should I do if the diaper rash spreads or gets worse?
  • My baby is on antibiotics. Is there a way I can prevent him/her from getting diaper rash?
  • Should I leave my babys diaper off while he/she is asleep?

Throw Away Your Desitin And Your Butt Paste

And save your A& D for another injury. Because the product I am about to share with you is going to change your life. This product is called Bag Balm. I have included a picture and a link to where you can purchase the product for pretty cheap below. However, I just run to my local CVS.

Bag Balm is a product that originated in 1899 in order to soothe the hands of farmers who had been milking cows all day. In today’s day-and-age, the balm’s uses are endless. Apply Bag Balm to your baby’s bottom after every warm bath and diaper change.

The miracle rash butt-kicker.

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Tips For Treating Diaper Rash

A diaper rash can range from mild to severe. With a mild rash, you might see small pink or red spots or patches. In more severe cases, the spots will be brighter red, or the skin may be cracked, broken or blistered. The rash may spread down to the legs or up the abdomen, and your baby may be crying or in distress.

The sooner you start treating the rash, the better. Below are some time-tested tips to help that diaper rash disappear. These same tips can also help prevent future rashes, or at least make them less frequent and less severe.

How I Used Bath Time To Heal A Severe Diaper Rash

How to heal a diaper rash instantly | natural remedy

This post is sponsored by Seventh Generation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Benjamin loves oranges.

I discovered this a couple months ago after giving him a taste and scrambling to keep him from eating the entire peel. I even began putting fresh orange juice in his sippy because it made me feel good to feed him something healthy that he loooooves so much.

A few days later I woke up to a screaming baby in the middle of the night. Per our usual routine, I let him cry until he fell back asleep. Hes been sleep trained for almost a year now so I knew he could soothe himself. He cried a couple more times during the night, but this wasnt anything too out of the ordinary. When we both got up around 6:30am, I quickly realized what had been causing the tears . He had an enormous diaper rash on his bum. Id never seen one so big or so severe. It looked like a burn, ready to bleed at any moment. He had pooped during the night and his skin bore the brunt of it.

Maaajor diaper rash. What to do?

After attempting to heal it with Neosporin, I called the doctor when it wasnt looking any better. She walked me through a pretty high-maintenance treatment that went as follows

  • Keep the area as clean and dry as possible .
  • Stop using fresh wipes when changing his diaper . Instead, rinse him in the bath .
  • Because of the severity, dont use any diaper rash creams . Instead, pour baking soda in his bath and let him soak in it at least 2x per day for 10 min each.
  • Thanks for reading!

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    How To Heal A Babys Diaper Rash

    Diaper rash can be uncomfortable for a baby. Here, a CHOC pediatrician explains how to heal a babys diaper rash.

    Typically, most diaper rashes will clear up within two to three days with home care and simple changes in diapering and home care. Dr. Leila Iravani, a pediatrician in the CHOC Primary Care Network, recommends these four steps to help resolve diaper rash:

  • Parents check their babys diaper often and change it as soon as its wet or soiled.
  • Gently clean the diaper area with mild soap and water and pat dry.
  • Creams and ointments containing zinc oxide or petroleum can help to soothe skin and protect it from moisture. Smear them on thickly at each diaper change.
  • Letting a baby go without diapers for a few hours each day can help irritated skin dry and breathe. Try placing the baby in a crib with a waterproof sheet or on the floor atop a large towel.
  • Coconut Oil For Diaper Rash:

    Coconut oil has become increasingly popular in recent years. It can be used for some things, such as cooking, teeth whitening, moisturizing, hair conditioning, and many more.

    As coconut oil is a natural product, it has often been recommended as a suitable treatment for diaper rash.

    Coconut oil has been known to reduce redness and irritation on the skin.

    However, this may not be true for all cases, and there isnt any specific research that backs this.

    Despite this, researchers have found that coconut oil can help promote wound healing, moisturize the skin, and provide a protective barrier, and provide some relief for your baby.

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    Other Tips For Healing A Bad Diaper Rash

    • Avoid most commercial baby moisturizers. Many of them have chemical-based fragrances or potentially harmful ingredients. This includes baby oil.
    • Opt for natural skin moisturizers like coconut oil and sweet almond oil. Just make sure to go easy on it, baby only needs a couple drops.
    • If you MUST use a scented moisturizer use one like this, Its EWG certified.
    • Use an herbal baby bath to heal skin faster. Even just basic Calendula is perfect for this!
    • Air, air, air! I cannot stress this enough.
    • Sunlight can help heal baby bottoms quickly too, but you have to be very careful if you decide to do this. I would sit near an open window with irritated skin in the sunlight. Just make sure not to sit for more than a few minutes at a time. You dont want to burn your baby, which can happen very quickly.

    How Might Your Pediatrician Treat Your Babys Diaper Rash

    How to heal a bad diaper rash, quickly and naturally. # ...

    A severe or persistent diaper rash may require treatment beyond what you can do at home without a prescription. According to WebMD, if your child appears to have a candida infection, your doctor may recommend antifungal creams or medications.

    In these situations, it is important to ONLY use the prescribed antifungal treatment. Applying other barrier creams during additional diaper changes can prolong a fungal infection . Once the fungal rash has resolved, the usual rash protection creams may be resumed.

    Dr. Leah Alexander, MD, FAAP

    If your child has impetigo , your pediatrician may prescribe antibiotics. In many cases, your doctor may recommend a brief course of mild topical steroid cream or ointment if the rash doesnt appear linked to an infection.

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    Using Diaper Creams On A Bad Rash

    Use a natural diaper cream. Did you know that Desitin has a rating of 5 on the EWG scale of product safety.

    They literally consider it a moderately hazardous product!

    Not something I feel great about smearing all over my new little guy.

    Your options arent limited though. Ive made my own herbal diaper cream before using this recipe.

    The calendula in the oil is very soothing on babys bottom and making your own is definitely cheaper when using all natural products.

    If youre not the DIY type, there are great pre-made options too. My favorite is this one.

    I use this ointment a lot for various skin irritations on my kiddos.

    This one is also a very baby safe product with a rating of 1 on the EWG scale.

    You can check out our all natural diaper cream guide to find a diaper rash cream youll love.

    What Your Babys Provider Might Recommend

    If the diaper rash doesnât clear up or if it worsens, your babyâs healthcare provider might prescribe a special ointment or cream such as

    • a mild steroid or hydrocortisone cream

    • an antifungal cream, if your babyâs provider diagnoses a fungal infection

    • oral antibiotics or an antibiotic cream thatâs applied directly to your babyâs skin, if your baby is diagnosed with a bacterial infection.

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    Keep It Clean And Dry

    The most important way to prevent and treat a rash is to keep your babys diaper dry and clean. And make sure the diaper isnt wrapped too tightly.

    Whenever your baby isnt wearing a diaper, lay them down on a towel. Also, give them some time without a diaper during the day. This may help keep the diaper area dry.

    When you change your babys diaper, clean the area gently with a soft cloth or a squirt of water from a bottle. Wipes are fine, just be gentle. Dont rub the skin too hard, and avoid wipes with alcohol.

    Use mild soap or a soap-free cleanser when you give your baby a bath. Be sure to pat not scrub the area dry.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Diaper Rash

    How to treat diaper rash

    Diaper rash causes the skin to look red and irritated. Affected skin may also feel warm to the touch. Parents and caregivers should call a doctor if a bright red diaper rash lasts longer than 48 hours or is accompanied by a strong odor of urine, which may indicate dehydration .

    Other times to seek medical help include when rashes form blisters or become weepy, or if the baby develops a fever .

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    When Does Diaper Rash Occur

    In clinical practice I see diaper rashes among a range of ages but for a variety of reasons. In the neonatal period, diaper rashes are most commonly due to frequent stooling. Breastfed infants can often pass small stools up to six times a day. This frequent skin contact with stool can cause irritation. Prolonged exposure to moisture is a common cause of diaper rash in older infants and toddlers. This can be due to not changing the diaper frequently enough or from sweating during warm weather months. Toddlers who are toilet training often develop rashes overnight from a soiled pull-up.

    Dr. Leah Alexander, MD, FAAP

    Youre most likely to notice diaper rash when your baby at an age when he or she is sitting most of the time, and also eating solid foods that alter the acidity of his/her bowel movements.

    There are, however, certain factors that can make your baby more prone to diaper rash. Chafing, skin sensitivity, and wet or infrequently changed diapers are often the culprits, according to Mayo Clinic.

    Diarrhea or frequent bowel movements can also make your baby more likely to get diaper rash, says Johns Hopkins Health Library.

    Also according to Johns Hopkins Health Library, babies taking antibiotics or who are breastfed by mothers taking antibiotics are more susceptible. This usually leads to a yeast infection in the diaper area.

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