How To Make Money With A Newborn

Become A Virtual Tutor

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Brush up on your knowledge before you start tutoring others by taking courses, watching videos, and reading relevant articles and books. There are a lot of virtual tutors out in the field, so its extra important for you to pinpoint a niche you can fill.

Whether its teaching a rare language, freelance writing, or high school math, you should find a way to make yourself stand out among everyone else.

You will need to be an expert in the subject youre teaching to be effective. Were not saying you should be a professor to become a virtual tutor, but that would make this a much easier job for you.

Find virtual tutoring jobs through online job boards or by searching for online tutoring gigs on freelancing websites like, Chegg, and Wyzant. As a tutor, youll be able to set your hours and rates, giving you complete control over just how much money you make.

Be A Clothing Stylist

If youre one of those stylish mamas who hasnt ditched the high heels and still carries a brand-name purse instead of a dirty diaper bagStitch Fix might be the perfect work-from-home job for you. Stitch Fix is a clothing delivery company that sends you personalized wardrobe choices based on your preferences, lifestyle, and price point .

Behind this service, of course, is a team of work-from-home stylists who pull together the outfits, client by client. Stylists get a rundown of the customer, then scramble to find something fabulous. Stylists must commit to working 15 to 30 hours per week and be available for a remote training session.

What it pays: About $16 per hour according to Glassdoor.

Monetize Your Craft Skills

Crafting is not only fun and rewarding but it can also be the perfect job you could ever imagine.

Your task will be to find a craft that works best for you. Do you like knitting or crocheting? Have you ever tried creating something out of modeling clay? If you dont yet have a well-defined skill or want to pick up something new, head down to the previously mentioned learning platforms Skillshare, Teachable, or Thinkific, for some quality online classes.

With a lot of practice, or maybe minimal effort, you could be bringing in the extra cash this way. Create and sell crafts through your own blog or platforms like Etsy, eBay, or .

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Rent Out Your Baby Gear

If you travel with your little ones, you understand the chaos that can ensue.

Not only are there constant bathroom breaks and Are we there yet? sort of questions, you also need to be able to bring along all your gear: the car seat, the bouncer, the stroller, the crib

This can get tricky and expensive, especially if youre traveling by air.

Thats why a mom of two launched the goBaby app, an Airbnb-style marketplace for traveling parents.

Ksenia B. told the goBaby team:

Were still planning to have another child, but currently a lot of this well regarded equipment is sitting around unused. goBaby has enabled us to easily make some extra income on the side with it

If you have baby gear sitting around, you can make a pretty penny by renting it out through the platform. Cribs can go from $10 to $50 a day, strollers for $15 to $40 a day and car seats $12 to $25 a day.

Check out all the information online and see if you want to rent out your gear to traveling parents.

Shorten Your Shopping List

Baby Girl with Money Dollar Banknote. Stock Image

It’s natural to go into nesting mode when you’re pregnant. Translation: You’re stocking up on every single little thing. A better approach? Buy the absolute bare minimum, Becker says. Newborns really need far fewer things than we think they do, so save the shopping for after baby arrives when you can better gauge what’s necessary. An added side benefit: With a little person in tow, you’re much less likely to meander through each aisle, which means a smaller bill when you get to the checkout.

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What Are Your Options

Work-from-home jobs

The internet is awash with offers to make money from home. But do your homework as the ones that seem too good to be true often are. Real money can be made by proof-reading, filling out surveys, doing customer research and even shopping. is a website where you can offer various products and skills for a fiver so if youre a dab hand at Photoshop or can offer up a unique idea, you could be rolling in fivers.

More like this


Another opportunity to monetise your day could be to become a mystery shopper. Yes, you get paid to shop.

Caring for children or animals

If youre already at home looking after your children, you may want to consider looking after other peoples too. Find out more about becoming a child minder and what training you need.

You could also consider pet sitting and dog walking as you can take your child with you.


If you have qualifications in a particular subject, play an instrument well or speak a language you could offer tutoring from home. Students come to you and you charge by the hour. This is an especially good idea around exam preparation time when SATS, GCSE and even A Level students are often looking for some extra help. Advertise online or on local centres’ noticeboards.

Selling crafts and homemade products

Find out more about setting up your own business on maternity leave.

YouTube advertising

Selling what youve got



How To Start An Ironing Business

  • Get an iron and an ironing board
  • Watch and practice how to iron like a pro
  • Place flyers around town advertising your services
  • Make sure your contact information is on the ad
  • Dont charge too little or too much, about $13-$20 an hour is a good starting point
  • Charge more if you offer delivery and pickup

Good job momma! Youve got yourself an ironing business!

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Let Newborn Dictate Your Work Schedule

My #1 tip for working at home with a newborn is to work when they are sleeping. Newborns need your full attention when they are awake, and they sleep plenty of hours in the day for you to wait until they sleep. I learned this real quick when continuing to work-from-home when my now-6-month-old was born. She is only a newborn once, and missing anything with her wasnt worth trying to work while she was awake. She needed me when awake, and I wanted to cherish that time with her. Audra Rundle of Little One Books

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Make A Parental Leave Plan

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Some employers may provide paid or partially paid parental leave, but they are not required to do so by law. If youve worked at least 1,250 hours for your employer, held your position for at least 12 months and your company has at least 50 employees, youre eligible for a leave of absence from your job for designated family and medical reasons through the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The FMLA entitles you to up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave with continuation of group health insurance coverage. Upon your return to work after youve taken FMLA leave, your employer is required to return you to the same or an equivalent job position.

Not all expectant parents qualify for FMLA, and thats why its important to discuss it with your employer well in advance of your babys arrival. You may even wish to negotiate for extra time if you feel comfortable doing so. If your job doesnt fall under FMLA guidelines, you may need to explore a combination of sick days, vacation days or disability insurance offerings to provide income while you take time away from work to welcome the newest member to the family.

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Create A Baby Fund / Baby Budget

How its done: Sit down with yourself and/or your partner and discuss what your budget should look like. When planning for your baby or figuring out how to take care of your baby. Evaluate your current financial position and figure out whether or not you need to cut down on certain extra activities or expenditures. Decide what your wants and needs are, and what your babys needs will be.

Need to know: A baby fund is a term coined by many parent influencers on youtube. In short, you will put aside 100 dollars whenever you can for the baby. This way, you have around a minimum of 900 dollars available when the baby is born. You should continue to do this when the baby is here to always have money just in case something comes up. For example: doctor check ups, diapers, clothes, food, bottles, etc,.

This way you know that you always have the money required to support your child as an infant.

Shop Discount Stores Or Amazon When Needs Come Up

Inevitably there will always be something extra that you didnt budget for that you need for baby When you need something somewhat quickly there are a few places that you can check to hopefully find what you need a little cheaper. First thing, check around online to get an idea of what the normal price is, then check to see if Amazon is cheaper.

Once you have an idea of what a good deal would be, check resale/consignment shops, overstock shops to see if you can find a better price than online. If you end up with the lowest price being Amazon , check which stores in your area will price match them and go pick it up in store to get it super fast or opt for their 2-day shipping!

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Become An Outschool Teacher

Outschool is an online learning platform for kids K-12. Classes are taught live via Zoom and meet according to the schedule set by the teacher.

Teaching on Outschool could be an easy way to make money on maternity leave if you have some spare time to lead classes and you have a subject that youre passionate about.

Anyone can sign up to teach at Outschoolyou dont need a teaching degree. You do, however, need to be able to pass a background check.

In terms of earning potential, some Outschool teachers are making $10k a month or more working a few hours a week. Thats much more than a typical full-time employee earns so its worth considering if you think you might leave your full-time job once your baby arrives.

Heres a detailed guide to how Outschool works and whether its worth it. And if youd like to get started, you can head here to sign up to teach on Outschool.

Rent Out Your Parking Space

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Compensation varies

If you live in the burbs, this one might sound crazy, but if you reside in an urban center with limited parking, your coveted driveway or garage could garner you some serious cash. If you have room for more cars on your premises or are willing to street park yours , consider renting out your spot for upwards of $500 a month. And if you really dont use your parking spot, you could even sell it to the tune of $200,000 in cities like New York and San Francisco.

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Prepare Your Babys Paperwork

You should receive a birth certificate form to complete at the hospital. Make sure you give it to the nurse before discharge to avoid administrative headaches and possible late fees. If you have a home birth, your midwife or birth attendant may have the forms for you. If not, ask your pediatrician when you bring your newborn in for an exam in the first few days after birth

You can apply for your babys Social Security number in the hospital, too. If you forget, youll need to wait until you receive the birth certificate so you can prove your childs age. A Social Security number is essential to claim a tax credit for your baby, open a bank account for your child, or apply for government services.

Planning to visit relatives outside the U.S. to introduce the newest member of the family? Your newborn needs a passport. Passports take up to 6 weeks to process, and youll need the birth certificate to apply. Allow yourself time before your trip, or be ready to pay to expedite birth certificate and passport processing.

Be An English Teacher Online

If you have a neutral English accent, a bachelors degree in anything , and have an interest in being a teacher this could be a good fit for you. This job generally entails teaching English to young children in China and usually pays pretty well.

There are plenty of companies you can apply to . Apply to more than one to increase your chances of getting hired. Some of the most popular organizations include VIPKID, gogokid, HAWO, and EF Education First.

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Shop Onlinebut Not For Everything

How many times have you debated whether getting out of your stretchy pants is worth a trip to the store, only to resort to loading up your online shopping cart instead? So easy. But not always a wallet-friendly way to shop. “I signed up for so many online retailers’ mailing lists,” says Deanna, a mom of three from New Haven, Connecticut. “I thought it would be a good way to save money because I’d be alerted to sales. But because so many of the clothing sites had minimums you needed to hit to get free shipping, I always spent more than what I intended, or there would be a deal I couldn’t pass up and I’d end up with things I didn’t really need.”

The solve: Limit shopping on the web to must-have items typically bought in bulk but not unnecessary things , and stick to places that don’t charge a service fee and offer free shipping. And if possible, set up the automatic re-order feature so you aren’t tempted to click around and end up with a shipment full of stuff you end up regretting.

Baby And Kid Business Ideas

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Wondering how to start a baby business and what kind of business to start for kids? I created this list of business ideas aimed at babies and kids for my business marketing clients and wanted to share it with you.

Lots of these baby business ideas are ideal for stay at home moms and many have low start-up costs too! Check out this list which includes baby stores, baby products, baby food lines, baby clothing, toys, services, and family entertainment small business startup ideas.

Also I added resource links in each ideas on how to start your baby business plus an inspiring video interview of two moms who launched a successful baby clothing line.

Aspiring baby entrepreneurs keep reading

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Best Stay At Home Mom Jobs

Being a mom often leaves a torn feeling. On one hand, you want to spend time at home with your beautiful babies, but on the other hand, you long to find a way to feel as though you are contributing to the family as well. Wouldnt it be great to make money as a stay at home mom and be with your little ones?

Feeling those mixed emotions can be a very trying time for yourself as well as the other members of your family. But honestlywho says that you have to choose one or the other? Why cant you have family time and work time and make it mesh well together?

It is possible! And Im living proof. I make 5x as much as I used to as a full time engineer and Im a stay at home working mom. I have three little ones, each 20 months apart from each other. And I started my work from home business when I was 38 weeks pregnant! Momma,!

And Im not the only stay at home mom making money from home. Ive taught thousands of other moms through my courses to build profitable blogs too, many of them are making $1,000-$20,000+ per month.

Although I love blogging, there are other legitimate ways to make money from home too. Just to give you a bit of my background, here are a few of the ways Ive made money from home.


  • Teaching English over Skype $25 per hour.
  • Walking dogs $5 per walk.
  • Affiliate marketing $10-$100 per commission.
  • Launching courses $9 to $97 per course.


Just remember

Outsource What You Can

I had a baby last July, and my saving grace was the independent contractors that I had lined up to help me. Newborns dont stay newborn for very long. My advice is always to enjoy that time as much as you can. And, after childbirth, your body needs rest. Even if you can only manage it for a short time, help will make you more focused and more productive. Newborns sleep a lot. Use half of that time to work and the other half to rest yourself. Dawn Berryman of Market Mommy

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