What Clothes Do You Need For A Newborn

How To Store Baby Clothes

How many clothes do you ACTUALLY need for your baby? | Newborn Capsule Wardrobe (0-3 Months)
  • Wash the clothes and treat any stains. Make sure your clothes are completely dry before storage. Separate into each size and label your storage container and store in a cool, dry place.
  • Sometimes baby clothes appear yellowed when you pull them out of storage. Dont stress, the yellow stains werent there when you put them away and they just need an overnight soak, a wash and some time in the sun to be good as new.
  • Dont give away your babys pants and shorts too early as they might just fit again once they are out of nappies. A one-year-old with a bulky nappy on might fit into his favourite shorts again when he is two and wearing undies.

How To Build A Layette

A layette can include just about anything you want, but if youve never seen or gotten one before, heres a list to give you an idea of what to include :

  • Bodysuits
  • Swaddle or receiving blanket
  • Bibs
  • Teething toy
  • Stuffed animal

Ready to build babys first wardrobe? Here are some pre-built layettes that can go solo or get bundled together.

How Do You Dress A Newborn To Stay Warm

Newborn babies need to be kept warm. So in cold weather it can be easiest to dress your baby in layers. Then you can take layers off when youre at the shops or in other warm places.

As a guide, dress your baby in the same number of layers youre wearing, plus one extra layer for warmth.

Although its important to keep newborns warm, its just as important that your baby doesnt overheat, especially during sleep.

A safe infant sleeping bag can be a good option for dressing your baby for bed. If you need to use an extra blanket, make sure your babys head or face cant get covered while theyre sleeping. Do this by putting your baby low down in the cot, so their feet are at the bottom end. Tuck in the blanket securely so it only goes as far up as babys chest.

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Dressing Your Baby In Hot Or Cold Weather

In hot weather dress your baby in loose, light clothing such as a singlet and nappy or loose top. If outside, ensure they wear a sun hat and sunscreen.

In cold weather dress your baby in layers so you can remove some clothing when you are in a warmer place. Babies lose heat faster than adults, particularly as the surface area of their head is relatively larger, so ensure that they wear a hat. To prevent overheating, remove the hat or hoodie as soon as you get indoors or into a warm car, bus or train, even if this wakes your baby up.

Items You Can Do Without

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You might have noticed that I havent suggested shoes at any point. Thats because until your child is cruising or walking, you really dont need shoes. Even then, barefoot is better. Kids who go barefoot learn to balance better and earlier. In some cases, solid soled shoes can hamper their development and delay walking.

Once your child is running about, then its time for shoes. The only other time is if your little one is walking outside.

If your floors are cold, then you might want to choose socks with anti-skid soles. These will give your child grip while still giving them the freedom to move.

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How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need

For lots of pregnant people, its tough to resist adding a million baby outfits to your registry.

On one hand, messes happena lotand having clothing options for quick outfit changes can be handy. But on the other, babies grow quickly, and your little one isnt going to stay in one size for very long.

So how many clothes does your baby actually need?

Dressing Your Baby For Bed

For safe sleeping, dont let your newborn get too hot or cold because this can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome and other forms of sudden unexpected death in infancy . If you swaddle your baby, use a muslin or thin cotton wrap, not a blanket, and dont overdress your baby underneath it. For sleepwear, your baby should need the same number of clothing layers and blankets as you. Your babys back or tummy should feel warm and its normal for their hands and feet to feel cooler.

Babies regulate their temperature mostly through their head so to prevent them from overheating, don’t cover your baby’s head. Avoid putting them to bed with a bib or anything else that could cover their face or be a choking hazard.

A safe baby sleeping bag with fitted neck and armholes and no hood may reduce the risk of SUDI because it reduces the danger of bed clothes covering your baby’s face. It also keeps their temperature at a more constant level.

If you use blankets for your baby, dress them according to the temperature of the room, since they can kick the blankets off during the night.

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When To Pack The Hospital Bags

Whether its your babys bag, your labor bag, your recovery bag, or your partners bag, its always a good idea to have them packed well before your due date so you wont be running around in a panic when you go into labor.Trust us, youll already be anxious enough! And besides, you never know if your baby will decide to arrive early.We recommend going through your hospital bag checklist anywhere from 35 to 38 weeks into your pregnancy.In most cases, youll still have two weeks or so before the birth, and youll need everyday items like your toothbrush and phone charger while youre at home. Make a list of items you cant pack early and toss them in your bag right before you leave the house.

When Should You Buy Baby Clothes

Newborn Essentials (Clothing) | What Do You Actually Need?! | LottieJLife

When should I start shopping for baby?

We had over 70% of the baby clothes ready for the first year BEFORE she came home. That way we could set up a clothing organization system and all of the clothes were put away.

I highly recommend preparing as much as you can before the baby arrives.

Once the baby comes home, you will have little time to do anything other than take care of the baby.

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How To Wash Newborn Clothes

You can wash baby clothes with the rest of your laundry, but try to avoid usingstrong detergents and fabric softeners. Laundry detergents labelled sensitive or gentle are less likely to irritate your babys skin.

Clothes with poo on them need to be soaked in nappy sanitiser before washing. Nappy sanitiser also makes a handy pre-soak once your baby is eating solids even with a bib, your babys clothes will get covered in food and drink.

Mind Your Laundry Habits

Every family has got different approaches to laundry. Some do not mind doing it daily or three times per week, while the other families do the laundry weekly. Suppose you belong to the latter group, double the newborn baby clothing checklist. Besides, it is important to remember that you need special hypoallergenic washing liquid and a double-rinsing mode for your newborn laundry. Check the reaction of the skin after the first laundry.

Above are the essential considerations that influence the choice of outfits, as well as are among the basic rules of care for newborns. Let us reply to the most common questions that are asked by parents waiting for their first baby.

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Newborn Essentials Checklist: All You Need To Buy Before Your Baby Arrives

The little ones first clothes should be comfortable, soft, safe, and made from natural fabrics. Dont buy too many things because newborns grow and gain weight fast.

  • Diapers
  • Onesies : 6 pcs.
  • Sleepsuits: 35 pcs.
  • Soft baby booties: 2 pairs
  • Anti-scratch mittens: 2 pairs.
  • A light jumpsuit for the outdoors
  • A brimmed boonie hat
  • A cotton cover for the stroller and car seat
  • A stroller curtain
  • Warm rompers and a sweater
  • Wool hats and booties

The list can be modified depending on whether youve chosen to breastfeed or formula-feed your baby.

  • Nursing bras: 23 pcs.
  • Comfortable nursing nightwear
  • Nipple cream to prevent cracked nipples
  • Breast pads so your clothes dont get stained
  • A breast pump
  • Baby scales
  • A sterilizer for pacifiers and bottles for use during the babys first year
  • Baby bottles: 6 pcs. Pay attention to anti-colic ones to reduce the amount of air the baby swallows while feeding. The bottles should be made from quality materials that can withstand high temperatures.
  • Baby bottle brushes: After each feeding session, thoroughly clean the bottle and remove milk or formula residue.
  • A vacuum flask or water heater: they help maintain optimal water temperature for preparing formula.
  • Muslin bibs: 4 pcs.

Hat Mitts And Thick Socks

What Do You Need For a New Baby? The Ultimate Baby Checklist!

Keeping your babys extremities warm is vital. A nice warm hat that covers the ears is a must. Youll need breathable, insulated mittens for freezing temperatures, and socks to keep the feet warm. This microfleece set from NIce Caps is a nice package.

You might want to keep an extra pair of everything close at hand when out. Babies drool or gnaw on their fingers, leaving them wet and even colder. We recommend four to seven pairs of thick winter socks, and two to three hats and mittens just in case.

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How Many Onesies Do I Need For A Newborn

Onesies are the comfiest outfits. They are quick to put on and easy to change. Despite the season, at least three onesies can be bought in a newborn size. Then, it is better to opt for 0-3 size. Remember that onesies with built-in footies should have sufficient length so that not to prevent your baby from movements. Still wondering how many onesies do I need, buy three pieces. These are the most comfortable outfits for active pastimes, sleeping, and strolls for newborns.

Keeping Your Newborn Comfy Clean And Stylish

Once you bring your little one home, life gets busy! Use this guide to be sure you have the right gear ahead of time. If you end up having too much of the wrong size, dont worry. You can always gift them, donate them or exchange them for larger ones. Over time, you may find you prefer to dress baby in bodysuits and shorts or complete three-piece sets. Stock up on what you and baby like best for an easygoing and stylish first year!

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Baby Clothes A Size Guide

When putting this information together, I gathered information straight from the experts from mums and dads with new babies. As well as being based on my own experiences as a parent, I thought of what would have been useful to know, prior to buying clothes for my baby.

An approximate Australian baby size guide is as follows:

0000 Newborns under 4kg birth to 3 months000 Babies under 6 kg 3 months to 6 months00 Babies between 6 and 8 kgs 6 months to 9 months0 Babies above 8 kgs 9 months to 12 months1 Babies above 10kgs 12 months

Bear in mind that the sizes above are a guide only. Some babies when born will fit straight into 000s, some will need 0000s. Something else to remember is that all the clothing sizes differ based on manufacturer. For example, Bonds sizes tend to be on the smaller side, so you may find that you are buying Bonds clothing one size up compared to what you would buy in other brands.

The Essential Newborn Baby Hospital Bag Checklist


Your due date is rapidly approaching, which means your baby could arrive any day now! Youre likely excited and nervous about going into labor. You can reduce that stress by planning ahead and having your bags packed and ready no later than four weeks before your due date.

Not sure what to pack? Weve created the essential newborn baby hospital bag checklist to help! Weve even put together three more checklists for supplies mommies-to-be and their partners will need a labor bag, a recovery bag, and a partners bag.

Before we get to those, well focus on when to pack your hospital bag and the essential items youll want for your baby.

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Jacket/all In One Winter Suit

If youre having a winter baby, then youre going to want some warm and cozy outerwear. I recommend going for the all in one winter jumpsuits. They go over the top of whatever your baby is wearing and keep them snug and warm. If youre unsure about size, I recommend going the size up. It doesnt matter if the arms and legs are too long. Your little one isnt going to be walking about in these much.

The ones with zippers down the leg are much easier to put on. If you find ones with zippers on both legs, then youre onto a winner.

Do be aware that your baby should not wear these in their car seat. You cant buckle them in tight enough with these or big winter jackets, so I suggest keeping a blanket in the car for winter days.

What Clothing Essentials Do You Need For Your Newborn Baby

As a new parent-to-be, youve more than likely spent hours upon hours searching online for exactly what you need. From car seats to pushchairs and dummies to bouncers, the list is endless…which is why when it comes to clothing youll want to have everything prepared to keep them warm and comfortable.

Heres our list of the clothing essentials you need for those first few months of looking after your new arrival.

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When To Get Medical Help

Trust your instincts. You know your baby well and will know what usual behaviour is for them . So if you think your baby is seriously ill, even if there are no obvious symptoms, call your GP, NHS 111, or call 999 in a medical emergency.

Get medical help immediately if:

  • your baby has a high temperature that doesnt decrease with ibuprofen or paracetamol or if they have a temperature and theyre under eight weeks old
  • theyre crying constantly and inconsolably in a way that doesnt sound normal for them
  • their vomit is green

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