How To Buy Newborn Clothes

What Kinds Of Clothes Do Newborns Need

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Clothes should be comfortable, soft and easy to take care of.

Stretchy jumpsuitsthat fasten at the front are best, as well as tops with envelope necks, which are easier to get over your babys head. Jumpsuits with zips can make dressing your baby quick and easy too.

Clothes made from cotton are a good choice. Cotton clothes will keep your baby cooler in hot weather than clothes made from synthetic fibres. Cotton also washes well and is gentle against your babys sensitive skin.

Its also important to look out for clothes with a low fire hazard label. Newborn rompers and jumpsuits should have this label.

Its best to avoid buying newborn clothes with beading, threads, ties, drawstrings and attachments. These can be choking risks and strangulation or suffocation risks.

How Long Do Babies Fit In Newborn Clothes

Whether youre trying to choose a coming-home outfit for your own little one or pick out something sweet for a loved ones new baby, newborn-size clothes, or something a bit bigger with some room to grow, such as 0-3 months, is most likely the way to go. Which one will fit right off the bat? Ultimately, it comes down to babys size, which is nearly impossible to predict before birth.

I recommend having a variety of sizes on hand for your newborn including newborn and 0-3 months, says Husain.

While babies are known for their ability to grow and outgrow clothes at warp speed, Husain notes that not everyone will be packing the newborn-size clothes up after a week or two. You may have your little one wearing newborn clothing for 4-6 weeks if theyre closer to the 4-5 pound range, Husain points out. Every baby is different, but its smart for parents to remove the tags and wash a few not all newborn clothes before birth. This way, they can be returned if baby quickly jumps to the next size up.

I recommend having a variety of sizes on hand for your newborn including newborn and 0-3 months.


Use the same line of thinking if youre buying clothes for a newborn or baby shower gift. NB-size clothes may not fit for long and some bigger babies may never get a chance to wear them so its a safer bet to buy a size or two up for newborns.

Opt For Easy Clothing

We all can get caught up in what looks the cutest but when the baby actually comes, youre going to want stuff thats easy to put on and easy to get off. Think clothing with snaps and zippers or stretchy elastic pants or shirts that you can get on and off quickly.

Beware of buttonsbabies can be terribly wiggly and antsy, and it can take a lot longer to button up a piece of clothing than you may think. Youll especially want to be cognizant of zip or snap pajamas for middle-of-the-night changes.

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Most Affordable Organic Baby Clothes

Posh Peanut clothing is made from bamboo fiber, which is known for being lightweight, stretchy, and breathable.Their knotted gowns are super soft and comfortable for snug all-day wear, and the prints are also adorable and particularly photogenic if youre planning to do a newborn photo session. You can even buy coordinating outfits for mom if you so desire!

Is Newborn The Same Size As 0 : Buy 6pcs/lot Baby Girl Clothes Newborn ...

Newborn-size represents an average baby at birth up to 21.5 inches long and 5-8 pounds, which can be a very wide range, explains Dr. Amna Husain, a pediatrician at Pure Direct Pediatrics in Marlboro Township, New Jersey.

In terms of how weight relates to 0-3 month clothing, the range is typically 8-13 pounds, according to Husain, but there are other considerations to take into account namely, length.

Infants come in all shapes and sizes, so the range is helpful if you have an infant on the smaller/petite end versus the larger/longer end, says Husain. Ive found that sorting clothes by length versus what the tag says can be helpful since some brands run small and others large.

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How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need In Each Size

Babies need a lot of stuff with clothing at the top of the list. To avoid overwhelming yourself , shop for baby in baby steps. Start by putting together a layette, or a set of clothing essentials, for the newborn days, which often consists of:

  • 4 to 8 shirts

  • 3 to 6 one-piece rompers

  • 2 to 4 two-piece outfits

  • 1 to 3 seasonal dress-up outfits

  • 4 to 8 pairs of socks or booties

  • 1 to 2 sweaters

  • 1 snowsuit or bunting

  • 1 to 3 hats

  • 1 to 2 swimsuits

While that’s a good place to start, you can choose to buy more or less depending on your situation babies tend to need more layers in colder weather, for example, and how often you plan to do laundry should also factor into the equation.

Preppiest Style Winter Baby Clothes

Based in Maine, L.L.Bean knows a little something about winter weather. The brand offers an assortment of wet weather gear, snowsuits, and coats for babies and kids, as well as long johns and layering pieces for keeping warm and dry underneath.They also have adorable, tiny hiking boots for toddlers and the smallest pair of snow bibs youve ever seen. Cuteness alert!

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Take The Community Approach

Just like parenting, the road to sustainability is one that shouldnt be traveled alone. Community is the key to our success. Thankfully, community comes in many forms these days. Yes, you could take a bin of barely worn baby threads and gift them to the new mama down the street.

No babies on your street? Try posting pics of your items on local social media groups. You can even large websites that are specifically designed to connect you to communities all over the country, with the intent of selling or sharing clothes. The options to share clothing are endless. This first step towards baby clothes sanity, allows you to extend the life of a garment and build relationships in the process.

Newborn Essentials For Baby’s First 6 Weeks

What Size Baby Clothes To Buy | CloudMom

Despite all of the baby products on the market, your little one wont actually require a lot of gear. These newborn must-haves will get you through the first few weeks at home.

Have two packages of disposable diapers on hand . Babies go through several diapers daily, so look for sales and stock up whenever possible. Make sure to purchase the right size diapers to avoid leakage.

Disposable wipes are a lifesaver for diaper changes and yucky messes. Avoid purchasing wipes with fragrance to prevent irritating your babys soft skin.

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Newborn Baby Clothes Checklist

This newborn baby clothes checklist is completely minimalist! This is the absolute bare minimum that you need for your newborn baby that will keep you going until your baby is three months old.

When it comes to the style of babygro that you get, the onesies that fasten up with poppers tend to be cheaper than ones that do up with a zip. But the ones that do up with a zip are much easier to deal with in the middle of the night.

Consider buying one of two onesies that do up with a zip and have the rest with poppers.

This checklist features a pramsuit in size 0-3 months only. This is because it doesnt matter so much that it will be too big in the early weeks as your baby will only wear it for travel, not for rolling round on the floor.

The numbers here are assuming you will do more than one load of washing per week.

If you prefer to stick to just a one or two loads of washing a week, and you do not have a tumble dryer to speed up drying the clothes, buy a couple of additional vests and babygros to the newborn list so that you have at least one for every day plus a couple of extras on the 0-3 months checklist.

Ive stuck to all-in-one outfits to keep it simple here. This means you dont need to buy socks for the first few months. Trust me, they tend to just be pulled off of babys feet anyway!

  • Pramsuit. If your baby has reflux after being born where they are being sick frequently, you may want to buy a spare pramsuit just in case.

Great Collection Of Cute Outfits For Babies

Instead of packing up that stroller and diaper bag, you can browse our online store for boutique baby clothes from the convenience of your couch . And while there may be lots of options to buy clothes online, ours come from around the world and all have one thing in common: quality. From accessories to clothing, MoonBun is the right place when it comes to quality online infant/toddler clothes websites. Parents term it as a one-stop shopping store in the USA for luxury girls and boys outfits and accessories.

We are MoonBun, a reputed online store dealing with the best baby boutique online clothes and accessories dedicated to meeting the demand for stylish yet affordable apparel, accessories, and more products for babies, toddlers, and infants. Here, you will find an extensive collection of unique clothing for your little one.

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Choose Quality Clean Garments

Cotton is the worlds dirtiest crop. Period. Conventionally grown cotton accounts for roughly 4% of the worlds crops, but uses 25% of the worlds pesticides. Due in part to their size, and skin-time in contact with textiles, babies are far more vulnerable to the toxic effects of pesticides than adults.

We must be as careful about what we put ON our babies, as we are about what we put IN our babies. Even with thorough washing, some chemicals cannot be removed from garments and will then be taken in and processed by our skin . Organic clothing = healthy clothing!

Take Advantage Of Sales : Buy Baby Girls Rompers Clothing Cotton ...

The good thing about pregnancy is that it takes nine months to create a human life. And that means if youre due in May, summer clothes will be on sale when you have the urge to shop. So take advantage of the lower prices while you can, while paying attention to seasonality.

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Remember that youre more likely going to have the motivation to shop for clothing pre-baby versus when you have one crying or crawling around, so be sure to stock up now while you still have the drive to do so!

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How Many Onesies Do I Need For A Newborn

Onesies are the comfiest outfits. They are quick to put on and easy to change. Despite the season, at least three onesies can be bought in a newborn size. Then, it is better to opt for 0-3 size. Remember that onesies with built-in footies should have sufficient length so that not to prevent your baby from movements. Still wondering how many onesies do I need, buy three pieces. These are the most comfortable outfits for active pastimes, sleeping, and strolls for newborns.

How Long Do Babies Wear Newborn Clothes

When you have already determined what to buy, it is no less crucial to think about the size to choose. Newborn outfits are usually fit for babies up to 8 lbs. Thus, some newborns outgrow this size in several weeks. While others do not even wear this size. That is why it is better not to buy all the outfits in newborn sizes. This especially refers to the warm clothes needed for a newborn.

It is better to opt for the size 0-3. It is intended for the weight range up to 13 lbs. Thus, you can be sure that the clothes you buy will be worn by your baby. Remember that kids grow very fast in the first months. The speed of their growth and how long babies wear newborn clothes depend on the type of feeding, as well as the individual development of every child. Still, it is recommended not to pile the wardrobe of your baby with newborn-size outfits.

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How To Build Your Babys Wardrobe

There are a few things to think about when youre trying to figure out how many baby clothes youll need and how you should add clothing to your registry.

1. Think About Laundry

Your access to laundry makes a big difference in how many items of baby clothing youll need on hand.

Our list of newborn essentials below assumes you do a few loads of laundry throughout the week. If this isnt the case, though, you may need more or less clothing. Heres how to adjust:

  • If youre only planning on doing laundry once a week, multiply the numbers below by two.
  • If you will be doing laundry every day, cut the numbers below in half.

2. What About Baby Clothes Sizes

Figuring out sizing and how many pieces in each size to add to your registry can be tricky as its tough to anticipate how big your baby will be at birth and how quickly theyll grow. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Think big. Most newborn sizes top out around eight pounds, so if you have a bigger baby, they may need 0-3 months sizes from the start. Pick a few newborn items and then focus on 0-3 months since those clothes will fit babies up to around 12 or 13 pounds.
  • Mix it up. Each baby brand runs differently when it comes to sizing. Some brands run roomier and are great for larger babies, while others run on the slim side and work better if your baby is long and lean. Since you wont know your babys body type before birth, try to mix in clothes from several different brands so youll have a few different fit options.

Items You Can Do Without

Caring for Babies & Toddlers : How to Buy Baby Clothes

You might have noticed that I havent suggested shoes at any point. Thats because until your child is cruising or walking, you really dont need shoes. Even then, barefoot is better. Kids who go barefoot learn to balance better and earlier. In some cases, solid soled shoes can hamper their development and delay walking.

Once your child is running about, then its time for shoes. The only other time is if your little one is walking outside.

If your floors are cold, then you might want to choose socks with anti-skid soles. These will give your child grip while still giving them the freedom to move.

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