How To Start Newborn Photography

A Couple More Very Helpful Tools

How to start a Newborn Photography Business || Beginner newborn photographers

Ive also found that warming the spot on the beanbag where they will be posed is incredibly helpful too, particularly on the first blanket Im working with. A heating pad works great for this!

To sooth the baby while posing, I have found that a very loud SHHHHHH goes a long way! I hold my warm hands firmly on their body, often one on their head and the other on their tush, and say SHHHHH in their ear.

Best Newborn Photography Props

There are five main types of props used during a newborn photography photo shoot.

  • Round
  • Flokati Rug

1. Round Prop

For round props, things like woven baskets, wood bowls, and nests are used. Photographers love this style of prop because they seem to naturally keep baby in a nice, round shape.

2. Rectangle Prop

The most popular rectangular props right now are wood and bamboo crates. Baby is always padded underneath with layers of knit blankets, faux fur or felted wool for comfort. This prop is also perfect for capturing close up macro shots of babys details.

3. Baby Bed Prop

Wood baby beds are the most popular newborn photography prop right now. They are often handmade by a woodworker photographers. Made with specific dimensions, they are perfectly sized for a newborn baby.

4. Bucket Prop

Although the bucket prop shot can be more challenging, it sure is a parent favorite! In this prop, babys half swaddled body is placed down into the bucket. Babys arms rest on the edge of the bucket for a perfect shot of their face. Dont worry, there is plenty of padding and support in and around the inside of the bucket to keep baby very comfortable. Buckets props come in a variety of materials, with wood and metal being the most popular in newborn photography.

5. Flokati Rug

Great Lighting / Sheer Curtains

When I was just starting out, I timed my sessions so that I had the perfect light from my studio windows. If you’re doing a lifestyle newborn session, take some sheer curtains in case you need to filter light. If you have a backdrop stand, you can even hang those curtains from the stand and place it in front of a window. Not only does this filter light on the baby, but also you can use it for some pretty backlit shots as well.

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Choosing Colors For Your Newborn Photography Session

I have hundreds of props and fabrics in my Northern Virginia newborn photography studio, so, prior to their newborn session, I ask my clients to pick a few colors to help narrow down our choices. I try to set up the studio and a few props before they arrive so that the newborn photo session flows seamlessly.

Having a color scheme for your newborn photography session also helps the photos coordinate later when you put them together for a photo collage, album or announcement.

When choosing colors, I recommend:

  • Picking colors that match the colors in your home where you are planning on displaying your newborn photos. Its really cool when your wall art matches your furniture.
  • Coordinating with the nursery. I suggest parents send me pics of the nursery or the room where theyre going to hang the photos so I can get a better sense of their style.
  • Choosing colors that are already in your wardrobe. When youve just had a baby, you wont want to go out shopping for the family. Usually, you can pull together coordinating, nice clothes for your photos from your existing wardrobe. Here are more tips for what to wear to your newborn session.
  • When in doubt, stick with neutrals or all-white. Every baby photographs beautifully in neutrals and white.

Most popular color choices:

  • red and navy
  • all-white

Here are just a few of the color choices that my recent newborn photo session families have selected. There are dozens more on my . Check them out!

Keeping Your Clients Calm

How to Start a Newborn Photography Business

Its important to educate your parents in remaining calm during the session, even if the baby cries or gets upset. The baby will sense that mommy is frustrated and will in turn become frustrated. As the photographer, this holds true for you as well. Be patient and remain calm. A quiet and peaceful environment is essential for a successful session.

Ask the mom to feed the baby fully before arriving at the studio. If the baby has a full tummy, the child will sleep longer. If your clients are traveling more than 15 minutes to the studio, ask them to arrive 15 minutes before their session to allow for extra feeding.

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Tips For A Perfect Newborn Portraiture Shoot

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Opinions expressed are based on the Authors own experience.

So youre ready to dive into the world of newborn portraiture?

Im sure, like me, you started out photographing everything under the sun weddings, seniors, families, and babies. After a few newborns you were hooked, right? Thats great! Its a good idea to find your niche and specialize in one or two areas of photography.

Otherwise, you might become overwhelmed and quickly spread yourself too thin.

Newborn portraiture is growing in popularity, so its not surprising there are more photographers who specialize in it. Amid a sea of photographers, its critical you have a plan in place that sets you apart from the rest. Its critical for your businesss survival.

Also, consider that working with newborns is much different than other types of portraiture. Newborns are fragile simply put. This post covers tips for newborn photographers that will prepare you for a successful photo shoot.

How To Keep Baby Safe During The Shoot

It is really important to know what you need to do to keep a baby safe during a newborn portrait session.Never use a heating pad underneath a baby. This can lead to second degree burns since newborn baby skin is sensitive.A floor heater is best at a safe distance. Shut it off during the session and only used before the baby arrives to warm the room.

Never pose a baby without an extra pair of hands either holding the baby or next to the babys body at all times.Are you planning on doing newborn poses in accessories like a baby hanging from a branch? Have a safety pillow underneath, and do not hang the branch high. This means less than a foot off the ground!Also always have hands holding the baby even in the hanging branch.You can photograph a setup without the baby. And later you can retouch the final image and edit the helping hands or people out of the photo.Support the babys neck and head at all times. Newborn babies dont have control of their heads and cannot hold them up. Youll need to be careful when handling a baby and holding the back of their neck.They are also very fragile and unpredictable in movements. Keep this in mind when photographing them.

Keep a clean set and wash your hands and clothing with baby safe soap and detergent before your session. This is very important. It will keep germs from getting on the baby and keep allergic reactions to a minimum.

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Newborn Photography Ideas To Try Yourself

If you are seeking inspiration, look no further. As photographers, we are always trying to create unique content. This comes from original photoshoot concepts.

This doesnt mean that looking at and copying other images isnt a good place to start. It will act as training until you find your own feet.

Check out these newborn baby photography ideas to get inspired.

Dont Forget The Macro Lens

PHOTOGRAPHY BASICS | Intro to Newborn Photography

In addition to environmental portraits, capture the details: delicate eyelashes, gripping fingers, wrinkly skin, and wiggling toes.

Babies tend to be calmer in the morning, so if you schedule an early shoot, youll have a better chance of being able to zoom in and catch those macro shots while theyre asleep and relaxed.

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Prepare And Be Patient

Ideas for special items to bring with you include: a letter board to announce your baby, hello world stickers, special blanket, outfit, or hat. If you decide to bring these items, dont forget to pack them in your hospital bag and unpack them to use during the photoshoot!

After your baby is born, dont try to do everything yourself. You need to recover from giving birth, so while you may want to do it all, remember to relax and ask your partner for assistance with the photographs. If you try to do everything at once, the photos will not come out how you anticipated and there will be a lot of frustration through the process.

Learn How To Pose Babies Before You Start Your Business

Posing babies is difficult. They like to be swaddled or wrapped in a ball for comfort. This is where you can purchase swaddles and accessories for the newborn portrait sessions. These are specifically made for babies.For example, Bella Baby Love by Ana Brandt has many items that help with swaddling, posing, and dressing the baby.They are made for newborn babies. And they make posing easier and better.A posing pillow, or boppy pillow, will help to prop the baby higher. Or you can have them lay deep into the pillow for curled up posing.To hold poses, you may need mom or dad to help. They can hold baby in place. Later, you can retouch hands or people out and have a clean final image.A posing pillow wont fit in accessories like buckets, baskets, and suitcases. Use plush blankets or towels to hold the baby up in a comfortable position.

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Tips For The Sweetest Newborn Photography Sessions

Our recommendation is to wait until the newborn is nice and sleepy. This allows you to pose and photograph in freedom.

You will find this is easier when the newborn is only a few days old. Whereas a week old newborn can take up to an hour to fall asleep.

Read here for the other 11 newborn photography tips to help you get started.

Do I Want To Shoot Lifestyle Newborns Or Portraits

How to Start a Newborn Photography Business

So your next question is: Do I want to shoot lifestyle newborns or portraits? or a combination of both? In a lot of other types of photography, this question may not be too important, but for newborn photography, it really IS important because the answer is going to affect your approach to your newborn sessions.

Be sure to check out my other video that talks more in-depth about the difference in lifestyle vs portrait newborn photography if you want to hear more about that. Both styles have their challenges and both can be really beautiful so really what it comes down to is which style do you love, & which are you drawn to?

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Take Us Through The Process Of Designing Prototyping And Manufacturing Your First Product

I conducted a lot of research to figure out what I needed to learn as well as what I needed to start to get into photography the right way. I talked my husband into spending money on a Canon 40D camera which at the time was more than we could afford but we made it work.

Dont expect overnight success. It took me years to get to a point where Im steadily making money as a business.

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Things Your Photography Contract Must Include

A newborn photography contract ensures both parties retain their rights.

It makes sure that neither side can do anything that was not pre-discussed and agreed upon. Such as sharing or editing images.

If not followed, either side suffers the risk of legal action against them. The contract needs a notary for effectiveness.

One rule for photographing people is to get a model release. This is a contract between both parties, allowing the use of the models image.

Most stock photography requires this if you wish to sell the images online.

Read here for the other nine tips on what your photography contract needs to have.

Important Tips For Starting A Newborn Photography Business

7 Essential Things You Need to Start Newborn Photography And SAVE THOUSANDS of Dollars | Minimalism

You can also select your interests for free access to our premium training:

Related course:

Newborn photography is one of a kind. This is because babies only hold their newborn features within the first two weeks of life!These seven tips will help you set up your new newborn photography business. Follow these and youll be sure to give your clients the best experience.

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Why Is The Two Week Window So Important In Newborn Photography

So why is this two-week window so important, and what changes on day fifteen that makes posed newborn photography so difficult?

This two-week window is really a guideline rather than a rule. Typically, when a new baby is aged two weeks or under, theyll spend long periods of time asleep, and will naturally enjoy spending time in the fetal position, which results in them also being comfortable in newborn photography poses.

Plan With The Parents

The responsibilities involved in photographing a baby don’t only fall on you, but on the parents as well. Plan everything together to make the process as smooth as possible.

The shoot should be scheduled months ahead of the due date. Ideally, newborns should be photographed in the first two weeks when they are usually sleeping through the day, so you can easily pose them. Additionally, babies are expected to go through a growth spurt after 2 weeks, so shooting on the third week might mean nobody gets the newborn photos either parties want. You also need to keep your schedule flexiblebabies could arrive as early as 2 weeks before their due date or a few days later than expected.

Expectations for themes should also be clear to both you and the parents. While some people like to keep it simple, others may opt to try a specific theme complete with costumes and props. Iron out the concept in advance, so that youre ready when the time comes. If the theme involves something elaborate, prepare the props way before the baby is even born.

On the day itself, make sure the baby is fed before the shoot. When the baby is well fed, its less likely to cry and is more inclined to sleep, which is precisely what you want when youre taking photos. Dont forget to have the mother burp the baby a few times before you take photos to avoid messy spills.

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