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How To Put Baby Into A Lowered Crib

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If youve grown accustomed to setting your newborn down in the crib on its highest setting, the first time you set them down on a lowered mattress might throw you for a loop.

I typically recommend setting your baby down in the crib while theyre still awake, because it helps them learn to self-soothe and develop positive sleep associations.

Still, I know there will be times when youll need to set down a fully asleep babyand of course your goal will be to keep them asleep in the process!

Here are some tips for setting your baby down in a lowered crib to allow for a smooth transition, whether they are awake or asleep:

  • Keep your babys arms and legs as close to their body as you can to avoid a startle response .
  • Try to keep your baby in a mostly supine position.
  • When your waist reaches the railing, bring your arms and your baby away from your body before bending at the waist to lower them to the mattress.
  • Allow your babys feet to be the first part of their body to touch the mattress.
  • Continue lowering your baby slowly until the last part of their body to reach the mattress is their cradled head.

If youre short like me, it can be challenging to get your baby in and out of the crib after youve adjusted the height. I think I even used a small stool at times to give me an extra boost!

Just remember that a short-term discomfort is well worth your babys safety. I hope this gave you an easy guide to follow when determining when to lower your babys crib!

How To Lower Crib Mattress To The Floor

Its only safe to lower the mattress directly to the floor if your crib has been manufactured to allow it as an option. To learn how to lower your crib mattress to the floor, consult your cribs instruction manual.

If doing a DIY solution, make sure there isnt a gap between the mattress and the bottom of the side railing. No one wants little limbs getting stuck in the gap.

If youve reached the lowest setting possible on your crib and your toddler has reached a height taller than 35, youll need to transition to a toddler bed for their safety.

Safety For Adjusting Crib Mattresses

Now you know why a mama might want to raise her babys crib level and angle the mattress, but the real question is, is it safe? The answer is yes with some key specifications.

Its safe to incline your babys crib at an angle if they are suffering from GERD or congestion. Its also safe to raise the crib mattress to the highest setting if your baby is a newborn but if you want to raise the mattress as your baby gets older, you should reconsider.

Your babys crib should be lowered by half a notch, or even an entire notch, once theyre able to sit up. This usually happens between 5 and 8 months of age.

Once your baby can pull up on their own you should adjust the mattress to its lowest setting for your babys safety.

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How To Choose The Right Size Of Crib Mattress

The size of baby crib mattress that you need depends on the dimensions of your babys crib. Most baby crib mattresses measure 27×52 inches, but there are also sizes available in 27×54 inches, 28×52 inches, and 28×54 inches.

Before making a purchase, it is important to measure the space your baby crib will be using so you can ensure that the mattress will fit correctly. If youre unsure about which size to choose, consult with a sales associate at your local baby store.

The standard size of a babys mattress is 28 x 52, but there are a variety of baby crib mattresses on the market today, so do some research online or at your local baby store before making a purchase. You can also ask other parents for their recommendations!

What Is The Correct Height For A Crib Mattress

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Adjustable mattress heights are a common feature of most cribs. The ability to raise and lower the mattress can make putting your child to bed and getting him out of bed easier. While this feature does have many advantages, leaving the mattress too high can increase the risk of a child injuring himself.

The correct height for a crib mattress depends on your childs age and abilities.

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Look For Independent Certification

All crib mattresses sold in the United States must meet specific safety standards set forth by the CPSC and the American Society for Testing and Materials. Independent certification can provide peace of mind, especially if you plan on shelling out a couple of hundred dollars extra for an organic mattress. Look for mattresses marked “100% organic” that have been certified by an independent interest group, such as the Environmental Working Group.

What Should I Look For When Purchasing A Baby Crib Mattress

When purchasing a baby crib mattress, there are several factors you should consider. When selecting a baby crib mattress, there are several factors you need to take into account: firmness, safety features, materials used, and price. A firmer baby crib mattress is generally better for newborns because it helps prevent them from sinking too deep into the bed and becoming uncomfortable. However, as your child gets older and starts to roll around, you may want to switch to a softer mattress in order to prevent them from getting trapped in the bed.

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When Should I Lower The Crib Mattress

As your baby grows, your baby starts to sit up, and the baby shows signs of pulling up to standing, its time to lower the crib mattress.

For most babies, this is between five and eight months old.

If your baby is particularly small or large, you may need to adjust the mattress sooner or later. Watch for these signs that its time to make the switch. And remember, when in doubt, always err on the side of safety.

Why Do Babies Need Firm Crib Mattresses

How to transition your toddler from crib to bed

A firm crib mattress will provide the best safety and support for your baby. Image from Tuft and Needle.

One of the most important factors parents should consider when choosing their babys mattress is the firmness level. While you might think that the baby needs to have a cushion-soft surface, it can be very dangerous if a crib mattress is soft, floppy, or saggy. When it comes to babies, the firmer the crib mattress, the better. But why do babies need firm crib mattresses?

Babies need firm crib mattresses because they provide more skeletal support than a soft mattress. Firm mattresses are also safer because the baby cannot become trapped between the mattress and the crib frame.

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How High Should Crib Mattress Be For Newborn

When you have a baby, the first thing that you need to buy is their bed. This can be either a crib or bassinet, depending on how long they will sleep in it.

The standard height of these types of beds is around 28 inches from where your childs feet touch the ground to the top of them when standing up at full height. When you have a newborn, they will not be at full height for several months! So what should the mattress height and crib height be when your baby is an infant?

When you first purchase the crib, it is likely that your newborn will be sleeping in there. As a result, they should sleep at an incline so their breathing can remain open and unrestricted throughout the night. This means that with most standard cribs for infants, you want to have them set up as low to the ground as possible . This is also recommended by most pediatricians, especially if they are dealing with colic or reflux issues.

But, you will want to change this as soon as possible because of SIDS . This is a very scary thing that can happen when babies are sleeping and it often happens when they have their heads at an incline in order to keep their breathing open while sleeping on their back. When you have your childs crib set up at the lowest point, they will most likely be laying down flat on their backs or sides as recommended by SIDS prevention groups and doctors. Since newborns sleep a lot for several months after birth , it might make sense to get them used to sleep in this position.

Pros And Cons Of A Bassinet

In the first few days of a newborns life, he or she will spend most of their time sleeping. In order to provide a safe space for your little one to sleep, a bassinet is a great choice! Bassinets are also more convenient for parents during nighttime feedings because the baby can be moved from room to room without waking up. Bassinets are typically smaller than traditional cribs and this makes them easy to transport around the house.

Bassinets are often sought out for their aesthetic appeal, yet they can sometimes be at the root of sleep deprivation for parents. A bassinet is typically very lightweight and has a wider base than an adult-sized crib which can make it difficult for babies to lie flat on their backs when in the bed. This can lead to colic or reflux, as well as ear infections especially in colder weather when humidity is lower.

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What Age Do You Transition From Crib To Toddler Bed

Ever wonder what age you should transition from a crib to a toddler bed? Well, the experts say that toddlers should ideally be transitioning out of their cribs at 18-24 months old.

In order for a child to get the most restful sleep, it is crucial that they have the appropriate amount of space. While it is possible for a child to move from crib to toddler bed without going through a transitional stage, this would result in an overtired and cranky toddler who has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

When your child is able to climb out of the crib on their own, its time to transition them to a toddler bed. Take note of what age your child was potty trained as well, this will also help you determine when the right time is. Another important thing to remember is how high off the ground your child can reach.

Why Lower The Crib Mattress Height

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As with raising your crib mattress, there will be times in your babys life where may need to lower it. Your baby is growing after all, and your crib will need to be adjusted.

Lowering your babys crib mattress is usually done for safety reasons. No one wants their baby to fall out of the crib and onto the hard floor below, even a carpeted one!

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Lower The Crib Mattress To The Middle Height For Infants

Once a baby can sit up by themselves, its time to lower the crib mattress.

Most babies are able to sit by themselves between 5 and 8 months of age. Once theyve mastered rolling and sitting, babies generally work on pushing themselves up onto their hands and knees.

At this stage, the highest position can be dangerous, as your baby may try pulling themselves to standing at any moment. Likewise, they may be going through a sleep regression, insisting on staying away at odd hours, playing by themselves in their crib. You need to lower the mattress height to ensure theyre safe for this stage.

If He Manages To Climb Out

The reason your baby is falling out of the crib while injuring themselves is super horrifying. I hope that such recommendations on the cribs mattress heights can minimize the chance of your little one climbing out over the cribs rails. You must think about them as soon as your child is in the position of standing. Your baby can climb up the crib and you need to prevent your baby to Climbing Out Of The Crib.

The modern part must think about this ahead. Especially if your child falls down and crawls, think if they fall in a safe place. Consider this when no one is watching because it can be a little distracting.

One of the prime things regarding this is to think if your baby can fall out of the window if it is open. Here are the points that you must consider when placing your child in the crib:

  • Corners of hard furniture

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Put Blanket/towel/pillow Under The Mattress

You can roll or fold up a blanket, big towel or lay a couple of pillows under the mattress to make it higher. It is pretty easy to do and will save you some money.

Start by removing the mattress and marking how many inches you want to raise it, using either measuring tape or a ruler. This step will help you know how much blanket/ pillow/ towel to put in.

Always remember the safety height level of the crib mattress mentioned above. You also dont want to raise the mattress anywhere higher than 30 degrees, which would be too steep for your baby to sleep on.

Place your rolled blankets or pillows in. You want to create a stable, even base for the mattress to sit on. No loose blanket must be coming out of the mattress, which will be suffocation hazards for any newborn.

When placing your mattress on, make sure its leveled and not wobbly. You dont want it to be saggy or sinking in the middle or else it will be uncomfortable for your baby to sleep on.

Place The Crib Mattress At The Lowest Position For Older Babies And Toddlers

Nursery Ideas – Finding the Best Crib Mattress for Your Baby – Baby Mattress Buying Guide

When your baby shows any signs of pulling themselves to standing, lower everything to the lowest setting.

This will make it harder for your baby to climb out of their crib. Lowering the mattress at the right time reduces the risk of falls and injury.

At this stage, its also important to remove any crib bumpers or wedges from the crib.

These items are unnecessary and potentially unsafe at any time. They become particularly problematic once your baby can stand in their crib. Babies can use them as a makeshift staircase to climb out of their crib.

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