How Much Newborn Clothes Do I Need

Out And About With Your Baby


Spend some time looking at what’s available for getting around with your baby. Think about what will suit you best before you make a choice, and ask other mums what they have found useful.

Before buying a pushchair or a pram, check that:

  • the brakes are in good working order
  • the handles are at the right height for pushing
  • the frame is strong enough

Basic Newborn Clothing Essentials

Every baby is unique, making it nearly impossible to predict what size theyll fit into on their birthday. In most cases, infants will wear either Newborn or 0-3 months outfits when theyre first born. Those who make their debut early may need Preemie size clothing. As a general rule of thumb, get your little ones essentials in sizes Newborn and 0-3. If you need Preemie items, you can always order them online or ask a friend to grab them from the store.

By purchasing the basics in the two main sizes, youll also be ready for upcoming growth spurts. For most essentials, we recommend five to seven total garments in each size. While many parents like white or neutral hues, garments in these colors may show staining. Dont be afraid to mix it up with your favorite colors and patterns, which can make dressing more funand hide impromptu spit-ups. Heres a full breakdown of what youll need:

How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need

For lots of pregnant people, its tough to resist adding a million baby outfits to your registry.

On one hand, messes happena lotand having clothing options for quick outfit changes can be handy. But on the other, babies grow quickly, and your little one isnt going to stay in one size for very long.

So how many clothes does your baby actually need?

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The Guide On How Many Newborn Clothes Do I Need

The variety of clothing for newborns these days is impressive. Every brand that offers outfits for kids has included the collection for the youngest ones in their range. Parents who are waiting for their first baby are often searching for a newborn clothing checklist that can help them out. Look no further. Here, you will find the information that will help you out.

Before proceeding to the lists of outfits you may want to shop, pay attention to certain crucial aspects of a baby clothes guide that are must-to-follow:

  • Remember about the safety of your child. If you have never heard about the SIDS, check the info on the web and avoid the risks that are depicted. Among the others, there are certain restrictions on the choice of clothing. In particular, be sure not to cover your child with a blanket while it sleeps at home. Thus, to ensure comfort during sleeping, outfits have to be selected accordingly.
  • The rules of dressing for a car seat are crucial. Not every parent, even the most caring one, knows that placing your newborn in a car seat when it is dressed in a warm overall imposes additional danger. Remember that safety belts have to be tightly fastened over one or two layers of clothes. The first travel by car will take place on the way home from the hospital. Thus, think of safe coming-home clothing for a newborn in advance.
  • Is Newborn The Same Size As 0

    How much Clothes Does My Baby Need?

    Newborn-size represents an average baby at birth up to 21.5 inches long and 5-8 pounds, which can be a very wide range, explains Dr. Amna Husain, a pediatrician at Pure Direct Pediatrics in Marlboro Township, New Jersey.

    In terms of how weight relates to 0-3 month clothing, the range is typically 8-13 pounds, according to Husain, but there are other considerations to take into account namely, length.

    Infants come in all shapes and sizes, so the range is helpful if you have an infant on the smaller/petite end versus the larger/longer end, says Husain. Ive found that sorting clothes by length versus what the tag says can be helpful since some brands run small and others large.

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    Baby Clothes Sizes By Weight

    Most U.S. clothing brands base their sizing on average baby weight at a given age. While exact measurements can vary by brand, heres a general guide for baby clothing sizes by weight:

    • P : Up to 5 pounds

    • NB : 5 to 8 pounds

    • 3 months: 8 to 12 pounds

    • 6 months: 12 to 16 pounds

    • 9 months: 16 to 20 pounds

    • 12 months: 20 to 24 pounds

    • 18 months: 24 to 28 pounds

    • 24 months: 28 to 30 pounds

    • 2T: 29 to 32 pounds

    • 3T: 32 to 35 pounds

    • 4T: 35 to 39 pounds

    • 5T: 39 to 43 pounds

    Remember About The Safety Of Your Child

    If you have never heard about the SIDS, check the info on the web and avoid the risks that are depicted. Among the others, there are certain restrictions on the choice of clothing. In particular, be sure not to cover your child with a blanket while it sleeps at home. Thus, to ensure comfort during sleeping, outfits have to be selected accordingly.

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    Ask And You Shall Receive

    Your family and friends want to get you something for your baby and they are often unsure of what you want or need. If you have a baby registry already set up, give your loved ones a head’s up so they don’t wind up getting clothing you won’t use or perhaps already have at home.

    When a new baby comes into the picture, people tend to pick out a newborn-size outfit, and you wind up with too much of a good thing. There is no shame in letting folks know that you’d benefit from a variety of sizes, both for a newborn and other baby clothing sizes going up. They should think about the time of year as well, as your baby will be bigger a few months from now, and certainly by the end of the year. A newborn-size swimsuit won’t work in December, and by the time summer rolls around, it will be too small to fit.

    Be open about what you have and what you’d be appreciative to receive as a baby gift. You may already be stocked up with sleep bags and swaddles, so request different articles of clothing, and perhaps other baby necessities like hooded bath towels and crib sheets.Family matching collections make for adorable clothing gifts, getting the whole crew coordinated and they are fun for family photos.

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    Different Brands Sizes And Styles

    Baby Capsule Wardrobe: 26 items you need 0-6 month (per size)

    One of the hardest things to figure out with baby clothes is that all baby brands are different. Their sizing of clothes are different and they have different styles.

    Different brands size their clothes a bit differently. This means that a 3-6 mo clothing item may not fit the same in every brand. For instance, my kids wear some Nike clothing and it typically runs a size smaller than most brands. So my kids wear a size larger in Nike than they do in their Carter or Jumping Beans clothing.

    Personally, an issue I had was that my babies were long with a thin torso. Certain bands had more rectangular onesies and shirts while others had more boxy/square tops. My kids needed the rectangular clothes to fit their body shape not the square tops. With those styles it would be a struggle to snap the onesie at the bottom, but the neck and shoulders would be huge.

    Then, I had another clothing issue with my daughter due to her length and thicker thighs. With some brands and styles an outfit would not fit because I couldnt get the pants over her thighs even though that is what size she was in.

    After time, once you know your babys body type, you will get to know different brands of clothing. Then you will find what brand of clothing you like for your child.

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    Wear Checklist: What Does My Baby Need

    Becoming a parent is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time. Questions like “what should I dress baby in, how many items of clothing do I need? cotton or wool?” will run through your mind.

    Everyone will have an opinion on what you will need and not need for those early days. We want to make this exciting and challenging time as easy as possible so we have put together a clothing checklist that will keep your baby covered for the first few weeks and months:

    6-10bodysuits and singlet bodysuits cotton and woollen – depending on the time of year and temperatures where you live.

    3-4kimono wrap bodysuits and jackets – the kimono style makes dressing easy as you don’t have to pull it over baby’s head.

    3-4 pairs of drawstring pants or footed rompers – drawstring pants last longer as the folded cuff extends to give extra length, and footed rompers ensure cosy toes at all times.

    1 vest, cotton or woollen – perfect as a soft, flexible outer layer to keep baby’s chest and back warm.

    1cardigan, cotton or woollen – easy to get on and off with buttons down the front, super soft, keeping baby cosy.

    2hats, cotton or woollen – baby’s head is so vulnerable to the elements, a hat is essential to prevent heat loss.

    2scratch mittens – perfect to stop babies scratching their face.

    1 pair of booties – with elastic or ties to keep them on and those toes cosy.

    2-3 pairs of socks – lovely long socks designed to sit comfortably under baby’s knee keeping legs and feet warm.

    Essential Life Hacks For Pregnancy

    Theres an inner struggle that comes along with pregnancy. Our bodies and needs change rapidly and so does the urge to buy every remedy and gadget that promises sweet relief.

    Spare yourself the cost of temporary fixes with our favorite pregnancy life hacks. And once your baby is born, and youll be happy you dont have a box full of pregnancy-specific gear gathering dust in your garage.

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    What Size Clothes Should You Buy For A Newborn

    Generally, newborn clothes are categorised as premature , tiny baby , newborn/first size or 0-3 months , but these measurements can vary slightly from brand to brand.

    Unfortunately, you will not know the exact size that is right for your baby until he is born so it’s all a bit confusing. Your midwife can take a guess at how big your baby will be, but midwife guesses and even ultrasound predictions are often way out!

    Clothes size 0-3 months will be big on a 6 lb baby. An 8 lb baby will never fit into tiny baby clothes and therefore the clothes will never get worn.

    If you want to play it safe, buy clothes size 0-3 months. If you have clothes in various sizes keep the tags, packaging and receipts so they can be returned if unsuitable.

    Babies grow fast and out of their clothes quickly, especially newborn size, and you will need to buy larger sized clothing before you know it. If you buy too much newborn stuff they may never get to wear it.

    Baby Clothes Shopping Considerations

    How many baby clothes do I need? My minimalist baby ...

    Before you decide how many baby clothes to buy, here are a few considerations :

  • What season is your baby being born in? Depending on the season your baby is born in, you may need a few extra clothing pieces like winter baby rompers and hats.
  • What type of laundry routine would be most practical for you? An alternate day laundry routine or an everyday wash routine? This can help you decide on the exact number of onesies you would need on hand while the others are in the wash.
  • Babys birth weight. Most newborn baby clothes last until baby is 12 pounds. I wouldnt recommend buying too many of these. Its preferable to buy size 0-3 months and fold over the sleeves and pants to make a good fit at the newborn stage.
  • Comfort and material matters. Newborn skin is soft and delicate, try and choose good quality organic cotton baby clothes in simple designs that dont itch or scratch on baby skin.

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    Buy Multipacks From Asda Or Tesco Or Sainsburys

    The sizes vary so much from different shops. Newborn in Asda for example only go up to 9lb, Mothercare go up to 10 lbs, Next and Pumpkin Patch newborn only go up to 7lb 7oz. Complete waste of money, says westbrom1.

    0-3 months also vary but are MASSIVE on a newborn. My LO was born 8lbs 8oz and dropped to 7lbs 15ozm so was in newborn clothes only for 2 or 3 weeks.

    I got bought some beautiful stuff from Mamas and Papas which she only wore 3 times, but her family got great pleasure out of seeing her in them.

    I bought only 6 vests and 6 sleepsuits in newborn and 0-3 months and we were very lucky as everybody bought everything else.

    But initially those 6 I bought would not have been enough as babies wear a minimum of 2 a day thats if they are not sick. I was in hospital for 3 days too so my mother-in-law used to take them home every night and wash them.

    Daisy is 11lbs now and still looks tiny in her 0-3 month clothes but she looks great in her Matalan stuff as they have shrunk a bit and fit her perfectly now!

    But I agree it is better to have the clothes a bit big than waste money. I would advise you buy a few multipacks from Asda or Tesco or Sainsburys. They are very cheap for newborn stuff and then, if you want, you can spend a bit more on 0-3 month stuff.

    How Many Baby Outfits Do You Need

    Is it even possible to have too much baby clothing? Considering you might need to switch outfits five times a day , the truth isprobably not. Add in how fun and adorable baby outfits are, not to mention how many people are excited to buy them for you, and its easy to overspend your budget and overflow your nursery dresser. So how much baby clothes do you need? Here are the maximumand minimumnumbers for your babys newborn layette.

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    Preparing One Year Worth Of Clothes

    I hope this guide helps new moms in the first year of baby clothes shopping and other newborn essentials. Lets review what Ive mentioned throughout this article with this simple baby clothes checklist:

    • Newborn 14 onesies, 14 sleepers
    • 0-3 months 14 onesies, 14 sleepers
    • 3-6 months 7 outfits, 7 sleepers
    • 6-9 months 7 outfits, 7 sleepers
    • 7-12 months 7 outfits, 7 sleepers

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