How To Select A Pediatrician For Your Newborn

Questions To Ask The Pediatrician:

Baby your baby: Choosing your pediatrician
  • What is your educational background and training?
  • What hospital would you admit my child to in an emergency?
  • What is your philosophy about breastfeeding?For example, do you make referrals to lactation consultants?
  • Do you have separate waiting areas for sick and healthy children?
  • What is your philosophy about circumcision and the use of antibiotics?
  • If you are unavailable when I call, will your nurse be available?
  • Does your office accept my insurance plan or make other payment arrangements?

Affiliation With Hospital Or Healthcare Networks

Sometimes pediatrician offices or family practices are located within a medical park or are a part of a larger healthcare network. This is a nice perk because everything is under the same system and online portal.

This makes it easy for different offices within the network and even the hospital to pull paperwork and medical files .

How To Research A Pediatrician

Searching for a pediatrician may seem daunting, but remember that you’re not trying to find the best doctor in the world. You’re simply looking for the most effective doctor for you, your partner, and your future child. Here are some tips.

Get references. Everyone has different criteria for picking a pediatrician, so you should collect at least three names from friends and coworkers. Also look into the hospitals that your candidates are affiliated with you’ll want one that’s both convenient and reputable.

Look into insurance. Call your insurance company about any doctor that sparks your interest, since provider lists change frequently.

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How To Choose The Best Pediatrician For Your Child

Parents seem to go to a lot of different extremes when choosing a pediatrician. Some simply choose the pediatrician on call in the hospital when their baby is born or pick a doctor randomly from a list in the phone book or their insurance directory.

Others do detailed research and conduct an interview asking their potential new pediatrician everything from where they went to medical school to what their scores were on their medical boards.

When choosing a pediatrician, make sure you like your new doctor, and see if you agree on important parenting topics, such as breastfeeding, discipline, and not overusing antibiotics, etc.

Count On Reliable Resources

How to Choose Your Pediatrician

A natural place to start is by asking trusted family members, friends or work colleagues which pediatrician theyd recommend and why. Next, read more about Levine Childrens pediatric services and search for a pediatrician near you. Its helpful to see which providers are accepting new patients and what credentials they hold, and you can also read the pediatricians online biography, which introduces you to their background and bedside manner.

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Well Visits To The Pediatrician

The pediatrician, a doctor who specializes in the care of children, becomes an important part of your healthcare team. It is important to take your child to the pediatrician when he or she is sick but also when your child is healthy or feeling well. These well visits are a time for the pediatrician to assess the growth and development of your child, offer instructions and guidance on new baby issues, and discuss parenting topics such as sleeping, feeding, developmental milestones, and safety.

You and the pediatrician will likely have a lot of contact in the early years of your babys life. In your babys first year, there will be many visits to the pediatricians office, including at least 7 for well visit check-ups. It is recommended that well visits occur at ages one week, one month, two months, four months, six months, nine months and 12 months. Additional visits may be scheduled as needed depending on your childs health. After the first year, the baby will need to be seen at 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, 30 months, and then once a year starting at age 3.

Types Of Infant Formula

There are four main types of infant formula:

  • Cows milk-based formula. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics , cows milk-based formula makes up about 80% of all formula sold. As its name implies, cows milk is the main ingredient in this type of formulabut the milk is modified to make it safe and more easily digestible for infants. Keep in mind that some babies are allergic to the protein in cows milk and may need an alternate type of formula.
  • Hydrolyzed formula. These types of formulas contain protein that has already been broken down into smaller proteins that can be more easily digested. Often marketed as calm or gentlease, these predigested formulas may be either partially or exclusively hydrolyzed. According to the Mayo Clinic, theyre designed for babies who cant tolerate cows milk or soy-based formulas or for babies who have a protein allergy.
  • Soy formula. Formulas made from soy milk contain a protein and a carbohydrate like glucose or sucrose. They are useful if youre looking to exclude animal products from your babys diet or if your baby is unable to digest lactose.
  • Specialized formula. Specialized formula is available for babies with certain medical needs or preterm babies.

Infant formula also comes in three forms:

  • Powdered formula needs to be mixed with water.
  • Concentrated liquid formula also needs to be mixed with water.
  • Ready-to-use formula, also called ready-to-feed, is premixed and doesnt need any additional water added.

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How To Choose The Perfectpediatrician For Your Baby

1. Lets start with one of the most important thing, What a pediatrician training should look like?

Pediatric doctors graduate from medical school and then must complete the specialty in pediatrics. This specialty includes 3 more years of study. This part of the career is called Residency. Under the supervision of another doctor, this pediatrician-in-training doctor will acquire the knowledge necessary to treat from the most frequent cold in an infant to the most complicated disease. Upon completion of the Residency, the pediatrician will be eligible to take the exam given by the American board of pediatrics. After passing this exam, this pediatrician will be registered to practice as a doctor.

About the pediatrician credentials.

If you see the letters FAAP after the doctors name in the graduate diploma of this pediatrician, it means that he is now a full fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Therefore he has reached the highest status of membership in this professional organization.Some pediatricians after completing this part of their career may choose to obtain a subspecialty , which involves 1 to 3 more years of studies. This subspecialty can be neonatology, pediatric cardiology, etc.

2. Finding a pediatrician.

When the pediatricians search begins, you should always start by asking people who know you. Family or friends who have babies, they will have a better idea of what you need and/or your preferences.

4. Choosing the pediatrician.

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Make Your Choice & Set It Up

Belly to Baby: Picking a Pediatrician

Now that youve gotten the scoop on the pediatricians offices in your area, you are now ready to choose the lucky practice that will partner with you in your babys health! Let them know that you would like to have them as your provider as soon as your little one arrives and ask them if there is any paperwork you need to fill out prior to that. Find out their protocol once your baby is born nowhow soon they will want to see your baby after birth and when you should call to make your first appointment.

Congratulations! You can now check off one more thing on your must do list for welcoming your sweet bundle and get back to choosing diapers, bottles and other baby essentials. Stay tuned for our second article on important questions to ask during your first pediatrician appointment.

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How Do You Choose A Pediatrician

It’s a good idea to begin looking for a pediatrician at the beginning of your third trimester. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to find someone both you and your partner feel comfortable with. Ask your OB and trusted family and friends for recommendations. If possible, schedule an in-person interview to get a feel for the doctors office and how well you connect.

Here are some questions to consider in making your choice.

  • Does this doctor have a good reputation?
  • What is this doctor’s training and experience?
  • Does the pediatrician respect my philosophy on breastfeeding and immunizations?
  • Does the doctor listen to me and explain things clearly?
  • Will my child see the same doctor every time?
  • Who covers for the pediatrician when they are not available?
  • Is the office staff pleasant and helpful?
  • Is the office location convenient?
  • How long does it take to get an appointment?
  • Does the pediatrician offer evening and weekend hours? Who sees my child during these hours?
  • How are emergencies and after-hour calls handled?
  • What hospital is the pediatrician affiliated with?
  • Does my insurance cover this doctor’s services?

If you end up moving or changing insurance, look for a new doctor well before your child needs a checkup or becomes sick.

How To Pick A Pediatrician

It is best to select the doctor for your baby while you are pregnant. The pediatric specialty appears to be the best way to go. There is an excellent chance that your family doctor would agree with that assessment, and recommend a pediatrician to care for your child until he or she becomes old enough to transfer his or her care to the familys traditional caregiver. Pediatricians specialize in the care of infants and young children. They are more familiar with medical issues that are unique to children.

If you dont have a family physician, begin your search by asking friends and family for pediatrician recommendations from their experience. Your local hospital will undoubtedly have a listing of physicians that are associated with their facility. The hospital would not knowingly recommend a physician that was not qualified, however, the listing simply indicates that the physician has privileges at that hospital, not that he is more highly recommended than another. You would have to determine his or her adequacy during your own investigation and interviews.

Another method for how to pick a pediatrician, and an important consideration to consider, is finding a pediatrician covered by your healthcare. Your healthcare provider can provide a list of covered pediatrician practices. You can cross reference this list with personal recommendations you have received.

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What Is The Office Culture And Communication Stye

Do the physician and their staff seem friendly, patient, and compassionate? Does the physician seem genuinely interested in your child and their health? Do they take and return phone calls in a timely fashion? Is a nurse or coordinator available by phone or email to answer questions? The staff should communicate and explain health concerns in a way that you can understand and you shouldnt feel rushed during appointments.

Listen to your instincts. If you dont feel comfortable, look elsewhere. No one knows what is best for your family better than you.

Why Choose A Pediatrician During Pregnancy

How To Select A Pediatrician For Your Newborn? â Slurrp Farm

This is one question many people will ask. The point is that it is important to choose a pediatrician during pregnancy as it is always better to be prepared. There is a lot that changes and happens once the baby is born, and then looking for good pediatricians is a task. It is important to have the same doctor for your baby for the first few months or even years, until most vaccinations are done. The task to choose a pediatrician may seem difficult, but all that it needs a bit of research. The main aim to find good pediatricians is to ensure that the doctor has a similar thought process as you.

I know many people here will think that we are not doctors and we must just agree to what the doctor says. In no way, I am saying that do not follow the instructions of the doctor but somewhere you should have the same ideologies. For example, as a mother, I do not like to give too many medicines to Little Miss A especially antibiotics and steroids. Many doctors prescribe these at the drop of a hat and parents who want the child to get well soon prefer such doctors. I have always gone to doctors who only prescribe necessary medicines. I try and use natural ways to cure common ailments and go to the pediatrician later if things do not improve in three days.

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Looking For An Experienced Pediatrician In Amarillo Texas

Dr. John Young is an experienced pediatrician in Amarillo who will provide you and your child with the best clinical experience possible. Call today at to schedule an appointment for your childs care. You can also Contact Us with any questions you may have. Stop by the office at 1500 S. Coulter St. Suite # 3 to learn more about our Services, including when your newborn should see a doctor.

Interaction With Your Baby

Try to study the way your pediatrician and your baby are interacting with each other. This is necessary as it creates a bond between the pediatrician and your child. Good pediatricians are very good with kids and it becomes easy to choose a pediatrician when you see they can easily play and divert the mind of the baby.

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What To Do If You Want To Switch Practitioners

You may decide to switch your pediatrician for several reasons, such as shifting to a different location, excess wait time, problems scheduling an appointment, or discomfort with the doctor or the staff. Some issues might be sorted by speaking to the physician. However, if the problem persists, it is okay to move on. Collect the patient files of your child so that your new doctor knows the complete history.

When To Begin Looking For A Pediatrician

How Do I Choose a Pediatrician?

Some parents choose a pediatrician before they become pregnant. Others do not think about this choice until after they have conceived. It is recommended that if you have not chosen a doctor before youve become pregnant, you should have one to care for your child before they are born.

Dont wait until the eighth month of pregnancy to begin looking for a pediatrician. It is best to start your search before your fourth month. Pediatricians have busy schedules, and you want to ensure the one you choose can schedule your childs visits. Giving yourself enough time to make a sound decision will get rid of the anxiety of last minute choices.

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