Should I Buy Newborn Clothes

How To Wash Newborn Clothes

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You can wash baby clothes with the rest of your laundry, but try to avoid usingstrong detergents and fabric softeners. Laundry detergents labelled sensitive or gentle are less likely to irritate your babys skin.

Clothes with poo on them need to be soaked in nappy sanitiser before washing. Nappy sanitiser also makes a handy pre-soak once your baby is eating solids even with a bib, your babys clothes will get covered in food and drink.

What Type Of Baby Clothes Are Best

Baby clothes are big business, with so many different types of outfit from jeans to formal dresses and dressing up clothes to hoodies.

It can be easy to be tempted by all of the pretty outfits, but there are a few facts you need to know about babies and clothes:

  • Nappies leak. Your baby may well poop or wee on their clothes at least once a day. Is it worth wasting that
  • Babies vomit. Sometimes they might just spit up a little, and sometimes the whole feed comes out. If youre lucky theyre wearing a bib that catches it all.
  • Fiddly clothes are not your friend at 2am. The cute top that buttons up at the back is not going to be so cute at 2am when you need to change the babys clothes.
  • Shoes are cute but totally unnecessary. Your baby will not be walking until around one year, so save your cash!
  • Your friends/family will buy the cute stuff. People cannot resist buying new clothes for new babies. Youll find a lot of dresses, cute cardigans and top/legging combinations will come from gifts after the baby is born.

This is by no means a message to not buy any adorable, pretty outfits for your baby. But try to focus on the practical aspects most of all.

Youll want clothes that make it easy to reach babys nappy for simpler changes, and clothes that you can get off and back on again in a dimly-lit room.

Newborn Clothes For Your Baby

Being blessed with a baby is a joyous moment for all parents. If you are a new parent, it can be assumed that you must be slightly or fully aware of your new responsibilities. If you are still catching up with them, do not worry, as, with time, you can carry them out like a pro. Some of the most apparent responsibilities are to assure proper food and clothing for your little angel. For the first few months, it is essential to feed the baby only milk. You can treat the baby with other food items after he/she reaches a particular age. The other important factor to take into consideration is clothing. Besides feeding the baby with proper baby food, it is also of utmost importance to dress him/her in newborn clothes that are comfortable. However, unlike adult clothes, which do not require a lot of thought, newborn clothes for babies should be bought only after some consideration.

Tips That You Can Follow Before Buying Newborn Clothes

Comfort: This should be the leading factor that you should take into consideration before buying clothes for your baby. As a babys skin is not similar to that of an adults, and it is much more sensitive and delicate, you must select soft fabrics. You can opt for soft or light cotton fabrics, instead of opting for synthetic ones.

Buy Newborn Clothes Online

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How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need In Each Size

This is tricky to navigate because you just cant predict how fast baby will grow in order to shop seasonally for the appropriate size. However, the basics and essentials listed above you will pretty much use until your baby is walking so investing in those numbers through size 12-18 months is probably a safe bet.

Basics like snap-crotch bodysuits, footed pyjamas and stretchy pants are going to be your mainstays even as baby gets mobile. I found myself shying away from any shirts that didnt snap until N was walking. With a wiggling, crawling baby, their shirts always ride up and get twisted. Once they are walking is a good time to get on the cute pull-overs

Hat Mitts And Thick Socks

How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need? Sizing, Checklists and ...

Keeping your babys extremities warm is vital. A nice warm hat that covers the ears is a must. Youll need breathable, insulated mittens for freezing temperatures, and socks to keep the feet warm. This microfleece set from NIce Caps is a nice package.

You might want to keep an extra pair of everything close at hand when out. Babies drool or gnaw on their fingers, leaving them wet and even colder. We recommend four to seven pairs of thick winter socks, and two to three hats and mittens just in case.

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How To Buy Baby Clothes

What do you need for the first 30 days? Honestly, not much. Youll be so busy getting over delivery and used to being a mom that babys outfits will prove much less important than they may have seemed a couple months ago. And remember, babies grow quickly. Shell come home tiny, but newborn sizes wont fit for long. Save the good part of your budget for 0-3 month clothing and up. Resist the urge to buy too much clothing in advance, because youll have a better idea of the sizes and styles that work best for you once baby comes.

Heres a very basic list of what you should have on hand when baby arrives. The numbers for each item are estimates exactly how much you need really depends on how often you plan to do laundry.

2-4 infant gownsStick with these until babys cord stump falls off. Its the best way to keep it clean and irritation-free, and the gowns provide easy diaper access while keeping baby covered.

4-8 bodysuits or onesiesLook for ones with wide head openings and loose legs. It can be traumatic for both you and baby to put things over her head, so if even wide head openings prove too difficult, look for clothing that avoids the head entirely side-snap Ts, kimono-style shirts, etc.

4-8 undershirts or vestsAgain, look for wide head openings or snaps at the shoulder. They should also snap under the crotch otherwise theyll ride up.

2 blanket sleepersThese are safer than blankets at nighttime, but avoid anything with drawstrings, which are a strangulation hazard.

What To Buy Instead Of Newborn Clothes

Since baby will grow out of newborn clothes fairly quickly, try not to go too crazy with newborn outfits. Instead, get enough newborn clothing for two or three outfit changes a day and then stop while youre ahead. Remember, you can always buy more newborn clothing postpartum if you need to!

Instead of going overboard with newborn clothes, consider stocking up on baby clothing in sizes 0-3M and 3-6M. Your little one will likely get lots of mileage out of these two sizes, especially if they are on the smaller side at birth. Keep in mind that you can always roll up the sleeves or pant legs if babys clothes are just a little too big.

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Where To Buy Newborn Clothes

FTM here. Where should I be shopping for my newborns wardrobe? I dont wanna spend a fortune on clothes shes going to potentially outgrow in a few weeks.

Thanks for your responses!

Facebook marketplace. You can get a whole newborn lot for like $20.. and then sell it again once she grows out of that size.

Second this. Both times that I’ve bought “lots” off FB, the seller has thrown in additional freebies!

Ill chime in for Once Upon a Child if there is one near you. Great quality kids consignment for about 1/3 regular price

Old navy and GAP. They often have great sales as well.

I am going to value village. They let you stuff a bag for less than $10 and there is a bunch to pick through.

I second this. I got loads of really cute stuff that was in great condition for $7.99. I preferred this over marketplace since I could pick through and just take what I wanted.

I like old navy, Carters, Costco. They all have double zips. I went to marshals this week and they also had Carters sleep and plays for $7.99. So you could also check out winners and marshals for deals.

I’m surprised you found newborn stuff at all of these stores! I’ve never seen NB sizes at Costco, and very few styles at Old Navy and Carter’s .

We went to Once Upon a Child the day we were discharged from the hospital because we didn’t buy any beforehand. I think I got 10 onesies for $10 plus some sleepers.

Dont– So expensive and barely wear!!!

Newborn Clothes Checklist: What Clothes Do I Need For A Newborn

Baby Clothes | What to buy?

Preparing for your new arrival can be as stressful as it is exciting, with so much to plan and buy all jumbled up with that nagging worry that you might not have enough or that youve bought too much Its tricky to work out exactly how many items of newborn baby clothes you need. On the one hand, little ones grow at an alarming rate, but on the other, its likely theyll need a couple of outfit changes throughout the day. If youre deliberating over just how many items you need, fear not! This handy checklist explains exactly what you need to buy for your newborn, and how many of each item youll need.

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Newborn Essentials For Baby’s First 6 Weeks

Despite all of the baby products on the market, your little one wont actually require a lot of gear. These newborn must-haves will get you through the first few weeks at home.

Have two packages of disposable diapers on hand . Babies go through several diapers daily, so look for sales and stock up whenever possible. Make sure to purchase the right size diapers to avoid leakage.

Disposable wipes are a lifesaver for diaper changes and yucky messes. Avoid purchasing wipes with fragrance to prevent irritating your babys soft skin.

Create An Everyday Emergency Bag

We know the focus is on packing your hospital bag, but there are plenty of necessities youll need before the big day, especially if youre experiencing morning sickness during your first trimester or heartburn or indigestion later in your pregnancy.

Fill a toiletry kit with snacks, chewable antacids, ginger candies, lavender essential oilanything you need to get you through a rough dayand keep it in your purse so youre always prepared.

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When Do I Go To The Hospital

You should talk to your doctor about when they want you to come into the hospital. You will need several things with you such as an overnight bag, toiletries and fresh night clothes including underwear which is often much more comfortable for labouring women than fabric panties or maternity pads during labour since these can be quite uncomfortable especially if the babys head has crowned in preparation for delivery leaving behind a very sensitive area that needs frequent changing.

In addition, it would also be advisable to include some towels as well as sanitary wipes that are alcohol-free. This way once everything gets messy from pushing out your baby those wipes can help clean up afterwards without irritating your skin further down below.

Dont Stress That Much About Buying Baby Stuff

How much Clothes Does My Baby Need?

Hopefully, now you have a realistic idea of when you should buy baby stuff to save the most money and also be the most prepared that you can be.

But if you feel that calling and needing to get ahead of time game, please dont make yourself feel horrible about that choice, either.

Youre already going to have a ton of emotions and thoughts pulsating throughout your baby at rapid speed, so dont put guilt on top of it, too.

I mean, you can always gift those un-used onesies to your next pregnant friend.

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Will A 10 Pound Baby Fit In Newborn Clothes

The thing about newborn clothes is that they arent meant to be worn for long to begin with, so theres not a lot of variation in the relative roominess of the fit. Most manufacturers, like baby clothing giant Carters, list the newborn sizes as fitting babies 6 to 9 pounds and 18.5 to 21.5 inches long.

When To Start Buying Baby Stuff

When to start buying baby stuff? Here`s a question that soon or later all pregnant women need to face.

The first things for the baby from your belly need to be bought even since during your pregnancy. Give up on all those superstitions which tell you that it`s not a good idea to buy something for the little one when he`s still in your tummy and prepare for his arrival as you should. You don`t want to be unprepared when you`ll have him in your arms.

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What Size Baby Clothes To Buy

To a certain extent this is a pretty tricky question to answer! Ultimately it depends on your babys weight at birth.

Some babies are born barely filling a newborn size onesie. Others are born needing 0-3 months from day one and never squeezing into any newborn size clothes.

Whatever size your baby is from day one, one thing is certain: They wont be in newborn baby clothes for long!

Babies need to double their weight in the first six months. Thats a whole lot of growing.

As with grown-ups, there are short babies and long babies, so they all move through the sizes of babygros and baby clothes at their own pace.

So what size baby clothes should you buy for your baby?

Remember that while 0-3 months might be baggy on your baby, when theyre a newborn it doesnt matter so much. They wont be running around the room tripping over the trailing arm sleeves!

So opt for a small number of newborn baby clothes, and purchase more of the 0-3 month clothing as you will find these get more use. The 0-3 month size clothing tends to last up until baby weighs 12.5lbs.

Of course if you do have any unfortunate issues such as premature birth you will need tiny clothes. In these circumstances you can buy after the event, and dont forget most hospitals will have some clothes to help you out for a day or two.

If you are having twins or more, the weight is likely to be much lower than the average sized newborn. The average size for twins is 5.5lbs at birth.

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