Which Baby Bottles Are The Best For Newborns

Best Glass Baby Bottle: Evenflo Feeding Balance+ Wide Neck Glass Bottles


As you hunt around for the best baby bottles, you may shy away from glass because they’re heavier and breakable. But don’t count glass baby bottles out just yet! They have some important benefits going for them: They’re easier to clean, can have better longevity and, while plastic bottles are required to be BPA-free, glass ones are truly free of chemicals. When it comes to the best glass baby bottle, Evenflo stands out for it’s easy breast-to-bottle transition. You can pump directly into the sturdy glass bottles, and they come with a slow-flow nipple for an easier feed for baby. It also has an integrated one-piece vent to prevent colic, gas and fussiness.

Buy it: Evenflo Feeding Balance+ Wide Neck Glass Bottles, $25, for three 6-ounce bottles, EvenfloFeeding.com

Nuby Easy Latch Bottle

Good for breastfed babies: Nuby claims these bottles have a breast like teat to mimic mums breast. The soft teat is designed to feel and look like a nipple.

Anti colic: They claim that these bottles have three advanced anti colic valves to prevent ingestion of air.

The claim: The bottle promotes easy latch on and flexes and stretches like a breast.

The evidence: We contacted Nuby for the evidence surrounding this claim but unfortunately we did not hear back from them.

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Baby Bottles 2

Loved by mums and babies, the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature® baby bottle features an easy latch-on, breast-like teat, which feels closer to skin and mimics the natural flex and movement of a mums breast for a comfortable feed. 95% of mums reported that their baby accepted the soft silicone teat with skin-like feel and would recommend to others.

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Specifications Of Baby Bottle:

There are many good things to like about the baby bottle which we have listed down as the features for your ease.

Flexible Silicon Body: Both the nipple as well as the body of the bottle is made out of silicon for easy holding and natural feel.

Collapsing Factor: When the baby eats, there are times when the feed can be interrupted because of a gap. However, this bottle can collapse while not allowing the feed to interrupt.

Easy Cleaning: The bottle has an extra wide neck making it easy for it to be cleaned.

Dual Anti-Colic Vents: When the baby is feeding, the pressure that is build up is not released in the babys tummy. Rather it goes back in the bottle slowly and gently.

Colors: You can choose from two different colors Pink and Green.

Price: The baby bottle costs only $35. You get two in this price

Pros And Cons Of The Bottle:

We have listed down all the things parents find good in the bottle and those they dont like much. Just give it a look

  • Volume Markers not visible enough.
  • Hard to handle because of flexible body.

Our Final Words

The bottle and nipple both are made out of soft, flexible silicon which makes it easy to handle for parents. Natural breasts collapse, and so does this bottle. This is why many others feel its a great choice for them. It has some good features that overshadow the not so good things. Many parents find this to be the Best Baby Bottles For Newborns because of the natural factor.

Born Free Classic Bottle

5 Best Bottles for Newborns 2020

Good for breastfed babies: The bottles are described as having a natural milk flow, which can be controlled by the baby. They claim this creates an experience close to breastfeeding.

Anti colic: The bottles have Active Flow Venting Technology. Born Free claims that their bottles improved colic symptoms more than anti-colic bottles from other brands.

The claim: Born Free claim their bottles showed more improvement in colic symptoms than other anti-colic bottles.

The evidence: A research project was carried out with 30 babies with colic type symptoms in 2010. 20 babies were given the Born Free bottles and 10 babies continued with their usual bottles. 85% of the 20 babies showed improvement with their colic symptoms.

What we should also note from this research:

  • 85% is equivalent to 17 babies. This was a very small research study, not big enough to be conclusive evidence.

  • The 5 colic symptoms they looked at included crying, folding legs up to stomach, frowning and discomfort, face turning red and pain spasms.

  • 80% of symptoms had improved by 7 days and 85% by 14 days.

  • Whether the symptoms had improved was decided by questionnaires completed by the parents.

  • Parents’ opinions could have been influenced by knowing they were using a special colic bottle.

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Why You Should Trust Us

To research this guide, I corresponded by email and spoke by phone with Amy Peterson, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who co-authored Balancing Breast & Bottle, a book with research and guidance on breastfeeding and bottle feeding. I also spoke to Susan Burger, PhD, also an IBCLC, who has advised many parents on choosing and using bottles for their babies as part of her lactation-consulting practice in New York. Peterson and Burger gave us general guidance on bottles they dont endorse any specific brand.

To learn about nutrition and other concerns surrounding bottles and bottle feeding, I talked to Dr. Anthony Porto, a pediatric gastroenterologist and professor at Yale School of Medicine, and co-author of The Pediatricians Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers and Dr. Charles Wood, a professor of pediatrics at Duke University School of Medicine who has studied the connection between bottle size and weight gain among formula-fed infants.

I read articles in medical journals about the design of bottles, how babies feed from them, and nipple flow rates. I also read comparative reviews of bottles on sites like BabyGearLab and BabyCenter, and dozens of discussions related to choosing and using bottles on Facebook groups for breastfeeding and formula-feeding mothers, including Exclusively Pumping Mamas, Formula Feeding Mommies, and Breastfeeding Mamas.

Best Baby Bottle Starter Kit: Hegen Pcto Feeding Bottle

We’ve just had our second child and, this time, we’ve gone for the Hegen bottles. They’re fab! They work as bottles, storage pots, food pots for weaning and water bottles for older children. Well worth the money. – Mumsnet user

Its at the expensive end of the bottle market, but this high-quality, long-lasting model feels genuinely innovative and its better value when you buy more than one.

Four-year-old baby brand Hegen has already made a splash in the baby equipment market since their 2015 launch. Their flagship bottle, the Hegen PCTO is more expensive than those from more established brands, but heres the thing its also really good.

Made from extra-tough PPSU plastics , the bottle is an unusual soft square shape. Its supposed to be easier for a baby to grip, but it also stacks neatly, one within another, when its empty and takes up less room than round containers when its full and stacked with others.

As the name implies, the collar presses on with a click and is removed by twisting, which in practice is quicker and easier than the more common baby bottle twisting mechanism. The teat has to align in a particular way with the collar, which caught our tester out a few times initially, but otherwise assembly and storage couldnt be easier.

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Dr Browns Glass Bottles

The standout feature of these bottles is a revolutionary anti-colic vent system, and theyve been redesigned with a more natural nipple for ease of latching and transferring from the breast to the bottle.

Dr. Browns nipples unique contoured form facilitates a more effective latch, and the flow rate is excellent for simulating natural breastfeeding flow.

With many newborns suffering from gas and colic, Dr. Browns bottle has developed a following thanks to the efficiency of its innovative anti-colic venting mechanism, which may be utilized or removed as needed.

The glass version of these bottles is a safe and BPA-free alternative to the popular plastic version, and the glass bottles form is curved and comfortable to grasp. They are suitable for infants from birth to one year of age.

Is There Such A Thing As A Natural Baby Bottle

Best Baby Bottle 2020 â (TOP 7 BOTTLES) ð¶ð¼ð©â?ð?¼

Natural baby bottles claim to be as close as possible to breastfeeding. The word natural is used to mean the bottle is designed to mimic the breast as closely as possible, this could be in terms of shape, width, nipple shape or flow speed.

Breast feeding is natural and this has led to brands making these claims about their breast like bottles. However some people may disagree that bottles can truly mimic the real thing.

Using the word natural for some bottles is slightly uncomfortable in that it suggests other bottles can be labelled as unnatural.

Designing a bottle to mimic the breast could be useful for some babies, especially those who switch between breast and bottle. However the word natural is clever in its marketing as it may influence parents to choose something they deem to be the natural alternative.

With the most important thing being that you feed your baby , parents should make sure they choose the right bottle for themselves and their baby, regardless of how it is marketed.

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How Many Bottles And Teats Do I Need

This will depend on how frequently youre planning to use bottles to feed your baby. If youre planning to exclusively express your breastmilk or use formula, as well as sterilising equipment, you might want around four or six bottles and teats to get you started. This is because newborns tend to feed eight to 12 times over 24 hours so youll need enough to cover the feeds.

If you plan to use bottles occasionally, or once a day, then it might make sense to buy just one bottle and teat.

If youre planning to breastfeed, dont worry too much about buying bottles just in case. Over 90% of maternity units in the UK are now Baby Friendly Accredited, which means your midwife should be able to support you if you do have any difficulties with breastfeeding straight after birth . Theyll help you with hand-expressing your colostrum and feeding it to your baby using a spoon, syringe or feeding cup . Find out whether your maternity unit is accredited here.

Popyum Bottle Best Bottle For Formula

The PopYum bottle impresses with its unique design, having separate compartments for the formula and water. It is one of the best bottles for babies fed with formula, allowing parents to quickly prepare a fresh bottle. They work wonderful for making bottles on the go.

PopYum bottle keeps the formula in separate container above the water. All you have to do is press a button on the side and the powder releases into the water. Mix it well and feed your baby.

All can be done with one hand while holding the baby in other arm.

Importantly, there is also a funnel that protects from contamination.

PopYum stands out as a bottle for formula, because it allows you to prepare the bottle when you actually need it. Before that water and formula are separated.

Its very convenient when youre traveling or out and about with your baby. Standard bottles are less convenient for formula-feeding on-the-go.

I also like the wide nipple which allowed for a natural latch, and the anti-colic vent, to protect against air ingestion.

As it contains only five parts, the bottle from PopYum is easy to assemble and clean. This can be a timesaving feature.


May flow too fast, especially for a newborn

The preparation process takes some time to get used to

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Also Great: Philips Avent Natural And Anti

*At the time of publishing, the price was $23.

Though we think our main pick is a better starting point for most people, the Philips Avent Natural and Philips Avent Anti-colic are good choices if you want more size and nipple options, are interested in glass bottles, or have already discovered that the Lansinoh mOmma is not a good fit for your baby. Similar to our main pick, the Philips Avent bottles are among the simplest bottles in our test group, and they didnt leak in our tests. But the Naturals wide, more steeply sloped nipple may not be as easy for some babies, especially younger ones, to latch on to as the gradual sloping nipple on our pick. The Anti-colic bottle has a narrower nipple but still a fairly abrupt angle from the tip to the base. That said, our experts agreed that these nipple shapes could work just fine, depending on the baby.

Both the Natural and Anti-colic bottles are among the most popular and highly rated models, and are as affordable as our main pick. The Natural and Anti-colic nipples and collars work on both types of bottle, so if you buy one or more of each, youll be able to mix and match bottles and nipples in any combination that ends up working best for your baby. The Philips Avent bottles can also attach directly to our breast pump pick.

Make The Transition Easy With These Top

The Best Baby Bottles of 2019  ReviewThis

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Making the transition from breast to bottle can be tricky for some babies so you’ll want to make the move as smooth as possible. For most, purchasing a few single bottles makes the most sense until you find the one that works best for your baby and needs. Through trial and error, you and baby may have a preference for plastic or glass, or a slow-flow or wide-neck nipple.

To simplify your routine even further, you may choose to opt for a bottle that connects directly to breast pumps to reduce milk transferring. Finding a bottle that your little one likes, avoids nipple confusion, and doesn’t deter them from nursing can be a lifesaver.

Here are the best bottles for breastfed babies.

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Plastic Free Baby Bottles For Your Newborn

Are you tired of having too much plastic in your house and want to find the finest baby bottles that are made of safer materials? Weve compiled a list of the finest baby bottles made of glass, stainless steel, and silicone.

Being a new parent is really difficult.

Sure, getting to know your new poop bundle is a lot of fun. Its also difficult to balance your new humans constant demands with making decisions that will keep your child safe, healthy, and happy.

We aim to keep our family safe by limiting our exposure to hazardous plastics and other pollutants where it counts the most.

While we know we wont be able to completely eliminate plastic , we can make calculated decisions to eliminate harmful chemicals where we believe it matters the most, such as using an organic crib mattress and non-toxic crib in their bedroom and avoiding harmful chemicals during meal times.

If you want to feed your new baby with a bottle either by pumping breast milk or using formula we recommend that you attempt to limit your babys exposure to plastic as well. The safest baby bottles, in our opinion, are the finest baby bottles.

You may make your babys feeding regimen safer for their developing brain and body by choosing glass baby bottles, silicone baby bottles, or stainless steel baby bottles.

Weve compiled a list of the top 13 baby bottles for a more secure feeding experience. We hope this information is useful!

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