What Do I Need For A Newborn Hospital Bag

What Type Of Hospital Bag Do I Need

What You ACTUALLY need in your hospital bag | BABY #1 | Shannon Marie

You can use whichever of your bags thatll do the job. You definitely dont have to spend money on a special bag to take into hospital. Why not save the cash for an extra cute babygrow or three instead.

Packing two bags might also work for you one for during labour and one for afterwards. Or you could go for a small suitcase it might sound crazy but the stuff you will need adds up. And, after all, you are packing for a possible overnight stay .

When your bag is packed, leave it by the front door so you dont forget it. Then let your birth partner or whoever is driving you to the hospital know where it is and whats in it. That way they can be ready to help as soon as you need them to.

When Should You Pack Your Hospital Bag

Ideally, you should start packing your hospital bag for labor when you are about 36 or 37 weeks along. You want to make sure you have a start just in case you go into labor early.

I like to get my hospital bag out early and fill it with all the essentials I wont need in the meantime while waiting for baby to come. Then I put my hospital bag checklist printable on top of it with everything Ive packed checked off, so I can easily see what I still need to put in it.

Ill also put notes on where to find things or if theres anything else I want to bring with to the hospital. This helps put my mind at ease that my husband can take care of it if needed or that I wont forget something if the contractions come on quickly!

So without further ado, heres a hospital bag checklist for you and baby!

The Best Postpartum Recovery Products

Theres a lot to love about the postpartum period: tiny baby snuggles, that unmistakable new baby smell and the chance to drown out the world around you and bond with your newest little family member.

Buuuut were also here to keep it real. For many new parents, theres a less-than-delightful side to those first few weeks right after giving birth, whether you delivered vaginally or via C-section. Discomfort down under, sore boobs, a sensitive incision and, everyones favorite, hemorrhoids are all pretty commonand pretty uncomfortablethings new parents need to deal with during postpartum recovery.

The good news? There are lots of smart, well-designed and even beautiful products that can help. These parent-tested picks are here to make postpartum recovery a little bit easier and help get you back on your feet.

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A Final Tip For Packing Your Hospital Bag

Since theres no way to predict exactly when your baby will make his or her arrival, I recommend having your bag packed and ready to go by the time you hit 35 weeks. That way, if the unexpected happens, youll already have everything you need for the best possible start to your amazing journey into motherhood.

Want more hospital bag packing tips? Click here!

Do you have any other tips for what you should or should not pack in your hospital bag? Wed love to hear them. Please comment below!

Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Baby Delivery

What Do You Pack in Your Hospital Bag?

Its 2:56am and baby is on the way! You quickly grab your bag and are on your way. As you rush to the hospital, the last thing on your mind is the contents of your hospital bag. Though it might sound crazy, packing your bag at least a month in advance is a great way to make sure you have everything you need for the big day.

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What To Do With Your Completed Birth Plan

Once youâve made your birth plan, review it with your healthcare provider, knowing that your preferences may be impacted by

  • your healthcare providerâs recommendations, which aim to lower your risks based on your medical situation.

  • the hospital or birthing centerâs policies

  • any limits on whatâs feasible and what facilities are available at the hospital or birthing center

  • any emergency that arises during labor or delivery, in which case your medical team may need to make changes to the plan based on whatâs best for the health of you and your baby.

Once your birth plan is ready, give copies to your doctor, midwife, doula, and birth partner. Keep a few copies in your hospital bag, too.

There is definitely a lot to think about, but with a plan in hand, you may feel a little more in control. On the big day, your healthcare provider and the rest of your medical team will keep a close eye on you and your baby, and make sure you both get the best care possible. Above all, remember that even if things don’t go exactly as planned, this will be a life-changing day. Try to be present in the moment, and keep in mind this is just day one in the life of your beautiful newborn. You’ve got this!

And, for a little extra help once your baby is here, join Pampers Rewards to earn gifts and savings for you and your little one.

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What To Pack In Hospital Bag For Mum & Baby

We recommend keeping everything organised by packing 3 separate bags – one for labour, one with baby essentials and one with everything you need during your hospital stay. Remember to include a bag to put your dirty laundry in. You are likely to stay at the hospital for anywhere between 1 to 5 nights, so either take enough clothes and toiletries for 5 days for you and your baby, including pyjamas and nappies , or have a backup supply bag at home that hubby can bring in on day 2 or 3 for you.

Make sure you check with your hospital on what paperwork they need for birth – this may include your medicare card, your health care card , your private health care card , as well as maternal health records, your birth plan, your hospital pre-admission paperwork .

The following lists for each of the three bags includes all the items you may want to take to the hospital with you. You can also print our Hospital Bag Checklist down below so you don’t forget anything.

You can also check out our favourite products for birth and straight after birth in our Hospital Bag Essentials category here.

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An Installed Car Seat

Unless you have a giant hospital room, I wouldnt bring the car seat in until youre getting ready to leave, but be sure its installed and ready to go! With all of our babies, my husband brings our bags to the car and brings in the car seat right before we get discharged. That way were not leaving with all of our stuff, and we dont have to have our car seat in our tiny room.

*We love our Nuna Pipa car seat for newborns! Its one of the lightest car seats on the market, weighing less than 8 pounds! I highly recommend getting an extra base if you have 2 cars!

Getting Your Hospital Bag Ready

Packing Hospital Bag & Prepping For New Baby

Think ahead some babies arrive early, so its wise to get your bag packed in plenty of time, adding snacks and perishable items just before you leave.

Include everything you’ll need for your baby, plus a few little luxuries for yourself. And dont forget the car seat! You wont be allowed to leave the hospital without it.

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What To Pack In Hospital Bag For Your Partner Or Support Person

You have a lot to think about when it comes to labor and delivery, so let your partner or support person pack their own bag! All you need to do is copy and paste the link to this post and send it off to them. Theyll get the hint!

But just like its likely your first time having a baby, its likely your partners first time at this as well. Here are a few things they should consider bringing.

Necessities For Your Partner

On top of bringing all the normal overnight stuff , your partner should be in charge of important paperwork / insurance cards / identification / etc. Depending on how nice the sleeping situation is, they might want to consider bringing a pillow from home as hospital pillows arent the most comfortable. Check out our full checklist here.

The last step after zipping up your hospital bag is to throw it in the car or leave it by the front door — and wait patiently for babys arrival! Good luck to you, mama. Youve got this!

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Tons Of Food And Drinks

For my first delivery, my bag was stuffed with nuts, granola bars, peanut butter crackers, teas, and Gatorade. What if they dont let me eat? I worried. What if the vending machines are terrible?

Now that Ive been there and survived it, I can tell you they feed you surprisingly well at the hospital. When youre pregnant and constantly foraging for snacks, its really hard to imagine going three let alone 12 hours without eating, but youll have other matters to attend to during labor, and that mound of snacks in your bag is likely to remain there.

The Essential Newborn Baby Hospital Bag Checklist

What to pack in your hospital bag? The 3 bags you need for ...

Your due date is rapidly approaching, which means your baby could arrive any day now! Youre likely excited and nervous about going into labor. You can reduce that stress by planning ahead and having your bags packed and ready no later than four weeks before your due date.

Not sure what to pack? Weve created the essential newborn baby hospital bag checklist to help! Weve even put together three more checklists for supplies mommies-to-be and their partners will need a labor bag, a recovery bag, and a partners bag.

Before we get to those, well focus on when to pack your hospital bag and the essential items youll want for your baby.

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What Your Partner Or Support Person Should Pack

If you have a partner or support person attending the birth and staying in the hospital or birthing center with you, remind them to pack some things as well. In addition to clothes and toiletries , here are some things to bring.

  • Lots of snacks! Try to pack something from each of these categories: salty , sweet , protein and healthy/fresh . The laboring parent will appreciate these post-birth too. During Covid-19, most hospitals arent allowing people to leave and come back, so the snacks you bring will be extra important! Also look into restaurants nearby that deliver. And bring a reusable water bottle.
  • Book/iPad/laptop/headphones & general entertainment. Download a few new podcasts to listen to in case there is some down time.
  • A lightweight sleeping bag and pillow. Hospital sheets and pillows can be scratchy and thin.

Once you pack your bag, youll be all set to head to the hospital when baby is ready to come.

Plan Your Journey To Hospital

Plan your route to the hospital. Make yourself aware of the parking arrangements.

Arrange childcare for your other children.

Have the number for the maternity ward or admissions office stored on your phone and on display in your home.

Learn your Eircode. This will help an ambulance find your home quickly if you need one.

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Hospital Bag Checklist For Partner

Youve meticulously gone through the hospital bag checklist for mom and babybut dont forget about packing a bag for your partner! Since youll both likely be spending a night or two in the maternity ward, gather up some overnight essentialsplus a few things to keep your partner occupied . Heres what to put in a partners hospital bag:

Cell phone and charger

Toiletries: toothbrush, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, contact lens case and solution


Entertainment, whether its something to read, listen to or watch

Camera with batteries, charger and an extra memory card

Any daily prescription medicationfor both parents!

When youve gone through the hospital bag checklist and are satisfied youve packed what youll need, stash your hospital bag in your car or by the front door if you plan on taking a taxi to the hospitaland get ready for babys arrival!

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

Plus, more from The Bump:

Packing A Hospital Bag For Your Partner


Keep in mind that the person who will be standing by your side during the birthing process will also need to bring a few essentials. While bringing an extra change of clothing and a toothbrush is expected, you may also want to pack some entertainment and a few snacks for those hours of waiting. Below are our top suggestions:

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What To Pack In The Hospital Bag For Dad

I worry about dad a little less when packing because he’ll have the freedom to leave the hospital at will to run home or to the store to grab something. The hospital won’t usually provide dad with anything, including meals, so what he brings is what he has. The hospital WILL give him a pillow and blanket.

  • Comfy Clothes
  • Change of clothes
  • Underwear
  • Pillow and blanket *Optional* – The hospital will provide one, but they may or may not be very comfortable.
  • Toiletries – These include deodorant, soap, toothbrush, and whatever other hygienic supplies he may need for approximately 48 hours.
  • Camera – to take soooo many adorable momentous pictures.
  • Sweatshirt – My husband forgot his sweatshirt with our youngest and boy, did he regret it. He ended up cold in his T-shirt or wearing his winter coat! Hospitals are generally kept cool, so make sure to bring a warm sweatshirt.
  • Phone Charger
  • Book or other entertainment *Optional* – The hospital will have television, and he can read books or play games on his phone so there’s less to pack.

Remember you’ll only be there for about 48 hours, so no need to pack everything you own! I hope this list helps you get through your big day!

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