What Are Newborn Baby Essentials

Best Toys: Munchkin Bath Toy Little Boat Train 6 Count

My Newborn Baby Essentials & Must Haves 2018 | Mummy Nutrition UK

All aboard the “little boat train” with these six lightweight boats designed to link together and float in the water. Each pack features several boats in different colors, and can be used to scoop up or strain water. The boats feature funny faces and numbers for counting, and can be used for skill development, like hand and eye coordination.

Baby Things To Buy Before Birth

This list of baby must haves is the basics of what you need to get by with a newborn! You could probably pare this down even further if you wanted. Having a baby doesnt mean you need to go into debt or buy every single gadget out there, newborns are definitely the least expensive part of having children.

Get what you need, research so youre not getting things you dont. Assess the needs of you and your family and you will be fine! You can always get something after the baby is home, thats something that took a long time for me to learn.

Changing Mat Or Changing Table

Changing tables do look very efficient but theyre not necessary if you dont have the space. A changing mat is much cheaper and you can place it on the floor or a flat, raised surface to protect your back. Buy a changing mat with raised sides so your baby wont wiggle away.

If youd prefer a changing table, however, look for a sturdy table that fits a changing mat securely and has plenty of space for the essentials nappies, wipes, baby cream etc. Make sure its at a good height too, so you dont have to bend down too far or strain your back.

Lots of nursery brands do changing tables as part of a whole collection of co-ordinated nursery furniture. This can look beautiful in your babys room but unless youre going to do all the nappy changes in there, you might find that a change mat on the floor is all you need.

A change table is outgrown quickly too, at which point you might find youre left with a piece of furniture you dont really need. To avoid this, think about buying a multifunctional change table that youll still get some practical use from once you stop using it for nappy changes.

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Bottles Accessories And Formula

  • Five to 10 feeding bottles will do depending on your needs.
  • Start with four-ounce bottles and stack up on teats with varying flow speeds.
  • Choose between ready-to-use, liquid concentrate and powdered formula.
  • Accessories include a bottle brush to clean off any dried milk.
  • Bottles and feeding equipment should be sterilised, so buy either an electric steam steriliser, a microwave steam steriliser or a cold water steriliser.

Best Accessory: Skip Hop Moby Baby Kneeler Pad

Baby Essentials 0

Parents rejoice! Give those achy knees a break while you kneel at the tub to bathe your baby. The bright blue whale has a non-slip backing and a soft cushiony feel. Made out of quick-dry fabric, the whales strap makes it easy to hang up and dry after an especially splash-filled bath.

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Best For Newborns: Angelcare Baby Bath Support

  • Not shower-friendly

The Angelcare Bath Support is perfectly sized for a newborn. It holds even the tiniest babies in the water without submerging them entirely. Constructed from a mildew-resistant mesh material, newborns are supported in an inclined position by a safety post between their legs. The design allows them to kick their feet in the water, which will melt your heart every time.

Overall, this bathtub is a great pick for newborns. It’s compact, easy to clean, and could be used for other purposes besides the bath.

Dimensions: 23.03 x 13.19 x 8.86 inches | Weight Limit: 20 pounds | Product Weight: 1.65 pounds | Material: Mesh and plastic

Baby Items You Probably Don’t Have On Your Registry But Should

Stroller. Check. Onesies. Check. If you’re expecting a baby, you’ve likely done a lot of research into gear and products to add to your registry. But what are you forgetting? These products are innovative and will be surprisingly handy when you welcome your little one home. You shouldn’t skip adding to them to list.

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Newborn Baby Essentials Checklist

For any expectant parent, a stroll down the aisles of a baby store is an exciting experience. But, with so many things to buy, where do you start? Buying for a newborn can be an overwhelming task, but it doesnt have to be. Weve put together these tips to help you pick up everything you need. Read on to get your downloadable Newborn Baby Essentials Checklist too.

The Newborn Baby Checklist Get Your Free Printable Here

My Newborn Essentials | Most Used Baby Products

Those were items we had got for our firstborn and it was all we really needed for those first few weeks with our baby. Obviously, as time goes on, there will be more and more things you might want to consider getting. But for the newborn phase I would say you are off to a great start with these few newborn baby essentials.

Newborn essentials checklist

Wishing you and your baby all the best!

Much love Tabea

If you prefer amazon shopping and creating your own list online, simply create your baby registry . Afterwards, easely share it with your friends and family and enjoy getting the exact gifts you were looking for.

One essential thing I didnt mention on this list is a nursery chair. It is not an absolute must-have, but a very-nice-to-have item as a new mom. Check out all about rocking chairs and gliders for your nursery here.

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Grow By Gerber Baby Organic Mittens

Your peanut starts growing nails during week 12 of pregnancy, and they pretty much never stop growing from there. Trimming or filing baby’s nails can be tricky and a chore to maintain.

These scratch-proof mittens keep your little one’s hands covered and are an easy solution to prevent scratches on her sweet face. The mitts are made of soft 100 percent cotton, come in a variety of colors and are machine washable. Plus, the gentle elastic helps them stay put on her tiny hands and wrists. You’ll get three pairs in a package.

Baby Products That Didnt Work For You

1. KariMe baby sling. If you have a squirmy, active baby with a large head then dont bother with this sling! My baby was very uncomfortable and we only managed a few minutes. Also my smaller body shape means it easily comes loose.

2. Johnsons baby bath. I found this gave him very dry skin.

3. Lamaze play mat. I wish Id got a padded material one as while its bright its very hard and Huxley doesnt really relax on it.

4. Babygros that do up at the back/have loads of poppers. Who can flip a baby in the night? Why spend hours trying to popper up a baby when you can buy babygrows with a zip?! I love the ones in Gap.

5. Merino swaddle wrap. It cost almost £40 and a simple blanket does just as good a job.

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Best Cheap Baby Bottle: Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Fiesta Fun Time Baby Bottles

Lets face it, no one wants to break the bank when shopping for baby gear, and the best baby bottles can often get expensive. So when you find one that works well and is affordable, its cause for celebration. Well, get ready to party: Tommee Tippees colorful Fiesta Fun set lives up to its name. The BPA-free baby bottles are designed to resemble the breast, with flexible, slow-flow nipples and anti-colic valves to help with air ingestion. At just over $4 a bottle, cheap baby bottles never looked so good!

Buy it: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Fun Time Baby Bottle Set, $28 for six 9-ounce bottles, Walmart.com

Newborn Essentials For Baby’s First 6 Weeks

Newborn Baby Essentials

Despite all of the baby products on the market, your little one wont actually require a lot of gear. These newborn must-haves will get you through the first few weeks at home.

Have two packages of disposable diapers on hand . Babies go through several diapers daily, so look for sales and stock up whenever possible. Make sure to purchase the right size diapers to avoid leakage.

Disposable wipes are a lifesaver for diaper changes and yucky messes. Avoid purchasing wipes with fragrance to prevent irritating your babys soft skin.

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The Ultimate Checklist For New Parents

Whether you are browsing online baby stores, shopping for yourself or comparing baby products, getting stocked up on new-born essentials can be overwhelming and can also be fun.

There are abundant of varieties of feeding bottles, hospital essentials, nursery must-haves that can make your head spin and costs can add up quickly, not forgetting the cute factor which can prompt you to place one too many items in your basket.

But preparing for life with your new-born is just an incredible milestone with so many precious ones to follow.

Babies R Us South Africa has taken it upon them to make sure you have everything ready for your new arrival all under one roof!

Our Babies R Us ultimate new-born baby checklist can help you determine exactly what you’ll need to purchase and prepare as you get ready for baby’s birth. This must have moms checklist has been especially compiled to take the hassle off new moms allowing them to focus more on the momentous occasion, said Nicole Jansen Van Vuuren, marketing manager Toys R Us & Babies R Us SA.

In addition the ultimate check-list doubles up as the perfect gift registry seamlessly combining a wide selection of products with things like special offers, discounts and new trend items.

This will definitely help keep mom-to-be focused as she gears up for the grand arrival. The list includes every product or item youll actually use or need when your little one comes home, added Van Vuuren.

For more information www.babiesrus.co.za

Skip Hop Pronto Signature Portable Changing Mat

Becoming a new parent means there are plenty of diaper changes in your future. To tackle a dirty diaper near or far from home, there’s the Skip Hop Pronto portable changing pad. You can fit wipes and up to four diapers in the pockets, and the on-the-go pad can easily be wiped clean.

Size: 23.5 x 21.75 inches 11.75 x 4 x 8.25 inches

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Feeding Bottles And Sterilisers

For bottle-feeding, youll need bottles and teats, infant formula milk and a steriliser and a bottle brush to make sure your babys bottles are clean and safe to use.

Its very important to keep all the bottles you use sterilised so your baby doesnt get an upset stomach or any unwanted bacteria in their system. There are lots of different designs to choose from but all tend to do the job efficiently.

If youre planning to breastfeed your baby, you might be tempted to do without bottles and feeding equipment. However, you might find yourself choosing to give your baby formula milk or expressing your breastmilk. Its much easier to make these adjustments in your feeding plans if you have all the necessary equipment in the house it can be stressful to go shopping for such things under pressure with a hungry baby. If you dont end up needing the feeding equipment, you could always return it unopened or sell it on.

Anti-colic bottles are designed to reduce colic symptoms by reducing the amount of air your baby swallows during feeding. Some mums find these very effective but, again, its a matter of personal choice as to whether you find them suitable for your baby.

Best Baby Bottle For Formula: Popyum Bottle

Newborn Essentials 2019 | BABY MUST HAVES

Forty-nine percent of moms formula-feed by the time baby is 6 months old. That means most mothers are having to mix and prepare five or six bottles a day, which can cause its share of headachesespecially when you need to prep babys bottle while youre out and about. But with PopYum, an innovative newcomer to the market and a 2018 Best of Baby winner, the process is hassle-free. The baby bottles store water and formula separately until baby gets hungry. Then, with a single hand, you can press the button to release the formula. With a simple shake, babys bottle is prepared and ready to go. It even has an anti-colic value to prevent air from getting into babys tummy.

Buy it: PopYum Bottle, $36 for three 9-ounce bottles, Maisonette.com

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Prepare Emotionally And Relationally

Bringing a new baby into the family is an exciting and wonderful change, but its still a change.

Prepare with your partner by sharing your expectations, fears, concerns, and joys. Discuss how youll support each other as your family grows. Strengthen your bond, and spend time enjoying each others company.

If this is not your first child, prepare your other kids for the arrival of their new sibling. Talk about what it will be like to have a new baby in the family, involve them in preparing the nursery, and explain who theyll be with on the day that mom goes to deliver the baby.

As for you, give yourself plenty of grace and start learning now how to take good care of yourself.

Before your baby comes is also a good time to connect with your friends, family, and support system. In addition to having fun together, you can use this time to have any necessary conversations regarding the babys arrival and who will be helping out with various tasks.

Nice To Have Will Almost Certainly Make Use Of

  • Baby Monitor

  • Room thermometer

  • Cool Mist Humidifier we love the Crane brand!

Remember, be very careful when using essential oils around babies/children for more info check out our overview here

  • Breastfeeding Pillow If youre planning to breastfeed then usually these are really helpful. Although you may not end up needing one, so perhaps put this on the maybe list.

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Baby Essentials Recommended By Real Mums

We all want to buy the right things for our new baby but make sure you avoid the things you really dont need. So we asked 6 new mums to tell us about 5 products theyve loved and 5 they wish they hadnt shelled out for during the first 3 months with their new baby.

Weve also done a round up of baby products that are definitely not worth buying as voted by you!

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