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BY Anna Porretta Updated on December 16, 2021

When you are expecting a child, there are many things that might be on your mind during your pregnancy. One of those concerns could be healthcare coverage for your baby. Fortunately, this is one concern you may put to rest.

If you have your own healthcare plan, you andyour child will have coverage immediately following birth. If you or yourspouse have health insurance through an employer, you will be able to changeyour plan right away, since having a child is a qualifying life event thattriggers a special enrollment period. That special enrollment period alsoallows you to enroll in a plan to get the coverage you and your baby need.

If you are looking to find a family health insurance plan or need help figuring out which type of health plan is right for you, eHealth is here for you. Compare affordable plans in your area with out comparison tool or speak to a licensed agent online or over the phone today.

Covered California Quotes For Individuals And Families

The Covered California Health Exchange is a government agency that helps Californians comply with Obamacare. To comply with Obamacare, you need to have insurance coverage from a qualified health plan that meets the governments requirements. While you usually can only enroll during the open enrollment period, the birth of a child gives you the ability to apply for Covered California health insurance outside of the open enrollment period.

Parents who are expecting a newborn may want to consider shopping for a new insurance plan for the following reasons:

  • The cost of adding your newborn to your pre-existing plan is high.
  • You and your partner do not currently have insurance.
  • You and your partner would like to get on an insurance plan together when the child is born.

Fill out a simple online form with some basic information, including your income, and youll see a variety of plans in your search results. The details you will be able to compare include:

  • Carrier Name
  • Plan Category
  • Plan Type
  • Full Price of Plan
  • Subsidy Amount You Qualify For
  • Link to View Benefits

Your income level may qualify you for discounted rates all of which you can find on the Health for America website. There are additional parameters for pregnant women with low incomes, too. As a female who is expecting, you could qualify for Medi-Cal. Entering your household income information in the optional section of the forms will ensure all of the plans you are eligible for will appear in the results.

Are Newborn Babies Eligible For Medicare

In an emergency situation, the cost of the medical care your baby receives will most likely be covered by Medicare. If there’s an urgent issue, they’ll be able to get treatment as a public patient at a public hospital under Medicare.

Of course, every parent wants to be able to give their children the best possible care no matter how old they are, but were especially eager to make sure that our babies can always receive the health care they need. Your little bundle of joy is the most important member of your family and has a wide range of specialist medical needs, so how can you make sure all those needs are looked after?

However, Medicare doesnt provide comprehensive coverage for all the medical expenses newborn will incur, so taking out private health insurance can also be a worthwhile option.

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Things To Know About Dental Care In Children

  • Your pediatrician should counsel about dental health. A pediatrician should address the basic oral hygiene issues of a child. Sometimes, primary care physicians treat childrens teeth with a protective fluoride varnish at around 9 months. They can also guide you regarding referral to a good dentist.
  • Basic oral assessment cant substitute dental exams. Family doctors do provide a basic oral assessment but their abilities are limited. A dentist can identify early signs of tooth decay and control the problems from progressing.
  • Early dental visits can prevent problems. Discoloration and tooth decay risks begin as the first tooth sprouts. A dentist can keep a close watch on a childs dental disease and suggest the proper course of action accordingly.
  • Exposure to dentists builds comfort. It is necessary to have exposure to a dentist as a regular healthcare professional as it allows for a good discussion about oral habits.
  • Home dental care is just as important. Brushing habits should start as soon as the first tooth appears. A child should not have a sugar-rich diet or drink from a bottle while sleeping as it allows cavities to thrive.
  • Get a childs dental insurance ASAP. Parents should enroll their children in a dental plan before they turn one.

How Do I Find The Right Dental Insurance For My Child

Do Babies Need Dental Insurance?

It can be difficult to know how to choose the right dental insurance for your kid when sorting through copays, deductibles, and premiums. But HealthMarkets makes it easy.

We can help you select a kids dental plan on or off the healthcare exchange in your state with our online comparison tool. We have access to plans from a variety of insurance companies to make sure we can find the right fit. We can even help with dental discount plans, if you prefer to self-pay for services.


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How Does Dental Insurance Work

Dental insurance can pay for things like annual cleanings, minor oral health fixes, or big-dollar dental claims for crowns and bridges. In general, dental coverage is broken out by preventive, basic and major services:

  • Preventive dental care includes diagnostic and preventive services like regular oral exams, teeth cleaning, and x-rays. It may also include fluoride treatments and sealants . In many cases, dental plans include 100% of the cost of preventive care.
  • Basic dental care includes office visits, extractions, fillings, periodontal treatment , and root canals. Your insurance company might pay anywhere from 60 to 80% of the cost for these services, with you covering the rest of the cost. But if you’re paying a lower percentage of the costs, you may have a high-dollar copay.
  • Major dental care covers crowns, bridges, dentures, and inlays. Inlays are something between a filling and a crown: Your tooth might have extensive decay and need a more substantial filling, but it may not be in bad enough shape to require a crown. Meanwhile, crowns completely cover the tooth. Some dental insurance plans include root canals under “major” dental care, while others categorize them as “basic.” The cost of major dental care is higher, and most insurance plans cover about 50% of the fee.

There are two main types of dentail insurance plans:

Can You Buy Health Insurance Just For Your Newborn

Child-only health plans may make sense in certain situations. You may have employer-sponsored insurance with no option to include children, or you may qualify for Medicare, which doesnt offer dependent coverage.

If you need a child-only plan and dont qualify for Medicaid or CHIP, visit the federal or state Marketplace. Depending on your income, you may qualify for subsidies.

You may be able to buy a child-only plan directly from an insurance company, though it will likely cost more if its available.

In your search for options, beware of short-term and catastrophic plans, which may not include coverage for maternity care or for newborns.

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Humana Offers Family Dental Plans

If youre a current Humana dental plan member, you may be able to add a dependent to your plan at any time. If youre looking for a family dental plan, Humana offers a broad range of plans with varying levels of coverage, many with affordable monthly premiums. To see plans and prices in your area, check out our Humana .

Explore Dental

Dental Benefits For Kids

Do You Need Dental Insurance?

Under the Affordable Care Act, dental health coverage for kids up through age 19 is an essential health benefit. If you buy a policy from your state’s health insurance , dental coverage for your kids must be included or at least available.

You can get dental coverage for your kids in two different ways.

  • You might get it through your general health plan.
  • Or, in some cases, you might have to buy a separate stand-alone dental plan.

What will your child’s dental plan cover? That varies from state to state. But many plans will cover things like:

  • A dental exam every 6 months
  • Cleanings, fluoride treatments, and X-rays
  • A portion of expenses for braces

The benefits in your state and specific plan may be different. Also, your plan may require you to visit an in-network dentist to get these benefits. Make sure you understand what dental care is covered — and what isn’t — before you buy a plan.

If you qualify, your child may also get dental coverage through programs like Medicaid and CHIP. The kinds of care also vary by state, but in general, they must include services to:

  • Keep your child’s teeth healthy
  • Relieve pain or infection

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How Common Is Embedded Pediatric Dental

The American Dental Association conducted an analysis of embedded dental coverage in health insurance plans sold through the exchanges in 2015. They studied 40 states, although only three of them had their own exchanges. The study found that in 27 of the states, dental benefits were embedded in less than half of the available health plans and in three states, dental benefits werent embedded in any of the plans.

Of the plans that did include embedded dental coverage, the vast majority only included pediatric dental, not coverage for adults. Virtually everyone who wants adult dental insurance must purchase it as additional coverage.

But a more recent ADA analysis of health plans available via found that from 2014 through 2016, the number of plans with embedded pediatric dental benefits grew by nearly 50 percent, from 659 plans in 2014 to 986 plans in 2016.

Oral Health And Pregnancy

Your hormones change during pregnancy. This can affect your oral health and your risk of gum disease and infection of the bone holding the teeth in place . Periodontitis has also been associated with poor pregnancy outcomes such as having a pre-term delivery or a low birth-weight baby. However, how periodontitis may lead to these poor outcomes is not yet fully understood.

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What Is Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is not typically part of medical insurance coverage. Instead, its usually an optional plan that can be purchased separately, and it doesnt always work exactly the way medical coverage does.

Dental insurance is a policy that helps cover the cost of services administered in a dental office for a monthly premium similar to how you pay for medical insurance. But its not insurance in the traditional sense, explains Alex Karrenbrock, a sales associate at Apollo Insurance Group in Lees Summit, Missouri. Its a discount plan with a limited benefit. Meaning, if you go to a dentist that is in network, theyre contractually obligated to give you the discounted insurance fee and not the office fee, which is typically 20% to40% higher, she says. Your dental insurance coverage helps to pay part or all of the feehow much is paid depends on your specific plan and the benefits offered.

Even though dental insurance doesnt always cover your entire bill, many people find it helpful when it comes to saving on preventative care and dental procedures that may be needed. Dental work can get very expensive very quickly, and insurance can often help alleviate that financial burden.

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How Do You Add A New Baby To Your Insurance

Its easy to add your newborn to your existing private health insurance policy – just call your health fund and speak to them about your change in circumstances. However, you may need to change to a family policy, so it’s a good idea to compare products from multiple health funds to get the best deal. You generally won’t lose your waiting periods when you transfer to an equivalent policy, so there’s very little risk in switching.

Once you add your child to your private health insurance policy, they will be covered until at least 18 years of age, or up to the age of 25 if they remain dependent on you. This means that all those childhood injuries and illnesses, x-rays on broken bones, dental check-ups and fillings will be covered by your private health fund. Private health insurance allows you to give your child the treatment they need, in the hospital you choose, and from the doctor or specialist you select. It can also help you avoid public hospital waiting lists, and ensure that you dont have any out-of-pocket expenses for things like your childs visit to the dentist.

Coverage Conforms To Aca Regulations

Pediatric dental coverage has to conform to some ACA regulations, including a ban on lifetime and annual benefit limits. This is a big change from pre-2014 individual dental plans, which typically had low annual limits. But not all services are covered on the new plans for example, orthodontia is generally not covered unless its medically necessary, which is different from cosmetically necessary.

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Baby Teeth Can Get Cavities Too

You might think that cavities are only something to be worried about with older children or teenagers. But according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 21% of children aged two to five had untreated cavities¹. Whats more, according to a CDC 2018 study dental caries are the most common chronic disease among youth aged 6 to 19 years². These cavities can be caused by natural sugars in fruit juice and even milk, and of course sugary snack foods and sweets.

Early Childhood Caries can erode the baby teeth of even the youngest child. While baby teeth do eventually fall out, untreated ECC can lead to infections that spread to other parts of the body. Neighboring teeth can shift into the empty space, causing adult teeth to crowd as they come in. Cavities can also be painful and uncomfortable for babies and toddlers³.

The American Dental Association views ECCalso called baby bottle tooth decayas a significant public health issue in select populations. To help prevent ECC, the ADA urges parents to bring their children to a dentist within six months of the first tooth emerging. The ADA also recommends that nursing mothers take more initiative with their own dental care to decrease the risk of a child developing ECC.

Tooth decay in babies is not just caused by eating unhealthy snack foods. Unrestricted nocturnal breastfeeding, excessive use of a sippy cup and failure to periodically check a babys teeth are some innocuous mistakes that can lead to ECC.

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