How To Keep Newborn Entertained

Visit The Zoo Or Aquarium From Your Sofa

Baby Must Haves 5-10 months Keeping a Baby Entertained!

You don’t have to leave your family room to take your baby on an adventure! Thanks to The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and the Georgia Aquarium, you can show your darling some of Mother Nature’s finest creations from the comfort of your home. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo was thoughtful enough to put webcams on the pandas, lions, and elephants living under their roof. The Georgia Aquarium has round-the-clock attention on the beluga whales, penguins and piranhas in captivity. It’s a win-win, you get to look at beautiful animals without paying for an expensive ticket or finding parking!

Stretch Pedal And Tickle

Lay baby on a blanket and help them get moving. Gently hold their hands while you move their arms up, out to the side, and around. Give those adorable toes a little squeeze and pedal their legs . Gentle massage and tickles from the bottoms of their feet to the top of their head can offer fun for both of you.

This is also a great time to introduce some simple toys. A rattle, high-contrast stuffed toy, or an unbreakable mirror are all good options. Hold them close enough for your baby to focus, talk about what youre doing, and give them a chance to reach for and touch the items while you play.

Preparation Is Key To Success:

  • Engage with your baby for some good quality time before you get on a call. Put your phone away and really get down and give them your full attention. The increased oxytocin you get from those sweet back and forth coos will decrease both your stress levels.

  • Set up your work station where your baby can easily see and hear you. Sitting on the floor near your baby may give them some entertainment and keep them occupied for longer than if you were sitting across the room

  • Change their diaper and feed them before your call. OR pre-load some snacks into a little bowl so they have something to keep them busy while youre working.

  • Make a loose schedule and take turns being the on parent if both mom and dad are working from home. This gives baby more connection throughout the day and may help you focus and actually get some work done during your off-duty time.

  • Know your babys typical schedule and keep an eye on cues that baby is getting sleepy or tired. Avoiding an over-hungry or over-tired baby will significantly improve the day for both of you!

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Tried And Tested Ways To Keep Your Toddler Busy

At the end of the day, it is important that babies and toddlers engage in meaningful activities that combine fun and education. Each of the above activities fulfill these two criteria and ensure that the next time your little one reaches out for an object to play with, it won’t be the television remote.

Note: Parental supervision is recommended in any activity involving your toddler.

Happy playing!

Help Your Baby’s Eyesight Develop

How to Keep a Baby Entertained (with Pictures)

Your baby’s once-fuzzy eyesight is growing clearer every day, and at around the 3-month mark, so is her ability to follow an object with her eyes. Give her some practice by offering interesting things to look at, such as:

  • Bright patterns. Sharp contrasts are more intriguing to newborns than delicate pastels, so don’t hesitate to go bold in what you show her. Draw simple pictures or cut them from paper and hang them near her changing table.
  • Mirrors. Babies love mirrors! She’s not vain , she just loves seeing another tot just her size. Choose an unbreakable mirror made just for infants.
  • Mobiles. Hang one about 6 to 12 inches above your baby’s face, and off to one side . And remember, the objects on the mobile are for your baby’s benefit, not yours. Make sure the most interesting view is from the bottom not the side or top .
  • Faces and people. Whether live or in photographs, babies are fascinated by the human face. Offer yours for observation often, or show her pictures of other people’s faces.
  • Books. There’s no need for fancy words or any words at all. Choose sturdy cardboard or cloth books with simple, clear drawings or photographs of everyday objects, babies, children and animals. Your baby might spend more time chewing on the book than looking at it, but she might occasionally sneak a peek at the pictures.

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Ways To Play With A Newborn 0

by | May 7, 2021

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In the first few weeks after bringing home my babies, they seemed so small and fragile. All I was worried about is getting them fed, changed, and snuggled.

However, once a few weeks went by and my babies were awake a lot longer, I was was wondering how to play with my newborn. I wanted to incorporate activities that would aid in his development and keep him busy during awake times.

Activities for newborn babies are actually quite simple, but still very beneficial.

Your baby may sleep most of the day, so you will need to use your time wisely and find how to entertain your newborn when theyre awake. Newborn awake time activities vary greatly and can change dependent on your preferences and what your baby seems to enjoy.

If you are nervous about finding the appropriate newborn play ideas, or find yourself wonderingWhat activities can I do with my newborn?, dont worry! Read on to find some of the easiest and most beneficial newborn awake time activities.

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Ways To Keep A High Need Baby Or Toddler Entertained

High need babies and toddlers tend to suck at entertaining themselves.

While other kids are content to sit in a bouncy seat looking around, or can sometimes play happily with toys on their own, these things can be very difficult for a high need baby or toddler

This can be extremely frustrating for the parents who simply wants to shower in peace and quiet, wash the dishes, or God forbid spend 5 minutes in the bathroom alone.

Unfortunately, theres not much you can do to MAKE your high need baby learn to entertain him or herself.

While its a great idea to give your child brief opportunities to start learning to play independently , he or she will still likely continue to need lots of help and reassurance to become more independent.

So, whats a parent to do in the meantime?

While I dont have a magic solution for you, I do have some suggestions that have worked for many of the parents in our Facebook support groups.

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Buy An Engaging Travel Mobile

Find a good travel mobile that can keep your little one engaged. Its best if you can have a mobile that they ONLY use in the car seat not also on the stroller and swing and bouncer. That way it is always a fresh toy when they get in the car, and they will stay engaged with it longer. We personally lovethis one from the Manhattan toy company. Its design is so simple, yet the high-contrast images keep our girl mesmerized for a very long time! I got this for her when she was three months old and she STILL loves it at nine months old! I would definitely recommend it!

How To Stop Entertaining Your Baby


Hi Janet,

I love your articles. I love the concept of letting your little ones just be alone sometimes. I feel I am constantly trying to entertain my little 5 month old girl, and I want her to be someone that likes her own company in the future and can be creative by herself. I dont know if my LO is clingy or just used to me being right next to her 24/7?

For the last 2 months I have been trying to let her have as much floor play as possible and just gave her space and a few open-ended objects to play with. I stay in the room with her so I am within reach but try to let her have her own space. She seems to get very frustrated and complains a lot after a short amount of time. If I go over to her and engage with her, she is instantly happy. I have not been denying her cuddles or interaction, but she seems much happier when Im constantly entertaining her with singing, faces etc. Maybe Im getting something wrong? Please help!

The only other thing I can think of is that she doesnt want to be restricted on the floor. She LOVES to be held up on her legs in standing position. She complains at tummy time and rolls but isnt crawling yet, and just seems to want to stand for a large amount of time.


Hi Jade,

Remember that complaining about trying something new doesnt mean shes unhappy.

A baby who can self-entertain will never need TV.

I share more about nurturing child-led play in

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Use Random Objects Around The House

What a baby needs more than anything is more stimulation in the form of different objects to play around with. You can place his fancy toys or blocks or gather some plates from the kitchen, take a few old objects out of the cupboard, plastic containers from the shelves, and arrange them all around your little one. As you start creating towers from them or putting one object inside the other, your babys brain will kick into action and he will use those objects in every way possible.

Refresh Their Interest In A Toy

If you sense they are getting bored, dont panic and throw them another toy just yet. Take that same toy and show them a new way to use it. For example, if they have a couple egg shakers and have gotten bored shaking them, show them the cool sound they make when you bang them together. Something as simple as that can reinvigorate their interest and keep them playing with the same toy even longer. This can help develop a childs focus and concentration and lead to more creativity.

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Why Not A Screen

When I was a kid, I didnt have a screen to stare at I had a window to stare out. This is when my imagination went wild! Daydreaming allows our brain the downtime to make connections it wouldnt otherwise make, and it enhances creativity.

I understand that not all digital entertainment is bad for kids. Some of our advanced technology actually inspires kids to be more creative! However, because of the babys developing brain, theAmerican Academy of Pediatrics recommends children under two not using digital media at all, except for video chatting. Babies develop their creativity best in the three-dimensional world, using all their senses to grasp the world around them. According to studies, too much screen time can

  • affect their brain development
  • stunt creativity
  • lead to other problems such as ADHD, depression, and anxiety

As much as we like to be on the road, Ive made it a goal not to let screen time be our go-to entertainment, especially while shes this young. So far, with some simple strategies, weve been able to hold it off!

Limit Caffeine If Breastfeeding

How to Keep a Baby Entertained: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Caffeine passes through your breastmilk and will stimulate your baby just as it stimulates you, which is not what you want to do if you want our baby to sleep well.To determine if caffeine is part of the problem,, try cutting it out of your diet for a few days. If you see an improvement in your babys sleep, you can gradually reintroduce caffeine, but be sure to keep an eye on timing. Morning caffeine may be fine, however after 4:00 p.m. may cause sleep issues.

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Let Your Little One Talk About The World Around Him

As babies start growing up, they begin to make attempts to talk and communicate with people around them. Some babies tend to be quite talkative, while a few others may require a little encouragement to do so. If you spot your toddler getting bored, start talking to him and ask him to tell you what hes doing. Let him form words, clap his hands together, or even shout out and scream. The more expressive he is, the more he will start enjoying talking to others.

How Can I Help My Newborn Learn

As you care for your newborn, talk, smile, and interact with your baby. Pay attention and respond to your baby’s cues. For example, watch how your baby moves or starts to coo back when you speak. Take turns “talking” to each other. This is how your baby learns to communicate.

In the first few weeks, you may want to introduce some simple, age-appropriate toys that appeal to the senses of sight, hearing, and touch, such as:

  • rattles

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Try White Noise At Night

White noise can help to replicate the sounds your baby heard in your womb and may help keep her calm. Your white noise machine may need to be at a fairly loud volume to work, and can also act as a sound barrier, helping to block outside sounds from your babys room.

White noise is often very helpful for children who are very alert and curious to help them calm their minds and fall asleep.

Introduce New Things To Your Baby


We tend to take a lot of things around us for granted. But this is a new world if you start seeing it from the eyes of your baby. Take a light switch for example. The act of pressing a button and seeing a bulb light up may seem normal to you but is actually quite magical for a baby. Introduce your little munchkin to multiple aspects like these, and join in their awe as well. The more surprised you will act, the more he will feel like he has someone to share his emotions with. The doorbell is another favourite and it can be interesting to track down the source of the sound.

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Simple Ideas To Get It All Done With A Baby At Home

COVID-19 has changed our daily routines and these new circumstances pose new challenges of working from home. Multi-tasking is the new name of the game. Maybe you now have a spouse working from home, maybe you’re also working from home, you need to keep baby busy during work calls, keep your sanity, still grab a shower, walk the dog, make meals… the list is long, am I right?

Before we dive in, please hear this: you cant do it all, and that what youre already doing is enough. This is a strange and uncertain time, and trying to take on too much can lead to overwhelm and difficulty moving forward. If youre still feeling like all youre doing is damage control, maybe youre not ready to focus your energy here, and that is ok. You and your baby will come out of this just fine, we promise! When you do get into a good routine and you are ready to make the most out of your babys time while youre all home, keep reading. Weve had years of experience working from home, and we hope some of these things will be useful for you or spark ideas for how to incorporate some of these ideas into your own busy day.

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