Which Formula Is Best For Newborn

Types Of Formula Preparation

Which NAN formula is best for newborn

Baby formula comes in 3 formats: Powder, liquid concentrate, and ready-to-use. They are the same from a nutritional standpoint, but the type you choose will depend on your budget, storage capacity, and time constraints.

  • Powder: is the cheapest option, but it requires the most work to prepare. Since it is dry the powder can be stored for a long time without going bad, and needs to be mixed with water for your baby to drink.
  • Liquid concentrate: is more expensive than powder, but is easier to prepare because it blends more readily with water than a dry powder. Once the container is open, however, it must be used within 24 hours.
  • Ready-to-use: are the most convenient because they do not have to be mixed with water, however they are the most expensive.

Is Powdered Or Ready

Infant formula normally comes in two different forms: a dry powder that you mix with water, or a ready to feed liquid formula. There is little compositional difference between the two but ready to feed milks tend to be more expensive and use more packaging . The ingredients used vary between manufacturers, and there might also be differences from batch to batch.

What Is The Closest Formula To Breast Milk

If your baby doesnt have allergies, any contraindications, or special dietary requirements, you can choose formulas with the following ingredients because they closely resemble breast milk:

  • Whey proteins or partially hydrolyzed whey
  • Lactose

There are two main protein types in human breast milk and cows milk:

  • Casein
  • Whey

Casein solidifies to curds in your babys stomach while whey remains liquid. Thats why whey can be easier to digest.

But did you know that the composition of breast milk changes over time to meet the needs of your baby? The level of nutrients can change, but numerous studies have shown that these dynamic changes adapt to your childs needs.

In human breast milk, the percentage of whey starts at 70% to 80% during early lactation, then decreases to around 50% in late lactation.

Many traditional infant formulas contain cows milk. However, cows milk only contains around 18% whey. Because of their high casein content, regular formulas may be more difficult to digest than breast milk or formulas based on whey proteins.

So, if possible, choose a formula thats made from whey. This key ingredient may be listed as whey proteins or partially hydrolyzed whey.

Examples of formulas with whey proteins:

  • Enfamil NeuroProGentlease

Lactose In Formula

Lactose in human breast milk provides around 40% of its total energy, while fats provide 50%. The foremilk contains more lactose than the hindmilk .

This sugar plays several important roles:

MFGM & Fats In Formula

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What Is Baby Formula

The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act defines infant formula as:

A food which purports to be or is represented for special dietary use solely as a food for infants by reason of its simulation of human milk or its suitability as a complete or partial substitute for human milk.

Baby formula is the primary food option for infants in the first 12 months of life who arent nursing or otherwise consuming human milk.

How Does Formula Milk Compare To Breastmilk For My Babys Health

Baby Formula: The Best of 2019

When formula is prepared safely, it provides babies with the nutrients they need to grow and develop . Yet formula milk cannot offer many of the same health benefits as breastfeeding, such as protection from infections and other illnesses . This is because living cells, hormones and friendly bacteria cannot be replicated by a man-made process .

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Which Formula Milk Nutrients Are Best

If a substance has proven benefits for your baby and can be added to infant formula, the law requires it to be added to all formula . So buying a more expensive brand of formula does not mean that your baby will grow or develop better than if you were buying a cheaper one. The basic nutritional profile of the majority of infant milks is actually very similar .

In the UK, the ingredients in infant formula are strictly regulated and each manufacturer must follow strict national and EU guidelines on composition . Formula producers have to add formula milk components in accordance with the regulatory framework of the Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula Regulations 2007. They also have to comply with any relevant changes to those regulations and to regulations around foods for special medical purposes.

Enfamil Enspire Gentlease Baby Formula Milk Powder

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When moms decide on a formula for the first time, they usually base their decision on how closely the formula mimics breast milk so that their baby can get the next best thing.

Unfortunately, gassy tummies can make it difficult to stick to your first choice, and many moms are forced to switch back and forth between different brands to find something that works.

Thats why I really love this formula because it has the best of both worlds a formulation that will soothe your babys stomach while also providing them with the key ingredients they need to develop.

Apart from MGFM, the importance of which Ive already mentioned above, it contains lactoferrin. This is an incredibly important component usually only found in human milk that helps build the babys immune system.

In addition, the formula comes with prebiotics that support the gastrointestinal system, which is great news if you have a gassy baby on your hands!

While this is one of the more expensive formulas, I would definitely recommend it as one of the best formulas for gassy babies thats worth trying!

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Babys Only Organic Sensitive Lactorelief With Dha & Ara Toddler Formula

Why its great: Babys Only is another brand that offers a few different variations of formula. They are all certified organic and contain all the ingredients to support your childs growing body. This particular formula was made for babies with lactose sensitivity. It is still milk-based, but the lactose has been reduced with a special enzyme process, so its much gentler and easier on your babys stomach. This formula gets its DHA from egg yolks, rather than algae like most of the other brands, making it a safer, healthier choice.

Keep in mind: This formula is also recommended for 12 months and up, but it has been approved by the FDA as an infant formula.

Similac Go & Grow Stage 3 Milk Based Formula Review

Best Formula for Newborns 2020 – Formula Feeding vs. Breastfeeding


As the leading infant formula brand, Similac has gained the trust of many parents in keepings their babies healthy and happy. Similac Go & Grow Stage 3 Milk Based Formula keeps up with the quality and benefits provided by other Similac products. It is designed for toddlers who now have more nutritional and energy demands to keep up with their rapid growth.

It is helpful if you are not sure whether your child is getting enough nutrients. This can be a major concern for parents especially now that toddlers are depending mostly on normal foods whose nutrients compositions can be hard to keep track of.

Age: 12 24 Months

Features of Similac Go & Grow Formula

Similac Go & Grow toddler formula contains more than 25 essential vitamins and minerals to cater to all of your toddlers nutritional needs. These nutrients include vitamins, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates.

Attention: It is very important to note that this formula is not for babies who have diagnosed galactosemia. This is a health disorder that is characterized by the inability of the body to process the simple sugar, galactose. This sugar is a part of lactose, which is present in the Go & Grow Formula and can cause health complications.

  • Designed for Toddlers. It is designed specifically for use with toddlers. This is a toddler formula and not a recommended infant formula. Its nutrient composition may not be ideal for an infant .
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    Enfamil Gentlease Sensitive Baby Formula

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    The main difference between this formula and the Enfamil covered above is the fact that regular Gentlease doesnt contain MFGM, although this doesnt have to be a dealbreaker.

    In fact, the formula is made to soothe symptoms of gas and overall fussiness, which definitely puts it in the category of best formulas for babies with gas.

    One of its ingredients is choline, another key component of breast milk that plays a major role in the development of a babys brain even women who are breastfeeding are encouraged to consume enough choline in their food .

    The formula also contains selenium, another important nutrient for infants as it contributes to a healthy immune system.

    What Is The Closest Baby Formula To Breast Milk

    Finding a formula that tastes like breast milk is very important. Generally speaking, human milk is very sweet, and baby formula has a consistent taste, so if your baby doesnt like the taste of infant formula, it could be because its simply not sweet enough. In this case, you can try a sweeter brand, but be mindful of the sugar content.

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    Formula Facts: Whats In It For Baby

    The three forms of formula — powders, concentrates, and ready-to-use — are based on different ingredients:

    Milk-based baby formulas

    Made with cows milk, vegetable oils , vitamins, and minerals — and usually iron-fortified — milk-based formulas are appropriate for healthy, full-term babies.

    Soy-based baby formulas

    Made with soy protein, vegetable oils, corn syrup and/or sucrose , and sometimes iron, these formulas are good for babies with lactose intolerance who cant take milk-based formulas, or those who have allergies to the whole protein in cows milk or are on a vegetarian-based diet. Soy infant formulas arent recommended for low-birth-weight or preterm babies. Keep in mind that there may be some cross reactivity between soy and milk formulas, especially if the baby is allergic to milk-based formulas.

    Specialty baby formulas

    This is a big category, comprising a range of products — infant formulas for low-birth-weight babies, low-sodium formulas for babies who need a restricted salt intake, and formulas thickened with rice starch for babies with reflux.


    “Predigested,” or hydrolyzed protein formulas, are made for babies who cant tolerate or have allergies to the whole proteins in cows milk and milk-based formulas. Others are for babies with medical conditions that keep their bodies from processing certain proteins or fats.

    How Easy Is It To Prepare Different Formulas

    10 Best Baby Formulas for Infants: Compare, Buy &  Save (2019)

    Baby formula takes time to prepare, and the need to sterilise bottles and dole out measurements means parents already have enough on their plate. Different babies also have different preferred drinking temperatures, which can make bottle feeding difficult to coordinate perfectly every time.

    While you may have heard of ready-to-use formula from friends overseas, it isnt sold in Australia. Luckily for parents here, while most powdered baby formulas come in tins, some can also be bought as sachets which contain the correct amount of formula for one feed. This can make travelling or being on the go with your baby a lot easier, but because theyre not as widely available as tins you may spend more time hunting them down in store.

    Theres no one-size-fits-all when it comes to formula, as babies often have slightly different needs to one another and react differently across formula types and brands. Ultimately, as long as your bub is healthy and happy, how you feed your baby is up to you.

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    How Much Does Baby Formula Cost

    Our research indicates that baby formula can cost as little as $0.44 an ounce and as much as $3.19 an ounce.

    On the less expensive end of the spectrum are the standard cows milk protein-based formula options, typically fortified with iron and supplemented with fatty acids like DHA. As manufacturers add marketing claims like gentle and sensitive, as well as supplemental nutrients, the price increases.

    The most expensive formulas tend to be options made for medical conditions like a severe milk allergy, using extensively hydrolyzed proteins that render the formula lactose-free without introducing soyanother common allergento the ingredient list.

    Is It Important To Choose A Formula For The Right Age Group

    It is best to follow the use of each formula according to the instructions on the can, including using the age appropriate formula for your infant, unless specified otherwise by your health professional, says Le Ray.

    Starter, newborn and step 1 formulas are for birth to 1 year of age.

    Formulas that can be used from 6 months to 1 year of age are called step 2, progress, or follow-on.

    As infants older than 6 months have different nutritional needs, these formulas contain more protein and iron, and different amounts of vitamins and minerals, compared to early infant formulas.

    For more guidelines on infant formula, click here.

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    How To Choose The Best Baby Formula For Your Baby

    Is there such a thing as organic baby formula?

    Under UK regulations, all formula milks are limited to 0.01 milligrams of pesticide residue content per litre. So if its a dislike of putting pesticides in your body that makes you buy organic, rest easy. However, non-organic cattle may also be given antibiotics to prevent mastitis, which is often caused by intensive milking.

    Whats the difference between standard formula and follow-on milk?

    Follow-on milk basically adds in iron and vitamin D, which are required in greater amounts in older babies, but the government advises that follow-on milk is not necessary, as these will be provided by a healthy diet and the infant formula. You can also give your baby vitamins if you’re worried they’re not getting enough vitamin D from their diet, or simply want to make sure that they continue to get the benefits of breast or formula milk when it’s time for weaning.

    Does specific hungry baby formula actually make a difference?

    Many brands offer milk for babies who arent satisfied by standard infant formula and need extra feeds or larger bottles. However, the evidence provided in support of these brands comes from small sample sizes and on infants with digestive problems. You’re not advised to move your baby onto hungry milk without guidance from your health visitor or GP. Some babies, just like some adults, have larger appetites.

    Is all baby formula vegan-approved?

    Whats the closest formula to breast milk?

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