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How Long Do Babies Stay In Newborn Diapers

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Your babys weight is the biggest factor in determining which size of diaper will provide the best fit.

Most babies will fit into newborn diapers at birth, although a few will require either preemie diapers or go directly into size 1. The length of time your baby wears newborn diapers can vary greatly depending on their birth weight, sex, and overall growth rate.

According to the University of Michigan, the average birth weight for babies is around 7.5 pounds, but anywhere between 5.5 and 10 pounds is considered normal, and fewer than 3% of babies weigh more than 10 pounds at birth. In the first five days, newborns may lose around 8 ounces , but they typically gain it back in their second week of life. Babies go on to gain about 6 ounces a week until they are six months of age.

Here is a look at what your babys growth pattern may look like in the first six weeks based on their birth weight.

How Long Are Babies In Size 1 Diapers

Many parents who love to plan ahead want to know just how long their baby will wear size 1 diapers.

Though not an exact science, research has developed a fairly accurate growth trajectory that helps parents predict how long their little ones will wear each size of diaper.

Tip Choosing Goodnites Diaper

Goodnites are a brand of diapers that are specifically made to help control nighttime leakage and wetting. Which comes in handy if you are a parent that is about to start potty training your child due to the fact that these diapers are great at absorbing the urine even though they arent bulky like some other diapers are.

Even though they are meant for overnight leak protection you will need to change your childs diaper at least once through the night. But compared to other brands this brand is more on the affordable side.

  • Great for overnight wear
  • Doesnt contain leaks

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How Many Diapers Do I Need

Brace yourself babies can go through up to 3,000 diapers in their first year! It seems like a ridiculous number, but you can expect your baby to go through between 2,000-3,000 diapers in 12 months.

This number will change per baby, and it does depend on how frequently you change their diaper, and how often their diaper is dirty.

It is so important to ensure that your baby does not sit in a dirty diaper for too long, but you also need to make sure that you are not changing their diapers unnecessarily, as the costs can accumulate really quickly!

How Much Should A Wet Diaper Weigh

Diaper Size and Weight Chart Guide

4.5/5318.2 grams429.6 grams27.4 grams36.1 grams

Also, how much pee is considered a wet diaper?

WET DIAPERS: 4 – 5+ sopping wet diapers per day. To feel what a sufficiently wet diaper is like, pour 4-6 tablespoons of water into a clean diaper . Diapers may be wetter in the morning, especially with older babies.

Furthermore, how much does a size one diaper weight? Size 1: 8 – 14 lbs. Size 2: 12 – 18 lbs. Size 3: 16 – 28 lbs. Size 4: 22 – 37 lbs.

Consequently, how much does a diaper weigh Oz?

The average weight of a cloth diaper ranges from 1.4 oz for a newborn day diaper to 20.1 oz for a 2.5-year night diaper.

How are wet diapers calculated?

Place a dry, new diaper on the scale, zero the scale again, remove the diaper and use it. The scale is now ready to measure a wet diaper. To measure the wet diaper, place it on the scale that has been zeroed with that diaper, and measure the grams. Grams translate to milliliters for your I & O chart.

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Grovia Reusable Hybrid Size Chart

The GroVia Reusable Hybrid is a cloth diaper shell, which you can pair with GroVias snap-in soakers or prefolds. Thanks to the easy snap-in pad system, the GroVia Hybrid can be used by other caregivers such as grandparents or daycare staff. The shell is waterproof and comes with adjustable snaps to accommodate your babys ever-changing size.

One size

What Factors Contribute To Your Newborn Baby’s Weight

What makes your baby weigh more or less than the newborn in the next bassinet? Several factors come into play:

  • Your own diet and weight, both before and during pregnancy
  • Your prenatal health, including whether you drink, smoke or have diabetes
  • Your own birth weight, plus genetics
  • Your age
  • Whether your baby is a boy or a girl
  • Whether this is your firstborn
  • Whether your baby is a twin or triplet
  • Your babys race

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How Do You Know When To Go Up A Diaper Size

Sometimes, the size guides provided on the diaper boxes arent enough. You need to be able to tell when you should go up a diaper size, and there are a few signs to look out for that your baby is ready for the next size.

Here are some of the most common signs that your baby needs a bigger diaper:

  • Your baby has more leaks or blowouts. Once a diaper size is too small, you will notice more leaks and messes. Many parents think that this might have to do with the brand of diapers that your baby is wearing, but it is one of the most obvious signs that their diapers are too small!
  • If you notice red marks along your babys thighs, the diapers might be too small and fit your baby too snuggly. Your babys legs would be too big for the elastic in the diaper, and this could be quite uncomfortable for your baby.
  • When the tabs on the diaper begin to be difficult to connect in the front, it is probably time to move onto a bigger diaper. The right size diaper will close easily without you having to pull too much.
  • The right size diaper will also sit just below the belly button, so if the diaper sits too low, it could be too small.

Every Baby Is Different


With all the guidelines and best guesses that diaper manufacturers make, every baby is unique. All these weight guidelines are just assumptions based on other babies. Pay attention to the diapers fit more than the printed weight range on the diaper package. Youll know when your babys diaper isnt fitting right and its time to switch sizes.

Our most popular gift! The Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package includes 12 brands of size 1 diapers including eco-friendly and name brand choices.

“What a great idea! Being able to try different diapers before you buy. My baby is transitioning sizes and this let me see which diapers are the next size up but still on the smaller size to fit and also which ones still use the wetness stripe. I definitely now know which are my favorites and future go to’s.” -Cossandra A.

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Tip Choosing Babyganics Diaper

Not only does this company seek to make diapers that are great for your baby they want to make diapers that are great for the environment as well. This company is focused on your childs healthy skin and having a healthy sense of adventure as well.

And thats straight from their website. They think babies should be able to do all the things that they want to do as far as crawling, creating, adventuring, and wondering. Thats why they seek to make a diaper that works with them as they get to do all of these things.

They give your child the freedom to explore while keeping them dry and clean as they do it.

  • Durable

What Is The Difference Between Newborn And Size 1 Diapers

The difference between a newborn up to 10 pounds and size 1s 8-14 pounds isnt a lot. But, there is a bit of a size difference as well as some overlap. If your baby is at the smaller end of scale, you might opt for newborn size diapers, but if your baby is closing in on the upper end you might choose to start in size 1’s.

Many babies could really fit in either size .

As with all things, youll want to choose the diaper that works best for your unique baby.

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Growth Rate By Birth Weight

Birth Weight
11.1 11.5

Aside from their weight, your babys length and overall proportions may also come into play, especially when your baby is close to sizing up. Since babies vary so much in size, age is never a major consideration.

Most diaper brands have a two-pound buffer zone where babies can fit into both newborn and size 1 diapers. Though size 1 diapers are less likely to go to waste, most newborn diapers have an umbilical notch, which prevents irritation of the umbilical stump. Some parents find this especially helpful in the first few weeks.

What Is A Baby Diaper

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Super Pack

Diapers are special underwear worn by babies and younger children while they still dont know how to use the toilet. With a diaper, infants can freely defecate without soiling their baby bodysuits or their surroundings. Its absorbent materials absorb and lock in the waste products. Babies empty their bladders and bellies multiple times in a day. As such, they need regular changing and care to stay clean.

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Can Premature Babies Fit Newborn Diapers

While most newborns will be able to wear Newborn-size diapers, there are some babies who will be too small for the standard size.

Most diaper brands do not specify a minimum weight for their newborn diapers however, they may be too big for some premature babies. If there is substantial gapping at the waist or legs, or your baby experiences frequent leaks, their diapers may be too large.

If your baby is too small for newborn sizes, Pampers offers three sizes of preemie diapers that may provide a better fit.

How Do You Know When A Diaper Is Too Big

In what seems to be a cruel twist of fate, the major diaper mishap that indicates its time to go up a size in diapers is often the same sign baby needs something smaller: leakage. Diapers that are too big can also leave you with more stool leaks and blowouts, says Smith. You also may see that theres a lot of room between the diaper and your childs legs, or that the diaper pulls up way too high above the belly button.

The good news, though? Theres no need to get rid of diapers that dont quite fit yet. Switch them out for a smaller size but hold on to them, notes Smith. Children wind up catching up to the next size sooner than parents think.

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What Size Diaper Will My Baby Wear

Did you see the size overlap between the newborn and size 1 diapers? If newborn diapers are designed for babies under 10 pounds, and size 1 diapers are designed for babies 8-14 pounds, then what size diaper does an 8 or 9 pound baby wear? The answer is, maybe both.

Many experienced Moms will recommend only buying a few newborn diapers , but more size 1 diapers. Because you just dont know how big your baby will be at birth, or how fast they will grow.

Which Pampers Diaper Is Best For My Baby

What’s In My Newborn Diaper Bag 2021

As your baby grows, he’ll have different diaper needs. Here are some things to consider when choosing which Pampers diaper to buy:


Newborns have very delicate skin, so choose a diaper that’s:

  • very soft

  • super absorbent to keep your baby’s skin dry

  • designed so it doesn’t rub against the umbilical cord stump

  • easy to put on and fasten.

Consider Pampers Swaddlers, Swaddlers Sensitive, or Pampers Pure Protection at this stage.

Growing Babies:

Dryness will be your biggest focus when your little one is around 6 to 12 months old. Consider Pampers Baby-Dry or Pampers Cruisers.

On-the-Go Babies:

When your little one is wiggling a lot, crawling, or beginning to walk, consider diapers that are easier to take off quickly. For example, you might like Pampers Cruisers 360° Fit or Pampers Easy Ups.

This chart summarizes the sizes that each Pampers diaper is available in to help you select the right one:

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What Should I Do With Diapers That Are Too Small

Disposable diapers are pretty terrible for the environment as it is. So if you find yourself with extra diapers because your babys grown out of them, you could offer them to a friend with a little one, sell them online or donate them to a local charity or refuge for women. Diapers arent the cheapest, so any donations to those in need are sure to be very gratefully received.

Why Is It Important To Buy The Correct Sized Diaper

Unlike clothes, diapers are not bought according to the age of the baby rather a babys weight is the most important parameter for buying diapers. If the diaper is not in the correct size it may not only lead to a lot of inconvenience and discomfort but it may also lead to blowouts, rashes, leakages, and other such mishaps. As parents, you need to understand that just like babies are born with different birth weights and sizes, the diaper requirements for the babies would be based on that too. Usually, five sizes can include newborn, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The wrong diaper size can be frustrating for the baby. Therefore, if you wish to make your baby feel comfortable and happy and keep your house poop and pee safe, you need to pick up the right diaper size for your munchkin.

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How Do I Know If A Diaper Is Too Big

There are several signs that your babys diaper might be a bit too big:

  • Sagging: If the diaper doesnt look or feel very secure, and it sags too low, its probably too big. Sagging and an insecure fit is a perfect recipe for leaks and blowouts.
  • Leaks and blowouts: If youre frequently experiencing leaks and poop explosions, it may be that the diaper is too big, so its easily letting out your babys waste.
  • It doesnt fit around the waist: If theres a big gap between the diaper and your babys waist, the diapers probably too big.
  • The leg cuffs arent secure: If the leg cuffs arent very secure, the diapers probably too big, and youre gonna get some leaks. Try a smaller size.

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