What To Get A Newborn Baby Girl

Pearhead Wooden Milestone Blocks

REBORN LABOR AND DELIVERY – a Baby is Born in Aliyahs Reborn Hospital
  • Easy to display and store

Create beautiful family photos while celebrating and marking milestones. The neutral gray blocks go with any decor and can track weeks, months, years, and grade levels, so theyll be useful for years to come. If the new parents plan to expand their family in the future, the blocks can be used in pregnancy pictures too.

Pearhead Babyprints Diy No Bake Handprint Or Footprint Holiday Ball Ornament


  • Paint is safe for babies

  • Could get messy

Homemade holiday gifts are easy with this DIY kit, which makes a babys handprint or footprint into a precious Christmas ornament. The kit consists of baby-safe white paint for making a handprint or footprint on the round red ornament, a gold marker for writing the name and date, and red satin ribbon for hanging it on the tree.

How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need In Each Size

Babies need a lot of stuff with clothing at the top of the list. To avoid overwhelming yourself , shop for baby in baby steps. Start by putting together a layette, or a set of clothing essentials, for the newborn days, which often consists of:

  • 1 to 2 swimsuits

While thats a good place to start, you can choose to buy more or less depending on your situation babies tend to need more layers in colder weather, for example, and how often you plan to do laundry should also factor into the equation.

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Newagewalls Custom Baby Portraits With Frame

Courtesy of Etsy

  • Available with or without frame

  • Receive a print and digital file

  • Available in different frame sizes

  • Long delivery time

Digitally drawn by hand, a custom portrait captures the unique characteristics and a moment in time in a new babys life. Simply upload a special photo, share any text, and the artist will create a digital proof and then final print for a thoughtful and unique gift. They can hang the photo in the nursery or around the house for everyone to enjoy.

Welcome Little One Board Book

Grab Walmart Baby &  Toddler Clothes Clearance Starting at $1. Get Baby ...

Best Book for Welcoming Baby

If you want to give something heartfelt, consider this board book. It comes with colorful illustrations and a rhyming poem that promises baby a lifetime of love and care.

Theres also a spot where you can fill in babys information. This includes their name and birth stats.

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Erinelizadesign Gender Neutral Rainbow Baby Outfit


This rainbow baby outfit is perfect to welcome the newest addition to the family thanks to its soft material and gender-neutral color. Choose from nine different outfit options and nearly 20 sizes, all from preemie to 12 months. Each piece in the rainbow baby gift set is hand-sewn and machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle.

Price at time of publication: Starts at $21

Lovevery Play Gym Activity Gym And Play Mat

Courtesy of The Tot

  • Promotes brain and motor skills

  • Mat is machine-washable

  • Easy to set up and store

Considered a must-have by many parents we know, this splurge-worthy play gym is made with five developmental zones and comes with a guide for age and stage appropriate activities. As the baby grows, parents can change the gyms features to promote brain and motor skills that are just right. The side flaps can fold up to transform the mat into a tent, while the four included detachable toys add some extra fun. The best part is that cleanup is easythe mat is made of a unique polyester material that will hold up when machine washed at home.

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Health And Safety Checklist

Itâs helpful to have a good supply of newborn health essentials, as at some point youâll need to take your babyâs temperature or put a bandage on a small scratch. These are some basic items to have at home:

â¡ First-aid kit. Stock this with basic items like a baby thermometer, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, and petroleum jelly, all in one place. You may wish to have another first-aid kit in the car or the diaper bag so you have some of these essentials when youâre on the go as well.

â¡ Bulb syringe. You can gently remove mucus from your babyâs nose with one of these handy syringes.

â¡ Nail clippers or a soft emery board. Your little oneâs nails will need trimming from time to time, which will also help prevent accidental scratching.

â¡ Soft-bristled hairbrush. Even if your little one doesnât have much hair, a brush can help loosen scales if your newborn ends up with cradle cap.

â¡ Sunscreen. Generally speaking, you should keep your little one out of direct sunlight for at least the first six months. However, you may apply a little sunscreen to any exposed areas, like the face and hands, if adequate clothing and/or shade isn’t available.

â¡ Babyproofing supplies. Although your newborn wonât be independently moving around for a while, babyproofing tools and supplies are an eventual must-have on your newborn checklist. It may even help to tackle some babyproofing chores ahead of time.

The Best Gifts For Newborns

Real Reborn Baby Unboxing Madison Gets a LIFELIKE Reborn BABY Doll

Looking for the best newborn gifts? Crate & Barrel’s has your family covered for the occasion. Whether shopping for a baby shower or celebrating the start of their first full circle around the sun, be sure to check out our new baby gifts. Animal-shaped rattles, for instance, introduce infants to simple stimuli, while silicone teethers help soothe newborns when they’re a bit older. Other newborn gifts, like stuffed animals and mobiles help make the nursery their own. For new babies who are celebrating something special, like Easter, or Halloween, consider gifts for newborns that make it an extra-special day. On-theme baby activity mats make for practical yet fun new born gifts, while a baby sensory toy that’s given as a newborn present helps encourage mental stimulation. Still not sure what to give as a gift for new babies? Go with something that’s unique to them. Think , like hooded towels that can be embroidered with your little one’s name or initials.

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Pureborn Baby Rompers Bodysuits Onesies Jumpers Sweaters And More

Pureborn makes some of the most adorable baby girl clothing we’ve ever seen. Combining simple and subtle modern designs with high quality and soft fabrics, these make an awesome and unique gift for any baby girl! Natural cottons and unique designs make for stylish, soft and comfortable baby clothes. Not to mention the surprisingly reasonable prices! Check out their baby girl dresses, bodysuits, footed pajamas, rompers, jumpsuits, sweaters, ponchos and more!

What To Write In A New Baby Card

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Bedding And Sleep Needs

Whatever bed you choose for your newborn , it is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that your baby sleep in the same room with you for the first 6-12 months of life. In addition, bumpers, blankets, pillows, and soft toys are no longer recommended in baby beds. Talk about going minimalistic!

How To Congratulate Someone On Their Second Child Or More

Church Outfit. Newborn girl Outfit. Baby Girl outfit. Can I get a Amen ...

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Fridababy Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

Courtesy of Walmart

  • Comes with only four hygiene filters

Whether theyve got a seasonal cold or something worse, kiddos are bound to get sick from time to time. This nasal aspirator is a unique solution for helping clear out a little ones stuffy nose. After squirting some saline to loosen up mucus, the caregiver should gently place the nasal tube on the outside of the baby’s nostril, suck the snot out, and put the device on the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning. . Plus, the NoseFrida can be used from birth up to 9 years oldwhich is a little longer than necessary, but its good to know youll be able to try it on toddlers.

A Sterilizer And Dryer For Winning The War Against The Staggering Amount Of Funky

Bottle cleaning is the KP duty on your tour of babyhood . A splash of water, a turn of the crank, and in around 30 minutes all of those rancid-smelling baby bottles are sterile and dry. Our Papablic gets a workout multiple times a day, which is why this is a more economical and environmentally-friendly option than constantly running the dishwasher . The first time I traveled without it I realized how much easier it made our life. Cleans easily with a little vinegar left in overnight.

Get it from Amazon for $69.95.

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Playgro Baby Toy Activity Friend Stella Unicorn

Unicorns make the best friends, and Stella is ready to engage even the smallest hands in simple yet interactive play. Stella is a masterpiece of pinks, purples, yellows, and blues, all with highly-contrasting patterns and varied textures for baby to explore. She wears click clack ring bangle bracelets to develop fine motor skills, and her jingle bell and crinkle feet teach cause-and-effect and stimulate babys hearing. Stella also includes a mirror wing to promote self-recognition. This beautiful unicorn clips easily and securely onto carriers or strollers. The plastic and fabric are hand washable to keep Stella clean and ready to play. Want to see more sensory toy options? Explore our annual list of the best sensory toys.

Brave + Kind Books Board Book Bundle

A Day in My Life As A New Mom (3 Month Baby Routine) | Vlog

Brave + Kind Books

  • Customization is not available

Add some new board books to babys bedtime routine with this bundle from Brave + Kind, which includes a crochet rattle to play with. The smallest size includes three artful, diverse board books with various textures for little ones to explore, though larger sizes are also available for an added cost. While you cant select which books will be included in the bundle, each of the books bright colors are sure to grab a babys attention.

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Little Giraffe Luxe Hooded Towel

Neiman Marcus

Gift baby a day at the spa with this luxurious hooded towel made of 100% terry cotton from Little Giraffe. The super-absorbent fabric soaks up water left behind from bathtime, while the special terry weave gives the towel a plush feel. Available in soft colors, like dusty pink or cream, the hooded bath towel is also safe to toss in the washing machine for a quick clean.

Price at time of publication: $49

Pipette Baby Essentials Bundle

Pipettes baby products have all the must-have features for baby’s gentle skin: they’re water-based, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. They also contain a super-hydrating ingredient called squalane to keep your babys skin moisturized and happy. Plus, subtle green packaging looks stylish in baby’s nursery.

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Long Wishes & Messages For New Born Baby Girl

#34: With a new baby around, I cannot promise a life without challenges, but I do promise that you will never have to face them alone. I will be here every step of the way. More than anything, I want to be part of this beautiful baby girls life. I love you, dear sister. Congratulations on this great blessing.

#35: Going through a successful labor period and nine months of sheer perseverance has not been easy. But at the end of the day, the journey has proven to be rewarding. We thank the Lord for seeing you through this far and blessing your family with such a beautiful baby. You two will make great parents, and we cannot wait to see you do wonders.

#36: Congratulations to you, your family, and this babys new arrival. Happiness has truly wrapped its heavenly arms around your beautiful baby and made you whole again. I pray that you receive oceans of happiness and prosperity, not only during this period but also throughout this babys life.

#37: You must be beyond proud to welcome your angelic baby girl into this world. We dont deserve such kind of beauty in our lives, but we take it all as a blessing from above. Cherish this baby with all you have and guard her against all negativity. The Lord will keep her safe all the days of her life.

#42: Im wishing you the very best on the arrival of your baby girl. She is destined to bring more joy to the family, more laughter and more happiness to you and everyone around her. Cheers to more blessings and more bliss.

Medical Emergencies In Newborns

Welcome Home Baby Girl Gift Baskets

You may want to enroll in an infant CPR and basic first aid class before your baby is born. Consider reenrolling in a class even if you took one before the birth of a previous child.

Look for a class at a community center or hospital near you. You can also ask your OB-GYN for recommendations.

In the class, youll learn to identify signs of an emergency. Its important to watch out for the following and seek emergency medical help right away if you notice them:

  • Your baby is having difficulty breathing. Signs that baby is having trouble breathing may include:
  • rapid or irregular breathing
  • turning blue in the face
  • seeming to have difficulty taking air in
  • making grunting noises while trying to take a breath
  • Your baby has blood in their vomit or stool.
  • Your baby is having a seizure.
  • Your baby has a rectal temperature of 100.4°F or higher.
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    Newborn Essentials Checklist: All You Need To Buy Before Your Baby Arrives

    The little ones first clothes should be comfortable, soft, safe, and made from natural fabrics. Dont buy too many things because newborns grow and gain weight fast.

    • Onesies : 6 pcs.
    • Sleepsuits: 35 pcs.
    • Soft baby booties: 2 pairs
    • Anti-scratch mittens: 2 pairs.
    • A light jumpsuit for the outdoors
    • A brimmed boonie hat
    • A cotton cover for the stroller and car seat
    • A stroller curtain
    • Warm rompers and a sweater
    • Wool hats and booties

    The list can be modified depending on whether youve chosen to breastfeed or formula-feed your baby.

    • Nursing bras: 23 pcs.
    • Comfortable nursing nightwear
    • Nipple cream to prevent cracked nipples
    • Breast pads so your clothes dont get stained
    • A sterilizer for pacifiers and bottles for use during the babys first year
    • Baby bottles: 6 pcs. Pay attention to anti-colic ones to reduce the amount of air the baby swallows while feeding. The bottles should be made from quality materials that can withstand high temperatures.
    • Baby bottle brushes: After each feeding session, thoroughly clean the bottle and remove milk or formula residue.
    • A vacuum flask or water heater: they help maintain optimal water temperature for preparing formula.
    • Muslin bibs: 4 pcs.

    Corner Stork Baby Gifts Gift Baskets

    Corner Stork

    Baby gift baskets are chock full of goodies for babies and an ideal option for welcoming a new addition to the family. Corner Stork Baby Gifts offers more than 70 baby gift baskets, so youre sure to find exactly what youre looking for. From adorable animal themes to twin baby gift baskets, gifts range from onesies and bibs to stuffed animals and books.

    Price at time of publication: Starts at $28

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