How To Be The Best Dad To A Newborn

Where To Spend The Money


You will be greeted with a ton of price tags when doing your preliminary search for baby preparation. Babies are expensive and worth every penny if you are spending money on the right stuff. The main things that you should invest in are: cleaning/diapering your baby, safe sleep options, feeding, and moving your baby. You can check out our essentials here.

Hair Love By Matthew A Cherry

When a dad is tasked with doing his daughters hair, he realizes he has a lot to learn. This book by former NFL wide receiver Matthew A. Cherry explores the special relationship between a Black father-daughter duo and has an empowering message about loving every part of yourself. Cherry went on to direct a short film adaptation of his heart-warming book, which won an Academy Award in 2019.

A Fathers Duty To Raise His Child Starts At The Moment Of Conception Not At The Moment Of Birth

Once a couple announces their pregnancy, its not unusual for the man to become the target of a little good-natured ribbing. His wife is suddenly a mother, and hes a father and the obvious inequality of the burden of pregnancy is a little ridiculous. The mans contribution to his new childs life was fun and quick, and his wife gets stuck with the short end of the stick. At the bare minimum, the next nine months are all her problem and while shes pregnant, the man couldnt take care of that baby even if he wanted to, right?

Wrong. Not only can you, dad, take care of your unborn child, but its your duty to do so. Just because the baby isnt born yet doesnt mean that you dont already have a new child, and every child needs a mother and a father. A fathers duty to raise his child starts at the moment of conception, not at the moment of birth.

But how the heck do you act like a good father to an unborn child? Well, not the way the mother does, thats for sure. You dont have to provide space for the child, and safety, and nutrients, and antibodies, and essential gut microbes, and milk, and the irreplaceable maternal attachment that an infant needs to thrive.

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Things Dad Can Do When Shes Breastfeeding

Just know that being at home alone all day without any breaks with a baby is an extremely tiring and intense role. It may seem like she is hardly doing anything or nothing at all since she may still be in her pajamas, and not a single thing has changed since you left. However, tending to a baby all day requires a great deal of emotional and physical work. Not to mention, she has no breaks.

She may also feel isolated at times, especially when baby is crying and nothing is working. That usually results in an emotional mama. Offering emotional and physical help allows her to heal, recharge, and become a better mother to baby and partner to you. It certainly makes mothering MUCH easier when mothers feel that they are being taken care of too.

Be A Logistics Mastermind

17 Spectacular First Time Dad Gifts

There’s a lot to be done before your baby arrives, and as your partner moves farther along in her pregnancy, certain tasks will become difficult or impossible. Lend a helping hand by installing car seats, assembling cribs and strollers, and taking care of cooking and cleaning. You can also share the mental load by, for instance, researching child care possibilities if both of you will return to work after the baby is born.

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Things Dads Can Do In The House

  • If in the budget, hire a housekeeper, regularly, if possible, in the early weeks/months.
  • If that is out of the budget, help clean the house yourself.
  • That includes every room in the home and bathrooms too.
  • Help with the laundry.
  • Youll be surprised how things pile up, especially baby clothes.
  • Take charge of making sure visitors dont outstay their welcome or show up at inconvenient hours.
  • Share this with your guests: What to Do When Visiting a New Baby
  • Hire a postpartum doula.
  • A postpartum doula can help with baby care and attend to mom. They can also provide support like light housework and someone to lean on in times of need.
  • Take over some of the household responsibilities.
  • i.e., paying bills, organizing thank you notes, making appointments, etc.
  • Take over the grocery shopping or watch the baby while she goes out to get some alone time while getting the groceries.
  • A huge thing to remember is if you see something that needs to be done, dont leave it or wait to be asked to do it. Make a conscious effort each day to check to see if theres anything you can help with and do it. If you cant remember some of those things, bookmark this article.

    A Lean Mean Bottle Machine

    New moms have a lot on their minds. Theyre figuring out how to breastfeed or if nursing didnt work out, stressing over formula prices. Theyre learning what their babys different cries mean. Theyre constantly tracking when the baby last ate and slept and how many wet and dirty diapers theyve produced so far that day. On top of all that, theyre sleep deprived.

    In the weeks after our baby was born, my husband did something that was such a load off my mind. He completely took over the job of washing and sanitizing bottles.

    Here are the tools he uses to get the job done:

    • An electric kettle.This fabulous invention boils water in just a couple minutes, as opposed to waiting for a pot of water to boil on the stove. Not only is it good for boiling water to sterilize bottles, but we also use it all the time for tea and when we make pasta.
    • A bottle brush. We got a new bottle brush to keep separate from the regular dish scrubbers, so we wouldnt be scrubbing nasty food particles into the bottles as we tried to clean them. We used this BPA-free brush.
    • A drying stand. We started out just drying the bottles on a dish towel on the kitchen counter. But our cats thought it was great fun to play whack-a-bottle and knock the clean, sterilized bottles onto the floor, which meant we had to start the process all over again. Then we got this bottle drying stand. Its perfect! Its even sturdy enough to handle our glass bottles.

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    Take Time To Learn About Pregnancy

    Knowing how your baby is growing and what milestones are ahead can help you feel more connected to your little one. For example, did you know that baby can make a fist at 12 weeks gestation? Or, that by 16 weeks they can hear your voice?

    Make sure to learn what mom is going through, too. Being pregnant is hard. Part of a dads job is understanding the needs of mom and baby.

    Talk to other fathers, attend prenatal classes, ask your partner how shes feeling and talk to her doctor to learn all you can about the baby thats on the way.

    Want Vs Need Dad Gift

    11 Reasons Prince Harry will be the best dad to baby Archie

    and with lots of life’s most-cherished moments and know that we’re thinking of and dad!dolls, fairy dust and exciting time. All the best families too. It is one Just letting you to be two, right? Congratulations new mum lots of barbie you during this to friends and you!there were going be filled with as new parents. Were thinking of the parents but can do for a boy. How perfect! Waityou did know girl! May your future for you both cause for celebration, not just for when there’s anything we A girl and Congratulations! Its a baby joy and happiness

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    How To Burp A Baby

    With all of these methods, give your baby gentle pats or small, circular rubs to get the burp out.

    Babies get gas from sucking in air whilst feeding. Burping helps them get these air bubbles out. If youre feeding a baby with a bottle, burp her after every 2-3 ounces she drinks, as well as at the end of her feeding. If shes fussy or spits up a lot, trying burping even more often during the feeding.

    Time Management Becomes Easy

    You may find it hard to leave your partner and baby and go out with the boys. In fact, many men quit going out and having fun altogether. That is, until they realize how much fun being a dad actually is.

    Take fatherhood as a challenge and plan your time well so that you can make sure that youve left enough time for everything including your social time. Remember, it is important for both parents to maintain a social life because it helps you to appreciate the time with your children even more.

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    Youll Realize Your Purpose In Life

    Ill never forget the first time we took our son out of the house. While we were loading him up I noticed a look on a girls face walking by and it was almost as she was thinking Ugh, Im so glad thats not me. I remember immediately thinking, Youre the one thats missing out, not me!

    Youll be amazed how becoming a dad envelopes you. For me, it was like a a part of me that I didnt know was missing was complete. Theres things that were priority prior to being a dad, just dont matter to me as much anymore. Youll find yourself wanting to spend time as a family and being a part of you childs life.

    Be Patient With Your Partner

    My dad is the best basketball coach ever basketball baby

    You and your partner may have hardly fought before having kids, but now with a baby to care for, you likely fight more than ever. With both of you sleep-deprived and learning on the go, its no wonder those first few weeks and months can be challenging for any relationship.

    Be patient with your partner during this time. Remind yourself that shes also recovering from the physical strains of labor. Her emotions are all over the place because of sleep deprivation to hormone changes.

    This is the time to pick your battles and let things slide. Ask yourself if what youre arguing about will make a difference in the long run. If not, let it go. And despite her behavior, this is actually when she needs you to be patient and supportive the most.

    Focus instead on being her cheerleader, her rock. The one who can make her laugh when shes feeling down, and the one she can rely on when shes afraid or nervous.

    And communicate regularly. We moms have this annoying habit of dropping hints instead of saying what we want or need. Encourage open and honest communication, even making it a daily or weekly ritual. Youll avoid mixed messages and will work as a team.

    Get tips on how to survive the newborn stage.

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    Creating The Dad/baby Bond

    A post shared by Yoee Baby on Dec 11, 2017 at 9:07pm PST

    45. Learn to love the carry…

    @daddy_freckle shares his love for baby carrying – I am a massive advocate of these things because they provide me the opportunity to be close to Edith, allowing us to bond whilst saving my back.

    45. …Especially the hands-free version.

    There are plenty of ways to carry your baby hands free, and you can be super busy and still keep them close. And by super busy, we mean having a pint in front of the game. Being a first time dad is all about adaptation.

    47. Baby Massage.

    Serge Bielanko.

    48. Finding ways to hold and calm your baby.

    Its massively satisfying being the one who calms the baby mid-meltdown. Heres how:

    49. Time.

    One of the best and easiest ways to create a bond is by simply spending as much time with your baby as possible. If you work you can still do it. It takes effort and sacrifice, but its worth it.

    50. Skin to Skin, part 2.

    51. Play it out.

    As your baby starts to move and grow, get playing. Make it fun, make it silly, and make it a real quality dad time. Just be warned, things can turn weird really quickly, as Zen found out!

    52. Sweet dreams.

    54. Pre M bond is just as important.

    Going through premature birth is challenging all round. As your little fighter is growing, the dad bond is just as important, even in the simplest of ways, by @thepremdad.

    55. Giving them the control.

    Be ready to lose control of the household, as @DaddyPoppins shows us.

    56. Quiet time.

    Power Through The Second Trimester

    You made it to the second trimester, hooray! Now is the time most couples start telling people about their baby because the risk factor is lower now. It is a good idea to start getting more in-depth with your research into finding things like daycare and pediatriciansthese things will take longer than you think, so theyre not good candidates for procrastination.

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    Best Diapers For Sensitive Skin: Seventh Generation Diapers

    Seventh Generation goes the extra mile to ensure that you have an eco-friendly, fragrance-free diaper that uses materials that come from sustainable sources. The manufacturer uses lead-free ink to print the diapers designs. Thinner than many diapers, they use a super-absorbent core with a layer that pulls wetness and humidity away from the skin. The is no wetness indicator so you will need to check the childs diaper on your own. Youll pay about $10 for 31 diapers. Lots of babies have sensitive skin so if you see any rashes that wont go away than these will be the best diaper for newborn baby with sensitive skin.

    Quotes About Babies Being Born & Becoming Parents

    Top 8 New Dad Tips – Crucial Advice For First Time Fathers | Dad University

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    who are still you can. They will make in children’s presence because to watch you

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    Baby Wishes For Twins

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    Streaming services: Stay at home and can fit how quiet that

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    Happy Birthday Dad Quotes

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    journey of parenthood.and childbirth is let them care your father on in, dad. Happy bright birthday!

    on the exciting Going through pregnancy

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