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Newborn Photography Ideas To Try Yourself

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If you are seeking inspiration, look no further. As photographers, we are always trying to create unique content. This comes from original photoshoot concepts.

This doesnt mean that looking at and copying other images isnt a good place to start. It will act as training until you find your own feet.

Check out these newborn baby photography ideas to get inspired.

Now Lets Talk About That 10 Days Rule For Newborn Photography

This is specifically discussed when referring to POSED newborn photography the kind that has baby all nice and curled up into adorably intricate poses in props or on beautiful backdrops. Its been widely published that newborns should be photographed at under 14 days/2 weeks, and as strictly as less than 10 days or its not possible. Hold it! What!? Or its not possible !? Who came up with that bull****!?

This topic came up when I received a phone call from a woman frantically begging for me to open up a same-day spot for her little one because she was already 13 days old and she didnt think she wanted those adorable images until now, and its almost too late. Fair enough, but what got me the most was that OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS TURNED HER DOWN! She was almost in tears when I informed her that unfortunately I was unable to accommodate her request as I was completely booked until 4 days later. So much so, that she barely heard me explaining that there was nothing wrong with waiting until then and I would be happy to fit her in . It took all the strength I had not to ask her who the hell had refused to photograph her baby. I was almost as sad as she was, and a little angry actually. Sheesh!

Here are the answers to the two most common questions:

why 10 days?

is there really a difference? do you have examples?

10 days new slept like a champ and was able to complete all poses attempted for a full gallery of choices

19 days new only slept once wrapped and swaddled

How Do You Prepare For A Newborn Photoshoot

If just thinking about your newborn photoshoot is overwhelming, weve got you covered. We do our best to make sure your newborn session is relaxed, calm, and peaceful and yes, that includes complimentary Wi-fi, video streaming services, and snacks so you can rest while we do all the work!

While preparing for your newborn session, there are a few things you need to do to make the day of your session go as smoothly as possible.

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Can Newborn Baby Photography Sessions Take Place When The Baby Is Over Two Weeks Old

Two weeks might seem like a very short time after birth, when new parents are resting and adjusting to the new addition to their family. However, there is a reason why newborn sessions take place within the first two weeks. Babies already start resting in different positions after two weeks, but when they are brand new they still curl up like they did in the womb. Newborn photography typically features the baby curled up in that adorable pose, so to truly capture that newborn essence, the shoot should take place in the first two weeks.

By booking a session for about a week after the mother’s due date, the parents and can be sure they’ll capture images of that fleeting newborn magic.

Fresh 48 / First Times

What Should You Do If A Baby

To me, the focus of Fresh 48 sessions isnt on your baby. Dont get me wrong, there will be a lot of photographs of your baby, but what I am looking to capture is what it was like to welcome a new baby in your life.

Birth is such a powerful moment in a parents life. The hours and days following birth are very special too and filled with first times. Imagine capturing the first time your older children meet their baby sister or brother. Or when you bring your baby home from the hospital. Maybe youd love to capture the moment your dog is sniffing the head of this new little intruder. The first bath. The first time with the grandparents, or great-grandparents!

This time in your life doesnt have to be perfect. It will probably be different from what you have imagined. Finding your feet in your new role or as a bigger family will take time as well as getting to know this new little person.

Being a part of it would be an honour for me.

This photograph was taken when Tove was only 3 days old and home for less than 24 hours. The great thing about doing the session that early is that siblings are usually still excited about the baby and taking turns to hold her. It is also a time that parents find hard to remember which makes it all the more precious.

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Mom Dad And Family Can Wait In The Waiting Room

You have a newborn. Youre short on sleep and time to yourself. We want to make your newborn photoshoot an amazing experience for your entire family. If you want, you can remain in the waiting room throughout the session, enjoying free WiFi, water, and snacks or curling up for a much-needed nap!

Of course, parents are always welcome to come back and watch the session if they like. You can rest assured, however, that your newborn is in safe, caring hands throughout the entire session.

For a complete look inside our comfortable studio, watch our studio tour here.

Camera Gear For Newborn Photography

This doesnt mean they cant fall, roll over or pull faces that are less than admirable.

A camera for photographing scenes with newborns needs to have the right settings. Such as a wide range of ISOs and shutter speeds.

Your lenses should have a variety of apertures, as these will help you in low light.

Most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have the capacity to shoot different scenarios. For other camera gear recommendations, read this article here.

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Tips For Setting Up Your Home Studio

Your studio is where all the gear comes together. This is your controlled environment. This is where you set up your camera, lighting, and other accessories.

These allow you to take portraits in the style and manner that suits you. If youre getting started, youll want to set up one that is affordable.

Of course, setup isnt everything. You will still need to work with the subject in the studio. This way, you get the look, feel, and the effect that you want in the portrait.

Get comfortable with working in the context of the studio. The faster youll do this, the faster you will be able to improve your newborn portraiture.

Scheduling The Best Time To Take Newborn Photos

When Should You Have A Baby?

So, when should you take newborn photos? It all depends on the types of photos you want. The guide above can help you choose your ideal newborn photos time frame, but its always best to talk it through with your newborn photographer too. To discuss your options and learn more about scheduling your newborn photo session, contact my Connecticut photography studio today.

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What Should You Know About Your 2 Month Old Baby

Your babys developmental milestones at 2 months The first few weeks with your newborn baby can be exciting yet challenging. You are not yet fully aware of the developments your baby is going through. In these times, you must understand that babies show milestones at a tremendous rate during this period.

Recommended Posing Tools And Props

In addition to the photography gear and newborn accessories, there are posing tools and props that can further add to the production value of your shoots. Many of these items can be substituted with items found around the house, but if you are shooting newborn as a profession, it is a good idea to invest in these tools and props.

PropsWhether you use something that you found lying around the house or buy your props, props can add a lot of production value and interest to your photograph. Get creative, but remember to always be safe. Dont use buckets or baskets that may have been used to store something that could potentially irritate the babys skin. Remember that the baby always comes first.

Our favorite source when purchasing newborn props is Beautifulphotoprops.com. They have a wonderful selection of safe props and clothing specifically designed for newborn photography. Beautiful Photo Props is also invaluable for ideas and inspiration because with most of their items, they give you professional examples of what photographs look like using the respective item.

Keep in mind that if you are on a budget and you have a creative bug, you can make your own props which are completely unique to you and your style. But, again, you do need plenty of time and you also need to be quite good at crafting.

Additionally, be sure to have spare blankets in the case that one or two of your blankets become unusable due to baby mess.

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What Do I Wear For Newborn Photo Sessions

Color is the most important factor here! Youll want to choose outfits for you and your family that flatter everyone including baby. Solid earth tones are lovely for every skin tone.

I happen to love moms in ivory, white or soft pastels. Solid colors are important because prints and patterns can date your photos and distract from baby. Flowy maxi or midi dresses that are nursing-friendly look wonderful for newborn sessions.

Dress your newborn in a basic white onesie. This is a classic, angelic look that looks sweet in and out of a swaddle, especially when paired with a hat or tiny headband. Your photographer may have outfits, accessories, swaddles or wraps you can use for added cuteness.

Dads look great in a neutral, solid colored button-down shirt or henley, with well-kept jeans or khakis. Dress your other child in a complementary soft color and ensure they can move freely to avoid tears!

Mirrorless Camera For Newborn Photography

How Often Should You Bathe A Newborn

Canon EOS RIf you already own a DSLR and are looking to jump into the mirrorless game, this is as good a camera as any to do it with. If you already have an arsenal of DSLR lenses, you can purchase an adapter to save yourself from having to reinvest in new glass. Speaking of investments, the EOS R boasts the same 30.4 MP full-frame sensor as the 5D Mark IV, but its less expensive, which will no doubt appeal to your wallet. In addition, like all mirrorless cameras, the EOS Rs absence of shutter noise makes this a quieter option to use around sleeping newborns, a factor youll appreciate if youve ever woken a baby with noisy shutter clicks on a DSLR.

Nikon Z6 IIAlthough newer to mirrorless world, Nikon has wasted no time in creating quality, affordable mirrorless cameras. The Z6 II, which weve reviewed in depth, has been touted for the high quality images it is capable of producing as well as for its user friendly design. This cameras dual card slots, incredible in-body stabilization, autofocus capabilities, and more make it a great newborn photography camera as well as nearly perfect mirrorless camera overall, and all for under $2k.

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How Often Should You Take A Baby Photo

For milestone photos, you have to commit to taking a picture every month, at least for the first 12 months, ending with the first birthday photo. 11. The Alphabet We love this idea from Famille Summer Belle. Its so simple but effective! All you need are felt or fabric letters which you can lay out around baby. Thats it! 12.

The Aap’s Back To Sleep Recommendation Applies To Photos Too

With an eye toward the SIDS risk that’s associated with a prone sleep position, Dr. Ganjian discourages both parents and photographers from creating an image in which a baby is sleeping on his or her stomachor appears to be.

“This will teach viewers that babies are allowed to sleep on their stomachs, which is not trueprone sleeping is very dangerous,” he says, pointing to the AAP’s recommendations on safe sleep, which advise parents to “place the baby on his or her back on a firm sleep surface such as a crib or bassinet with a tight-fitting sheet” and “avoid use of soft bedding, including crib bumpers, blankets, pillows and soft toys. The crib should be bare.”

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Week 1 Week : The Ideal Window For A Newborn Session

Worth Noting: In order to make this ideal window, youll definitely want to book your session long before your baby is born. This is the only way to rest assured a slot in your choice photographers calendar.

What to expect: Before the two-month marker, newborns are more flexible, tend to enjoy tighter swaddling , have more predictable sleeping schedules , etc. Newborns between weeks 1 and 2 are still in a womb-like state, and this makes it easy to replicate in those favorite, closely bundled poses.

Another bonus newborns are less apt to have baby acne, which tends to arrive after the 3-week mark. So, if youre ultimate goal is to capture the itsy-bitsy, soft-skinned and ultra-snuggly newborn, youre best off scheduling a photography session before week two.

12 day old baby girl

Weeks 3 : Still Good Especially For Twins And Preemies

What should You do for Bless a Baby

Special Note: Some babies are highly-sensitive to outside stimuli . This makes them unable to photograph professionally before week 8. Your babyscomfort and safety are utmost priorities during the session. If it seems as if you have an extra-sensitive one, its worth rescheduling for a later date when s/he is better able to process and respond to all a photo session brings to the table.

What to Expect: Week 3 to Week 5 is still a really sweet timeframe baby depending. For example, twins and preemies will still look and act like newborns during this window, but the extra weeks allow them to adjust to post-neonatal ward life. Babies who needed more time in the NICU are happier being photographed during the Week 3 to Week 5 window as well.

If you and your full-term baby have a rollercoaster ride adjusting to your new lives, or your baby simply resists the originally scheduled Week 1 or Week 2 session this is a great way to make it up. Your infant will still be flexible and easy to pose, as well as a little chubbier . However, most babies are more awake at this point and may be too big for certain props or poses. Also, some of the best newborn poses require wrapping the baby and 3- to 5-week old babies may lustily say, No thank you, to that!

Baby twins photographed at 3 weeks

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