What To Buy For Newborn Baby Gift

Baby Care Essentials Basket

What gift to Buy for a Baby | Gift Guide for Babies | What to get a Baby for Christmas

Baby essentials can quickly add up. So rather than making sleep-deprived parents run to the store at midnight when the babys first fever or diaper rash hits, give them a basket filled with baby care essentials. Include things like diaper rash cream, a booger sucker, gas drops, baby Ibuprofen or Tylenol and tiny nail clippers with a light .

What Is A Good Gift For A Newborn Baby

Sometime during the first 3 months of life, babies begin to lift their heads especially if theyre given enough supervised tummy time. Many babies, however, don’t love spending time on their stomachs. Tummy bait in the form of colorful, texture-filled toys can help the time pass.

After weeks of sleepless nights, theres nothing quite like babys first real smile and laugh. While theres no one way to tickle a babys funny bone, your favorite book paired with your very best silly voice is a good place to start.

Between 4 to 6 months, babies begin to wake up to the world around them. They reach and grab for their favorite toys and objects, while some roll over and maybe even sit up. This is a time when playmats with toy arches come in handy, as many little ones are content spending their waking hours batting at overhead toys.

Another big step to toddlerhood? Babys first taste of solid foods, usually sometime between 4 and 6 months. The key to opening baby up to a wide variety of foods is to introduce him to lots of flavors, especially vegetables and fruits. There are plenty of healthy premade options out there, but gifts that make it easier for parents to whip up homemade versions, such as a baby food maker, might be particularly appreciated.

Ready to choose the perfect gift for a newborn? Here are a few of the best holiday gifts for babies from birth to 6 months.

See registry advice and a custom baby gear checklist

For The One Who Enjoys Tub Time: Babybibi Bath Books

Make bathtime even more fun with a set of waterproof, squeaky books.This set of three non-toxic, BPA-free books is suitable for ages three months and up. The black-and-white graphics are eye-catching for little ones, and they love slapping these books around in the water just as much as they love looking at them.

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What Are The Most Practical Gifts For A New Baby

If you’re looking for something that is practical to give as a baby gift, choose the essentials like clothing, blankes, and teething toys. Baby clothes gifts not only keep them warm and protected from the cold, but cute and fashionable baby clothes are so much fun for the new parents. Theyll love a mix of handy baby singlets, grow-suits, baby onesies, and stylish baby outfits like knitted cardigans and snuggly dressing gowns for babies and toddlers. Giving 100% cotton baby clothes and muslin wraps makes washing so much easier, plus cotton is super gentle on babys delicate skin.

Natural teethers and safe baby rattles are also gift ideas guaranteed to please the new parents. These essential neutral baby gifts are perfect for a baby boy or baby girl so you dont need to wait until baby is born.

Daddy Diaper Duty Set

Pin on Baby shower

Give a new funny baby gift for dad that provides fathers with all the tools they need to tackle Babys diaper changes. Our Daddys Diaper Duty Device is packaged hilariously and will be enjoyed by everyone at the baby shower! Each apron-style diaper tool belt comes equipped with baby wipes, disposable diapers, everyones favorite baby products, and, of course, the necessary protective gear for a successful diaper change by Dad.

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The 8 Best Gift For Newborn Baby Girl 2021

Are you looking for a perfect gift for a newborn baby girl? We know how it can be not easy to figure out what to buy. And its even harder if you dont have your baby, or youve never bought a gift for a baby.

Well help you and give you some cool tips and tricks on how to score a perfect gift for a newborn baby girl.

Its always best to buy something that will help the parents. Many people think that its essential to buy something cute and dont pass that idea. And yes, the gift should be cute thats a fact, but it also should be useful. It will only clutter up the baby room if its only cute and doesnt have a purpose. So when thinking about the perfect gift, think about practical items that will help the parents in their everyday life with the baby. Or something thats decorative but wont clutter the space.

Always pick the items that are suited for the baby and its age. Be careful when buying clothes and heres a pro tip: always buy a size bigger, because they grow so fast.And before shopping, talk to the parents. You dont need to ask them directly what do they want but investigate a bit. Learn what do they have and what they dont. And what they would love to have.

Safety 1st Deluxe Health Kit

Safety First

If you want practicality, then consider gifting this 25-piece health/hygiene kit. This one comes with everything needed for grooming including a convenient carrying case.

It includes nail clippers and filers and items to help with the dispensing of medicine. On top of that, theres an emergency information card that parents can fill out if needed.

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Skip Hop Explore & More Sort & Spin Yeti

This fun guy includes three stages of learning along with 50 songs, sounds and phrases. Stage 1: Shape pieces light up when pressed and the yeti identifies the shapes names and colors. Stage 2: Shape pieces pop out, then baby matches them back in the correct spots. Stage 3: Yeti encourages child to find specific shapes and colors in this game mode. Lights and music go off when they are placed correctly. Vegas meets education, Baby! You can find him on the Skip Hop site and on .

An Amazon Prime Membership So New Parents Can Order Supplies


Nobody wants to make an extra trip to the store, especially busy new parents. A Prime membership lets them avoid the hassle, allowing them to order whatever they need and have it delivered instead, in two days.

A full-year subscription is $119. And if they already have a Prime membership, they’ll be able to convert your gift to credit so they can spend the money on anything they need.

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Permission To Stop And Reflect

Nearly every dad Ive talked to said that the transition towards fatherhood brought up some unexpected emotions. And yet because its a sleep-deprived, stressful time, you dont get much space to stop and process those emotions.

Journaling is a powerful tool for new parents because the emotional release you get from journaling can lower anxiety and stress, plus help you sleep better. And when you write about your emotions, that helps you better understand and process those emotions, which seems to unlock the maximum calming effect related to journaling.

But as a new parent, you dont exactly have time to sit down and write a multi-page journal entry. Which is why I love the One Line A Day journal, and I gift it to every new parent I know.

This journal gives you a small spaceenough for one sentenceto write every day for five years. Which means the new dad can take just a few minutes to fill out the journal once a day, then after a while he can look back on all his answers and have an amazing snapshot of this special time in his life.

New Dad Gift Hell Love:One Line A Day journal

Kopi Baby Portable Diaper Changing Pad

If you are looking for a gender-neutral gift, the diaper changing pad could be a great choice. It is a hygienic option to public diaper changing stations at a store or a restaurant. This portable diaper bag has a foldable mess-free mat, multi-purpose Velcro straps, reversible wipes bag, diapers, and three storage pockets.

The durable polyester construction keeps the mat rip-proof and protects it from mildew and abrasions. Its pockets, straps, and buckles are sturdy not to slip open or crack the changing pad. The mat is easy to clean with a disinfectant and a wet cloth. It is water-proof and avoids mess. The soft-padded pillow props up and protects the babys head.

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The Honest Co Baby Gift Set

Give premium eco-friendly & super-absorbent diapers and all-natural wipes. Mix & match honestly cute designs each month. You can also choose from a growing line of natural, personal care, bath, and skincare & home cleaning essentials. Mix & match five items every month. Each gift set is delivered monthly.

Burts Bees Baby Trial Set

Baby girl wagon gift

Best Bath Gift

If you want to gift something that you know baby will use, consider this bath set. It comes with trial-size bottles of shampoo/baby wash, lotion, rash cream, baby oil, and soap.

Pediatrician tested and tear-free, you know youre getting some quality products. We appreciate the small bottles, which are perfect for trying but not having to commit to. Also ideal for traveling with baby.

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Aveeno Baby Essential Daily Care Baby & Mommy Gift Set

The Aveeno gift set includes seven items for newborns and new mothers. For moms, this pack contains a stress-relief moisturizing lotion and a stress-relief body wash made of organic and relaxing lavender, ylang-ylang, and chamomile oils.

For the baby, it includes a tear-free cleansing wash, shampoo made of natural oat extract to soothe and protect your babys soft skin, a lotion made of colloidal oatmeal for softer, healthier, and smoother skin, and a baby comfort bath wash with calming vanilla and lavender fragrance. These items come in a natural canvas tote that is easy to carry.

Aveeno products are soap-free, paraben-free, and gentle on the babys skin. It is one of the trusted brands for natural ingredients and is recommended by dermatologists. The primary ingredient is oatmeal, an active skin-protecting ingredient that balances the bodys pH levels and moisturizes the babys skin for 24 hours, protecting from dryness and rashes.

Burt’s Bees Baby Getting Started Gift Set

To keep her skin soft and clean, theres this set of products from Burts Bees. The set contains shampoo and wash, diaper cream, body oil, and soapall in sizes perfect for taking on the go. All the ingredients are natural.

These precious socks are perfect for any occasion. There are six pairs in each set and they come in a variety of colors to match any outfit. The soles feature rubber grips to keep baby from slipping when she gives walking a try.

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A Pacifier That Won’t Keep Falling To The Ground

Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle Pacifier Holder with Detachable Pacifier, available at Buy Buy Baby and , from $14.95

This pacifier features a plush animal that can be detached to make cleaning both pieces fast and easy. You can choose from a variety of animals, including elephant, giraffe, monkey, and seal, that make it easy to find and comforting for babies to snuggle.

Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

8 Creative Christmas Gifts to Buy For a Baby 2020 (Baby Gift Guide)

Documenting Baby Milestones

If the parents-to-be are into social media, this may be a good gift to consider. This milestone blanket is double-purpose with one side for weeks and the other for months. It comes with a frame and ribbon to use during pictorials.

Aside from picture time, this can also be laid out on the floor so the baby can have comfortable tummy time. This is 100 percent organic soft fleece.

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Burts Bees Baby Hooded Towel

The Burts Bees Baby Hooded Towel is soft and gentle on the babys sensitive skin. Made of 100% organic knit terry cotton, it quickly absorbs water and keeps your baby dry and warm. This combed and ring-spun single-ply towel adds durability.

Easy to wash and quick to dry, it gets softer with every wash. The headwrap hood is intelligently sized not to cover the babys face, and it measures 29x29in that is large enough to wrap your little one completely. It is a lightweight and bio-friendly towel you might pick for your baby.

Something To Feed His Mind

Especially in the newborn days, the new dad will spend a big chunk of every day holding his new baby. But we all know you can only scroll Facebook so much before it starts to become soul-sucking, so gift him a lightweight Kindle that he can hold one-handed while holding the baby too. Hell get caught up on all that reading hes been meaning to do, and the time will fly!

Several dads I talked to suggested a few specific titles as the best books for new dads. You can load his new Kindle with these titles, or if he prefers paper, get him the physical books and wrap those up instead:

New Dad Gift Hell Love:A lightweight Kindle loaded with the best books for new dads

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A Smart Home Device To Act As An Assistant

Echo Dot 4th generation, available at Target, $34.99

A smart speaker is the perfect nursery assistant. It can play gentle music to help lull babies to sleep or set timers for feeding times. They’re also compatible with a long list of smart home devices, which makes it easy to turn off light or set the thermostat while parents are busy changing diapers.

A Meal Kit Delivery Service So They Can Cook For Themselves

Baby shower gift basket. Great gift for coworkers ...

Blue Apron Subscription Gift Card, from $60

Cooking can be an extra hassle for frazzled new parents, but a delivery service like this can make it a little easier to get a healthy, home-cooked meal. Blue Apron boxes come with preportioned ingredients and three easy-to-cook recipes. They’ll get one week of meal kits for $60.

Check out our guide to the best meal kit delivery services, which includes options for special diets.

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