How To Grocery Shop With Newborn

Grocery Shopping With A Newborn


Grocery shopping with a newborn has its own unique challenges. In those first few weeks, anytime you need to go to the store you wonder if its really worth the hassle. You might have your groceries delivered or have someone else pick up your groceries for a little while, and thats okay. In the times when you do need to leave the house, there are some ways to make shopping with a newborn a little bit easier.

Much like traveling anywhere else with a newborn, its important to be prepared before you leave the house. Packing for a shopping trip can often feel like youre going on a two-week vacation, but being over-prepared is better than needing something that you forgot at home.

In order to have the best possible shopping trip, be sure to feed your little one and change your diaper right before you go. If you have a short trip, you may be able to make it out of there without having to stop to feed or change your newborn. But its better to plan ahead and be prepared in case your little one does get hungry or need a diaper change.

Baby Born In Grocery Store Takes Fittingly Themed Newborn Photos

After making headlines for her surprise grocery store birth, a Canadian mom celebrated her babys arrival with an aptly themed newborn photo shoot.

On April 28, Ashleigh Miller-Cross of Halifax, Nova Scotia, gave birth to her son Ezra in her local Atlantic Superstore. The mom, who had given birth to a daughter just 10 months earlier, had no idea she was pregnant, but fortunately, the stores assistant manager sprang into action and retrieved a doctor from the stores medical clinic to help with the delivery.

Photographer Jen Matchett of Branches Photography told HuffPost she saw the story of Ezras birth in the local news. When she came across a post requesting donations for the family and their surprise baby, she immediately offered a free newborn session.

Naturally, Matchett had a theme in mind.

The idea for the grocery basket shot came to mind right away! the photographer explained. As soon as I heard from the mother, we booked the session, and I went to the store to borrow a basket!

Everyone thought I was crazy! Newborn photographers will put a baby in some strange things, she joked.

When Ezra was just 2 weeks old, his mom, grandma and sister brought him to Matchetts studio for the photo shoot. The photographer wasnt sure what the family would think of her grocery basket idea, but thankfully, they were game.

I was so excited to get him in that basket, Matchett recalled.

Matchett and the Cross family were very pleased with how the pictures turned out.

Best Way To Grocery Shop With Two Babies

If youre shopping with twins or two babies close in age, you have a few options. One option is to wear one baby in a carrier while the other sits in the shopping car seat or in the car seat, depending on their age. You can also wear both babies in a baby carrier, but that does take some practice.

A double stroller is another option if youre only doing a short shopping trip that doesnt require a lot of room. You can always add additional bags or baskets to your stroller if you need extra space.

If you have two babies who arent able to sit up yet, the best way to shop with them is to buy two shopping cart hammocks. Two of the hammocks will actually fit on one cart and will hold both your babys securely, allowing you to have your hands free while you shop. If youre having trouble fitting both hammocks, try to place them as close to the front of the cart as you can.

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Choose The Right Parking Spot

If youre going grocery shopping with a baby for the first time, you might try to park near the entrance as youve always done.

But, dear new parent, your best bet is to park near the shopping cart return stall. You dont want to leave your baby alone in the car when youre trying to be a good citizen and going to return the grocery cart.

Oh, youre planning to carry your little one with you when you walk all the way to the cart return?


Its more convenient to unload your groceries and returning the cart when youre parked right next to the cart return stall rather than trying to balance the diaper bag, the cart, and your baby when youve parked closer to the entrance.

And if theres parents parking available, definitely go for that.

Produce Price Guessing Game

Father with baby daughter grocery shopping in supermarket ...

If youre like me, then you usually find the produce you want, eyeball the size youd like, and put it in your cart.

But this is an awesome opportunity to teach your child a valuable skill .

Bring a calculator to the store for each of your kids. Put each of your kids in charge of one piece of produce from your list. Have them find it, look at the price, weigh the produce, and calculate how much they think it will cost based on its weight.

Add the twist of awarding a prize for the person who comes closest, and youll have kids eagerly waiting at the cash register while you complete your transactions.

Psst: Ill give you an example a butternut squash is $1.18/lb. Your child weighs it at 3.5 lbs. Theyd multiply 3.5 lbs. X $1.18, to find that the total cost will be $4.13. And if you get down to pesky ounces, just make a rule that they can round up or down, as appropriate, to half pounds.

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Where To Put The Car Seat

Like most new parents the first thing they think about is how can we grocery shop with a car seat?

First things first, read your manufacturers booklet and talk to the store manager or even call your local police station to ask about car seat safety at the grocery store.

Most police stations have trained officers who specialize in-car seat safety and would be happy to help answer your questions. You may also find car seat specialists in your area by looking in the phone-book.

There are also Child Car Seat Clinics in Canada so you could also inquire with any questions you may have by contacting them. There are always options if you have questions but arent sure of the answers.

Weve seen many parents who put the car seat on top of the shopping cart.

I found this short but relevant post about what not to do with your baby car seat in the grocery shopping cart at The writer was talking about putting the car seat on top of the shopping cart.

The problem: Infant car seats arent designed to be secured to the top of a shopping cart. Most car seat manufacturers specifically prohibit using their seats this way but that warning is usually buried along with 30 other generic warnings in the instruction manual so it doesnt get much attention.

The issue is that the car seat isnt strapped in or snapped onto the cart. Its just perched on top.

If you only shop once per month you may want to consider bringing a friend if you are grocery shopping alone with your baby.

Q: How Do I Place The Car Seat Into A Grocery Cart Safely For Shopping Trips Is There A Better Way To Take My Baby Grocery Shopping

A: Each year, there are thousands of kid-related shopping cart injuries, but there are some simple tips to help help prevent them. Avoid putting your child in a car seat and then setting the car seat on top of the shopping cart, as this can increase the risk of injury.

Babies should not ride in the seat of the shopping cart until they can sit on their own without support, typically around 6 months. If they do ride in the cart, make sure they meet its weight requirements and always restrain them with the belt provided in most carts. Infants and children should never ride in the main basket, as they could fall within the cart or out of it. There are many seat inserts available on the market to line the cart and help support your child. When using these inserts, you should still keep your child restrained by the liner’s or the cart’s belt.

Finally, make sure to never leave your child unattended since carts do not have a full harness restraint like car seats do. Carrying your infant in a commercial baby carrier may be a more convenient and safer alternative, especially if she is not large enough to sit on her own in the cart.

Answered by Mark R. Zonfrillo, M.D.

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How To Grocery Shop With A Newborn Safely

To be a new mom has its many challenges. But I bet that you have never thought that shopping might be one of them. Yes, something that you used to enjoy turns into a daunting task when you have a fussy, crying baby with you.

Unfortunately, you cant stay at home forever with the baby, especially if you run out of food and your husband is away. You cant leave the little one alone, so you are left wondering how to go to the shop.

How to grocery shop with a newborn safely?. Youve come to the right place for help. Im going to tell you in details how to grocery shop with your newborn safely and quickly in just 10 steps.

Grocery Shopping With A Stroller Works For Short Lists


Grocery shopping with a stroller is another option, especially if you dont have a lot of groceries to buy. Even better than having to transfer your little one to a stroller is a travel system or caddy where the car seat snaps in directly on top of the stroller.

Most strollers or caddies have a small basket on the bottom where you can put your groceries. This wont work well if you have a lot to buy, but if you only need a few things at the store, this is a great option and is easier than moving your baby from one place to another.

If youre in need of more room, some parents use stroller hooks to hold a basket at the store or to hold a reusable shopping bag. This gives you some extra space to store more groceries instead of trying to fit them all in the bottom. When youre really in a pinch, you can also push the stroller with your baby while pulling a cart behind you. However, that method can be a lot of work and its difficult to navigate both the stroller and the cart.

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Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Worksheets

I absolutely love doing nature scavenger hunts with my 3.5-year-old, and I can only imagine how much more fun grocery shopping is going to be when we start doing grocery store scavenger hunts!

Supermarket scavenger hunts for kids :

Scavenger hunts for kids are great to keep them busybut lets take this up a notch by adding in grocery store games that teach various money math lessons.

Everything You Need To Know About Grocery Shopping During Covid

Do you need to disinfect your purchases? Should I wear a mask and gloves? And more questions answered.

By Rebecca GaoApril 8, 2020

In the era of social distancing, grocery shopping is one of the only reasons to leave home right now. COVID-19 has made grocery shopping a logistical minefield: can you touch the packages? Why is that person standing so close? Where is all the toilet paper?

Beyond going to the store, theres a lot of confusion about what to do when you get home. Do you need to leave purchases outside, or just disinfect them? What about fresh produce?

Heres what you need to know about grocery shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Figure Out How You Will Carry Your Baby

Figuring out how you will carry your baby around the store is very important. You will need to decide what you are the most comfortable with.

There are a few safe options for getting around a grocery store, by yourself with a baby.

If youll be bringing another adult to the store with you there will be less concern as the other adult can push the grocery cart for you.

How To Safely Deal With Your Groceries At Home

I never knew how people managed to go grocery shopping ...

Is it necessary to disinfect your groceries at home? The good news is that experts say that no, you dont have to disinfect each item you buy at the grocery store. As long as youre practicing other sanitary habits , its highly unlikely that you will pick up coronavirus this way. However, consider opening up your zip-lock bag of hand-sized, paper towel, alcohol-soaked squares and using 1 or 2 to clean the cans and containersjust to be on the safe side).

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Use A Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Now this one is new to me, but I all of a sudden started seeing them pop all over my local Whole Foods market. The baby shopping hammock is an adorable way to shop with your little one and save your back too.

We want you to feel confident bringing your baby on shopping errands, no questions asked. This hammock has passed numerous safety tests and certifications, and is fully compliant with the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act . A secure seat harness and infant carrier strap ensures your baby and carrier stays put throughout.

One of my favorite features of the grocery cart hammock is that it is lightweight, you can simply pop it in your purse or diaper bag. You can check out the baby grocery cart hammocks here!

Use A Stroller And A Shopping Cart

If you dont want to baby wear, or if your twins are too big to wear, you can use the stroller-cart combo. You put the kiddos into their stroller and use a shopping cart for the actual groceries.

You can also just use the stroller and forget about the cart.

Where do the groceries go?

If you use a stroller and a cart the groceries go in the cart. You push the stroller and pull the cart.

If you use just the cart you can carry a shopping basket with you, or use the storage area under the stroller to hold your groceries.

Pros of the Stroller and Cart System

A big pro is your twins will be comfortably in their stroller. And you have plenty of room for your groceries in the shopping cart.

If you choose to not use a cart you can move pretty quickly through the stor, you just might have to limit what you buy to what you can carry or put under the cart.

Cons of the Stroller and Cart System

Pushing a stroller and pulling a cart means you take up a lot of space. Double strollers can be a bit large. It takes some practice to get down.

If you use a basket with just the stroller you cant carry as much. And if you use the bottom of the stroller to hold your groceries you want to make sure you dont let anything get lost under there.

I had a fear that people would think I was shoplifting, but if you empty out that area and it is just items that you are purchasing you should be okay.

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