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What Diaper Size Is Most Common

Diaper Usage How Many Diapers Do You Need for Your Baby’s First Year

Usually, babies will go through sizes one and two within the first six months, but your baby might be in size three and/or four for much longer. These tend to be the most popular sizes. These sizes are often available in pull-up styles too, which can make diaper changes easier as your baby grows into a toddler.

Diaper Facts And Statistics

  • Disposable diapers are the third-largest single consumer item in landfills.
  • 92% of disposable diapers will ultimately get buried in landfills.
  • Disposable diapers are a $71 billion a year industry.
  • Disposable diapers take at least 500 years to decompose.
  • Disposable diapers for a single baby will cost around $70 a month and $840 a year.
  • Babies will use about 6000 diapers during their first two years of life.
  • 95% of mothers in the U.S. solely use disposable diapers for their children.
  • 1 in 3 mothers cut back on basic essentials to afford diapers for their children.
  • Cotton diapers can be reused around 50 to 200 times.
  • What Is The Average Cost Of Diapers In 2020

    Babies are expensive. Theres no way around it, and theres really no way to sugarcoat it. They are brilliant, wonderful, delightful, thrilling, life-affirming tiny people, but they will also burn through your checking account faster than just about anything else. Along with furniture, toys, clothes, and food, diapers are going to take a big chunk out of your bottom line at the end of the year.

    Case in point, have you ever noticed that there is an entire aisle in the grocery store dedicated to baby stuff, and about half of it is just diapers?

    There is a wide variety of diaper types available, from basic cover-the-butt-and-catch-the-poop ones to biodegradable bamboo versions. Depending on your familys priorities and your babys personal needs, you can expect to spend between $500 and $1300 on diapers by your babys first birthday.

    For our purposes, I did a deep dive on 19 types of diapers across 17 brands including national brand names, members only warehouses, and online-only sales and then broke them down to cost per diaper based on multiple package sizes where possible. At the end of this post, Ive included several tips that I picked up along the way for how to save some money.

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    First Year: Around 2500 Disposable Diapers

    The number and size of diapers used can depend on the babys weight. Larger babies need larger diapers and may go through them at a different rate. The average birth weight in the United States is between 5.5 and 8.8 pounds. According to, a baby in this weight range will go through approximately 2,500 diapers in the first year of life.

    Diaper Chart for First Year


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    Signs Of A Urinary Tract Infection

    How Many Diapers Does A Newborn Use A Day?

    If bacteria gets into the baby’s urinary tract, it can cause an infection. A urinary tract infection can change the amount, color, or smell of your baby’s urine.

    These are some ways to prevent a UTI:

    • Change your baby’s diaper often especially after bowel movements.
    • Clean your baby’s diaper area from front to back.
    • Make sure your baby is getting enough breastmilk or formula.
    • Wash your hands before and after changing your baby.

    It can be difficult to notice a UTI in babies, but the symptoms to watch for include:

    • Blood in the urine
    • Pain when peeing
    • Smelly urine

    If you see these signs of a UTI, you should call your baby’s doctor for treatment.

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    Urination After The First Week

    Whether you’re bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, your newborn should be settling into a feeding pattern and eating well by the second week of life. You should see at least six to eight wet diapers each day, but your child could have up to 10 or more.

    A newborn’s little bladder holds about one tablespoon of urine, so they may empty it very often. Some newborns will pee up to 20 times in 24 hours, and that’s OK. If your baby is sleeping, you don’t have to wake them up to change a diaper. A change before or after each feeding, approximately every two to three hours, is fine.

    In 3 Mothers Cut Back On Basic Essentials To Afford Diapers For Their Children

    One in three mothers is affected by diaper needs, regardless of age, race, or income. Mothers are making choices between diapers and other necessities when they cant afford both.

    One in three mothers in the U.S. and nearly one in five in Canada report cutting back on basic essentials like food, utilities, or child care in order to afford enough diapers for their children.

    These diaper need statistics show that families do need additional support.

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    Plan For The Newborn Stage

    Some people choose to use disposable diapers on their newborn because of the extra work in cleaning cloth diapers so frequently. However, for some newborns, cloth diapers can actually fit better. Since they are able to adjust more specifically around the legs, it can mean fewer leaks and wet clothing.

    Premium And Natural Diaper Costs

    How to Change a Diaper – Expert Tips on Changing a Baby | Dad University

    Of each of these categories, this one has the most range and variation.

    Huggies and Pampers both have premium lines that cost a bit more than the standard options but are non-chlorinated and designed to be gentle on very sensitive skin.

    Overall, premium diapers prioritize eco-friendliness and use natural and plant-based materials which, in turn, make them better for your baby. Many premium brands also have a focus on appearances that can help turn a boring diaper into a fashion statement all by itself on the other hand, other brands avoid the use of dyes altogether. For your babys first year, you should expect to pay an average of $.43 per premium diaper.

    I realize that not everyone can afford to buy diapers that are so expensive, but I will say that the difference between a premium diaper and a budget diaper is night and day. I can speak to this from experience because weve used everything from generic dollar store diapers to the most expensive brands on the market .

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    Before You Swipe Left On Our Wipes

    As you shop and compare wipes to find the one best for your baby, its important to do your homework because all baby wipes are not created equal. Our new plant-based Clear+Pure baby wipes are dermatologist-certified and formulated with only the purest ingredients.Theyre stronger to prevent tearing, more effective at getting baby really clean with fewer wipes…and they dispense one wipe at a time. At the end of a long day of changing diapers , that is all clearly the best value we know.

    How To Choose The Right Diaper Size

    While choosing diaper sizes by weight is important, itâs not the only thing to pay attention to. You may have noticed in the diaper size charts that some sizes overlap. For instance, a 13-pound baby will fit in both a Size 1 and a Size 2 diaper. So how do you know which one to choose?

    Thereâs no magic answer, but there are a few things to consider:

  • How often does your baby pee and poop in a day?

  • How much does your baby move around?

  • Is your baby frequently leaking through their diaper?

  • Does your baby leak through their diaper at night?

  • Does your baby have chunky thighs that you just want to eat? Or does your baby have leaner thighs that you just want to eat?

  • That might mean putting a 13-pound baby with a slimmer build in a smaller size or putting a 13-pound baby who leaks a lot in a bigger size. A lot of it is trial and error, but it helps to have the next size on hand when your child starts approaching the end of the weight range in their current size.

    Order the Next Size Up

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    How Long Will I Use Newborn Diapers

    Newborn size doesnt last very long, so do yourself a favor and keep your first box sealed. You may jump right into size 1, which lets you skip the newborn size entirely . Since the newborn size diaper is meant for babies up to only 10 lbs, try the size 1 and if its not roomy just start here. Our advice? Keep plenty of Size 1s around. Youll be using these for a while.

    When Is The Right Time To Change The Size Of The Diaper

    How Many Newborn Diapers Do You Need? (Complete Guide)  Mummys Busy ...

    A diaper is due for a size change when it can hardly be closed on the stomach, very tight and your babys legs look tied off. To check whether the diaper is too tight, look for pressure points or red stripes on the legs or hips of your baby. Make sure that one or two fingers can also fit between the diaper and the body to make sure that it is not too tight.

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    Wet Diapers In The First Week Of Life

    Breastfeeding moms are often more concerned about wet diapers than moms who bottle-feed. It’s easier to tell that the baby is getting enough to eat when you’re giving a bottle. When you’re breastfeeding, however, it can be a little more difficultespecially in the first few days while your supply of breast milk is increasing.

    Counting wet diapers is a great way to help you feel more confident that your baby is getting what they need. Here’s how many wet diapers to expect during the first week for babies who breastfeed and those who take a bottle.

    What About Other Types Of Diapers

    If you’re confused on how to pick the size for a style of diapers that we haven’t yet covered, here’s the scoop:

    • Overnight diapers are extra absorbent since you won’t be changing them as frequently. They’re sized the same way as daytime disposable ones, so you can follow the same size chart. We actually recommend going up one size for overnight styles so you get a larger absorbent core to soak up fluid. Just note that they typically begin at size 3 since most babies aren’t sleeping through the night before then.
    • Swim diapers are designed specifically for water use unlike regular diapers, they won’t swell up when they’re wet. They have a pull-on, elastic fit and typically come in sizes Small, Medium, and Large, which are similar to diaper sizes 3, 4, and 5, respectively.
    • Cloth diapers are reusable, machine washable alternatives to the disposable kind. They’re usually one-size-fits-all for roughly 6 pounds to 35 pounds because they have built-in adjustable snaps.
    • Training pants are technically diapers, but they have an elastic waist that can be easily pulled down during potty training. These are sized differently than regular diapers and are more aligned with age and clothing size. The typical sizes are 2T-3T, 3T-4T, and 4T-5T.

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    Dont Focus On Stockpiling Newborn Diapers

    While buying a dozen boxes of diapers may seem prudent, youâll only need them for the first several weeks after your baby is born. Whatâs more, you may already have a few on hand, given to you and your spouse as a baby shower gift. If youâre stll planning for your shower, make sure diapers are on your baby registry.

    Your baby may be heavier than average, too, in which case you can skip the newborn diapers entirely. The average newborn weighs 6-9lbs, depending on their gender and overall size.

    When Should You Change Your Babys Diaper

    ABDL: Can A Diaper Weighs 9 pounds? Incontinence and Regression Diaper Review Mermaid Tales

    As soon as you find your babys diaper soiled and wet, it is recommended that you change it. The infection caused by urine and faeces is very painful for your baby, and it is very difficult to treat as well.

    It is recommended that you check for your babys soiled diaper when your baby is awake. Avoid waking your baby to change his diaper. You may check and change your babys diaper before feeding him, as babies tend to sleep after their feeding session. You can also change your babys diaper just before retiring for the night.

    You may notice a soiled diaper every 1 to 3 hours with your newborn baby and also after you finish feeding him. This happens because his bowels get stimulated, making the baby poop. You should change the cloth diaper when it gets wet, but you can wait for a disposable diaper to become wet and heavy before changing it.

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    When To Switch To The Next Diaper Size

    You’ll notice there’s some overlap in weights between sizes. If your baby is in between and you truly can’t decide, we recommend sizing down because the cost per diaper is less and a too-loose diaper can cause leaks. Still, your best bet is to pay close attention to when your baby is outgrowing their current size. Here’s what to look out for:

    • Stretch at the waist: The tabs to secure the diapers should fit snug without you having to pull them shut.
    • Coverage around the legs: Your baby’s bottom should be fully enclosed by the diaper to prevent leaks and blowouts. The leg cuffs shouldn’t be tucked in.
    • Red marks on skin: If you see impressions when you change the diaper, it could be a sign that the fit is too tight.

    Parents sometimes complain that Newborn diapers seem too small, yet Size 1 seems too big. If this is the case for you, try using Size 1 and folding down the waist before you put it on. You can also consider trying another brand every baby is shaped differently and some brands may fit your little one better than others.

    Disposable Vs Cloth Diapers Which Is Better

    Parents shouldnt pit disposable and cloth diapers against each other. Deciding on what type of diaper to buy all boils down to the beliefs and lifestyle of the family concerned. What works for one doesnt necessarily have to apply for all. Whats important is that the diaper is safe and comfortable for the baby. And as for the parents, what matters is that the diaper they buy is affordable and convenient to use. Thats why many prefer using a combination of both. When at home, there are babies that wear mostly cloth diapers since they are cheaper. But when the family is traveling, using disposable diapers is the more convenient option for the parents.

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    How Much Do Diapers Cost In 2021

    Diapers are an unavoidable expense for parents so they might wonder how much diapers cost each month and might even want to check out the weekly or yearly cost to plan their budget.

    Babies will use between 6 and 10 diapers per day or about 2,800 diapers during their first year which will have a cost between $500 and $1300 depending on the brand used and whether or not they are bought in bulk. This cost breaks down to $42 -$108 per month and $10-$25 per week.

    When choosing which diapers to purchase, you should keep in mind your budget, your expectations for the diaper, and any specific considerations you or your child may have. Keep reading to find all the details on a variety of diapers of all price points and some tips on how to save money when shopping for them.

  • Consider Cloth Diapers to save money
  • Health Risks Related To Disposable Diapers

    How Many Diapers A Month For Newborn? Read Our Chart

    Some people believe that disposable diapers contain chemicals that are potentially harmful to infants. Sad to say, this notion is not completely misguided as it is backed up by research. One study has shown that exposure to the dyes added to disposable diapers causes allergic reactions like rashes. They reportedly contain traces of Dioxin, a toxic chemical produced from the bleaching process of diapers. It is linked to cancer as well as several reproductive and developmental problems.

    However, it is worth noting that another study determined that the dioxins found in various diaper brands were at very low levels. Hence, it is also possible that disposable diapers do not really pose a serious health risk to your baby.

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    What Is A Baby Diaper

    Diapers are special underwear worn by babies and younger children while they still dont know how to use the toilet. With a diaper, infants can freely defecate without soiling their baby bodysuits or their surroundings. Its absorbent materials absorb and lock in the waste products. Babies empty their bladders and bellies multiple times in a day. As such, they need regular changing and care to stay clean.

    Are There Size 8 Diapers

    You might find some larger-size diapers designed for children who have potty-trained but still need a diaper overnight, or for those with disabilities. But most mainstream brands max out at size six or seven, which will generally get you through to potty training age.

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    How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Month

    Your monthly diaper cost will vary a bit based on what size diaper your child is wearing, but the cost of the individual diaper is partially offset since your child will go through fewer of the larger diapers each day.

    For your babys first year, you should expect to spend between $42 and $108 per month on diapers.

    If you are buying diapers through a monthly subscription, your cost should be fairly stable, but make sure that you are keeping the size updated. If your baby is ready to size up, buy the largest box of diapers available and that you can afford as that is the safest time to buy in bulk for the most economical deal.

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