Where To Get Newborn Pictures Taken

Keep Baby Happy And Youll Be Happy Too

How to Get a Newborn Sitting Up for Photography : Photography Techniques

There are a few simple things you can do that will ensure a happy baby and a productive photo session. The first is to keep your shooting area warm really warm. I have successfully used my quartz infrared space heater that we use to heat our bedroom in the wintertime, but any small space heater will do.

The alternative is to crank up the thermostat in your house while you are shooting. Luckily, Gabriel was born during the summer in Arizona, so I didnt need to do anything other than head to my garage. It was like an oven!

In addition to having a warm shooting area, white noise does wonders for keeping baby asleep. I downloaded an app to my iPhone called Sound Sleeper which has a number of soothing sounds that you can play for baby while you are shooting. I would just tuck my phone underneath the blanket I was shooting on and it would keep Gabriel happy and snoozing!

The third trick probably goes without saying but make sure baby has a nice, full belly and is not hungry during your shoot.

In addition to these three things, I have found that most babies are much more cooperative and lazy in the morning hours than in the afternoon and evening hours. Try to do your shooting between breakfast and lunch, and I think you will agree that this is the best time for most babies.

Tip 1 Safety First For Newborn Photography

Safety should always come first when it comes to newborn and baby photography. The list can get quite extensive for tips on newborn safety, but in general, use your common sense. Never bring in any hard or sharp objects as props. Never place your newborn on high or unsteady surfaces without a spotter. And realize that some of your favorite photos of newborns are actually composites. Below is an example.

Take a look at this adorable picture below of a newborn and a guitar.

Introducing personal elements is part of what makes some of these creative props for newborns so great. However, guitars arent the most stable surfaces for newborns so a spotter is enlisted. With the camera on a tripod, the composition of the image does not shift. One photo is taken of just the guitar and another picture is taken with the newborn on the guitar but with someone securely holding the baby in place .

With a little Photoshop magic, the images are merged and you have the composite image that you see in the first picture. .

So any time you see a picture of a baby hanging from a branch or resting on a basketball or in any other precarious position, understand that the images should not be attempted without proper safety and composite techniques for newborn photography.

Tip 9 Be Flexible And Work With Your Newborn

Your newborn baby has his or her own schedule. When they get fussy, be sure to take your time and wait it out. Sometimes youll spend 3-4 hours on a shoot with the baby crying the entire time and finally, in the last 20 minutes, youll get everything you need. Its not going to be easy and be sure to plan sufficient time or the shoot. Your shoot duration will vary depending on the number of wardrobe changes and scene setups, but in general be flexible. If youre doing this professionally, consider charging per session, per image, or per scene rather than charging per hour.

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Beautiful Black And White Style

Different newborn photographers will have different styles and approaches whether they photograph in a studio or at home. Do make sure you have a really good grasp of what your chosen photographer offers to ensure youre delighted with your pictures.

For example, all my work is in black and white and taken in a very natural style. Im keen that the pictures are all about you as a family, focusing on connections and emotion. Photographing in your home can bring a lot of distracting elements into an image and so by working in timeless black and white there are no worries about plastic toys or colours cast from brightly-painted walls.

Black and white photography is perfect for newborns as it will really stand the test of time. It will shine through the generations, looking great now, as your children grow up and when theyre adults.

What Equipment Do I Need For Newborn Photography

The secrets to taking Newborn Pictures

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are the most versatile, with the best quality. That doesnt mean you cant take pictures with the camera thats already in your pocket.

While those cameras are best, if you have to choose between buying diapers and buying a better camera, buy the diapers. And use the camera thats already in your pocket, a smartphone.

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Tip #: Coordinate Outfits

I already basically mentioned this, but get your own clothes and everyone else’s bought and ready before baby comes, so they’re laid out, planned, and ready to go. Keep everything fresh and brand new in the back of your closet so that they don’t get worn and stained by dad and other kids while you’re in the hospital.

For Millie’s newborn shoot, I kept everyone in creams/whites/neutrals and I loved how they turned out and love that we kept Millie in a swaddle for her newborn photo outfit. You can also see how my girls and I dressed for some snaps in Millie’s nursery reveal here.

For Harry’s newborn photos, we added a little bit more color. My girls wore this dress in 3 coordinating prints, and I wore this dress as I mentioned, and then Neil and Harry wore more neutral colors. I’ll be honest, I didn’t follow my own advice and kind of just slapped these outfits together at the last second. Not a huge deal! But you can definitely see that in Millie’s photos our outfits coordinated a lot better and I wish I would’ve maybe worn a different color dress.

In the pics below you can see that my girls and Harry all coordinate much better. Maybe they’re just cuter too haha.

Newborn Photography At Home: The When Where And How

When your baby arrives into the world, your familys newborn cocoon is precious.

Leaving the house is likely to sound unappealing: visitors come to you, shopping is done online and delivered to your door, bonding and sleep are top of your priority list.

But what if you want professional photographs taken of your little one when theyre still so tiny and new?

Rather than making an expedition to a local studio, let the photographer come to you, have your newborn photography at home.

Heres a helpful guide to how you can have those irreplaceable early days captured on camera by a specialist newborn photographer without leaving the comfort of the family home.

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Tip 3 Warn The Clients

In order to arrange a successful photo session with newborn photo ideas, it’s essential to ensure that the parents of the baby are aware of what to expect and how to prepare. You may even send a letter with some tips and your newborn photoshoot ideas to get them both prepared. There are even the email templates that include the full description about the plans for the session and clear preparation guide. Warn your clients about the things you’re going to take with you, about the approximate duration of the shoot, and ask them to warm the house even though you will have a space heater with you.

Baby Boy Pictures Ideas

8 Effective Newborn Baby Care Tips that New Parents Must Know

11. Dino Themed Picture

Looking for interesting newborn photo ideas for boys? Get a wonderful Dino costume. It may have a symbolic meaning related to the babys arrival to this world. Such a Dino outfit comes in different colors, so choose the most suitable for your photo session.

12. Posters

Posters may be a great way to add unique and personalized details to your pictures. Create beautiful posters with the childs name or some details related to his family and take original newborn baby photos.

13. On the Grass

If you have a photo session in the winter or simply dont want to risk taking a child outdoors, but wish to add natural vibes to the photo imitate the green grass in your studio. Find a suitable green blanket with the grass pattern and take newborn photos.

14. Warm and Soft Blankets

You should definitely have woolen soft props to realize baby picture ideas at home. Make the newborn warm and comfortable, wrapped in a blanket, and youll be able to pose him as you wish.

15. In the Boat

How to photograph newborns without problems? Just pose them comfortably, so they wont cry all the time. You can get a small boat of bright colors, put some warn rugs inside and lay the kid on it. While he is sleeping, you can take some memorable images.

16. Sport Attributes

Most boys really like sports and team games. So, why not use such newborn baby boy picture ideas at the photo session? For instance, you can get a football hat or a ball and create a beautiful composition.

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Whens The Best Time To Photograph Your Newborn Baby

The short answer? Soon after you bring your new baby home, ideally within the first fortnight.

These early days pass in such a flash and your little one grows so much in the first couple of weeks that its lovely to take pictures that record this unique time.

Theyre pictures that will bring back memories that could otherwise be lost in the fog of sleep deprivation: how tiny their little toes were, how they could fit in the palm of your hand, how you discovered that the best way to soothe them was to sing that special song over and over while walking around the garden.

Theyre the things that will make you smile as you look back on the images.

As your newborn grows in those early weeks, the opportunities for pictures change. When theyre teeny tiny, its all about snuggly sleepy shots before they become more alert and start to really stretch their limbs as they snooze.

As deep milk-sleep is so common at this age, it also means you can get shots of them being held without disturbing their slumber. A few weeks later and your baby may become a little more fussy about being moved around when theyre dreaming of their next feed.

If youd prefer not to make any plans before your baby is born, get in touch with your chosen photographer as soon as youre home and many will try to fit you in if they can.

When Is The Best Time For A Photo Shoot During Your Babys First Year

The truth is that whenever you have a photo shoot during your babys first year the photographs will be incredibly special.

Each time you look at them youll remember just how your baby was at that age, and all of the lovely memories you have from that time.

But, there are some ages and stages that I recommend as being better than others for a photo shoot. These stages are:

  • The newborn stage, when your baby is just a few days or weeks old
  • 6-8 months when your baby is can sit up unsupported but isnt yet crawling
  • Around 12 months to mark your babys first birthday

Lets have a look at why these are the best ages to have your baby photographed.

A newborn baby girl photographed in my studio at 9 days old.

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Newborn Poses For Sleepyheads & Wide

The Huck Finn pose is another one of my favorite poses. It works well for both awake and sleeping newborns, so youll find a Huck Finn portrait in most of my galleries.

For this simple, elegant portrait, I swaddle newborns in a strip of fabric that matches the blanket beneath them. When the blanket and swaddle match, the eye goes directly to the baby. This classic portrait showcases the newborn without any competing props.

I leave sleeping babies hands uncovered so you can admire their tiny fingers. When babies are awake, however, they tend to suck on their hands. In that case, I swaddle their hands and leave their tiny toes out instead. For more variety, I will often add a teddy bear or little knitted animal for the baby to hold.

Newborn Photography: When Is The Best Age To Take Baby Pictures

How to get baby to take a bottle: When to try, the right ...

You may have heard that the best time to have photos taken of your baby is within the first two weeks after your baby is born. Getting baby pictures in Northern Virginia can be quite an undertaking when it comes to traffic and schedules but when you consider that parents JUST had a baby, asking them to leave the house at that point is a really big dealespecially when you find out that a newborn session can take up to 3 hours!

So when should you have those baby photos taken? The short answer is that a good photographer should be able to get beautiful images of any baby, no matter how old they are. The ultimate decision of when those images should be taken should be up to the parents, not the photographer. We can capture your beautiful baby in gorgeous pictures no matter what the age. You didnt miss your window! I will never forget a new momma who called me on verge of tears because a photographer told her that she missed her window to get newborn pictures of her baby and that photographer refused to take the session. I was so mad for that mom. Her child was barely 20 days old! So dont let anyone make you feel like you missed anything. You are doing a great job and we can get great images for you to treasure.

1. As soon as babies are born, they want to uncurl and spread out: The older they get the more uncurled they become, so the first 2 weeks of babys life is the easiest time to get these sweet curled up shots we imagine when we think of newborn photography.

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Tip 6 Get Creative Props For Your Newborn Photos

Creative props can be the difference between a professional photo and an amateur one. Newborn props dont have to be expensive and you can find most of what you need at home or a local crafts stores. Other recommended locations are Beautiful Photo Props and Etsy. For ideas, consider incorporating the parents hobbies, their culture, their favorite colors, or their overall personalities. We came up with the concept below for Ellie because her mother used to live in Paris. For more inspiration and to see how this scene was shot, please see our Newborn Photography Workshop.

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