Are Sleep Sacks Safe For Newborns

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Medical Mondays: Are sleep sacks a safe choice for your baby?

These 100% cotton gowns are like a sleep sack and pajama all in one. Designed to make diaper changes and getting dressed a breeze, there are no zippers, buttons, or clasps.

An elasticized bottom allows for easy access and lets babies kick and move as they please.

This could be a great option for warmer climates or those hot summer nights. If youre worried that your little one may be too cool, this would also be a good option to use under a warmer sleep sack. In this case, diaper changes would be even easier since youd unzip the sack and not have to worry about all those buttons in the middle of the night.

The best part is this multipack means you can spend less time worrying about laundry and more time soaking in those precious baby cuddles .

At What Age Should You Stop Swaddling

Not every parenting question has a simple and straightforward answer. But the question of when to stop swaddling has a pretty simple answer.

As soon as you notice your little one becoming more active and attempting to roll over, you should stop swaddling them. This can happen as early as 2 months and so this is the safest time to stop swaddling your baby.

Although just because your baby is attempting to roll over, the actual event may not happen for a few months yet. But once they start attempting it, it is safer to ditch the swaddle straight away.

Once your baby starts to become more mobile being confined could potentially prevent them from practicing age-appropriate motor skills. This can impact their development.

You may be thinking that you should stop swaddling as early as 1 month old due.

But to be honest, as long as your baby is not showing any signs of rolling over then there is no need to stop swaddling them at this age especially if this helps your baby to feel safe and sleep well.

But if you do want to stop sooner, because you are finding the whole swaddling thing a bit of a faff, then you certainly can. Before you give up on swaddling altogether, you could consider trying a velcro swaddle wrap.

Why Keep Arms Free

Sleep sacks which cover the arms tend to have a lot of excess fabric, and this fabric can encumber a childs ability to move freely. Most babies tend to practice rolling in their crib. Which means you, the parent, could be asleep/not monitoring baby. If they become trapped on their stomach because the excess fabric on their arms prevents them maneuvering their body freely, the situation could produce dire consequences.

As your child grows into an older infant and toddler, you may feel that they have gained the dexterity to move themselves around freely. Check with your pediatrician to confirm that your child sleeping in a sleep sack that is not sleeveless is safe.

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How Do I Choose A Sleep Sack For Hot Or Cold Weather

Picking the right sleep sack for the temperature is part of the AAP’s safe sleep recommendations. Bard told me that choosing a natural, breathable material like cotton or bamboo “prevents overheating and absorbs any sweat which can lead to heat rash .”

You can figure out the right one for your baby using our reviews and the TOG system. The Thermal Overall Grade or “TOG” is a unit of measurement that calculates how much heat a material holds. Most sleep sack brands come in varying levels of TOG for you to choose from according to the season, your home’s temperature, and your baby’s preferences. The higher the TOG, the warmer the sleep sack and vice versa. The lightest sleep sack we considered was 0.2 TOG and the heaviest was 2.6 TOG, though the scale technically goes up to 13.5 in the fabric manufacturing industry.

Temperature Control For Newborn Sleep Sacks Or Swaddling


Overheating is a risk factor in SIDS. Besides, your newborn wont sleep well if too hot or cold. So check baby is a comfortable temperature, as per the guidelines earlier.

The main way of ensuring baby is a comfortable temperature is to layer baby correctly under the swaddle or sleep sack.

For the recommended ambient room temperature of 16-20 degrees Celcius or 61-68 degrees Fahrenheit, your newborn will probably be the correct temperature in the following:

Bodysuit/onesie + pyjamas/sleepsuit/one-piece + swaddle blanket or swaddle sleep sack

For appropriate clothing combinations for other temperatures, check out the Layering baby up section in this post: What should a newborn baby wear to sleep in .

In addition, use a sleep sack with a suitable tog-rating.

To vary the thickness of a swaddle blanket you can switch between muslin, the loose weave which is cooler, and jersey knit which is a closer, warmer knit, as well as double swaddle baby if necessary. For more detail check the Newborn sleepwear post.

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Best Sleep Sack With Legs

If youve got a kid who is on the move but not quite old enough to sleep with a blanket, the baby deedee sleep sack is just the solution. The fleece sleep sack has legs so your walker can keep warm while theyre on the move. The baby deedee comes in multiple sizes and is suitable for 18 months to 4T.

Buy it: baby deedee Sleeping Sack with Legs, $40,

Best Sleep Sack With Sleeves

You might recognize the Zipadee Zip from Shark Tank, but this baby sleep sack is a definite winner in the best with sleeves category. The starfish design of the Zipadee Zip encloses both babys hands and feet, which provides a comforting, enclosed feeling similar to the swaddle while also allowing for full range of motion.

Buy it: Zipadee Zip, $39,

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Not Recommended For Sleep

Using baby slings and carriers is popular, and babies often fall asleep while being carried in them. If you use one, be sure to use it safely. Babies, especially who are less than 4 months old, or who were born prematurely or with a medical condition, have poor neck control and are at a higher risk of suffocation.

Keep your baby visible at all times. Make sure your baby is in an upright position. You should be able to see your babys face make sure it is not pressed into your body, your clothes or the carrier. Check your baby often and watch for overheating. For more information, visit .

Overheating increases your babys risk of SIDS

Swaddling is sometimes used to calm babies, but can also be a risk. Babies can get tangled or covered in the blanket if it comes loose, or can roll onto their tummy while still swaddled. These are risks for suffocation. If you swaddle your baby, be sure to do it safely:

  • Use a lightweight blanket. Make sure it stays well away from the babys nose and mouth.
  • Wrap your baby so they can still move their hips and legs.
  • Leave your babys hands free so they can show you when they are hungry.
  • It is very important to stop swaddling before your baby can roll. Swaddling is not safe for babies when they are on their tummies.

How Do I Get My Baby To Sleep Without Being Swaddled

Sleep Sacks | What My Baby Really Needs

Many parents worry that their baby will be unable to sleep without being swaddled and even if they have some issues at the beginning they will eventually get used to it.

You still have plenty of other ways to help your little one get to sleep. Babies thrive on routine and a good bedtime routine will help enormously.

A bath, feeding, rocking, and a story is a good example of a bedtime routine. These will help your baby to unwind, relax and hopefully fall asleep.

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Best Toddler Sleep Sack

Castlewares Toddler Sleep Bag comes in sizes ranging from 12 months to 3T. The cute toddler sleep sack has foot openings to allow freedom of movement, and the organic cotton is a super-soft ribbed knit. Its available in a selection of bright and cheerful colors, its machine washable, and its durable enough to withstand a busy toddler.

Buy it: Castleware Sleeveless Rib Knit Toddler Sleeper Bag, starting at $46,

Any Drawbacks Of The Hybrid Swaddle Sleepsack

There are two main issues:

#1 The varying effectiveness of different swaddle sleepsacks for different babies

Whereas with a swaddle blanket you can try multiple different swaddle techniques to see which one works best for your newborn, theres only one way to use a specific swaddle sleepsack. If it doesnt fit your baby well or isnt effective in soothing, calming or fail to control the Moro Reflex, youre back to the drawing board

#2 Theyre often sized, so you may need a 2 or 3 just to get baby through the newborn phase

Again, this is contrast to a swaddle blanket which can last your baby all the way through the newborn phase and beyond or whenever swaddling is no longer safe

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Products Not Recommended For Safe Sleep

  • Bed-side sleepers
  • Baby nests or pods
  • Inclined sleepers, baby hammocks, crib wedges/positioners
  • Playpens
  • If you use a playpen for your baby to sleep in while travelling, be sure to position it away from blind/curtain cords and electrical cords, which babies can strangle on.
  • Never add an extra mattress or padding.
  • Keep it free of soft items, bedding and toys when your baby sleeps.
  • High chairs, baby swings, bouncers, strollers, and car seats
  • Sleeping in a sitting position can cause your babys head to fall forward, which can make it hard to breathe.
  • If your baby falls asleep in a car seat or stroller, move them to a crib, cradle or bassinet when you arrive at your destination.
  • Baby Deedee Ideal Features

    Safe Sleeping for Babies
    • Cotton cover, polyester batting inner
    • Machine washable

    When shopping for a sleeper for your child, you might need something with convenient and ideal features. Finding one that has a variety of details can help to ensure a good fit for your child.

    The Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest boasts a fair amount of ideal features you may find enticing.

    Coming with this product is an easy breathable fabric made from 100% cotton and quilted duvet material, adding another warm layer to keep the cold off. This can be ideal for temperatures 64-74 degrees Fahrenheit but should fare well in many conditions.

    The features included in this are shoulder straps and a reverse zipper, which should add much-needed convenience when setting it up. Two layers of polyester and cotton make up the filling. Be sure to only machine wash this on cold with similar colors and turn it inside out.

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    Best For Summer: Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Lite Sleeping Bag Sack

    • Not designed for cold nights

    For hot summer nights, this is the best sleep sack for your child. Its made from lightweight 100 percent cotton so that it gives your baby the comfort of a blanket, while still being breathable to avoid overheating.

    It has snap shoulders as well as a reverse zipper for easy diaper changes and is available in three different sizes ranging from newborn to three years old. This sleep sack is machine washable and available in several color opinions.

    Material: Cotton | Age Range: Newborn to 3 years old | Machine Washable: Yes

    Injuries And Incidents Without Injury Associated With Wearable Blankets

    There were 2 reported injuries associated with wearable blankets one infant was 9 months old and the other 15 months old. Both injuries occurred when the zipper snagged on a tooth, resulting in accidental tooth extraction. In addition, there were 2 reports about a potential choking hazard when part of the zipper became detached from the wearable blanket. These infants were 6 months and 7 months of age both were female. Of note, one manufacturer subsequently changed the zipper design for its wearable blanket, so that the zipper pull is now a solid tab that will not snag primary teeth.

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    Is It Safe For Baby To Sleep On Tummy In A Sleep Sack

    The general recommendation is that babies should continue sleeping on their backs until they are able to roll over on their own. Even after this point, it is advised that parents continue to put their infant to sleep on their back and then if they roll over during the night on their own, this is fine. Allowing your child to sleep on their back as long as possible can help reduce the risk of SIDS .

    Best Organic: Burt’s Bees Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

    The 11 Best Baby Sleep Sacks for Safe Sleeping and Blanket Free
    • Not recommended for cold nights

    Made from 100 percent organic cotton, this sleep sack is available in three sizes and various colors. It fits over the babys shoulders and has an inverted zipper down the front to keep the blanket in place while also allowing for easy diaper changes at night. This sleepsack is super soft, should not irritate the skin, and is machine washable.

    Material: Organic cotton | Age Range: Not Listed | Machine Washable: Yes

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    Mama Cheetah Great Quality

    • 16 Color and Pattern Choices
    • Four sizes

    Mama Cheetahs Baby Wearable Blanket offers a quality product at a price that will make mom and dad happy too. This sleep sack for babies comes in four sizes. Plus, the competitive price point should have you returning to this brand as your baby grows.

    Parents can choose from an abundance of adorable colors and patterns. From pink roses to grey animals and more, there are up to 16 choices for your convenience. Additionally, you have the option to purchase one sleep sack or a two-pack with several different designs.

    Why we chose it

    • Your babys health and safety are important, and parents should rest easy knowing this sleep slack is made with 100 percent organic cotton, a breathable material that should help prevent your baby from becoming too hot.
    • Additionally, this products two-way zipper, which opens from both the top and the bottom, should make those late-night diaper changes a breeze.

    When Should Babies Stop Wearing These

    The practice of swaddling should end as soon as a baby can roll over on her own. This age is different for everyone, but it typically starts around four to six months old. Some babies love to be swaddled, and you can continue to use them when your infant is 8 to 10 months old, but never leave them unsupervised or allow them to sleep in them at this age.

    The sacks can be worn longer, and some parents even use them on their toddlers. As long as their feet and torso arent too warm, you can use the sacks for as long as your baby loves to wear it.

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