How To Use Gripe Water For Newborn

How To Make Gripe Water

How to Give Gripe Water To Your Baby

Usually, many types of natural ingredients are added to these gripe waters, which can solve all the problems of young infants. Usually, the juice of sodium bicarbonate, cardamom, ginger, licorice, cloves, etc. is added to the grip water. But have you ever tried to know how safe is this gripe water for babies?

Gripe Water For Babies: 5 Precautions While Giving It To Your Child

It could potentially worsen a baby’s reflux symptoms. You should also avoid gripe water containing gluten, dairy, parabens, and vegetable carbon. Although gripe water is generally safe, it’s not recommended for babies younger than 1 month. The dig

Infants are often advised to drink gripe water! But do you know the reason behind it? It helps to aid in crying problems, stomach ache, toothache, abdominal cramps, hiccups, etc. There are many brands of gripe water available in the market. Some parents consider gripe water to be a magical cure for every baby’s problem, so they often give to keep the baby silent when it cries. Generally, children who are 1 year old should be fed with gripe water, but in India, people start giving gripe water to children younger than 6 months. But have you ever tried to find out if gripe water is beneficial for your baby? And how safe is it to give gripe water to your baby?

Is Gripe Water Good For Colic

Colic, which can affect babies in their early months of life, is defined by crying that lasts more than three hours a day and happens more than three times a week for three weeks or longer. Aside from their crying, infants with colic may seem otherwise healthy. These mysterious tears can be challenging to see, hear, and manage for both you and your baby its no wonder theres such a slew of products which claim to help .

Among them, you may have seen claims that gripe water helps to relieve infant colic in addition to gas. Not only does the science not agree, but gripe water may actually be associated with bouts of infant constipation and vomiting, which can lead to even more crying. What some research does recommend is that healthcare providers educate parents on the misconceptions regarding gripe water, and teach them feeding practices that are safer and healthier for their babies.

In case you need more convincing, Michigan Medicine even included gripe water on its list of Harmful Treatments for colic. The World Health Organization also discourages using gripe water for colic due to the lack of evidence of its efficacy, as well as its risk of introducing bacteria into your babys system and interfering with their regular nutritional needs. In short: the risks certainly seem to outweigh any potential benefits .

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Gripe Water For Babies: Safety Usage And Alternatives

When youre the mother of a cranky baby, youve probably gotten a lot of advice from others on how to calm and soothe your child. For example, friends and family members may suggest strolling your baby around, taking a long drive late at night, removing particular items from the diet, and giving your infant gripe water if your child has colic.

New Parents’ Guide To Gripe Water For Newborns & Babies: Everything You Need To Know

Can You Mix Gripe Water With Formula

Gassy babies are uncomfortable babies, and they clearly know how to declare their discomfort. Unfortunately, they can’t express the reason for their fussiness, so parents are left to figure it out. As a new mom or dad, you’ve been there since day one. You probably already recognize the difference between a sleepy cry and a hungry cry… or then again, maybe it’s a call for a diaper change. You may consider yourself quite the interpreter when it comes to your little one. Some infants cry for hours on end for no apparent reason this is often caused by colic. Though long regarded as a fairly common issue for newborns, colic has always been somewhat of an enigma. However, stomach discomfort resulting from gas seems to be one of the more common symptoms.

Luckily for most babies , tummy troubles don’t seem to be a chronic problem. So how do we, as parents, keep our little ones comfortable and happy? There are many different ways of soothing a baby, but are you familiar with gripe water? It could be a valuable addition to your cache of calming aids.

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How And When To Give Gripe Water

The gripe water box has a dropper provided which should be used. It is important that the baby is sitting straight, then we turn the babys head to one side and put the liquid slowly inside the babys cheek at the side of the mouth. Gripe water should ideally be given to a baby from three weeks till three months or till the baby surpasses the abdominal discomfort. Find more about giving gripe water to babies here.

How Do I Give It To My Baby

The best time to give your baby gripe water is during, or just after a feed, as this is the time his digestive system will start breaking down the large enzymes in milk, which can sometimes cause a spasm of the gut.

Just fill the dropper up with the recommended dose , and let him suck it out, squeeze it into his mouth, or put it into his feed.

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Ingredients And Contents Of Gripe Water

Alcohol: This ingredient is not good for an infant. Newer versions of gripe water have reduced alcohol content. Still, a baby can get addicted to it. “Such artificial ways to suppress flatulence and indigestion are always a no-no,” says Dr Tara. “Instead, a baby’s system should be encouraged to fight it out internally.”

Sodium bicarbonate: Then comes sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. It is usually used to relieve acid reflux. But when gripe water is given frequently, the calcium and the sodium bicarbonate will create what is called ‘milk-alkali’ syndrome. In short, if given frequently, gripe water will affect the delicate digestive system of babies younger than six months, who are exclusively on breast milk.

Herbs/spices: Ajwain, saunf or dill seeds are believed to soothe a colicky baby. In a study, ‘The effect of fennel seed oil emulsion in infantile colic’, published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, researchers reveal that the use of fennel oil emulsion eliminated colic in 65 per cent of infants.

When Can Babies Have Gripe Water

Basic Baby Care : How to Make Gripe Water

The manufacturers of gripe water claim that it can be given to babies as young as two weeks. However, it is not advisable to offer it to babies under the age of six months, since their digestive tract is still developing and is sensitive. Many people also believe that babies should not be given anything other than breast milk or formula until they are six months old. So, the best option is to consult with your paediatrician before giving gripe water to your baby.

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Does Gripe Water Comfort The Baby

Till now, no such scientific research has come to the fore that gripe water helps them in their problems. Gripe water is mostly used when the crying baby has to be silenced. But you will be surprised to know that research has found evidence that some gripe water uses narcotics which leads the children to sleep or fall silent.

Buy Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Gripe Water, 120ml

Many brands use alcohol to make gripe water and due to its effect , the baby stops feeling the pain and goes to sleep. However, some brands claim that their gripe water is alcohol-free. But research suggests that alcohol-free grip water is also not safe for infants. Infants are at risk of alkalosis due to high sodium bicarbonate in gripe water. Let me tell you that the organs of infants are underdeveloped and develops slowly. Therefore even small amounts of alcohol can be dangerous for them at this age.

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Can I Give My 3 Week Old Gripe Water

When we drink Zarabees Naturals Baby Gripe Water, we are assured that we will always have a healthy stomach. We also get our health back thanks to the superfood-infused ingredients likechamomile and fennel.Gummies, such as this pediatrician-recommended gripe water, can be taken orally by babies 2 weeks and 6 months, and are suitable for babies as young as 2 and a half months of age.

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What Is The Best Gas Relief For Newborns

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Alternatives To Gripe Water


If you have a baby who is unusually fussy, has problems with digestion, or you suspect has colic, it is best to work with a pediatrician or doctor to try to find a solution. There may be an underlying medical condition, such as acid reflux or food sensitivity, that can be treated.

If your doctor has ruled out these medical issues and your baby is still extremely fussy or colicky, there are some other remedies you can try before resorting to the use of gripe water. Here are a few things that may help calm your baby:

  • Learn to swaddle your baby so they feel snug and secure
  • Cut common irritants out of your diet if you are a breastfeeding mother, including caffeine, spicy foods, and dairy
  • Ask your pediatrician for recommendations on a gentler or allergen-free formula if you are formula feeding or try a new bottle
  • Wear your baby in a sling around the house when they are fussy
  • Try using white noise or standing by a faucet with the water running
  • Rub your babys tummy in gentle, circular motions to help move gas
  • Apply very light pressure to your babys tummy or increase their tummy play time during the day
  • Bicycle your babys legs to see if the movement helps move gas along
  • Take a car ride, use a baby swing, or determine if another type of movement helps calm your baby
  • Try walking or dancing with your baby to see if that alleviates the fussiness
  • Learn how to give an infant massage

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Which Gripe Water Is Best For Newborns

  • It really makes me proud that my parents bought Little Remedies Gripe Water for me.
  • It gently soothes the skin and makes babies laugh.
  • The Wellements organic gripe water has been certified organic.
  • Water Soothes and Calms when you relax after eating. Colic Hydrotherapy Calm Gripe Water has this effect.
  • Baby Gripe Water. Zarbees Naturals.
  • Also, check out the Fila Baby Windi Gas and Colic Relief System.
  • Do I Need Gripe Water

    Gripe water is marketed as a remedy for gas pain and stomach problems, two extremely common issues when it comes to babies and their immature digestive systems. Its also said to help with things like hiccups and colic.

    But does gripe water really work? Unfortunately, the jurys still out on that one. While many parents swear by it, the evidence behind gripe water is mostly anecdotal.

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    Can Gripe Water Be Mixed With Formula Milk

    Mixing gripe water with formula involves replacing some of the water used to prepare the formula milk, with gripe water instead. This can change the taste of the formula. You can mix it with water or breast milk, but there is a chance that your baby may start demanding this mixture all the time. For best results, administer it to the baby in its original form.

    Gripe Water For Babies

    How to Administer Colic Calm® Gripe Water

    For any new mom, nothing is more worrying than the howls of her baby who cries miserably for periods of time due to colic in the belly. Colic usually causes extended howling. But dont worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel with quite a few cures for soothing these screams and one of these cures is the age-old remedy known as gripe water.However, the age-old preparation may still be a stranger to many new parents. What is gripe water for babies? Is it safe? Can it actually cure the colic babies? How to use it? Such questions will be clearly answered in the following article.

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    Keep These Things In Mind Before Giving Grip Water To Babies

    • Do not give gripe water to infants below 1 year of age. They are not safe for them. Till the age of 6 months, only mother’s milk and medicines are everything for the baby.
    • Always give gripe water after consulting a doctor.
    • Please read its ingredients before purchasing gripe water. If it contains alcohol or has too much sodium bicarbonate, you should not take it.
    • The baby should not be fed gripe water on every small thing. Follow other measures to silence the crying baby.
    • Do not breastfeed the baby before feeding them with gripe water. Their stomach is small, so they will not drink milk or eat food when they are filled with gripe water.

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    Gripe Water Dangers And Considerations

    The most important thing to do is to make sure that you dont use traditional formulas that contain alcohol or sugar. Too much sugar is not good for babies and can negatively effect their eating habits.

    • First things first, check the ingredients list. Do not buy any gripe water formula that contains alcohol, sugar or artificial flavors. This is why it is so important to specifically seek out gripe water for babies and not a generic formula.
    • When reading the ingredients on the package be sure to look out for sodium bicarbonate and peppermint. If your gripe water includes these ingredients then you should be aware that baking soda or sodium bicarbonate can only be given to children with colic if prescribed by a doctor. This is because baking soda can sometimes affect the natural pH of your babys stomach.
    • You should also be careful with gripe water that contains mint. Mint can sometimes aggravate reflux symptoms in a baby.
    • Depending on the needs of your baby, you should also avoid gripe water that contains gluten, dairy products, parabens and charcoal if your baby is sensitive to any of these ingredients.

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