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Must Have Baby Items | Unique Newborn Essentials | My Top Picks

Every parent has different views on how they approach treating their little ones ailments in the early days, so please, make sure to do your research and consult your pediatrician for the final word.

Little Remedies saline spray*

Newborns have notoriously stuffy noses. We used this saline spray a lot paired with a humidifier.

Little Remedies acetaminophen*

Compared to the usual kids stuff, the ingredients in this acetaminophen are more natural and free of harmful artificial sweeteners, flavors, and dyes.

Little Remedies gas drops*

Newborns usually have gas that makes them uncomfortable, and thats just how it goes until about eight weeks in. These gas drops helped alleviate Landons pain, but we used them sparingly.

Must Have Baby Items For First Time Moms 2021

So, you scored a positive on your pregnancy test? First of all, congratulations! Having a baby is incredibly exciting, stressful, and every emotional color in between, especially if this is your first one. A common concern is being adequately prepared, which is why we’ve created this list of the best new baby tech available. We want you to have peace of mind knowing you’re fully prepared and ready to welcome your little one into the world. These are the must have baby items for first time moms.

Bedding And Sleep Needs

Whatever bed you choose for your newborn , it is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that your baby sleep in the same room with you for the first 6-12 months of life. In addition, bumpers, blankets, pillows, and soft toys are no longer recommended in baby beds. Talk about going minimalistic!

Although the AAP doesnt recommend sharing a bed with your baby, most breastfeeding mothers will fall asleep with their baby in their bed at some point, so its wise to keep a checklist of safe bedsharing guidelines on hand.

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Halo Sleepsack Plush Dot Velboa Swaddle

Why pick this one? This sleeping sack from Halo allows you to swaddle your baby with her arms in or completely out of the sack, whichever may be more comfortable for her. The sack is designed with a large roomy bottom to give your baby ample space for proper hip development, and room to kick.The inverted zipper at the bottom can be unzipped for when you need to do a quick diaper change. For a cute reminder to always have your baby sleep on his back, the SleepSack features an embroidered âback is bestâ on the chest.Highlights: The swaddle is available in two sizes: newborn , and small .

Price*: about $21.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

Grow By Gerber Baby Organic Mittens

Newborn Essentials: 23 Items that Helped Us Crush Month 1 ...

Your peanut starts growing nails during week 12 of pregnancy, and they pretty much never stop growing from there. Trimming or filing baby’s nails can be tricky and a chore to maintain.

These scratch-proof mittens keep your little one’s hands covered and are an easy solution to prevent scratches on her sweet face. The mitts are made of soft 100 percent cotton, come in a variety of colors and are machine washable. Plus, the gentle elastic helps them stay put on her tiny hands and wrists. You’ll get three pairs in a package.

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All Eyes On Baby: Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Get a crystal clear, high-definition view of your baby, day or night, on your iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, or Echo Show device with Nanit Plus. Hear or speak to your baby with two-way audio, and receive real-time sound and motion notifications with adjustable sensitivity. You can even monitor the temperature and humidity of the nursery to ensure baby is comfortable. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line baby surveillance, Nanit Plus is the best of the best.

Unnecessary Baby Items On Your Newborn Baby Needs Checklist

Shopping for baby products can feel confusing and overwhelming if youre a first-time mom. You can easily fall under the spell of baby products that promise to make life easy. However, before you start adding a long list of products to your newborn baby needs checklist, consider the unnecessary baby items. Tricky advertising gimmicks can make products seem important when in reality you wont need them.

Below lists seven baby products you and your baby probably wont need.

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Mori Zip Baby Pajamas

Made from a signature bamboo fabric comprised of organic cotton and bamboo from viscose, the MORI Zip-Up Sleep and Play is the softest onesie you can buy a baby. Offered in a variety of gender-neutral prints, the MORI Sleepsuit also features a zipper as opposed to snaps, making for quick and easy changessomething every parent needs.

Which Items Are Actually Essential


Its not easy to know which baby items are truly essential and which ones you can ignore. Your baby doesnt need brand-name clothing, but what about a hooded towel or a humidifier? Its not always clear whats absolutely necessary and whats just nice to have.

The truth is that some newborn baby essentials arent exactly essential. Humans have survived for thousands of years without things like breast pumps and pacifiers, so we dont need them in order to take care of our babies.

However, we dont live in the Stone Age anymore, and life in the 21st century requires a few extra items. Diapers, for instance, are impossible to go without. The same is true of bathing products and cleansers.

If youre looking to save money on baby essentials or just prefer a minimalist approach, here is a list of what you will definitely need to care for your baby:

  • Clothing
  • Baby food
  • Cleansers to bathe your baby with

These are, to quote Baloo, the bare necessities of life. But there are a number of other baby essentials that will make caring for your child easier. And making life easier for you and your partner should be a high priority!

So lets get started with the ultimate first year shopping list.

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Graco Travel Lite Crib With Stages

Why pick this one? If youâre looking for a small and portable baby crib that you can take on vacation or a visit to the grandparents, then consider this Graco Travel Lite Crib. It weighs less than 20 pounds and folds compact in a matching travel case.

This crib has two mattress heights, and it can eventually be converted into a play yard, which the manufacturer says can be used for both play and sleep.

The crib has an overhead canopy, which can be used to block out a little light. The hanging plush toys that attach to the canopy will be fun for your little one to look at, though you’ll need to remove them for safety’s sake once your little one can reach them and pull them down.

The mesh sides of the crib are breathable and allow you to see into the crib more easily. The wheels make it easier to move the crib from room to room, and the crib comes with a quilted mattress pad.

Highlights: There are two buttons you can push to easily fold the crib for travel or storage. The bag that’s included has a convenient handle.

Price*: about $111.46 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

  • Pros: Great portability, and easy to move around the house or fit in the car for travel. When assembled, it doesnât take up too much room either.

  • Cons: Stage one only works for a baby weight of up to 15 pounds, which means it may not last too long in this setting. The mobile toys are boring. Itâs not always easy to fold down and assemble this portable baby crib.

How Many Baby Gifts Should You Register For

I find that its better to register for MORE items than not. A good rule of thumb is to register for a variety of gift types in a wide range of prices and to register for two gifts per guest you expect to attend your baby shower. If you work in an office or have more than one circle of friends, you may find that you need enough items for TWO baby showers worth of guests.

The number of items doesnt matter as much as having a good variety for all the different people who may want to buy you a gift. If an item is too expensive, then several people may decide to combine funds to purchase it.

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Smart Baby Swing: 4moms Mamaroo 4 Bluetooth

This high-tech baby swing features five unique motions and speeds designed to mimic soothing movement. It offers four built-in sounds, an MP3 plug-in, and an adjustable seat recline. It’s Bluetooth enabled, so you can control the motion and sound from your smart devices, and there is an AC adapter, so no batteries are required. It’s the perfect place for baby to rest, relax, and enjoy the ride as the parents get things done around the house.

Sound Machine For Baby

16 Newborn Necessities: Baby Must Have Items

Sound machines are devices made to help babies sleep faster and stay asleep for more extended periods using white noise. Sound machines mimic the natural environment of the womb during pregnancy and can help calm your baby to sleep.

The AAP advises that you keep it as far as seven feet away from the babys crib when using a sound machine. A sound machine shouldnt be used 24/7, as the constant white noises could cause hearing problems for the baby. Heres a guide on how to use white noise for babies.

You could also use an app to put your baby to sleep instead of sound machines. Try Sleepy Sounds, Lightning Bug-Sleep Clock, and Baby Sleep Sounds.

It would be best if you stopped using a sound machine between the ages of twelve to eighteen months, as babies seem to be more aware of their environment by this age.

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Burt’s Bees Baby Burp Cloths

Yet another multitasking must have, these absorbent, 100 percent organic cotton burp cloths wont just absorb any spit up and other baby-related spills they’re also big enough to double as on-the-go changing pads. Plus, theyre soft on babys skin and completely cover your shoulder for mid-meal burps. The tri-fold towels easily fit in your diaper bag, and the buzz-y bee patch adds the right touch of sweetness. You’ll get two cloths in a set.

Size: 16 x 11.8 inches

How We Got These Results

We surveyed thousands of parents in the Pampers Community and asked them to choose the products they love the most, and to share their views on specific products and product categories. Based on the survey responses, we have taken the top product picks and added our own research to create this article. The aim is to help you choose the right product for you and your family. We might receive commissions on purchases made from the links in this article, but the products featured are the Pampers Communityâs top choices.

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Comfy Cubs Swaddle Blankets

Why pick this one? Comfy Cubs combines the best of both worlds: the look and feel of traditional swaddle blankets with the style of a sleeping sack with âwings.â Now you donât need to be a pro to use newborn swaddle blankets!The hook-and-loop âwingsâ are secure, keeping your baby in place as she sleeps. Most Pampers Parents noted that even the wiggliest babies couldnât escape! But some parents found the strength frustrating when washing. You may want to secure the âwingsâ before washing to avoid them sticking to other clothing items. These could work as a transitional set as your baby learns to sleep and self-soothe on his own, but isnât quite ready for arm-free sleepers.

Highlights: Made with 100 percent cotton, these blankets can help keep your baby stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Price*: about $24.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

Skip Hop Farmstand Avocado Baby Stroller Toy

Must Have Newborn Baby Products!!

Get the little one in your life addicted to all things avocado by gifting him or her the Skip Hop Farmstead Avocado Stroller Toy. Consisting of two halves that can be stuck together using Velcro, the Avocado Stroller Toy has a pit that consists of a rattle. A clear hook makes it easy to attach the toy to a stroller or a car seat.

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Sassy Developmental Look Book Photo Album

Consisting of six four-by-six-inch photo pockets, into which can be slotted prints of a babys favorite people and places, Sassy’s “Who Loves Baby” Photo Album also features bold patterns and bright colors on each page to make the album engaging for inquisitive eyes. Gift the photo book already full of photographs to save new parents time.

Custom Catch Personalized Teddy Bear Baby Blanket

As opposed to a traditional lovey, which is generally the size of a washcloth, the personalized lovey by Custom Catch Teddy Bear is 40-inches-by-40-inches, making it large enough to be used as a blanket. Made of plush velboa with a satin trim, the lovey is suitable for both girls and boys and can be personalized with a name, and is also machine washable.

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Delta Children Emerson Upholstered Glider Swivel Rocker Chair

Why pick this one? This plush glider has what the manufacturer calls a whisper-quiet gliding motion as well as a soothing swiveling action.

The armrests are padded for the ultimate in comfort. A matching tufted gliding ottoman is available to buy separately if youâd like the additional comfort of putting your feet up.

This gliding chair requires assembly.

Highlights: The seat cushions are removable for easy cleaning.

Price*: about $399.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

Dutailier Sleigh Glider Multi

The Top 25 MUST HAVE Newborn Products

Why pick this one? This sleigh-style glider features a high-quality gliding system with sealed ball bearings. For the high price, youâd expect nothing less!

The chair also features a 45-degree reclining mechanism, which many parents loved. All you have to do is lean back to activate it.

The chair is made without sharp corners and does not contain lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or any other carcinogenic chemicals.

Thereâs a multi-position lock mechanism that lets you stop the glider at just the position you would prefer. The locking mechanism is a key safety feature to help prevent any pinched fingers, such as when your toddler or older child is exploring or cruising on furniture.

This chair does come pre-assembled, which is a big plus if you donât like DIY furniture assembly. Keep in mind that you will still have to screw in four screws and position the cushions.

Highlights: The chair is handmade in Canada from sustainably sourced hardwood. The cushions are made from locally sourced high-density foam, which doesnât sag.

Price*: about $538.48 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

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