What To Buy For Newborn Twins

Twin Baby Items You Need Two Of

TWIN MUST HAVES ON BABY REGISTRY 2020 | Newborn Twins Essentials | Twin Carrier, Twin Bassinet…

Obviously there are twin items that you will need to of, but its not as many as you may think. A good tip is if there is something that is expensive and you just cant bring yourself to get two of a twin product, then dont. You can improvise with what you may already have, or there may be a different item that will work for your twins. For example, you dont need two two baby carriers, you can buy one baby wrap and one baby carrier. Same with baby products like toys, its goo to have variety so they dont get bored.

Baby Swing For my twins, they were a must. When they were newborns, they would sleep and hang out in the swings the swings kept them calm in between feedings. As they got bigger, they loved being in them to play. The ones we used had speed control, vibrated, and played music all of which were very handy in keeping me and my boys sane. These are a much have twin item especially for small spaces because they fold up and can be stored in your closet, or you can travel with them. Buy here

Twin Baby Shower Etiquette + Gifts Under $50

The twin birth rate in the United States rose 76% from 1980 through 2009, and its definitely even higher today. Chances are that you will be invited to a twin baby shower someday, if you havent already. You might be wondering what is expected of you as the guest since there are two babies being celebrated, not just one.

We polled our twin parents from all over the globe to share their opinions on the matter. They also provided helpful tips for baby shower gifts under $50.

Newborn Twins Essentials: 12 Items You Need To Buy In Bulk

Any pregnant mom has a long shopping list prepared for her expected baby. Yet, when youre expecting twins, everything is doubled. The essentials differ from one mom to another. A mother who is planning to breastfeed will definitely need breastfeeding covers and nursing pads opposite to a mom who plans on exclusively pumping and formula feeding.

However, there are some must-haves that every momma of twins will need. This list includes essentials that should be bought in bulk so youre covered. After delivering your twins, shopping will not be the easiest chore. When shopping, try to avoid pharmacies and shop at big hypermarkets and e-commerce websites because you usually find discount offers on diapering essentials and bath care products. Quantities differ from one baby to another but there are some general facts that can help you decide the quantity you purchase.

  • A baby wets 8 to 12 diapers a day during the first two months.
  • If youre delivering in winter, remember that clothes will take more time to dry.
  • Try the wipes first on your newborns skin to make sure that they are not allergic to them before buying a bulk of the same kind.

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Romeo Shop Personalized Puppy Security Blankets

Personalized baby loveys make top-notch gifts for newborn twins. These cute puppy blankets come in seven colors and are embroidered with each babys name. Handmade from a soft cotton material, the puppies will feel gentle against the twins skin. Plus, theyre pretty darn cute!

Buy it: $61 for a set of 2, Etsy.com

Vija Skin To Skin Cami

What to Buy for Twins  Part 2: Infant Gear

The Vija Skin To Skin Cami is another version of a baby carrier. It takes its idea from the kangaroo pouch. Essentially, you are enveloping your child in this soft cami that you wrap around your body. It attempts to recreate the feeling of being swaddled for your child. There are several ways to wrap it, which create different ways to carry the baby in it according to their growth rate. Its a little harder to carry two babies at one time as they get older, but its super cute to see the newborns wrapped up on either side of the parents, just hanging out and most likely sleeping.

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What Is Proper Twin Baby Shower Etiquette For Gifts

If youre bringing clothes, bring something for each baby or a pack of something. If youre buying something larger, one is just fine. I would never have expected a friend to buy me two car seats just because I was having two babies. But Im of the spend whatever you are comfortable spending, even if its just $5 ilk.

As a general rule of thumb, I always buy something off their registry before I buy clothes. If I buy clothes, thats in addition to their registry gift.

We had a mixture at ours. But most people bought 2 things, one for each twin if it was clothes or something I had registered for two of and would need for each baby. If it was something I just wanted one of, then they wouldnt bring a second gift . The point of a baby shower is to help the new parents out and obviously, twin parents need more stuff. But what people spend varies based on budget and relationship with the parents so there is no set etiquette in my opinion. I just think it would be odd to buy something directed for one twin and not the other, so if your budget cant afford two gifts then steer towards something that is meant for mom or for both twins together.

You dont need to buy two gifts, nor a more expensive gift. Whatever you chose from the registry is fine, or whatever you want to give to the family. No one receiving a gift should expect anything!

One gift is fine if its something shareable like diapers or a large item. If, for example, an outfit or toy, its best to go with two.

Baby Relax Double Rocker

Ahhhrelaxing with twins. Is that even possible? It actually is possible if you are equipped with the right tools and products such as this twin baby furniture.

Wider than a regular rocker, this double rocker allows you to sit comfortably and even relax while you are with two of your little ones. This means that you can easily go breastfeed your babies, rock them to sleep or, when they get older, just cuddle and spend time with them. It is definitely the perfect place to curl up with your children as you read stories and prepare to get them into bed.

What made us fall in love with this product is that it is made of such sturdy and durable construction that we were pretty confident it could manage the weight of its passengers, even as the children grow bigger. It has solid wood rocker feet so we know it will last quite a long time. As for the chair itself, it is made from 100% polyester fabric and comes in a two-toned welting to give it a modern and upscale look. If you have a house with a contemporary design this furniture is the perfect piece to add into it. The rocker chair is also plush and is very comfortable to sit on, with its padded seats and back.

This double rocker is certainly wonderful considering the price point but after weighing all the pros and cons, we will have to place this one at the bottom of the list.

Details of the Baby Relax Double Rocker


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Mini+molly Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

If you have an Instagram account, youve seen this scenario before: Mom and Dad posing their baby with a banner or blocks to mark monthly baby milestones. This blanket comes with multiple pink and blue felt frames and arrows, making it perfect for twins. It also lets you stage different shots through your babies first weeks, months and years. In fact, as your children grow, you can even hang the blanket for pictures throughout the years, tracking their heights.

Dimensions: 60 x 47 inches

Twin Baby Sleep Essentials

Top 10 Must-Haves for Newborn Twins | Dads to twins via Surrogacy

The question I probably get the most besides are they twins? is do they sleep at the same time? Yes! If they didnt, I would lose my mind! Ill be writing a blog post about how we sleep trained the babies as well as our current bedtime routine shortly and Ill link to it here as soon as its live.

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Lil Me Store Cant Have One Without The Other Twin Onesies

On the hunt for unique gifts for twins? These best-selling onesies are just the ticket. Decorated with sweet cartoon milk and cookie designs, the coordinated onesies read cant have one, without the other. Oh, and there are plenty of styles to choose from: This design is available as a short-sleeve or long-sleeve onesie for babies and as a shirt for older kids.

Buy it: Starting from $32 for a set of 2, Etsy.com

Must Haves For Twins To Add To Your Registry List

Are you expecting twins? Check out this comprehensive list of must haves for twins! It includes everything youll need to care for two babies.

I finally wrapped my head around the fact that I was having twins. The emotions were still coming in waves, but I was ready and more than excited for their arrival.

Except I didnt know what I needed to have for twins.

I already had a three-year-old and planned to use many of his baby items for the twins. But as I quickly realized, what may have worked for a singleton doesnt always apply when youre expecting twins.

Do you really need two of everything? What special equipment or gear would you need to buy? Some seemed obvious, while others I only learned were essential down the line.

Free printables: Get a handy printable of all these must haves for twins! Download your copy of the Twin Registry Must-Haves and keep track of what you have and the items you still need to get. Grab it belowat no cost to you! Plus, youll also get my newsletters, which twin moms say they LOVE:

Thank you sooo much Nina, Im truly happy I signed up. -Linda M.

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Halo Bassinet Twin Sleeper

This bassinet by HALO is amazing. One would assume that a double bassinet is common sense but lets be honest, not everyone is thinking about twins when they make baby products. Finding a double bassinet used to be quite hard. Now, HALO has made one that comes in all shades. It rotates so your kiddos can sleep as close as possible to the parents at night without actually being on the bed. The sides are soft and mesh so they push down easily when you have to put the babies back to bed. To top it off, it also makes soothing sounds, plays soothing music, has a nightlight, vibrates, and has a back to bed reminder.

Diapering And Bathing Supplies

The Weego TWIN Baby Carrier Buy Online or Call 1 (718) 690 ...

Newborns tend to go through 10 to 12 diapers per day during those early weeks. At roughly $0.25 each, thats around $80 to $90 for your first months supply, plus another $30 for accompanying wipes and ointment.

In addition, be sure to factor in the following necessities:

  • Diaper Pail. Trust me a diaper pail is far different from an ordinary garbage pail. A good deodorizing diaper pail costs $30 to $50. Some are compatible with ordinary trash bags, while others require specific refill bags that cost extra.
  • Diaper Bag. Since diapering sometimes needs to happen while youre on the go, add a diaper bag to your list of baby purchases. A basic diaper bag costs $40 to $80. Of course, there are also designer diaper bags that retail for $300 or more. If youre not concerned about getting your diaper bag fresh off the shelves, try finding one thats lightly used at a yard sale or online, where you may snag it for 50% or more off the retail price.
  • Bath Items. While bathing isnt nearly as time-consuming as diapering, be prepared to spend another $80 to $100 to keep your infant clean. A baby tub costs $30 to $40. Then, add another $20 to $30 for towels and washcloths. While you can use linens you already own to save money, they may be too rough for a newborns skin. On top of that, throw in $30 to cover baby soap, shampoo, a comb, and a nail grooming kit.

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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Whether you have twins of the same age, Irish twins or a toddler and a baby, this double stroller is the best purchase you will ever make that will make both yours and your kiddos life more comfortable.

In our opinion, this Baby Trend Double Sit N Stand stroller is the best stroller for twins available in the market. Why so? It comes with in stadium seating which can accommodate two infant car seats at the same time. Finding a stroller that can do just that can be tough and we are glad to have found one. Did we also mention that it does not only accommodate the Flex Loc car seat but also the other brands? It might be a little difficult to deal with this kind of seating arrangement for same age kids but they are a more preferable arrangement for kids who are a few years apart.

Another reason we love this tandem stroller is that it can accommodate children in multiple positions: sitting, lying down, in car seats and even as a standing platform if there is an older child. The stroller comes with a very large basket to fit everything that you need when going out with two children and it also comes with two child trays and a parent tray, with cup holders each. The stroller also comes with two huge canopies that provide maximum coverage for the passengers which can both be removed if necessary.

You can also check other tandem strollers that you can use with twins or multiples.

Details of the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller


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