How To Dry Newborn Clothes

Its Time To Wash The Dirty Diapers

How i Wash And Dry My Baby Clothes | AFRICAN WAY

Plan to wash dirty diapers every day, or every other day

Yes, you read that correctly. This may feel excessive, but youre dealing with water-logged, stinky diapers. You could maybe get away with 3 days, but waiting longer than a day or two can lead to mildew stains and often requires extra wash cycles just to get the diapers clean.

Wash no more than 12 to 18 cloth diapers at a time

Your baby will go through 8 to 10 diapers in per day. This means stocking up on at least twice as many cloth diapers as youll use in a day, especially if you already know that running a load of diapers through the wash on a daily basis is just Not. Going. To. Happen.

You dont have to purchase 36 cloth diapers, but you may want to stock up on at least 16 of them.

Start by dumping the dirties into the washing machine and running a cold cycle

Use a pre-rinse or speed wash cycle with cold water and NO detergent. This will help to loosen up any lingering muck. This also reduces the potential for staining.

Run the dirties through a second, warm or hot cycle

Use a regular warm to very hot cycle and cloth-friendly detergent to get the diapers officially clean. Feel free to add a little scoop of baking soda to the detergent for a power boost. Baking soda will also neutralize acidic odors and remove protein-based stains.

Dont use fabric softeners . Fabric softeners coat the cloth diapers fabric, cause buildup, and prevent optimal fabric absorbency.

Washing Baby Clothes Like A Pro

Cleaning your mini-mes clothing is much different than washing your own. While you probably have no problem using the cheapest detergent on the shelf or mixing your cozy sweaters with your partners athletic jersey, theres a specific way to launder an infants outfits. This is not only so they stand the test of time and save you moneybut more importantly, so they dont irritate babys sensitive skin.

Should You Hang Dry Cloth Diapers

Many cloth diapers are dryer safe, but it may be more advantageous to hang them out to dry. Along with the benefits for air drying discussed below, air drying diapers can help sanitize them even more than what the washer is able to do.

The UV rays from the sun will kill harmful germs and sanitize the diapers in a way that is not possible for the dryer to do, plus the shells will last much longer when theyre exposed to the heat of the dryer regularly.

Another benefit of air drying diapers is eliminating the lingering smell that inevitably hangs around after it has been washed. The effect of the air and the sun on the diapers will kill the scent and leave them as clean as new. No more musty, stinky diapers!

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How To Dry Baby Clothes Quickly

First published on Wednesday 12 January 2022


Louisa Sherlock

Drying your babys clothes and bedding is easy in the summer hang them outside in the sunshine and job done. But in the winter, getting things dry in a hurry is not always easy.

Which is not good news when bedtime is fast approaching and your babys sleeping bag, pyjamas or favourite comforter are still wet from the wash. Aagh.

Luckily when it comes to laundry, the brilliant mums and dads in our Netmums forum have lots of tried-and-tested tips. Weve rounded up their advice for the best ways to dry everything from bedding to babygrows quickly.

And weve also got the answers to all your laundry questions, including the best laundry detergent to use, how to prevent clothes from shrinking in the tumble drier AND how to get rid of damp when drying clothes inside.

Why Do Clothes Say No Tumble Dry

Can I Hang Dry Baby Clothes Outside? (With 3 Surprising ...

What is the meaning of no tumble dry? This is a phrase typically used in reference to washing clothes, but more specifically drying. No tumble dry simply means do not dry in a dryer, but rather hang it out to dry. Most often, this is because frequent drying via heat will cause the colors to fade prematurely.

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How To Wash Baby Clothes For The First Time: Preparation

Before cleaning and disinfecting your childs clothes, you must understand how important washing your babys clothes for the first time is. For you to wash your childs clothes for the time you must make preparations.

While preparing your childs clothes for a wash, you must remember that you must wash their clothes for the first time to ensure theyre free of harmful bacteria before they wear them and not after.

Here are important tips to keep in mind when washing your babys clothes:

  • First, make sure you take a look at the brand label for washing instructions. This will serve as a guide in understanding the material and the behavior in which it can react to a wash.
  • Be mindful about the kind of laundry detergent used. It is recommended to use non-chemical laundry soap that is specifically made for infants.
  • Pre-soak the material in water, especially if the cloth allows it. Pre-soaking the cloth in hot water helps kill a lot of the germs.
  • After wash, soak the cloth in warm water. This helps to kill detergent and other allergenic bacteria.
  • Lastly, allow it to dry in the sun or heat. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant. If possible, make sure you dry your babys clothes in natural sunlight, if not, make sure your baby clothes are dried in a clean, sterile room that has heat.

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Read The Tag On The Clothing


Almost every piece of clothing has care instructions on the tag, including baby clothing. This can tell you what temperature of water to use, and whether youll need to hand wash the item.

Some pieces of clothing, like those that are made out of specific fabrics or that have a lot of lace, will need to be hand-washed.

Others will usually be fine but might do best in the delicate setting.

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Can I Tumble Dry My Baby Clothes

  • Do baby clothes take longer to dry?
  • Your babys clothes can be dried just like you would any of your own clothes. Things like sweaters and lacy dresses should probably be laid flat to dry. However, most other items are fine to let tumble. You might think that all those tiny clothes would dry really quickly, but that actually isnt the case.

    What Is The Best Detergent For Baby Clothes

    You may be wondering if you can wash your newborn’s clothes with regular detergent. Quite simply, the answer is yes. The key thing to remember when choosing a detergent for newborn baby clothes is to go for a non-biological detergent. This is because babies have very delicate and sensitive skin, which the stain-busting enzymes in biological detergents can irritate. Try Persil non-bio instead: itâs highly effective, but still gentle to sensitive skin. Our skin care research is even recognised by the British Skin Foundation.

    Intrigued? Find out more about why non-bio is the best type of detergent for newborn baby clothes in our guide.

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    How Can You Remove Stubborn Stains

    For such a tiny person, your baby creates a lot of mess. From leaking nappies to baby weaning , youll be faced with different spills as they grow.

    Fairy is your one-stop laundry solution and works even at 30 degrees. Got babygrows or teeny-tiny outfits with super stubborn stains? Then pop a Fairy Platinum POD in your machine for even more softness** and extra stain removal.***

    Alternatively, use Fairy Non Bio Stain Remover Powder before washing your babys clothes as normal. Easy peasy.

    **Fairy PODS® vs other Fairy laundry forms

    *** Fairy Platinum PODS® vs Fairy PODS®

    Removing Stubborn Poop Stains

    Premium Photo

    Sunning alone works wonders as a natural bleacher for most stains . However, this isnt always an option if you live somewhere with dreadfully cold winters or in an apartment without space to hang clothes outside. Plus, there are always those stubborn poop stains in need of a little something extra. Here is what we recommend.

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    How To Wash Baby Clothes

    Once you get a handle on the feeding, sleeping, and essential baby care routine, learning to wash baby clothes will follow. All the basics from your regular laundry care apply to washing baby clothes. But a few tricks can make the process even easier. First, place socks and other small items in a mesh laundry bag during washing and drying. If adult socks are lost on the regular, those tiny baby socks are even more prone to disappearing a mesh bag helps contain them. Fasten all hook-and-loop fabric fasteners to keep clothing from getting caught and possibly damaged. When folding and putting clothes away, give items a once over to make sure no buttons, snaps, or embellishments came loose during washing. Ensure there aren’t any fraying seams or edges that could cause a baby’s skin to become irritated or catch on tiny fingers and toes.

    Potential Benefits Of Air Drying Baby Clothes Outside

    Many people dont have the ability to hang clothes outside to dry, but if you are lucky enough to have the space and opportunity to do so, there are some great benefits to the extra time and effort.

    Youre probably already aware that sun-dried clothing smells fresh in a way that your dryer can never really replicate, but did you know that the sun is also better at sanitizing your laundry as well? If thats not enough, your clothes will actually last longer and theyll be safer against your babys sensitive skin.

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    Differences Between Baby Laundry And Adult Laundry

    Doing laundry can be one of the most tedious house-chores, especially when you have a newborn! Not only is an infant’s skin more sensitive and delicate, but their unpredictable spit-ups and accidents can mean washing more often than normal. Onesies, blankets, socks, mittens, burping rags-there are countless fabrics your baby uses every day! But do they need special care, or can you just throw it in the wash with everything else?

    Do Childrens Place Clothes Shrink

    Laundry Tips : How to Wash Baby Clothes

    Like Carters Childrens Place also has mixed comments from parents. Some comments claim that Childrens Place manufacturers may actually prewash and preshrink items to avoid shrinking when the consumer gets them. This may depend on the item and in my experience pre-washing does not always guarantee that your clothes wont shrink. At the end of the day, its best to follow the care instructions on each item carefully.

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    Do Old Navy Baby Clothes Shrink

    Most people online stated that they did not have an issue with Old Navy baby clothes shrinking. But, again, this may depend on the particular item of clothing.

    If your baby clothes end up shrinking after a wash or two, you may be able to save them. Many parents turn to a good ol stretch before dressing your child. Putting your fist in the clothes and stretching the fibers can help bring the clothes back to normal size and become wearable again.

    Do Baby Clothes Shrink In The Dryer

    Drying baby clothes is also a big part of preventing shrinking. Just like with the setting of your wash cycle, the setting you put your dryer on will also have an impact on the fibers of your babys clothing. So yes, baby clothes can shrink in the dryer, too if the heat setting is high and too harsh for the clothes.

    Tumble dry baby clothes for best results

    Again, its best to refer to the tag on your babys clothes for the best instructions to dry them. However, parents can often find good results when they tumble dry baby clothes with low heat. This setting tends to be more gentle on tiny baby clothes and prevent shrinking.

    Drying on a high heat can definitely get your clothes to dry faster, but that can end up ruining your clothes if you repeat the cycle too often.

    Like handwashing, theres also the option to air-dry your babys clothes. Hanging dry or laying clothes to dry is probably the most gentle way to dry your clothing. An added bonus? This method can also save on energy costs in the long run. While allowing your clothes to air dry will take a lot longer than a traditional dryer, it will help prevent your delicate clothes from shrinking.

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    Drying Without A Dryer

  • 1Use a hairdryer. If you have access to a handheld blow-dryer, you can use it to quickly and intensively dry your clothing. First, wring out the wet garment and lay it on a clean, dry surface. Turn the hairdryer to a warm or high setting â it’s more about the air flow than the heat. Hold the blow-dryer near the clothing, and dry it spot-by-spot with quick blasts of hot air. Work your way slowly around the entire surface of the garment, front and back, inside and out, until the whole thing is dry. You have to pay attention to not overheat you hair dryer in order to avoid its damage.
  • Rotate the garment frequently to dry any pockets, sleeves, and collars. Dry them from the inside and the outside to ensure that you do a thorough job.
  • Be careful not to point the blow-dryer at one spot for too long. If some garments or surfaces get too hot, they might catch fire.
  • 2Use a clothesline or drying rack. Hang your clothing on a line, if possible, or use a drying rack. A line is usually fastest, but it is not always practical. Make sure to hang each item individually so that it has the space and ventilation to dry quickly. Rotate and flip garments periodically to ensure an even dry.XResearch source
  • Try setting up your clothing to dry somewhere with a brisk airflow â anywhere air is moving. Hang your clothes by a window if there’s a breeze, or set up a fan to simulate the airflow inside the house.XResearch source
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