What To Pack In A Newborn Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag Checklist: What To Pack In A Diaper Bag

How To Pack a Newborn Baby Diaper Bag

New moms: Meet your new best friend, one that youll seriously want by your side. All. The. Time. If you and baby hit the road without it, were guessing youll slam on the brakes and make a U turn, just so you can head back home and retrieve it. Were talking about your diaper bag, of course. Consider it a security blanket for parents, or a mom purse on steroids. Whatever life with a tot throws your wayfrom incomprehensible freakouts to sudden hunger pangs to, yes, poopy diapersa well-packed pouch that slings over your shoulders can make messy situations disappear. Here, your trusty diaper bag checklist to ensure all your diaper bag essentials actually make it into the bag.

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Diaper Bag Packing Tips

Here are some tips for packing and organizing your diaper bag so everything is easy to access and reach:

  • Organize by category. Your diaper bag shouldnât be like a black hole. Instead, keep things in the right spot, so that you know where to look to find them. If your diaper bag has pockets and compartments, decide what you will put where and always have these items in their regular spots. If the bag youâre using doesnât have many compartments, use small bags, like clear re-sealable plastic bags, to pack different categories of items together. For example, pacifiers and bottle nipples in one bag, diaper changing items in another.

  • Portion bottles. If youâre formula feeding with powdered formula, measure out the formula and water and store them separately for mixing when your baby is ready for a feed. If youâre giving breast milk from a bottle, keep bottles of the appropriate amounts in a cooler.

  • Stop leaks. No matter how well youâve packed your babyâs milk, the water bottle for yourself, or the baby sunscreen, leaks are bound to happen. No one wants to be digging around in a wet, icky bag. The best idea is to pack each of these potentially leaky items in a re-sealable plastic bag so that if a leak does happen, itâll just go in the bag and not all over the contents of your diaper bag.

The Essential Newborn Baby Hospital Bag Checklist

Your due date is rapidly approaching, which means your baby could arrive any day now! Youre likely excited and nervous about going into labor. You can reduce that stress by planning ahead and having your bags packed and ready no later than four weeks before your due date.

Not sure what to pack? Weve created the essential newborn baby hospital bag checklist to help! Weve even put together three more checklists for supplies mommies-to-be and their partners will need a labor bag, a recovery bag, and a partners bag.

Before we get to those, well focus on when to pack your hospital bag and the essential items youll want for your baby.

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How To Keep A Diaper Bag Organized

Now that you know what to put in your diaper bag, its time to learn how to pack it properly for maximum effectiveness. Having all the essentials will only be so helpful if youre still struggling to find them. Here are some of the best tips to utilize when packing a neat, organized baby diaper bag:

  • Have Ziploc bags on hand Sometimes youve got a dirty diaper on your hands, and simply no place to put it. The last thing you want are soiled diapers staining the lining of your bag . Thats where a Ziploc bag comes in handy. Keeping a few disposable, resealable bags can save you when a trash can simply isnt within reach.
  • Pick a side Your diaper bag isnt just for baby belongings. Your stuff should fit too. But having two peoples belongings in the mix can sometimes lead to confusion. In order to avoid pulling out lipstick when you were looking for a pacifier, designate one side of your bag to personal items. Searching for your wallet will be a lot easier when it’s not lodged in the same pocket as the extra diapers!
  • How To Pack A Diaper Bag

    What to pack in a diaper bag for a newborn

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    Being prepared with a full diaper bag while out of the house is always better than guessing or thinking twice about things. You’ll never know what situation you’ll be in or what you’ll need in order to keep a baby happy, so a ready-packed diaper bag will always come to your rescue.

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    What To Pack In A Newborn And Toddler Diaper Bag

    Today Im excited to share whats in my diaper bag with a newborn and toddler. Before I had my daughter, I did share a whats in my toddler diaper bag post, but now that we have a newborn too, I needed to add some things to our bag. I still use the TWELVElittle Diaper backpack. If you would like to see a full review of this diaper bag,

    Stylish Best Diaper Bags

    Where can you find some of the best, affordable stylish diaper bags? Look no further than Skip Hop!

    These bags are so cute, you wont miss your purse. Plus its a much better solution than trying to stuff all of this is in an oversized handbag and rummaging around for it in a crucial gotta have it now moment.

    Check out the collection and see if theres anything that fits your style. They go on sale often, so check retailers such as , Carters and Buy Buy Baby.

    These are my favorite Skip Hop backpack style diaper bags at the moment.

    Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack, Greenwich

    I personally purchased this bag back shortly after my daughter was born and I absolutely love it.

    Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack, Greenwich Multi-Function Baby Travel Bag

    Did you find this list helpful? Let me know! If theres anything else youd like to ask share with me, Im all about helpful baby hacks.

    Heres to more happy and prepared outings with your little one!

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    What To Pack In Your Diaper Bag For The Hospital

    You have been waiting to meet your baby for 9 months! The time is finally here, and its time to pack your hospital bag. So, what are the essentials that will actually be used in the hospital, and what is just clutter? In this guide, we will provide a clear plan to ensure you are fully prepared come your big day!

    What To Take With You To The Hospital


    If youre a mom-to-be, you might be feeling overwhelmed with the storm of information.

    Take a deep breath. Its nothing to worry about, we got you covered.

    From the items that youll need going to the hospital and to the diaper bag essentials for taking your baby home for the very first time, its all included in our hospital bag checklist:

    And of course, lets not forget our phone chargers and cameras to capture all the precious moments of your pregnancy and the end of it.

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    Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist For Your Newborn

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    As a first time mom, figuring out what essentials you need in your newborn diaper bag can be really intimidating. For such a tiny little person, newborns sure need a lot of gear!

    Now that youre home from the hospital, youre probably going to want to get out of the house, even if its just for that first doctors appointment. And going out with baby means its time to pack for baby!

    You may be asking yourself what you need to pack in your diaper bag, or if you even need one at all. The answer is YES, you definitely need one! Trust me, Ive tried to find purses that have the same amount of pockets and storage for sippy cups and bottles, but in 10 years I have never found one.

    The diaper bag is the first essential item you need for your diaper bagI know that doesnt actually make sense but you get what Im saying

    Trying to work out what baby essentials are actually the most essential is tough when youve never experienced life with a newborn baby.

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    Your first instinct may be to pack every single item youve purchased for your new baby and stuff it into the bag. But dont worry, when you take your baby out, theres no reason to try to squeeze your entire nursery into your new mom bag.

    Ive put together a newborn diaper bag checklist that you can follow to see what essentials you actually need to pack in your diaper bag.

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    Listen Moms This Is Important

    Do not forget to keep the birth plan for your newborn. It is for sure a mandatory item that can be required by the hospital staff as well.

    However, never forget to keep a few copies of the birth plan that will prevent you from any problems. Besides, take a lot of water with you when you are traveling from your house to the hospital.

    Moreover, its better to keep some energy drinks or fresh juices in the bottles that will keep you hydrated and refreshed. Take along some reusable water bottles that can also be filled with an electrolyte drink.

    Its better to take care of yourself during the pregnancy period and even after that. So, do not show any reluctance while taking care of yourself.

    Moms Health is Childs health!

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    Oh Baby: The Complete Diaper Bag Packing List

    Before having a baby, I never really understood what the need was for a dedicated diaper bag. I would see mothers hauling around their oversized backpacks and totes, and wonder what exactly was inside them that couldnt be thrown in a purse. But once I became a mama myself, I quickly realized that having a special bag for baby truly is a must in most cases. Theres no way around it babies do need a lot of stuff. Plus, some of that stuff gets messy, and you dont want soiled clothes or spilled snacks rolling around your designer handbag. It will make your life so much easier and give you peace of mind to know that you have all of babys stuff in one place, ready to go at a moments notice. But its also not completely necessary to lug around a giant diaper bag all the time. So thats why Im sharing two diaper bag packing lists todayone for the mother who likes to be fully prepared for whatever a long day will throw at her, and one for the minimalist mama who likes to pack light. Take a peek below, and then bookmark this post as a checklist for whenever you are restocking your own baby bag.

    Fully Equipped

    Fawn Design Blush Bag | Doddle & Co is The Pop Pacifier | Honest Company Diapers | Copper Pearl 5-in-1 cover

    Minimalist Mama

    Fawn Design Mini Diaper Bag in Brown | Solly Baby Wrap in Honey Dot | Briar Bonnet in Brimmed Natural Stripe | Aden and Anais Serengeti Swaddle | Gathre Baby Changing Mat in Tannin Micro

    What you can ditch:

    Did you find this list helpful?

    xo Ilana

    Baby Diaper Bag Essentials For A Newborn

    Vemingo Diaper Bag Maternity Nappy Bag Backpack Multi ...

    I remember taking my baby out of the house for the first time since leaving the hospital. It was for one of those early doctors visits and I would be going by myself since my husband had returned to work. Panic set in as I wondered if I had all the things I could possibly need to take this tiny human outside.

    The night before the appointment, I told my husband I was nervous about taking the baby out. He helped me pack the diaper bag and assured me that everything would be fine. It was indeed fine, we both survived the outing and I felt well prepared.

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    As a first time mom, I felt it helpful to have someone help me with getting the things I needed ready to take the baby out. I want to return the favor, so lets get into the complete list of what to pack in a diaper bag.

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    Baby Entertainment & Comfort

    Not every baby takes to the pacifier But for those who do, all heck will break loose if they dont have it. And inevitably, you will lose the soother at some point during your travels. So its always a good idea to keep a spare. The WubbaNub Elephant Pacifier is pretty tough to lose, with a cute and furry animal friend attached to the other end. Baby can suckle on the latex-free silicone tip to soothe herself while she explores her new animal friend.

    A teether is critical for any baby who has already started teething, or could start at any minute. The Dr. Browns Natural Flow Ridgees Giraffe Teether doubles as a cute toy while also providing relief from the painful process of teeth cutting through the gums. It employs a textured surface, with firm edges that help massage the gums. And its both freezer and dishwasher safe.

    Kill two birds with one stone with something like the Green Sprouts Teether Keys, which doubles as a jingly toy when the baby doesnt need oral relief. It comes in bright colours and fun shapes with a built-in rattle to keep baby entertained for hours. And its safe for baby to nibble on, thanks to the BPA- and PVC-free material.

    When my son was a baby, I grabbed one of the Safety 1st 7-Piece Complete Health Care Kits to keep at home. But its worth storing some of the items in the diaper bag for emergency on-the-go use as well, like the nasal aspirator in the event of the sudden onset of a cold, and the travel-sized thermometer.

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