How Many Newborn Clothes Do I Need

Size 100 In Baby Clothes

How many BABY CLOTHES do you need? Newborn wardrobe essentials

A European size 100 is about a 3T in the U.S. Itll likely fit a toddler weighing between 31 and 38 pounds, or up to a height up to around 40 inches.

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Tips On Baby Clothes Sizing

In deciding how many onesies does a newborn needs, its also important to consider some tips on clothing sizing. Here are some general tips on baby clothes sizing:

  • For clothing brands that give a single month for the size, consider getting the upper limit.
  • Most clothing brands do give weight and height recommendations for their size ranges, but you need to search for the sizes chart online.
  • They may seem funny, but you can find out what you or your husband were like as babies. Always in the big size side? Or always on the smaller side? This may give you a little idea of what to expect.
  • Boutique brands may run on the smaller side. This isnt a hard and fast rule, but it would help to be aware when considering getting from boutique brands.
  • Once your baby hit the 18 and 24-month sizes , the difference between those two sizes and 2T is so small, size up and get more wear out of each gear.
  • When in doubt, always keep the tags on so you can exchange for a bigger size or store credit when it doesnt fit. Even if you wont get the full value, its better than wasted clothes your baby never wore.

Shopping For Baby Clothing Made Easy

The newborn phase goes by fast . Its a phase marked by rapid growth and development, so make sure that you have extra Onesies bodysuits and pajamas in a range of sizes to accommodate your little ones changing body.

Ready to start shopping for your newborn? Check out Gerber Childrenswear for quality newborn clothes at prices youll love!

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Basic Baby Clothing List For Your Newborn

No matter how you have replied to the above questions, there are still certain outfits that must be included in the wardrobe of your child. Here they are:

For Cold Seasons:

The basic list should be complemented with a warm overall, hat, mittens, socks, and blanket. You can also get booties or slippers. Besides, it is crucial to pay attention to the humidity and temperature inside. The recommended temperature is around 65 degrees, thus, outfits for indoor activities should be also warm enough.

For Warm Seasons:

Be sure to get a light blanket for sleeping outside, as well as a good hat to protect against ultraviolet rays.

For Personal Preferences:

Active parents would also need diverse accessories for traveling, as well as outfits to visits diverse venues. The family looks for photoshoots are also very popular these days. Remember that dressing your newborn is not just following the rules but being satisfied as well.

What Clothes Do I Need For A Newborn

What new babies need

If youre asking yourself, What clothes do I need for a newborn?, youre definitely not alone! Buying clothes for an infant under three months seems easyuntil you are actually the new parent who is doing it. Youll need the right sizes and styles for both day and night, but youll also need to consider how easy it is to get your little one dressed. At this early stage, the materials you choose should also be soft, comfortable and gentle on the skin.

Having a comprehensive list of newborn clothing essentials at the ready will help you save both time and money. If youre expecting, itll make it easier to tell your loved ones what you need and can even help you build your registry. Explore our guide to understand which garments will make for comfy days and cozy nights. Once you know the basics, you can have fun building your newborns wardrobe with seasonal colors and accessories!

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Hit Up The Sales Rack

One of my favorite things to do is scanning the clearance rack at my regular stores. Even if the clothes dont fit now, its an excellent opportunity to stock up. If you buy a larger size, think about the time of year your child will wear it. Sure there is a fantastic deal on bathing suits, but consider how old your child will be next summer.

In addition, I thoroughly enjoy checking out the sale items after a holiday, like Christmas. Its a great time to buy outfits for next year. Its also a great time to stock up on bibs. I have no problems with my child wearing a Christmas bib in July.

Newborn Baby Clothes Sizes

Whether youre looking for the perfect outfit to bring your baby home in, or just filling up little ones closet with an adorable wardrobe, its important to think about which size to stock up on for the newborn days.

It may seem like common sense to buy the Newborn size for your newborn, but its actually smarter to size up . On average, Newborn clothes only fit babies up to 8 pounds which for most babies, doesnt last that long .

Whereas size 0-3 months should fit your baby up to 12 pounds, and you can always roll up sleeves and pant legs for a few weeks while baby grows into the larger size.

If your baby is predicted to be petite, or you have a preemie, Newborn or Preemie sizes make a little more sense. Just consider keeping the tags on tiny outfits and hanging on to receipts in case baby arrives larger than expected or grows super quickly.

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Hats With A Wide Brim

For older babies, I particularly like this UPF 50+ sun hat. During 6-9 months is when you often see babies start to crawl. With them moving around a lot, this hat has a wide brim to protect the face, but its not too huge to obstruct his or her vision.

Its light and can be easily folded for the diaper bag. It has a chin strap for windier days.

The best part is that theres an adjustable toggle so you can loosen or tighten the width of the hat so its always the perfect fit and stays on your babys head.

There Is No Magic Number


While the above advice is useful, every parent has to find out what works for them and their baby. Some parents like to go all out, others are minimal-minded, and the rest fall somewhere in-between. As you get into the groove of parenthood, you will learn what you need for your baby.

You will figure out what types of clothing are easiest for you to dress your baby in, what your baby feels most comfortable in, styles that stand out, what you do not seem to use very much, and items you simply can’t live without. Once you have sorted that out, baby clothes shopping becomes a snap. Or at least not as confusing as it could be! An outfit should be fun, so don’t get too wrapped up in what’s “right.” It is all about moderation, a nice collection of newborn outfits, and a happy baby.

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Think About The Season

My third was born during a California summer where we didnt have air conditioning. While most of the year it wasnt a problem, it was a hot issue that summer. I made a point to dress her in light clothing to ensure she didnt get overheated. Since we swaddled her, she usually only wore a onesie to bed. I also didnt cover her feet, so the socks stayed in the drawer during those hot summer months.

However, if you live in a cold climate and bring your baby home in the middle of winter, you will want to make sure you are appropriately dressed. Its important not to overdress your child so they dont overheat. All of this can sound pretty overwhelming, but I promise you got this!

How Many Onesies Do I Need Our Newborn Wardrobe Checklist

1-3 special occasion outfits

Hereâs a tip from Poppylist co-founder Tamiz: âAdd all the cute, stylish clothes to your registry so you don’t have to buy them. Otherwise, stick to versatile staples that you can mix and match.â

Youâll likely find that most of the time, you opt to dress your newborn in easy basics. But youâll want at least one special occasion outfit to have on hand, to wear home from the hospital, for family photos, or to meet family and friends.

6-8 Bodysuits/ Onesies

Simple cotton bodysuits are the foundation of a newborn wardrobe. Theyâre inexpensive, easy to launder, and easy to get on and off tiny baby bodies.

They come in two styles: the traditional pullover, and foldover, which is usually called side-snap or kimono style. According to Salwa Khan, founder of Cubbiekit, pullover style is made with an envelope neckline so you can remove the baby’s clothing by sliding it down instead of over the head in case of a diaper leak.

During the newborn phase, many families find they prefer the side-snap variety. âNewborn babies have limitedâbasically non-existantâneck control and typically donât like anything going over their heads,â says Salwa. âThatâs why the kimono style is popular for parents with newborns.â

You might experience stains early on with spit up and other bodily fluids, so this Gerber 5-pack organic long-sleeved onesie bodysuit is a staple in our recommendations for expecting parents.

3-4 Pairs of Pants/Leggings

2-3 Hats

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Do I Need Newborn Clothing

Youll quickly learn how quickly newborns outgrow their clothing. They go from swimming in it to being way too big for it fast. If you dont anticipate having a tiny baby, I recommend going for the 0-3 months clothing. Newborn clothing typically only fits babies up to 8 lbs, and I know that wouldnt work for any of my children.

If you are pregnant with your first and have no idea what to expect when it comes to your babys weight, I recommend buying a few basic pajamas or onesies ahead of time. You can easily pick extra clothes up after they are born. In addition, the hospital is equipped with onesies they can give you. I can assure you, your baby will have something to wear.

How Many Clothes Should I Buy Before The Baby Is Born

How Much Baby Clothes Do I Need In Each Size

I have super strong feelings about when you should buy baby things. This is the part of becoming a parent that people tend to go overboard with, and waste hundreds of dollars on.

And I get it. I really do.

Ive been where you are. Walking up and down the aisles at the store and seeing all the pink, blues, and yellowsthe cute dresses, the adorable tiny tuxes, the ladybug print shirts, and the dinosaur-themed pants. Ive seen them all.

Ive been tempted by them all.

And guess what? I left every single one of them on the rack.


So many people bust their budget for their baby before hes even born. If youre truly interested in how many clothes you should buy before your baby is born, I suggest having enough clothes on hand for 2 weeks of life and, if your budget is really tight buying them in 0-3 months instead of newborn.

Yes, theres a good chance your baby will be swim in them, but honestly, thats ok and you KNOW youll get use out of them even if your baby is on the big side.

Youll be changing the clothing of your baby at least once per day so plan on having enough shirts/onesies/pants on hand that you dont have to stop everything to do laundry because you ran out in a matter of 2 days.

Keep your clothing choices simple and user-friendly because youre going to be changing, unsnapping, and removing clothes off your baby multiple times per day.

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How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need A Baby Clothes Checklist

Buying baby clothes can be tricky. From jumpsuits to sleepers to swaddles, the many options and requirements for baby clothes can be quite confusing, especially for first-time parents. Because babies grow so quickly and can jump three to four sizes in just the first few months, buying just a few pieces of essential items in each size is a good option. On the other hand, babies can be rather messy, so you might need to have more clothes than what you think you need.

Because of how fast babies grow, you do not need to have too many pieces of each item in each size. Plan to always have at least two daytime outfits and one nighttime outfit on hand at all times, not including what your baby is currently wearing. The following is a sample list of what and how many baby clothes you may need.

  • 8-10 Bodysuits
  • 1-2 Jackets/Cardigan
  • 1 Pair of Shoes

The number of baby clothes youll need also ties into how often you plan to do baby laundry. It is suggested that at least two loads of laundry are done each week to avoid having a bigger pile-up. It also allows you need to buy less clothing for your baby.

Season And Climate Help Determine Clothes A New Baby Needs

Depending on the time of year and the climate in which you live will help determine what clothes your new baby needs. For instance, both of my babies were born in the summer so they lived in onesies and single body pieces for the first several months. If you live in a cool climate or your baby is born in winter you may need some warmer clothing.

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The Quality Of Fabrics

Thinking about what baby clothes to buy, do not forget about the materials. This is especially important for cold seasons. For summer, most outfits are offered in linen, cotton, and other light materials. At the same time, winter collections are abundant in synthetics. Be sure to have the first-layer items of natural fabrics. At the same time, it is reasonable not to buy too many synthetic items. Just a couple of items so that to check the reaction of your newborn skin to these materials.

What Size Baby Clothes To Buy

How many clothes do you ACTUALLY need for your baby? | Newborn Capsule Wardrobe (0-3 Months)

To a certain extent this is a pretty tricky question to answer! Ultimately it depends on your babys weight at birth.

Some babies are born barely filling a newborn size onesie. Others are born needing 0-3 months from day one and never squeezing into any newborn size clothes.

Whatever size your baby is from day one, one thing is certain: They wont be in newborn baby clothes for long!

Babies need to double their weight in the first six months. Thats a whole lot of growing.

As with grown-ups, there are short babies and long babies, so they all move through the sizes of babygros and baby clothes at their own pace.

So what size baby clothes should you buy for your baby?

Remember that while 0-3 months might be baggy on your baby, when theyre a newborn it doesnt matter so much. They wont be running around the room tripping over the trailing arm sleeves!

So opt for a small number of newborn baby clothes, and purchase more of the 0-3 month clothing as you will find these get more use. The 0-3 month size clothing tends to last up until baby weighs 12.5lbs.

Of course if you do have any unfortunate issues such as premature birth you will need tiny clothes. In these circumstances you can buy after the event, and dont forget most hospitals will have some clothes to help you out for a day or two.

If you are having twins or more, the weight is likely to be much lower than the average sized newborn. The average size for twins is 5.5lbs at birth.

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