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Newborn Care Specialist Contracts & Taxes

SitterCycle Newborn Care Specialist Class and Certification

While most nannies are employees, Newborn Care Specialists are independent contractors . This is because they come in and call all the shots. The most noteworthy is, having someone come in and cover for them without any repercussions.

If you are unsure about how to file your taxes as a nanny, sign-up for a mentoring session.

With that being said, an NCS is unlike any other contract Ive ever made. But, after hearing from Angela in this interview and collaborating with her for weeks, we did it! We produced a Downloadable Newborn Care Specialist Contract. You can get yours with my Employee Nanny and Sole Proprietor Contracts.

Do You Need A Newborn Care Specialist

We are here to help you find the best possible help and care for those wonderful but often overwhelming first few months with your newborn. We offer a free service to help connect you with the best Newborn Care Specialist for your family.

Do I need Certification?

Certification is your industry association verification that you have the qualifications, experience, knowledge and professionalism to care for newborns at the highest standard. We make it easy for families and other professionals to rely on the knowledge that your hours of NCS experience, your background check and references are up to date and verified.

Identify Gaps In Newborn Care Knowledge

If youre not sure what areas you might want to brush up on or dive into for the first time, you could take the International Nanny Association Newborn Care Specialist Basic Skills Assessment, notes Sakowicz. The 40-question timed, multiple-choice assessment can be taken online and is designed to ensure a potential NCS is already knowledgeable on health, safety, nutrition, professionalism and child development basics.

For caregivers who are coming to continued education with a deeper knowledge base, consider taking the NCS Credential Exam , suggests Sakowicz.

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Ncs Certification Vs Certificate

Most, if not all of the programs will give you either an NCS Certificate of Completion or an option to continue on and become a Certified NCS. There is no legitimate option for an NCS certification that only requires one, entry-level class. If you would like to become certified, taking an NCS training is going to be the first step in that process. If the end goal is to be a Certified NCS, youll need to make sure that your training is either a.) approved by Newborn Care Training International or Newborn Care Specialist Association or b.) a program that is accredited by a body that allows certification. Only one of these programs exist.

Becoming certified as an NCS is not a requirement to work, but it is a great way to elevate your resume and parents love to see it. If you want to see a full breakdown of requirements and options, be sure to check out our NCS Certification Guide.

If youre ready to get your NCS career started, our Newborn Care Specialist training is a great option and you can start right now! You can learn more about us here.

Accredited Ncs Training Is A Must

Education &  Certificates, Janinne Gardner, Newborn Care ...

NCTA was the first NCS training to gain accreditation in the world- a fact we are so incredibly proud of. This set the bar high for other NCS training programs and created an important industry standard. You should verify accreditation through the accrediting body. You can check our accreditation status here. It is also important to ensure that the accrediting body is a legitimate organization.

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Class 4 Poop & Scheduling

Class 4: includes the subject of , scheduling, and bowel movements. Once you understand scheduling, which is also included, taking care of multiples becomes easy. We discuss feeding, scheduling, sleep conditioning, color coding, and more. We also discuss the different types of scheduling and what is the most effective with newborns. Bowel movements are a huge issue with parents. We will explain why and what to look for, how to take care of constipation, and when it is not an issue.


Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression are discussed.

What Courses Will I Be Taking In The Newborn And Infant Child Care Certification

CC 101: Understanding Children by Dr. Lauren Formy-Duval .

CC 102: Children and the Law by Aaron Brandel, JD .

CC 201: Newborn Care by Dr. Tali Berkovitch .

CC 205: Children and Literacy by Christine Ducz, MA .

HS 202: Childhood Health by Dr. Alexandra Murr .

CC 303: Advanced Newborn Care by Dr. Tali Berkovitch .

CC 305: Children and Music by Dr. Beth Stutzmann .

CC 404 Baby Sign Language by Jena Paulo, MS .

CC 405: Multiples and Siblings by Kathryn Gonsalves, MA .

HS 501: Sleep Training by Andrea Malson, NP .

HS 103: Water Awareness by Elizabeth Malson, MS .

HS 104: Food Safety by Dr. Jennifer Rodriquez-Bosque .

GE 101: Professionalism by Karli Ortmann, MA .

HS 101: Emergency Planning by Elizabeth Malson, MS .

HS 102: Safety in the Home by Marlene Malson, MS .

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Because Bringing Home Baby Can At Times Be Challenging

Postpartum Specialistspostpartum doulasregistered nursesstrong work ethicknowledge of normal newborn physiology and standards of carecan be called upon with little noticededicated to ongoing learningstay knowledgable about safe sleep practices WHAT WE OFFER:

  • Overnight Care
  • Daytime Support
  • Temporary or Long-term Live-in Care & Support
  • Supporting mom and partner by bringing baby to breast for feedings at night
  • Bottlefeeding
  • Setting up and organizing the nursery
  • Baby laundry
  • Providing and teaching newborn comfort and soothing
  • Answering your questions about expected newborn behaviors
  • Explaining newborn care
  • Help with gentle sleep coaching
  • Assist with mom’s emotional and physical recovery after birth
  • Provide explanation and encouragement for common newborn questions and concerns
  • Assist with feeding support whether by breast or bottle
  • Meal planning & preparation
  • Help with sibling transition
  • Emotional support during the first few months of bringing home baby
  • Additional support for moms and/or dads as they go back to work following maternity or paternity leave
  • Newborn childcare and babysitting for date night, weddings, events, etc.

CURRENT RATES:affordableadvanced care professionalsregistered nurses and postpartum doulasverifiable experience

What Our Families Are Saying

Newborn Care Specialist Pt. 3 (Certification)

The professionalism that has been demonstrated by your agency is remarkable. I have worked with top names in every industry and was blown away by the service – I never knew finding a nanny could be treated like the purchase of a luxury product. Kudos to you, WN

Richard L.

When my maternity leave ended and I was about to leave my first baby at home with a nanny, I was honestly petrified. You made this such a safe, easy process and for that, I am forever grateful.

Lauren R.

Thank you for placing Stephanie with us! She has been absolutely amazing and I dont know how we ever managed without her. The girls love her and not a day goes by without Stephanie planning a fun art project or an exciting outing. She also jumps in to help me with dinner and organizing – a true gem. Were referring everyone to you! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


I couldnt be more pleased with the service that Westside Nannies provides. From their prompt initial response to working with their staff to find the ideal nanny for our 2-year-old sonit was all such a pleasure! When Brooke walked in, my son, who normally doesnt get excited about mama leaving, couldnt stop saying bye mom, bye dad and waving at us. She even put him to sleep the first day and I honestly didnt think that could happen simply amazing! I recommend Westside Nannies to everyone with kids!

Jesse DeSanti

Dr. Jenn Mann

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Are You Looking To Become A Newborn Care Specialist Or Enhance Your Current Ncs Training

Today, more than ever, with major shifts in hiring trends, parents are demanding the most educated and knowledgeable Newborn Care Specialists to care for their infants.

The #1 Request For Parents Today Is For Caregivers To Have More In-Depth Industry Specific Training!Newborn Care Solutions Institute is your source for quality online and in-person newborn care training that ensures that you receive the most comprehensive education possible to optimize your career as a Newborn Care Specialist. With decades of experience and unbeatable innovation, our professionals are here and ready to prepare you for newborn infant care every step of the way.

Become A Newborn Care Specialists

During this course, you will be expected to complete weekly modules and quizzes by the end of each week. The quizzes are not punitive they inform your instructors on any areas where you may need additional training, and helps guide our discussion during your live sessions.

We will culminate this training with a final exam that will be a recap on all that you have learned.

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Set A Pay Rate That Reflects Your New Skills

Just like in any other field, additional training and experience brings a higher rate of pay, points out Sakowicz. Parents usually feel more confident in the caregiver and are willing to pay more for someone with quality training, she says, noting that she frequently hears examples of this from agencies and NCS.

Even nannies who were looking to pick up additional newborn skills for an existing or new job have reported to Sakowicz that they were considered a more desirable candidate, both to the agency and to the families and that they received a higher wage. In fact, Sakowicz says it is not uncommon to hear of NCS making $3-$8 more per hour than the going nanny pay rate, depending on the market.

That said, no matter how you plan to put additional newborn training to use, its bound to offer a career boost. As Sakowicz puts it, Nannies who want to be considered for positions with a newborn have told us over and over again that this training made all the difference.

Student Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Nurse Training and Certification

Who Should Take the Newborn Baby Nurse Course?

The Newborn Specialist Master Training is perfect for nannies, caregivers, doulas, or anyone interested in a career with babies.

What is the Class Schedule?

You will have two weeks to complete the training at your own pace. You will be able to log on and off at your convenience at any time during the day and pick up from where you left off. The training consists of interactive instructional videos, demos and activities.

What is Included in the Newborn Care Specialist Training?

Everything is included in your training! You will receive a student care package shipped to you with all your hands on practice material and booklet. Infant CPR Family & Friends Program is included and a beautiful Newborn Specialist certificate to present to families.

What are the Requirements?

Students must be at least 18 years of age or older to register.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Training?

On average, you will need 10-20 hours to complete the course. Each student goes at a different pace, some students are able to complete the program within a weekend while others do a little each day.

Do You Offer a Payment Plan?

Yes, for a small additional fee, payment plan students can pay $550 at the time of registration and a 2nd payment of $550 will be charged on the day training begins. Save when you are able to pay in full one-time $997.

What If I am Already CPR Certified?

Will This Training be Valid in My Area?

How Do I Register?

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Duties Of A Newborn Care Specialist

Here are some of the many duties that a Newborn Care Specialist will provide:

  • Educating parents on complete infant care
  • Multiples and Preemies
  • Help and assist with breastfeeding issues
  • Help with Postpartum Depression
  • Monitoring babys nutritional intake
  • Umbilical Care
  • Initiating a schedule for sleeping, meals, naps and play time
  • Assist in establishing healthy sleep patterns
  • Teach your baby to sleep through the night by 12 weeks of age
  • Sleep Conditioning & Training using skilled and proven techniques
  • Bottle Sterilization
  • Care for babies with Reflux, Colic, and slow weight gain
  • Apnea monitors & Oxygen machines
  • Maintain the babys log of eating, sleeping and behavioral patterns
  • Complete care of the newborn at night
  • Bring newborn to nursing mom
  • Nursery shopping and setup
  • Organization and maintenance of the nursery
  • Laundering baby clothing and linens
  • Sibling Interaction

Accreditation What Does It Mean For You And The Newborn Care Training Academy

Accreditation is a milestone the Newborn Care Specialist field has been working toward for years and were proud to announce the Newborn Care Training Academy is the first newborn care education organization to become nationally accredited! After nearly two years of hard work, our program has undergone the requirements set forth by the Institute of Credentialing Excellence and was awarded accreditation in January 2018.

So what does this mean for you?

  • New Standards for NCS Training and Testing Accreditation is a major step in developing the Newborn Care Specialist profession as a recognized career. Part of this process includes implementing new standards for training and testing to ensure students are fully prepared as Newborn Care Specialists and positively represent our profession.
  • Continued Quality Assurance Our program will routinely conduct audits for areas of improvement. In addition to the recommendations based off student feedback, we now utilize external auditors to review course content as well as teaching and evaluation methods.
  • Sound Governance and Operations Our Subject Matter Experts and board members oversee our content and operations. This third-party oversight enables us to maintain operations and provide valuable content to our students.
  • Unbiased Governing Organization The Institute of Credentialing Excellence ensures all of our assessments are administered fairly, our operations are consistent across all our training platforms.
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    What Is An Ncs Schedule

    Like many Nanny style careers, the schedule depends on what the family needs. That being said, unlike most nannies, Newborn Care Specialists have the right to set their schedule and stick to it. They need to be aware of their limits and set boundaries accordingly.

    On average, an NCS will work 8-24 hour shifts, but by law, are required to take at least a 4 hour break in between for sleep. While its important to meet the needs of the families, as an NCS, or a nanny in any field for that matter, its important to know your limits. When we work beyond our limits, we stop providing the best service.

    Especially with COVID, Newborn Care Specialists need to quarantine for two weeks before starting work with a new client. Newborns and new moms have lowered immune systems, so as an outsider coming in to care for them, its vital to come as healthy as possible.

    Pro Tip: When caring for children, dont wear heavy perfumes, or scented lotions, deodorants, or makeup.

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