What Do I Need To Buy For A Newborn

Clothes A New Baby Needs


So now that we went over factors to consider when getting baby clothes, here is what clothes a new baby actually needs. I suggest getting these clothing items in a 0-3 month size. Depending on how large you anticipate your baby to be at the start, getting some of these items in the 3-6 month size would make sense too .

Clothes a new baby needs:

  • 5-7 sleep n plays or sleepers for at night
  • 2-3 swaddles
  • 7 onesies
  • 7 pants/shirt sets or outfits
  • 5-7 pair baby socks

Start out with the basics and add anything as it becomes essential for you. Keep your receipts when you purchase items to make sure they fit and you actually use them. Also, you will likely get baby clothes as gifts at your shower and/or when the baby is born so do not go overboard buying baby clothes.

Bottle Bundlesat Least In The Beginning

While it can feel calming to do all the prep work by purchasing everything in advance of your baby’s arrival, you might end up buying things you don’t need.

“Your baby is also going to have a preference, and they are going to tell you what they like. No need to buy big bottle bundles before you know what bottle your baby takes to,” says Molly Pross, founder of Bump Bestie .

However, Pross does recommend buying in bulk when it comes to diapers and wipes, which can be a money saver, as well as investing in “double duty” items where possible, like a car seat cover that doubles as a nursing cover and a grocery cart cover.

Best Luxury Baby Bouncer: Bombol Bamboo 3dknit Bouncer

What we love:

  • The patented dynamic backrest lets you or your older child choose their position simply by shifting their weight. You can also adjust, lock or release the backrests position silently without disturbing the child
  • An aerospace-grade aluminum frame ensures the bouncer moves softly under the smallest of newborns, yet it can effortlessly carry the weight of children as they grow
  • The two color options, pebble grey and denim blue dont scream baby gear at all

Things to consider:

  • The bouncer doesnt support any add-ons, like a toy bar or built-in vibrations, so if your baby needs more to keep them engaged, you might need to do the entertaining yourself!

Buy it: $250, BuyBuyBaby.com

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Best Baby Bouncer Swing Combo: 4moms Mamaroo

Lets face it: The best baby bouncer is Moms arms. But after a while, mama needs a break. Enter the mamaRoo. The five unique motions of this genius baby bouncer move just like you do, so baby never feels far from your touch. It features a fully reclining seat, and you can adjust the bouncer seats movements right from your smartphone. Built-in noise machines keep baby calm, or you can use Bluetooth to stream your own playlist.

What we love:

  • The motion swing for babies features five unique movements and five speed options for a total of 25 different combinations
  • Its available in three fabric options: the plush seat fabrics are a softer, blanket-like material the classic seat fabrics are made with a smooth, woven polyester material and the cool mesh-seat fabric has a smooth, breathable surface to maximize airflow to keep baby cool and comfortable.

Things to consider:

  • Its could be a hit-or-miss with babies. Parents have shared that by three or four months, their babies lost interest in it or were trying to sit up/get out all the time

Buy it: $240, BuyBuyBaby.com

Baby Nappy Changing Essentials

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A key part of your baby essentials checklist needs to be A LOT of nappies. Like it or not, youre going to be changing them frequently – your newborn baby can need changing up to 10 or 12 times A DAY! The good news is its not nearly as bad as you think, but to help you along the way, make sure you stock up on the following:

  • Reusable or disposable nappies: Reusable nappies, which are sometimes called cloth nappies, washable nappies or real nappies are better for the environment and are by and large slightly cheaper than their disposable counterparts. But disposable ones are considered slightly more robust when it comes to absorbing the contents of your little ones nappies. Its a personal choice but you can always give both a go to see which one works best for you and your little one. If in doubt, ask your pharmacy to help you find the best ones.
  • Baby changing mat. This is essential as it is easily cleaned and disinfected, and it will also save your furniture from getting messy.
  • Toiletries. To begin with, youll likely just want to use cotton wool and water to wipe up your little ones mess. Later down the line, youll want some wipes.
  • Nappy cream. Nappy rash happens from time to time, so nappy cream is essential to help you soothe your babys bottom.
  • Nappy bags. Unless you want your dustbin smelling, these are essential. It helps if they are scented, too, to better mask those odours.

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Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer

New parents are always fretting about germs and sanitizing everything for their new little bundle of joy. For your own peace of mind, buy a sterilizer for bottles and pacifiers and let that do the work for you. There are plenty of microwavable and electrical options to choose from at a variety of prices. We like this one because its super fast, effective, and under $25.

Update: Every Mum And Every Baby Is Different

Before we go any further and I begin with my list of baby essentials, I want to point out that every mum and every baby is different. Since publishing this post Ive had a couple of messages from fellow mums saying that there are some things on this list they agree with and other things they had the opposite experience with. The things I didnt use were the items they couldnt live without and the things I LOVED were the things they didnt use.

So, sorry to throw a spanner in the works there and confuse you even more!

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Baby Things To Buy Before Birth

Want to know what to buy before the baby is born? Heres a checklist of the top baby things to buy before birth .

Every first-time mom has wondered what she really needs for the baby, the items we should buy now before the baby comes.

You dont want to buy anything youll barely use once the baby arrives but you also want to avoid not having an item once you finally get home .

Perhaps youve already crossed off most items on your registry list, but cant help but feel like youre forgetting something. Or youre simply wondering what things been-there, done-that moms wished they had but didnt think to buy beforehand.

Even once you have an idea of what to buy, you might not know just how many of them to grab to be prepared before delivery. And if youre like many pregnant moms, feeling prepared and knowing all you can helps ease the panic of knowing youre about to welcome your baby soon.

Products You Need To Buy When Having A Baby

Zooby Animesh Baby ZCredits, Baby Purchasing and Registration

Right after you learn that you’re having a baby, you learn that babies seem to need a lot of stuff! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. This list will help you figure out what to buy for baby. There are millions of products available for purchase, but the following products are the most common needs or wants for newborns.

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Baby Checklist For The Nursery & Home

If budget isnt a concern for your nursery, furnishings such as low-allergen wood or cork flooring, soothing paint colors and custom furniture are nice options. For the majority of expectant parents, however, theres a happy medium between building your baby a dream palace and ensuring she has a safe and comfortable room. Essential buys:

  • Several weeks worth of baby formula

  • Bottle cleaning brush and drying rack

  • Bottle sanitizer, if your dishwasher doesnt have that setting

Breast-feeding moms might also want bottle supplies for times when they can’t feed their babies personally.

Nerd tip: Manufacturers websites often offer free samples of diapers, formula and other baby care products, as well as valuable coupons.

Should You Buy Your Baby Essentials Second Hand Or Buy Them New

Now lets start with a biggy should you buy everything new or second hand?

Obviously for a lot of people this will come down to budget. If you simply cant afford to buy everything new, then eBay and Facebook Marketplace will become your best friends!

Buying second hand for a newborn is fine because theyll grow out of these items so quickly that theyll barely be used if you buy second hand. I had so many baby clothes that had barely been worn went I sent them off to the charity shop, especially the newborn sizes and 0-6 months.

For George and Joseph I bought almost everything second hand.

I actually hadnt intended to buy second hand but a friend had recommended buying a moses basket second hand. Shed told me her baby hadnt liked his moses basket and never slept in it, so when she sold it on eBay it was still like new.

I looked online to find something similar and just 2 miles away someone was selling a moses basket for £10 and claimed it has only been used 2-3 times. Bargain! When I arrived at their house to collect the moses basket it turned out that they were also selling all their baby clothes in age 0-3. There were 5 bin bags full of clothes and they were all like new. The lady said I could have the lot for £20 so I snapped it up!

Every 3 months Id then return to this lady and buy the next bundle of baby clothes and shed have an equally perfect stack of clothes for £20.

It also feels much more ethical and sustainable to buy as much as possible second hand.

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Things To Buy For Newborn Babies

While getting this list of baby item ready from A to Z, it is necessary to keep in mind every little aspect of having a newborn baby. Your newborn baby requires different sets of clothing and accessories suitable for every activity you will be doing with your bundle of joy and for every season of the year. In this article, newborn baby essentials are further divided into specific purposes to make it easier for you. Read on to find out the list of basic products that are needed for the first couple of months after the newborn baby arrives.

Ingenuity Cozy Spot Reversible Duvet Activity Gym

New Puppy Checklist â Hello Darlings

A great neutral option for a small space, this sweet baby activity gym has wooden arches that fold away and tuck into a pocket for easy storage or on-the-go. The extra cushy play mat is especially handy if you have hardwood floors and want the flexibility to use it anywhere in the house. Plus the soft, neutral colors will look chic in any room.

Buy it: $70, Target.com

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Muslin Squares Flannels Burp Cloths Or Receiving Blankets

  • While bibs may not be that useful until your baby is a few months older , absorbent muslins, flannels and receiving blankets, which can also be used in place of burp cloths, will be a lifesaver, especially during feeds.
  • Buy about a dozen cloths to start with you can always buy more. You’ll only need a couple of receiving blankets though.

Newborn Essentials Checklist: All You Need To Buy Before Your Baby Arrives

The little ones first clothes should be comfortable, soft, safe, and made from natural fabrics. Dont buy too many things because newborns grow and gain weight fast.

  • Diapers
  • Onesies : 6 pcs.
  • Sleepsuits: 35 pcs.
  • Soft baby booties: 2 pairs
  • Anti-scratch mittens: 2 pairs.
  • A light jumpsuit for the outdoors
  • A brimmed boonie hat
  • A cotton cover for the stroller and car seat
  • A stroller curtain
  • Warm rompers and a sweater
  • Wool hats and booties

The list can be modified depending on whether youve chosen to breastfeed or formula-feed your baby.

  • Nursing bras: 23 pcs.
  • Comfortable nursing nightwear
  • Nipple cream to prevent cracked nipples
  • Breast pads so your clothes dont get stained
  • A breast pump
  • Baby scales
  • A sterilizer for pacifiers and bottles for use during the babys first year
  • Baby bottles: 6 pcs. Pay attention to anti-colic ones to reduce the amount of air the baby swallows while feeding. The bottles should be made from quality materials that can withstand high temperatures.
  • Baby bottle brushes: After each feeding session, thoroughly clean the bottle and remove milk or formula residue.
  • A vacuum flask or water heater: they help maintain optimal water temperature for preparing formula.
  • Muslin bibs: 4 pcs.

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Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

Whether you plan on formula feeding or breastfeeding, having an extra tub of formula on-hand is always a good idea. Breastfeeding can be hard, so even if you plan on going au natural, having a back up supply *just in case* will give you some peace of mind. Happy Baby Organic is made to simulate breastmilk and has lots of great reviews from pleased parents with full-tummied babes. And, of course, there are plenty of other wonderful baby formula options for you to choose from.

Different Brands Sizes And Styles

13 Things You Need For Your New Golden Retriever Puppy

One of the hardest things to figure out with baby clothes is that all baby brands are different. Their sizing of clothes are different and they have different styles.

Different brands size their clothes a bit differently. This means that a 3-6 mo clothing item may not fit the same in every brand. For instance, my kids wear some Nike clothing and it typically runs a size smaller than most brands. So my kids wear a size larger in Nike than they do in their Carter or Jumping Beans clothing.

Personally, an issue I had was that my babies were long with a thin torso. Certain bands had more rectangular onesies and shirts while others had more boxy/square tops. My kids needed the rectangular clothes to fit their body shape not the square tops. With those styles it would be a struggle to snap the onesie at the bottom, but the neck and shoulders would be huge.

Then, I had another clothing issue with my daughter due to her length and thicker thighs. With some brands and styles an outfit would not fit because I couldnt get the pants over her thighs even though that is what size she was in.

After time, once you know your babys body type, you will get to know different brands of clothing. Then you will find what brand of clothing you like for your child.

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