What Do I Need To Buy For My Newborn

Ask A Family Member Or Friend To Be The Baby Photographer

Baby Capsule Wardrobe: 26 items you need 0-6 month (per size)

Newborn or baby photos could cost $100s per session, which could be a big chunk of your baby budget! That doesnt even include printing the photos!

Nowadays, the newest iPhones produce great quality pictures. You can easily ask your family member or friend who has access to a good camera or mobile phone to take photos for you. You can do them on a clear day at the park. Bring some props and make it a fun experience!

We did both a casual and professional photo shoot.

We got a professional photo shoot as a gift and my sister-in-law also took photos for us. Both were great in their own ways! I actually preferred the ones my sister-in-law took! They were outside with natural lighting. We didnt feel as rushed. She captured some great moments!

If youre looking for ideas for props, one common prop are the wooden blocks, which are nice.

I like the versatility of the chalkboard sign more.

You can use the chalkboard sign to document your pregnancy and babys growth as well as other special occasions .

You can also use it to teach your child in the future.

Instead of using standard chalk, you can use chalk ink markers like these ones in white and these ones in color. It comes off easily with a wet paper towel or baby wipe. Its much clearer and bolder for photos.

You can also use these types of clothing and setting props. Heres one with suspenders, one with a robe, and some textured blankets and settings. We used the blankets and added in some fake flowers. It was cute!

Baby Balm & Baby Lotion

To ensure my son’s new skin stayed soft in the first few months, we lathered him body in lotion every morning and night. First of all, he loved the massages and we loved to see his soft glowing skin.

The Pipette Baby Lotion offers hydration that is immediate and will last all day. Plus, it’s gentle enough for abby’s skin all the while restoring baby’s natural moisture levels.

I also recommend keeping a tub of the Pipette Baby Balm on-hand to treat try skin on baby, as well as chapped lips and diaper line. This is basically a one-for-all product that can be kept in the diaper bag.

In fact, this product is so well-loved by mothers that it was featured in November 2019’s issue of Good Housekeeping as a must-have !

Youll Be Surprised At How Big 0

I would definitely buy some essentials in newborn size as you will be surprised how big the 0-3 month clothes are on a newborn, says Yum_Yum.

My little man was 8lb 6oz at birth and stayed in newborn clothes up to the end of the first month, even though he was 11lbs at that stage.

I would suggest buying 6 sleep suits, 6 short sleeve bodies, 6 long sleeve bodies and 6 sleeveless vests in newborn as you will definitely use these. Also maybe 3/4 outfits in newborn for going out/visitors etc.

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Breast Pump And Pump Parts

Even if you decide to nurse exclusively, buying or renting a pump gives you an option to hand the baby to someone else to feed. Pumping, especially in the first few days, also helps stimulate production and increase milk supply.

Tip: Check with your insurance provider to see if theyll cover the cost of a breast pump.

Best Wool: Woolino Baby Sleeping Bag

The Ultimate List of Baby Must

Sure, it’s on the pricier side, but this sleep sack is made with luxurious Australian Merino wool and organic cotton that helps regulate your baby’s body temperature. What’s more, the sleep sack is machine washable and naturally fire resistant. Shoppers rave about the two-way zipper that allows you to change diapers whichever way is most convenient for you.

To buy: $65

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Baby On A Budget Summary

  • Create a baby shopping list
  • Only buy baby necessities
  • Know your budget during maternity leave
  • Prepare a financial plan for a tight budget
  • Have a diaper and wipes plan
  • Watch your hospital expenses
  • Shop online for new baby items
  • Get FREE baby things
  • Feed your baby what you eat
  • Breastfeed
  • Ask a family member or friend to be the baby photographer
  • Ask for baby necessities as gifts
  • Create a pregnancy budget checklist
  • Dont pay for babysitting
  • Dont use shampoo or soap on your baby
  • The Season When Your Baby Will Be Born

    When youre face-to-face with adorable baby clothes, think about the season and your babys age. Plan your baby clothing purchases around how old your little one will be during the coming seasons.

    In other words, dont buy that adorable three-month swimsuit thats on sale if your baby will be nine months old next summer.

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    Food Shopping List Before Baby:

    • Snack Items for Kids Goldfish, Fruit Snacks, Individual packets of things
    • Snack Items for Mom Belvita biscuits, granola, etc.
    • Granola bars
    • Frozen meals
    • Peanut butter
    • Caffeine

    Bonus New Mom Tip:

    Sign up for Walmart grocery pick up! Even if you dont shop at Walmart regularly, I have found grocery pick up to be a lifesaver when baby arrives!

    Out of milk? No problem. Need more newborn diapers? Easy! Need more yogurt and bananas for the other kids? Grocery pick up to the rescue!

    Walmart grocery pick up is always free when your order is $35 or more. Plus, their app makes it so easy to place a quick order from the comfort of your couch while nursing. Place your order and schedule it so your husband can pick up the groceries on his way home from work. You will be glad to have new groceries and your husband will be glad they will bring the groceries out to his car.

    Trust me. Sign up. Youll be glad you did even if you only use it once or twice!

    How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need

    First Time Home Buyers | How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Home (5 things to consider)

    For lots of pregnant people, its tough to resist adding a million baby outfits to your registry.

    On one hand, messes happena lotand having clothing options for quick outfit changes can be handy. But on the other, babies grow quickly, and your little one isnt going to stay in one size for very long.

    So how many clothes does your baby actually need?

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    Best Cotton: Hudson Baby Cotton Sleeping Bag

    Thousands of Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this sleep sack set because of its wallet-friendly price, quality cotton material, and lightweight-yet-full coverage design. The long sleeves are great so you can forgo an extra layer, and the zipper cover makes the sleep sack very safe. The hardest part will be choosing from the wide selection of prints and colors.

    To buy: $13$23

    How To Wash Newborn Clothes

    You can wash baby clothes with the rest of your laundry, but try to avoid usingstrong detergents and fabric softeners. Laundry detergents labelled sensitive or gentle are less likely to irritate your babys skin.

    Clothes with poo on them need to be soaked in nappy sanitiser before washing. Nappy sanitiser also makes a handy pre-soak once your baby is eating solids even with a bib, your babys clothes will get covered in food and drink.

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    Best Overall: Halo Cotton Sleep Sack

    As the holy grail of sleep sacks, Halo’s wearable blanket goes beyond expectations without breaking the bank. The under-$25 sleep sack is made of 100 percent cotton, so it’s gentle on delicate skin, and has an inverted zipper that closes from the bottom for seamless changing. Available in sizes small, medium, and large, it’s designed to leave enough room for leg movement but secure enough to stay on. “Use the weight and height guide to help for sizing, it is accurate,” one reviewer said. On chilly nights, you can add a long sleeve underneath the sleeveless design.

    To buy: $22

    Expensive Stuff To Put On Your Registry

    25 Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born

    Remember when I said you dont want to run into the situation where little old Miss Nancy couldnt find anything to buy you, so she got you a random item you never wanted?

    Well, one reason why some people buy random things is because theres nothing sufficiently valuable enough on your registry. I know this is true because several people told me this!

    Some people just want to get you the best gift available. Im talking hundreds of dollars worth. So just for those gift givers, make sure you have some high priced items on your registry!

    Here are some products I used myself and LOVED and recommend to every new mom:

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    Choose Supermarket Own Brand Wipes

    The difference in price of a pack of wipes from Pampers compared to one from a supermarkets own brand range can be huge. Over the course of a year were talking a huge difference.

    Also wipes with a hard plastic lid are a lot more expensive. They were my favoured choice at one stage because you could seal them easier and the wipes didnt dry out so quickly.

    However its worth shopping around to get something that is both good value and that you are happy to use on your baby. Of course if your baby has particularly sensitive skin then you may need to select a particular brand, such as Water Wipes, to be gentle on their skin.

    Newborn Baby Essentials: Checklist For Clothes Changing Sleeping Feeding

    It can be challenging to know just what you should buy for your baby. Have no fear – we’ve got you covered!

    Our recommendations are dedicated to helping you find the right product at the right price. Things you buy may earn us a commission. Learn more.

    What exactly do you need? What’s the best change table? Which car seat is best for your baby? How do you choose the right pram or cot for your lifestyle? Well, to help make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of all the baby essentials so you can just read and then simply print it off and start shopping.

    To help make things easier, you can also sign up to online registries like . This allows you to collate all the items you need in one place and even sees you getting a 15 percent discount when you check out all the items at once.

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    At Least 1 Pack Of Newborn Diapers

    When I was pregnant for the first time, I had no idea what size my baby would be. Everyone advised my to not waste money on newborn diapers.

    That advice was terrible.

    My 6lbs, 7oz son was much too small for Size 1 diapers. Actually, you should keep in mind that the baby will drop weight in the first week. So, my 5lb+ son, was basically swallowed by Size 1 diapers.

    In fact, we had a hard time finding newborn diapers. We had to search multiple stores which isn’t fun for new and tired parents.

    Also, using diapers that are too big are the cause of a lot of leakage and blowouts!

    So, save yourself the trouble and grab a pack of newborn diapers just in case. I recommend picking them up 2-3 weeks before your due date, so if your baby is too big for those diapers, you can return them without issue.

    Products You Need To Buy When Having A Baby

    How to Tell if You Need New Tires on Your Car

    Right after you learn that you’re having a baby, you learn that babies seem to need a lot of stuff! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. This list will help you figure out what to buy for baby. There are millions of products available for purchase, but the following products are the most common needs or wants for newborns.

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    How Many Baby Gifts Should You Register For

    I find that its better to register for MORE items than not. A good rule of thumb is to register for a variety of gift types in a wide range of prices and to register for two gifts per guest you expect to attend your baby shower. If you work in an office or have more than one circle of friends, you may find that you need enough items for TWO baby showers worth of guests.

    The number of items doesnt matter as much as having a good variety for all the different people who may want to buy you a gift. If an item is too expensive, then several people may decide to combine funds to purchase it.

    Create A Pregnancy Budget Checklist

    Like with baby stuff, your pregnancy budget can quickly spiral out of control!

    This especially applies to maternity clothing.

    You dont need to buy an entire maternity and nursing wardrobe. You just need a few items.

    The most essential clothing for me were these maternity leggings! They look like skinny pants so you might be able to use them at work depending on how formal your work environment is. Theyre thick and have fake back pockets.

    I also highly recommend getting a nursing bra.

    This nursing bra is comfortable and inexpensive. Ive tried similar nursing bras without underwires from other retailers and this one is the cheapest for relatively good quality.

    Here are a few other pregnancy essentials I couldnt live without.

    This video also has a few smart pregnancy clothing hacks using your regular clothes:

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    Baby Checklist: Shopping Guide For Pregnancy To 12 Months

    Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

    Most parents’ new baby checklists include necessities as well as a few purchases that are over-the-top optional. Your baby really needs only enough clothing to keep him or her clean and warm, a comfortable environment, proper nutrition and plenty of love. Here’s a look at the items you may want that are just the start of the cost of raising a child.

    But chances are you want more than the bare minimum for your little one, so these lists err on the comprehensive side.

    Nerd tip: Friends and family are often more than willing to spoil your bundle of joy. Even if a baby shower isnt in the works, directing loved ones to a registry can make a big dent in your shopping list and lessen the chance that youll receive unnecessary items.

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