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Winter Mom & Baby Programs

Top 3 Newborn Must Haves for Winter 2020

This is the perfect list for you if you are looking for Winter Mom and Baby programs in Toronto. The list contains all only indoor Winter Mom and Baby activities and programs you can do in Toronto during the winter. If you


My name is Diel and I live in Toronto with my husband and our two girls.I love to share my story and write helpful guides for new moms.

Do You Love Household Checklists Like Me

When I first became a mom 12 years ago, I had NO CLUE what I was doing when it came to managing a household with babies in it.

In reality, I was unprepared for the emotional and physical energy toll that children have on you. I swear the days now only have 17 hours in them

Now that I have 3 kids and have been doing this home management thing for many years, Im going back and creating ALLLLL the checklists I wish I had all those years ago to help me!

Newborn Must Haves You Cant Forget To Register For In 2021

If you are wondering What do I need for a newborn? then you are in the right place!

Having a newborn baby is stressful enough without having to worry about what to buy in preparation for his or her arrival.

When I was about to have my first baby, I was SO CONFUSED about what was truly a baby necessity and what I should bother putting on my registry.

It was so tough being a first time mom and the first of my close circle of friends to get pregnant! I really didnt know where to get advice.

I wish an experienced mom would have taken me by the hand and walked me through the list of newborn must haves and then explained what things werent truly necessary, but would have been nice to have.

This is my gift to all the expectant moms out there. As a mom of 3 , I feel like I am pretty much well versed on the topic of most needed stuff to get in preparation of babys arrival.

If youre having a baby in 2022 , you are in the right place!

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Winter Pajama And Wearable Baby Sleeping Bag

You never know how hot or cold a hotel room or rental room will be so I always think the it worth being prepared with a winter pajama with feet, a lighter pajama and a baby sleeping bag.

This way, no matter what temperature you may find, you know your child is comfortable and will not kick covers off, running the risk of being cold or, worse, accidentally pull them above their heads while sleeping.

Mommys Bliss Organic Cough Syrup

Winter Must Haves for Baby

I keep a bottle of Mommys Bliss Organic Cough Syrup at home to give my little guy relief from occasional coughs, should they arrive .

Founded by a mom and pediatric nurse, Mommys Bliss offers a wide range of pediatrician-recommended products that are trusted by moms everywhere.

Mommys Bliss Daytime Cough Syrup offers a boost to the immune system with antioxidant-loaded elderberry, while their nighttime cough syrup includes chamomile, helping promote restful sleep.

Available at Target and, Mommys Bliss Organic Baby Cough and Mucus Relief Syrup is our go-to remedy for occasional coughs. It has a sweet, mild flavor that our little guy enjoys, and it works well to give him relief when he needs it.

Containing only natural ingredients, Mommys Bliss Organic Cough Syrup is safe for babies as young as 4 months.

Stock up on Mommys Bliss at Target or today so that you are prepared!

For a limited time, save 20% on Mommys Bliss products at Target when you use this cartwheel offer .

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Essential List Of Things To Buy Or Put On Your Registry

Although I could have sat down and written out a truly exhaustive list of every single thing you could ever need to have to care for a newborn, I dont think thats the most helpful thing I can do.

So I dug deep and narrowed down the list of absolute must have baby items to only the things that you will REGRET not getting if you dont purchase them beforehand.

These items are key as in, you will regret it if you forget them! Now that I think of it, perhaps I also need to write a post about the most forgotten baby items?! Ill put that on the list.

Okay.back to what all you need to get before your due date

I would personally put all of these on a baby registry so your friends and family can buy them for you. I find that most people LOVE getting practical things for new moms and if you have a lot of people buying for you, you need to put more items than you think on your registry.

In hindsight, I should have registered for more practical basics essential things like diapers and wipes instead of the cool gadgets that I didnt really end up using.

Its so practical to register for things that would cost you money when the baby comes, and people love getting things like this for you!

We didnt register for enough things and had to go back twice to add items because people started getting us multiples of stuff we already had because they had no clue what we wanted!

That makes no sense I know but it is honestly what happened when people ran out of things to buy.

Additional Baby Cold Weather Gear You Need This Winter

So, weve covered babys winter wardrobe, but theres actually a few more newborn and baby products that Id consider newborn winter necessities for surviving winters with babies. These are products and items that either kept baby comfortable at home and away or helped to keep baby warm at night in winter or in a cold house.

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Baby Snowsuit / Baby Coat

Your baby/toddler will need an outer layer and this can be a baby snowsuit or a standard coat.

They both work well and which one to choose depends mostly on your taste, the type of carrying you do and if you think you will have your baby play in snow, even just for a short while to make them feel it.

If you babywear, a snowsuit can come in handy as it will be more comfortable for baby and keep their legs protected when carrying.

A snowsuit is also perfect if you want to have them sit on the snow for a minute or if you have a toddler who will want to get in and out of the stroller and go explore.

The one downside of baby snowsuits is that they grow out of them quite fast so you want to think about the use youll make of it before committing.

If you will mostly use a stroller, you may simply do with a standard coat, which will give you more versatility of use.

If you have a stroller footmuff like the ones mentioned above, you can be are the legs of your baby are warm anyway and it is easer to take a coats on and off when entering museums restaurants than negotiating a snowsuit.

This would be enough for a young baby especially, since they will not be sitting outside of the stroller and run the risk of getting wet.

Top Tip: Pick a coat with a high next that protects your babys neck so you dont have to use a scarf, that could get lost or worse, tangled dangerously around their neck.

These 9 Cold Weather Essentials Will Keep Your Baby Warm Until Spring


To those of you who dont have kids, dressing a baby for winter weather might seem like a non-issue throw on a big snowsuit and a hat and be done with it, right? Not quite. To start, your baby cant communicate to you when they are cold, hot, or just grumpy for no reason. Second, if theres one thing your baby is good at, its making things complicated. Lets say, for example, your baby refuses to wear a hat. Or the snowsuit you bought her makes her car seat unsafe. Then throw into the mix that her gloves never stay on, her boots make it impossible to walk, and that shes outgrown her unnecessarily expensive cold-weather sleep sack. Twice. With babies, theres no such thing as a non-issue.

But as the temperature continues to drop, remember this: you are not alone! Many parents before you who live in cold weather climates understand your frustration. As a result, there are plenty of small companies and brands making great winter time baby gear. Aside from basics like footed pajamas, socks, and warm snuggles from loved ones, below are nine of the best winter essentials for your baby.

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Newborn Essentials For Baby’s First 6 Weeks

Despite all of the baby products on the market, your little one wont actually require a lot of gear. These newborn must-haves will get you through the first few weeks at home.

Have two packages of disposable diapers on hand . Babies go through several diapers daily, so look for sales and stock up whenever possible. Make sure to purchase the right size diapers to avoid leakage.

Disposable wipes are a lifesaver for diaper changes and yucky messes. Avoid purchasing wipes with fragrance to prevent irritating your babys soft skin.

Nosefrida & Saline Spray

What would we do without our NoseFrida with the saline spray? During this winter season, we have been using this bad boy EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. My sons nose has been stuffed and runny all at the same time. His baby snorts may sound cute to me, but I know that his inability to breathe clearly makes him miserable. With two saline sprays in each nostril and the NoseFrida, I can quickly and easily relieve him.

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Hat Mitts And Thick Socks

Keeping your babys extremities warm is vital. A nice warm hat that covers the ears is a must. Youll need breathable, insulated mittens for freezing temperatures, and socks to keep the feet warm. This microfleece set from NIce Caps is a nice package.

You might want to keep an extra pair of everything close at hand when out. Babies drool or gnaw on their fingers, leaving them wet and even colder. We recommend four to seven pairs of thick winter socks, and two to three hats and mittens just in case.

Jacket Extender For Baby Carrier

Pin on Mom Tips

A jacket extender for using a baby carrier in the winter is the best way to ensure your baby stays warm. A jacket extender enables you to continue to wear your favorite jacket throughout your pregnancy PLUS it continues to work over your baby carrier.

The soft shell works great to block the wind, so its great for chilly spring or fall days too. An added bonus is that it packs small for travel and you dont have to pack an extra jacket for when you arent baby wearing.

Other great features:The zip adapters are great to ensure it will work with all your jackets . Having your baby tucked in the warmth of your jacket will help keep your babys face warm in the winter weather.

A coat extender for a baby carrier should be on every list of best winter gear for infants.

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Newborn Necessities For Winter

The truth is that winter means something different depending on where you live. A 70-degree day in Florida will not require the same baby items as an entire season of ice, snow, and freezing temperatures in other parts of the country. If you are residing in the colder areas of the country, you may need some help figuring out everything you need for your baby this winter!

Winter Sleep Needs For Newborns

Keeping your newborn baby comfortable and SAFE while they sleep is a real challenge, especially in the winter time. Overheating is one possible cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome so it is important not to bundle up your newborn so much that they get too hot.

Winter sleeping clothes do have some practical challenges you should consider. Choose sleepwear that will allow you to easily access bottoms for night time diaper changes.

Heres what you need to get a good night sleep in winter:

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Canopy Car Seat Cover

One of the best infant winter essentials is a car seat cover. This allows you to put your baby in the car seat with only your babys clothes, covered with a blanket. The car seat cover will offer extra protection from the wind and cold. This is great for quick moves from the car to stroller.

For extra cold days, you may need to put an extra warmth layer on your baby once you are ready to move your baby out of the car. Snowsuits shouldnt be used in the car seat when your baby is riding in the car.

New Baby Checklist: Newborn Must Haves For An Amazing Experience

NEWBORN BABY WINTER MUST-HAVE ITEMS | Favorite Newborn Baby Products

I put this list of newborn baby must haves together and ran it by several of my mom friends to make sure they agreed. I feel really confident in this list of main things you need for your 1st baby.

This list consists of infant care items that, if they are not purchased before the baby arrives, you might have to run out at a very inconvenient time to purchase when you finally realize they need or want them.

I tried to make this a top 10 post but, honestly, caring for a baby DOES require more than ten items, so I expanded my recommendations and stopped when it felt right.

Keep in mind that these are the items I recommend for your nursery. You really dont have to take much in your hospital bag because the hospital provides so much.

Youll want to bring going home outfits for you and your newborn, but you wont necessarily need to bring things like diapers or wipes.

Unless things have changed since we had our babies, the hospital provides necessities like that to get thru your hospital stay. Double check that, though, because your hospital could be different.

You may be wondering what baby registry I recommend as well. When I had my babies, all we could register for was Walmart and Babies-R-Us because most of our baby shower guests didnt have access to a Target or Amazon.

Now that Amazon is practically accessible by everyone now, for new mamas. Second to that is Target because of their simple return policy.

So now and then also create a Target one in the store

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