How To Burp A Newborn

What Are The Proper Techniques For Burping Infants

How to Burp a Newborn

There is no one right way for burping babies. However there are several tried and tested burping positions as demonstrated on this how to burp a baby page. You may find one your baby finds best or you might try all of them at some time. I usually try one and if that doesnt work, change the burping position to another one.

How to burp a baby properly involves taking the pressure off the stomach and holding the baby upright . There are several techniques that will achieve this, as seen below.

  • How to burp a baby position 1.Hold your baby with her head over your shoulder and her chest against your chest. Gently rub or pat the back. You do not need to be too vigorous, just pat gently if you elect to pat rather than rub. I cup my hand slightly to pat the back. Use a burp cloth and put it over your shoulder to catch any small vomit. See the picture on the right
  • How to burp a baby position 2.Sit your baby on your lap. Put the thumb and forefinger of one hand on the bony part of the babys jaw and hold the babys jaw forward. The other hand can gently rub or pat the back. The babys position should look like a triangle by pulling the head forward, the spine is stretched and pressure on the stomach relieved. See the picture on the right

You may even know how to burp a baby with another position if it works, keep doing it.

Why Do Babies Need To Be Burped

Babies end up with a lot of air in their bellies, and that might not seem like a big deal to you. However, its like having gas trapped at the bottom of a can it eventually causes an eruption.

While your babys stomach wont explode, it leads to belly aches, spitting up milk, and overall discomfort.

No parent wants their baby to be uncomfortable, so burping is the best option we have. Most parents have no idea that babies get so much gas in their bellies, but it happens for various reasons.

How To Burp A Newborn Puppy

A time may come when you’ll need to figure out how to burp a newborn puppy. Just like babies, a newborn puppy may need to be burped after having a meal. Even if the objective is good, some people may feel a tad bit uncomfortable in burping something smaller than a little human baby. Whatever makes you feel unpleasant about the task, try to keep in your mind that sometimes you just need to do it, regardless if it’s your little baby or a little puppy. Here’s a brief guide of why, when and how to burp a newborn puppy.

Why Burp a Newborn Puppy?

Well, before learning how to burp a puppy, try to understand the main purpose behind the task. A burp is needed to free the newborn puppy from air that’s trapped in his stomach.

Every time a puppy eats, there are chances that air is also swallowed at the same time. This air then accumulates in the puppy’s stomach and needs to get out, otherwise it creates a bloated feeling. Even as adults, we sometimes experience that bloated feeling of trapped air and it could be very uncomfortable. So imagine if your little newborn puppy has to endure that feeling!

Puppies who are bottle-fed are more likely to develop trapped air. To minimize the quantity of air being swallowed and the chances for bloating, it’s important to ensure the bottle being used has the correct sized opening, explains veterinarian Dr Suzanne Hurst. When the bottle is tilted upside down, the formula should drip, but without streaming out.

How To Burp a Newborn Puppy

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The Mechanics Of Burping

So why do babies need to be burped anyway? Newborns and young babies are often voracious eaters, sucking down milk like there is no tomorrow. When this happens, they inhale air along with the milk, causing it to become trapped as hard pockets inside their bellies. This is naturally very uncomfortable and often the reason for fussiness and crying, gassiness, and spitting up. Burping releases the air and accompanying pressure, not only relieving the pressure but also creating more room to continue eating.

In general, breastfeeding babies dont need to be burped as often as bottle-fed babies because they dont usually swallow quite as much air when they eat. Some kinds of bottle tips are designed to keep out excess air when your baby is eating, so if you are bottle-feeding your baby, look for these to reduce the need for burping.

Remember: Every baby is different. Babies need to be burped more often than you may think. Some need to be burped even before they feed. Often, while they are feeding, while many require it far more frequently. Some babies spit up a small amount when they burp, and others only make a cute baby belch! Pay attention to your babys moods and movements, and soon you will learn what your baby needs.

What To Do When Baby Wont Burp

Best Baby Burping Technique " I

What do you do if youve tried all the positions above and your baby is still uncomfortable but wont burp? It may be time to look into changing some of the possible causes of your babys discomfort to see if that might help.

  • Moms diet:For those moms that breastfeed, your diet may be the offender. Try keeping a food diary to see what you eat when your baby is most uncomfortable, then try eliminating that food from your diet and see if there is a difference. You can also try eliminating dairy, such as milk, cheese, and ice cream, to see if that helps your baby at all.
  • Formula:Mixing powdered formula into water is often done by shaking, which incorporates tiny air bubbles into the mix. Try swirling the formula into the water to minimize air bubbles or letting the formula rest after shaking, which releases air bubbles. You could also try using pre-mixed formulajust make sure to consult with your pediatrician if you are thinking about changing formula.
  • Nipples: Nipple options span all baby-appropriate ages . A nipple too big for a baby can cause them to swallow too quickly, letting air in as they try to keep up with the large flow. Choose the right size for your baby for the most comfortable feeding.
  • Bottles: Some baby bottles are shaped to harbor as little air as possible. Others have disposable liners, vents, or straw-like systems that keep bubbles from getting into the babys system as they drink.
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    How Do You Burp Baby

    • Burping baby means gently patting or rubbing their back to help them release air.
    • Cupping your hand to pat or rub keeps the burp gentler than using a flat palm.
    • Pat or rub for about a minute.
    • Most babies only need this gentle burping. But for some babies, you may need a slightly firmer rub or pat to get the air out.

    What If My Baby Doesnt Burp

    Your baby may not need to burp! Breastfed babies in particular may need to burp less, as they typically swallow less air than bottle fed babies. If your baby settles down nicely after their feeding and seems content, you may simply have a little one who doesnt need to be burped much.

    If your baby doesnt burp, but seems uncomfortable, they may have some trapped gas. Arching their back, crying, clenching their fists are all clues that your baby still needs to pass gas. In between feedings, try laying them on their back and gently massaging their belly in a clockwise motion. You can also try to gently bicycle their legs, bending one knee up toward their belly at a time.

    Along with these exercises, get in the habit of holding your baby with their knees tucked up toward their chest in between feedings. Air bubbles may travel down the digestive system, and holding your baby in the fetal position helps them to pass gas or bowel movements more easily.

    If your baby remains uncomfortable after trying these tips, reach out to your pediatrician for advice.

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    What If Baby Just Doesnt Burp Much

    If youve used the right burping technique and baby doesnt seem to burp much, theyre just fine as long as they dont seem uncomfortable. Some babies naturally swallow less air, and some babies pass enough gas to reduce their need for burping.

    Of course, if baby doesnt seem to be burping enough and still seems uncomfortable, talk to your pediatrician. They can help you figure out whats causing babys discomfort.


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    How Long Do Babies Need To Be Burped

    How to burp a baby

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    Allergic Reactions Or Food Intolerance

    If you are breastfeeding, your baby may also have a sensitivity to some of the food you eat and feel belly pain as a result. The most common food reaction in babies is adairy intolerance, particularly from ice cream, cheese, or yogurt that mom has eaten, says Dr. Shalini Forbis, a pediatrician and a Dr. Mom Squad blogger for Dayton Childrens Hospital in Ohio. Babies who are formula fed may also experience a similar intolerance, which creates more gas.

    If Your Baby Doesn’t Burp

    If your baby doesn’t burp after a few minutes, you can try to change their position. If that doesn’t work, don’t worry. A breastfed baby may not have to burp every time you try. You can continue the feeding or put your baby down or just hold them. If, after a while, you notice your baby still isn’t comfortable, you can try to burp them again.

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    After Burping: Understanding Your Babys Cues

    After burping, your baby will give you baby cues about what to do next. If baby is comfortable, it might be time for play and activities with you.

    If your baby is still upset after being burped, the problem might be something other than wind. Is your baby still hungry? Does baby have a dirty nappy? Is baby unwell?

    If your newborn is often unsettled after feeding and burping, or youre worried for any other reason, see your GP or child and family health nurse.

    What To Do If Your Baby Wont Burp

    How to Burp a Baby

    If you cant get your baby to burp no matter how hard you try, dont worry too much ¬ theyll most likely pass the excess air out the other end . If they begin to get very fussy or distressed, however, try sitting them up with support for 15 minutes or even gently bouncing them on your lap. These both often result in the burp coming up on its own.

    When I couldnt get my baby to burp using the typical methods, I used to very gently bounce her on my lap for a few minutes. Im not sure of the science behind it, but the motion seemed to move the air, and almost always resulted in a big burp.

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    How To Burp Your Baby: Positions To Try

    Here are three burping techniques that have stood the test of time. After trying each of them out, youâll probably settle on one that works best for you and your baby:

  • Hold your baby upright against your chest with his chin on your shoulder, all the while supporting him with one hand as you gently pat his back with your other hand.

  • Place your baby on your lap with him sitting up, all the while supporting his head and chest with one hand while you softly pat his back with your other hand.

  • Lay your baby on your lap with his belly faced down, all the while supporting his head so itâs higher than his chest, and pat his back.

  • What If My Baby Wont Burp After Feeding

    Baby may have sleeping troubles because of gas. When this happens too often, pick your little one up to burp. Position for burping If your baby doesnt burp after feeding, change their position and try burping for another. It is advised to keep your baby in an upright position for 10 to 15 minutes after you feed him.

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    How To Burp A Newborn That Wont Burp

    If you have a newborn that is hard to burp, try a few of these tested and trusted methods. Some babies burp better in different positions, so trying a few will give you the best results.

    Not all babies burp over the shoulder!

    My son preferred to lay across my lap to burp, but it took time and experimenting to find the best way to burp a hard burper.

    You Dont Need To Burp Babies

    How to Burp a Baby

    Its a commonplace occurrence: When a baby is done eating, their mom or dad places them over their shoulder and pats their back to get them to burp.

    It turns out that this familiar routine is probably useless.

    The theory behind the practice is that while nursing, babies inhale air that needs to be expelled after feeding. Patting their backs causes them to bring up that air, and well, burp.

    Weve all seen babies fuss after eating. That has to be due to gas in their stomachs, right? Wrong. As pediatrician Clay Jones argues, we have no proof that gas in the stomach is the cause of fussiness or reflux and even if it was there is no physiologic reason why babies would need help burping. If they were bloated, they could burp just like you and I, without help.

    If anything, Jones wrote, infants are protected from gas build up by normal immaturity of the lower esophageal sphincter, which relaxes and opens frequently. Basically, they naturally vent their own stomachs.

    Maybe youre worried that not burping babies will cause them to spit up more. Thats actually been studied! A study of 71 mother-baby duos found that burping babies did not reduce the rates of colic but did increase the rates of regurgitation or spit-up compared to not burping babies. It makes sense to me, and to Jones, that hitting a baby with a full stomach on the back will cause vomiting.

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