How To Apply For Us Passport For Newborn

Us Passport Application Process For Children Under Age 16

How to apply U.S passport for a Newborn/Child under 16 y.o

Children under the age of 16 must apply for U.S. passports in person with Form DS-11. They must be accompanied by two of their parents or guardians. With Form DS-11, you can apply for a passport book, passport card, or both documents for your child. You can schedule an appointment at a passport agency through the National Passport Information Centerâs website.

Parents and guardians will have to bring their government-issued photo identification document and proof of parental relationship to the child to the passport agency. Examples of eligible documents include your driverâs license, citizenship documents, childâs foreign or U.S. birth certificate, adoption decree, divorce/custody decree, court order documents, marriage certificate, name change documents, or a report of birth abroad from a U.S. embassy or consulate.

If you cannot accompany your child in person, you can authorize issuance for the U.S. Department of State to grant your child a passport with Form DS-3053.

Both you and your child will need to bring certified copies of proof of U.S. citizenship, such as a certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship, as well as proof of identity, photo, and passport fees, to a passport acceptance facility.

See the Department of Stateâs website for more guidance on applying for a new passport and which documents qualify as evidence of U.S. citizenship.

What Information Is Needed To Get A Passport For A Newborn Baby

To get your infant a passport, youll need a few key pieces of information and documents. You will start by filling out an application form and then supplying proof of their U.S. citizenship and proof of the childs relationship to you . Finally, youll need a passport photo for the baby, which can easily be taken/printed from home or handled at one of many retail locations.

Typically, the entire application can be done with the childs birth certificate or guardians legal names), parental ID, passport photos, and payment for the processing fee.

How To Get A Passport For Your Newborn Baby

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I had long dreamed of how travel and vacation would change when our first baby arrived. But contrary to others, I couldnt wait to take my daughter on long-haul intercontinental trips to start making memories with her at a young age.

But in order to travel internationally with a baby, regardless of how young they are, you will first need to get your newborn a U.S. passport.

The U.S. Department of State explains the process for getting a passport for a minor on their website but its quite complicated. So weve broken down the necessary details below. We hope this guide gets you on your way to a new passport for your newborn and years of international travel to come!

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How To Get A Us Passport For A Newborn

All American citizens must have their own US passport to be able to travel abroad. This is applicable to all age groups, including minors and newborn babies. The application process for newborns is the same as a regular US passport application for minors. The only difference is that the legal guardians fill out the entire applications, as newborns are not able to. The US passport designed for newborns and minors under the age of 16 is valid for only 5 years. The application process will be outlined below.

What If Both Parents Are Absent

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For a passport application, both parents must appear to fill out and sign a DS-11 with an Acceptance Agent as a witness. Yet, there are few exceptions that apply to special circumstances.

One of the special circumstances is if only one parent is able to attend the newborn passport application. One of the parents must then appear in person with their baby, sign DS-11 with the Acceptance Agent as a witness, but also provide a notarized Statement of Consent signed by the second legal guardian.

Another special circumstance happens when the parents of the newborn are applying through a third party. Then a notarized written statement must be supplied by both parents authorizing the third party to be responsible for the passport process. If a statement is only provided by one parent, then sole custody must be also attached.

Sole custody rights given to single parents is another special circumstance that requires different sorts of documentation. For single custody parents, sole custody evidence such as court order granting sole custody, adoption decree, death decree of non-applying guardian, declaration of incompetence of non-applying parent. If none of the above is available, then a DS-3052 form must be supplied that describes why non-applying guardian consent is not available.

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Submit Your Application And Pay Your Fees

Submit the application by mail from Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec or Saskatchewan

Use a certified courier or traceable mail service to reduce the delivery time of your application and help protect your documents.

Mailing address

You wont receive a refund for the service fee if

  • you cancel your childs application
  • you are refused a travel document for your child
  • the child is issued a passport for a shorter validity period than requested

How To Get Your Childs Passport

Once the mask and travel restrictions are lifted, you may be considering a long-distance vacation with your family. If you are planning a flight to another country, everyone, including children, will need a passport. But dont expect it to be completed soon . The process of obtaining a formal government ID for a child to travel abroad is time consuming and must be done directly. Heres what you need to know:

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Apply For A Childs Passport As A Foster Parent Or Adoptive Parent Of A Child On Private Probationary Adoption

  • Section 1 Childs personal information
  • Section 2 Information on applicant
  • The first two questions
  • Applicant information
  • Other parent or legal guardian information is to be completed by the childs parent or legal guardian if the parent / legal guardian has custody or parental authority or shares custody with the adoptive parents
  • Section 3 Previous Canadian Travel document
  • Section 4 Proof of Canadian Citizenship
  • Section E Credit card information, if paying by credit card
  • Submit the following additional documents:
  • Proof of the childs Canadian citizenship.
  • The consent to adoption signed by the biological parents.
  • A letter from the licensee of the adoption agency showing who the childs legal guardian is, or the person who has parental authority, also stating that a private adoption is in process, that all the adoption consents have been obtained, and that the time period for cancelling the adoption has expired. If the time period has not expired, a passport cannot be issued unless the biological parents consent to the issuance of the passport.
  • If you are neither the childs legal guardian nor the person who has parental authority, submit a letter from the childs legal guardian or the person who has parental authority to authorize you to apply for the childs passport and to release the childs passport to you.
  • A copy of court orders or agreements involving the child and family services.
  • A summary of court orders or agreements . The summary must include:
  • Does A Child Under 2 Need A Passport

    How to apply for Canadian passport for newborn

    You may be wondering if your child under two needs a passport or if you should get a baby passport photo taken. The answer is that yes, all children need a passport, even newborns and infants. You do not need a passport to travel domestically, but if you are traveling internationally, you will need a passport for your child.

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    Pay Passport Fee With Check Or Money Order

    The passport fee must be in the form of a check or money order and made out to the U.S. Department of State. Also, please write the first and last name of each applicant, as well as their date of birth, on the front of the check or money order. Do not write anything on the back of the payment.

    Fees per minor applicant: $80.00 for Passport Book, $15.00 for Passport Card, and $95.00 for both. Routine processing time is currently 12-18 weeks.

    You can choose expedited processing, and receive the passport in 6-12 weeks, by paying an additional $60.00 per applicant. If expediting, we strongly recommend adding the return and outbound shipping fees found below to avoid postal service delays that are currently happening due to COVID-19 and unprecedented mail volume.

    Return Shipping:

    For Passport Books only, you can purchase 1-2 day return shipping for an additional $17.56 per applicant that can be included in the check or money order used to pay the passport fee.

    Outbound Shipping:

    Our office also offers 1-2 day outbound priority mail express shipping from our facility which can be paid with Visa or Mastercard. This price varies, so ask us to get more information.

    Note: Adding the Return and Outbound Shipping fees only reduces shipping times. Processing speeds will remain at 6-12 weeks or 12-18 weeks .

    Gather All Necessary Documents And Get Your Childs Passport Photo

    Include the following documents with your childs application form:

    • any valid Canadian passport or travel document issued in the childs name
    • This is so we can cancel it.
    • Your child cant travel with a cancelled passport or travel document.
  • On the back of one of the photos, the photographer must write
  • their name
  • the date the photos were taken
  • Your guarantor must also sign the back of this photo.
  • This can be a long-form birth certificate or citizenship certificate.
  • It must be the original document, not a photocopy.
  • proof of parentage or proof of legal guardianship
  • all documents that refer to the custody of, mobility of, or access to the child
  • You may need to provide extra documents if youre updating their gender identifier.

    You must submit all documents in either English or French. If a document is in another language, you must provide an official translation.

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    Proving Evidence Of Your Relationship With The Baby

    You have to provide evidence of your relationship with your baby by bringing relevant documentation. Be sure to:

    • Bring a certified birth certificate. If your timeline is tight, contact the local government and the hospital and enquire about expediting the process
    • Show proof of the babys social security number. If your newborn hasnt yet received a social security number, you can get it done quick by writing this letter to the Social Security Administration: I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the following is true and correct: has never been issued a Social Security number by the Social Security Administration.
    • If your child is born abroad, you will need to show a Certified Foreign Birth Certificate. Both you and your spouses name has to be mentioned on the birth certificates along with the registrars seal.
    • For parents who are divorced, furnishing documents that show proof of sole custody is required. Old U.S. passports are not accepted as proof of evidence of relationship with the newborn.

    Items You Need To Apply For A Us Passport

    How to Apply for a U.S. Passport for a Baby, Toddler or Child
    • Application Form – To complete the application for a passport book, card, or both together, first do one of the following:

    • Fill out the application online. Use the Passport Application Wizard to step through the process of filling out the application. When youve completed the application, print it out to take to the passport acceptance facility. Passport applications cannot be submitted online.

    • Fill out the application by hand. Download the passport application form and instructions and complete the application by hand, or go to a local passport acceptance facility to get a copy to fill out.

    • Whether you fill it out online or by hand, it is important that you do not sign the form until you are instructed to do so in front of a passport designated official you will meet when applying in person.

  • Personal documents – Youll need to bring all of the following:

  • An original proof of citizenship document

  • An acceptable photo ID document

  • A photocopy of the front and back of the citizenship document and photo ID document

  • Payment – Calculate your passport fees.

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    One Parent/guardian Is Absent And Cannot Be Located

    The applying parent must submit Form DS-5525: Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances. The statement must explain in detail the non-applying parent’s or guardian’s unavailability and recent efforts made to contact the non-applying parent.

    The applying parent also may be required to provide evidence to document his/her claim of exigent or special circumstances. To protect against international parental child abduction, the Passport Agency processing the application may ask for additional details if the statement is determined to be insufficient.

    Can A California Born Infant With Syrian Parents Obtain A Passport

    Question: Father’s name not on birth certificate due to mother not being married to father and he was not in the state to sign paternity form. Mother believes her baby would not be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia because father is not listed and she is not a citizen. Is this correct?Answer: It is difficult to determine from your question if you are asking about a U.S. passport or a Saudi Arabia passport.If your question concerns an U.S. Passport, then the baby is considered a U.S. citizen since he was born on American soill and entitled to all the rights provided by the U.S. Constitution including the right to have a U.S. passport. For full details about how to apply for a child’s passport, click the link below.

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    Us Passport Application Process For Children Age 16

    Children aged 16 to 17 can apply for a passport accompanied by at least one parent or guardian. Their parent or guardian must show a government-issued photo ID and certify that they are aware their child will receive a passport.

    During an appointment, an acceptance agent will ask you to sign Form DS-11. But, your child can also submit Form DS-11 on their own if you provide your signed, notarized consent. You should include a photocopy of the front of your ID with your statement of consent.

    The U.S. Department of State will deny your childâs passport application if you send them a written objection.

    Passports For Children Under Age 16


    Please read the instructions and take a look at our video below to begin applying for your childs passport. All children under age 16 will receive 5-year validity passports.

  • To type the form on your computer , complete the form online and print.
  • To print a blank form, and fill it in in blue or black ink.
  • Bring your completed form to your appointment. Please ignore the part of the form that instructs you to mail the form to the U.S. If you mail the form to the U.S., your application will be considerably delayed.
  • Personal appearance by your child: All children under age 16 must apply in person.
  • Two-Parent Consent

    All applicants under the age of 16 must meet the requirements listed in the Law on Passport Applications for Minors. In most instances this means that both parents must sign a childs passport application. Parents can provide consent in one of two ways:

  • Both parents can come to the Consulate with their passports and sign together in person, OR
  • One parent may sign in person and the other parent may give his/her consent through a written affidavit . The form must have been notarized by a notary public or at a U.S. embassy or consulate within the previous three months. The parent who appears in person must present the original, notarized consent form from the other parent along with a copy of the non-appearing parents photo ID. If completed at a U.S. embassy or consulate, there is no fee for the DS-3053 notarial service.
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship
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