How To Care For Newborn Belly Button

What Is An Umbilical Granuloma

How to Care for Newborn’s Belly Button | Infant Care

An umbilical granuloma is a small nodule of firm pinkish-red tissue with persistent yellow-green drainage. This is different from an infection because it is not accompanied by swelling, redness, warmth, tenderness, or a fever. This is most often treated by cauterization which is performed by applying silver nitrate to the area to burn the tissue. There are no nerve endings in the area, so it is not painful.

Umbilical Cord Care In Newborns

Cord umbilical Neonatal care umbilical cord

The umbilical cord connects the baby to the mothers placenta. During fetal development in the womb, the umbilical cord is the lifeline to the baby supplying nutrients. After birth, the cord is clamped and cut. Eventually between 1 to 3 weeks the cord will become dry and will naturally fall off. During the time the cord is healing it should be kept as clean and as dry as possible.

A sponge bath is the best way to clean your baby until the umbilical cord falls off. To give a sponge bath, dip a soft cloth in the warm water and wring out the excess. If needed, a mild soap can be used in the water. Wipe the babys skin gently starting from the area of the babys head and work your way down to the rest of the body. Pay special attention to the skin creases and diaper area. Rinse your baby with clean warm water and dry him or her completely.

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How Long Does It Take For The Umbilical Cord Stump To Fall Off

The umbilical cord stump usually falls off in one to three weeks after birth. Talk to your doctor if the cord stump has not fallen off within three weeks, as this could be a sign of an underlying problem.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for any sign of infection, an uncommon occurrence. If you spot pus, bleeding, swelling, or discoloration, call your doctor right away.

When the belly button has totally healed, the stump will easily fall off on its own. Some parents save the stump as a nostalgic reminder of the babys connection to mom.

After the stump falls off, it wont take long for the belly button to look like a belly button. There may be some blood or scabbing still, since the cord is like a scab.

Never pick at your newborns belly button or cord stump as this could introduce infection or irritate the area. Youll be able to see that cute tummy soon enough.

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Dry The Belly Button Or Cord

When handling an umbilical cord, you can use a washcloth or fan it dry using a piece of paper. After that, you should never cover the stump under the diaper. Fold the diaper or use a diaper that wont cover the umbilical cord. When the cord has fallen, you need to dry the belly button inside and around it.

Belly Button Care After Umbilical Cord Stump Falls Off

How Long Does It Take For Baby

However, there are important things to be aware of about your newborn’s belly button after the stump falls off. Your babys belly button will require a bit of attention to avoid unnecessary infection and irritation. Newborn belly button healing and cleaning can be a delicate task and we at ParentsNeed HQ, are here to give you a few tips to help you through this process and how to clean the belly button after the umbilical cord stump falls off.

After delivery, your baby’s umbilical cord is tied off, clamped and then cut . This results in the umbilical cord stump. Usually, it is directly treated with antiseptic to minimize the chances of infection. The umbilical cord clamp can be safely removed 24 hours after delivery. It is highly advisable that the clamp is removed at the hospital before you take your baby home for the first time to ensure that it is done the right way.

Once you get your baby home, it is best to leave your newborn’s umbilical stump alone to allow it to heal faster. Make sure that the babys diaper is not in contact with the area of the stump. Otherwise, the diaper can pull on the stump and possibly irritate and injure the cord stump and surrounding skin.

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How Do You Care For A Newborns Belly Button

Taking care of your babys healing belly button is actually pretty easy. You just need to keep it dry!

In the past, healthcare providers and caregivers used to clean the stump with dyes or isopropyl alcohol to prevent infection. But research showed that this wasnt necessary in the U.S. because infection risk was so low due to public sanitation.

Now all you really need to do is keep it clean and dry, and then let it fall off naturally. Here are some tips to help with cord care:

Caring For The Umbilical Cord

Wash the cord stump as part of your babys usual bathing routine.

Make sure you wash your hands first. Use only water and cotton pads, and dry it carefully. If wee or poo gets on the stump, you can use a mild soap to help clean it off. You dont need to use antiseptics and alcohol.

Let the cord sit out of the nappy so it dries out in the air this can be done by folding the nappy under the cord stump. There is no need to cover the cord stump with Band-Aids or bandages, as this stops airflow around the stump.

If youre not washing the cord stump, try not to handle it.

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What Is A Baby Belly Button Hernia

An umbilical hernia is pretty common. This is when the childs intestines seep through the abdominal wall, inside where the belly button is. It may look unusual, but it isnt painful or a threat to a babys health. Umbilical hernias usually go away at ages four to five. However, if it lingers longer, some doctors may suggest surgery.

How To Clean Newborn Belly Button 5 Quick Steps To Do

Newborn Care – How Do I Take Care of the Umbilical Stump?

Cleaning a babys body can turn into a challenge and significant fear for every new parent. Yes, it can be scary to dab some cleaning material into your infants body. But, hygiene is something you cannot skip. That is why you need to clean every part of your babys body, including the belly button. How to clean newborn belly button with or without an umbilical cord? Here is the answer.

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Cleaning Your Baby Step 4

Wipe the belly button dry After the bath, use the soft towel to wipe your babys body dry, including the belly button. Remember to gently pat the towel on different parts of your babys body. If your baby has an innie, make sure to wipe the inside, too. You may also use lotion designed for babies if you want to keep your babys skin moisturized.

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What Might Cause Newborns Belly Button To Bleed

You should know that newborn belly button bleeding is common and its not usually a cause for concern.

You will notice a few drops of blood in the belly button region. This could be because the umbilical cord starts to separate from the babys body.

Also, the babys diaper can cause bleeding and irritation If it is rubbed against the cord. Covering the belly button area with a diaper or pressing the diaper against the stump can irritate the area and cause pain and bleeding.

To treat a newborn babys belly button bleeding, clean the area around the cord with a small clean piece of gauze. Also, gentle pressure on the umbilical cord can help stop bleeding.

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What Is Omphalitis Or Belly Button Infection

An infection of a newborns belly button, omphalitis or belly button infection usually occurs while the umbilical stump is still fresh after birth. It mostly affects newborns within the first few days of birth.

Symptoms such as redness or pus buildup are mostly visible within the first three to five days. In premature babies, the symptoms could show up anywhere between the first five to nine days.

Cleaning Your Baby Step 1

How to Care for Your Newborn

Prepare everything Do not leave your babies on top of a changing table or near water unattended. Make sure you gather all there is to use before prepping the baby for a bath. Before the umbilical cord stump fell off, the baby could only take sponge baths to avoid getting the stump wet. Now, the babys ready for a regular bath. For first time parents, bath time can be quite tricky. heres a list of what you need:

  • Washcloth Make sure its soft so as to avoid irritating the babys skin.
  • Baby soap/shampoo Use the mild formula for both.
  • Towel Again, make sure the strands are soft enough to prevent scratching the babys sensitive skin.
  • Shallow sink or Baby tub Fill it with 2 to 3 inches of warm water. Always have one hand free to hold the baby, particularly the head.

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What Are The Risks Or Complications At The Umbilical Cord Site

Infections at the site of the stump can occur. The following symptoms are a sign of infection:

  • The stump leaks a clear to yellow fluid that smells bad.
  • The skin around your childs umbilical cord changes color or swells.
  • Your child has a fever of 100.4°F or higher.
  • Your child is overly sleepy or lethargic .
  • Your child isnt feeding well.
  • Your child has a weak muscle tone .

Infections can spread quickly. Contact your provider if you notice any symptoms of an infection in your newborn.

Umbilical granuloma

When your babys umbilical stump falls off, sometimes theres a small amount of tissue that remains on their skin. This appears as a bump of scar tissue that is pink to red, located on the belly button. The granuloma can leak a yellow or clear fluid that usually goes away after a week. If the granuloma stays for longer than a week, see your babys pediatrician.

Umbilical Hernia

An umbilical hernia is a small bump or bulge under your childs belly button, giving it an outie appearance. This happens when part of your babys intestines get stuck in the opening of the abdominal wall. Umbilical hernias are painless and become more noticeable when your baby cries. A hernia will normally heal on its own within 18 months. If the hernia doesnt heal on its own by the time your child turns five years old, your provider may need to surgically repair that part of your childs abdominal wall.

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Avoid Irritating The Cord

If you are using cloth diapers, you need to get creative about folding the diaper down to keep it from rubbing on the cord stump. Consider disposable diapers with the cut out for the umbilical cord.

Choose clothes that are easy to slide over the cord without being too tight around the belly button. Avoid onesies that have snaps in the crotch and pants that rub on the waistline.

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How Long Does The Cord Stump Remain In Place

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, most babies will lose their cord stumps in 10 to 14 days.

However, it is not unusual for a babys umbilical cord to fall off as early as 1 week after birth or as late as 3 weeks after birth.

It is typical for a babys umbilical cord to fall off before or after this time frame as well.

Most of the time, newborn belly button bleeding is normal. However, if the bleeding is hard to stop or if there is more than just a few drops of blood, take the baby to see a pediatrician.

Also, a doctor needs to examine a newborns belly button if there are any signs of infection, including:

  • pus or cloudy, foul-smelling drainage from the belly button area
  • red, warm skin surrounding the umbilical cord stump area

What Does The Healing Process For A Newborns Belly Button Look Like

How to Care for Newborn’s Belly Button Infant Care

Heres the quick version: A newborns belly button heals over about 2 or 3 weeks. The belly button is actually a scar that forms when the umbilical cord separates from the babys body. So thinking of the umbilical stump as a scab can help you decide if your babys belly button is healing the right way.

Understanding the function of the umbilical cord can help to get a bigger picture of the healing process. The umbilical cord connects the developing baby to the mothers placenta. Oxygen and nutrients flow from the placenta through the blood vessels inside the umbilical cord to help the baby grow. A few minutes after the baby is born, these blood vessels clamp down and basically cave in on themselves. This stops blood from flowing between the placenta and the baby.

Shortly after a baby is born, a healthcare provider clamps and cuts the umbilical cord. This physically separates the baby from the placenta. Some people opt for a lotus birth in which the cord isnt clamped or cut. But even with a lotus birth, the blood vessels clamp down a few minutes after birth and stop working.

After the umbilical cord doesnt have a blood supply anymore, it starts to dry up. Youll notice that the stump becomes darker and stiffer as it dries. Once its completely dry, it will separate from your babys navel.

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Dont Use Any Chemical

It is not recommended to use chemicals or extra treatment when handling a cord. You dont need powder, lotion, and oil at all. You can do it when the umbilical cord has fallen off. Even though, you will need to use baby-friendly products such as lotion and moisturizer. In this how-to clean newborn belly button, pick carefully to avoid irritation.

If you consider the process, those steps are not hard to do. Use a soft towel and warm water to clean it. Be sure to wash your hand before cleaning the baby. After that, wipe clean and gently the cord and belly area. As you dont wish it, dry the area and dont leave any water in it. Clean accordingly and avoid chemical, except it is specially made for newborns.

How To Cure The Navel Of An Infected Newborn

If your baby’s navel has redness, yellowish fluid discharge, bleeding or some other symptoms such as fever or vomiting, he may be infected. When noticing the signs that indicate a possible infection, it is important to go to the pediatrician to check the severity and determine the treatment to follow.

Usually, if it is a case of mild omphalitis, the cure for the infected navel will consist of applying a topical antibiotic cream. If it is a more serious infection, the antibiotic can be administered intravenously.

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Cleaning The Belly Button

Once the stump falls off, you can give your baby a proper bath. You dont have to clean the belly button any more or less than the rest of babys body.

You can use the corner of a washcloth to clean in the belly button, but you dont need to use soap or to scrub too hard.

If the belly button still looks like an open wound after the cord falls off, avoid rubbing it until it heals completely.

What You Need To Know:

How Soon After Umbilical Cord Falls Off Can Baby Bathe

· Most umbilical cord stumps look worse than they are. Right after birth, an umbilical cord stump usually looks white and shiny and may feel slightly damp. As the stump dries and heals, it may look brown, grey, or even black. This is normal. Usually, no problems will occur as long as you keep the area clean and dry.

· The umbilical cord stump usually falls off in 1 or 2 weeks. Sometimes the stump falls off before the first week. Other times, the stump may stay longer.

· You may notice a red, raw-looking spot right after the stump falls off. A small amount of fluid, sometimes tinged with blood, may ooze out of the navel area. It is usual for this to last up to 2 weeks after the stump falls off. If it doesnt heal or dry entirely within two weeks, call your doctor or nurses call line.

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Red Flags: When To Get Medical Attention

Since the umbilical stump is very sensitive and delicate, there are a few warning signs that you need to be mindful of. For instance, if your baby develops a fever of 38 C or higher, it is considered an emergency. Here are some of the common medical conditions that require medical attention right away:

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Is Baby Belly Button Bleeding Normal

A little bit of bleeding around the stump isnt anything to worry about. And, much like a scab, its possible for the stump to bleed a small amount when it falls off. But if the area around their belly button oozes pus, develops a pink moist bump, or if the surrounding skin becomes red and swollen, it could be an infection. In that case, youll need to take your baby to the doctor.

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