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What To Do With All Those Outdoor Pictures

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Once youâve made your choice for the best time of day to take pictures, and settled on some images that youâre really proud of you, make sure you take the time to add them to your online portfolio. Itâs super important for for photographers to build an awesome portfolio, since itâs the number-one way fans and potential clients can get to know you and your work.

If you donât have an online portfolio website yet, not to worry. Itâs easy and fast to put together something really professional-looking if you choose the right website builder for the job. If youâre just starting out, itâs a good idea to look for one with a free trial. Thatâll give you some time to play around with different templates and typography, and to set up some galleries, before you take the plunge.

Youâll also want to keep an eye out for an online portfolio that offers built-in client proofing. Quick turnaround is important to photography clients, so if you just shot an awesome outdoor portrait shoot, this feature will let you upload watermarked images to a proofing gallery straight from Lightroom for client review.

Tips To Prepare For Your Newborn Photo Session

The minute you saw your baby, you fell head over heels in love. Those chipmunk cheeks, wrinkly hands, and their tiny little body have filled your heart with so much joy. You keep trying to memorize every detail before they get bigger their sweet smell, the way they smile when theyre sleeping, the grunts, and the feel of their hands grasping your fingers. You want to remember every minute of these special days for the rest of your life.

As a new parent, you finally understand why other parents tell you to cherish these first weeks. Your child will grow so quickly. It wont be long before they transition to a toddler, and youll be struggling to remember how soft their skin was, and how their sleepy head seemed to fit perfectly on your shoulder as you rocked them to sleep. Thats where newborn photo sessions come in handy preserving these precious, fleeting days.

Your newborns photography session should be an exciting time for your family. But parents often find themselves worried and anxious about preparing themselves and their babies for the big occasion. With a little planning, you can relax and enjoy the session, knowing all your bases are covered. Years from now, youll be glad you booked a newborn photo session so you can stroll back in time to the days when you didnt have to share your child with the rest of the world.

Follow our top five tips to make sure you and your baby have a great session that documents this special time in your lives.

Dont Forget All The Easy

Newborns have an abundance of adorable folds and rolls, which can be easy to miss when youre bathing them. Specifically, make sure to wash the folds around your newborns neck, wrists, knees, and elbows.

And dont forget to clean behind your babys ears, as well as in-between their fingers and toes. Wash your babys genitals and diaper area thoroughly. Its extremely important to clean this area well, but this task should always be left for last.

That way, any bacteria or germs that get washed off wont dirty other areas of your loved ones body, which helps prevent rashes and other skin conditions.

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Shooting During Night Time

Depending on what you want to capture, the best time to take photos outside may actually beâsurprise!ânight time. Night photography is a whole different animal, and youâll have to get quite comfortable with using the manual settings on your camera, but there are certain outdoor pictures you can capture at night that you just canât shoot during the day.

Since the world tends to be much more still at night, that crazy busy city intersection might be totally quiet at night. If you want to capture the world as people donât usually see it, night time is definitely one of the best times to take pictures.

Portraits shot at night time also have an edge that daytime portraits just donât have. By placing your subject around interesting light sources, such as neon signs, youâll be able to create some truly portfolio-worthy portraits. Just make sure you shoot RAW vs. JPEG if you choose this time of day to shoot.

How To Schedule Your Newborn Session

Best time to do a Maternity Session (around 30 weeks ...

Reach out when youre about 2 months from your due date to ensure I have space in my calendar. For October/November babies, I am only taking limited commissions. Please reach out by August to get contracts in place. Its my busy season and October-November doesnt allow for me to be as flexible. I want to ensure you are well prepared before my busy season hits.

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Dont Wait Too Long Though

As noted above, every expecting mother is a little different, and some might be ready for their photo shoot early or wait past the prime window and get their photos taken in the 9th month.

Its important to err on the side of caution, though. If anything, get your maternity photos taken too early rather than too late.

Earlier in your pregnancy, youll have fewer signs of exhaustion, a lesser likelihood of retaining water and having stretch marks, and a greater ability to get up and down, move around, and work with the photographer for various looks in your portraits.

Of course, the longer youre pregnant, the more bloated and swollen youll be, so that should be motivation for getting your photos done early, too!

With that in mind, just know that the longer you wait, the more likely it will be that you will miss that ideal window in which your belly looks magnificent and you still feel pretty good. If at six months you feel like youre getting close, get your photo shoot scheduled and take advantage of the good timing.

Tips For A Successful Newborn Session


The ideal time for Newborn sessions is the first 14 days after their arrival. The sooner, the better!

Well be moving them around and scrunching them into those sweet sleepy newborn images, so we want to make sure theyre sleepy enough to allow us to handle them. Plus, babies just tend to do a lot better with the session within their first 2 weeks. My preference is day 10-20 giving you time to get settled at home but still in the newborn curl phase. There are various reasons why this time-frame doesnt work for some people, so if you find that youre more comfortable planning for a later time, than No Worries, we can make that work too. I am flexible and the key is that you & the baby are comfortable.


Newborn sessions take place at my studio, Darling Chic Photo Boutique, located at 266 Main St. Plympton, Ma. . My cell phone number is 617-833-2478. If the weather is warm enough and youre comfortable with the idea, we can take the session outdoors. We have 5 parking spots in the front of the building. They are a little close to the street and may feel awkward to pull into, but you are able to pull in from the street facing the studio. There are two spots to the left of the building . On some occasions I am available to do Lifestyle sessions in the comfort of your own home rather than studio session. Ask me about the details if you are interested.











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Outfits For The Newborn Baby

I love classic, simple outfits. Dress your baby in simple button/zipper footie pyjamas for the ultimate in adorable! Avoid anything that needs to go over the head. Have the baby in the outfit you want them to wear for the session and put a bib or wrap over it. We do not want to disturb a sleeping baby.

I do not recommend small versions of adult clothes. Pants, dress shirts, dresses none of these will fit a newborn. They will be swimming in their outfits. Try on outfits at least 3 days in advance. Make sure it fits around the neck, armpits and leg areas. Hold your baby. Does the outfit get bunched up around the neck area? It doesnt fit well. I will always recommend a simple onesie or wrap at the newborn stage. Keep Things Simple.

Here is a showing the wraps I own. I suggest having your own wraps due to the current pandemic. I wash all items after usage, but I still would prefer your baby touching only items youve cleaned yourself to be safe. Also changing your baby when I arrive may add to the complexity of the photo session.

Communicate Any Scheduling Restrictions

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Many parents tend to forget to tell me theyll head back to work within 3 days of the session, or their children are only available on Wednesday, or their inlaws are heading into town for 4 weeks and wont be available except for 3 particular dates.

The more you communicate with me ahead of time, the better the chances are for scheduling a great date once your baby arrives. Dates are secured once you are discharged from the hospital but please let me know as soon as you meet your newborn baby so we can start working on dates.

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Light Newborns From The Top Of The Head To The Chin

When shooting newborns in the studio, the light source should come from the direction that the babys head is laying. The childs face must be tilted to the light side. The light should fall from the top of the head to the chin.

Do not move up the chin as it will create an undesirable effect and unnecessary ghostly shadows. If there are shadows under chin and nose, that means that the lighting was set up correctly.

Baby Picture Ideas At Home

31. Natural

How to take baby pictures at home? Dont rush around trying to find perfect location, suitable props and enough light. Keep things simple and photograph the child in his/her dads hands.

32. Yawing

Babies sleep a lot in their first weeks and often yawn. So, you dont miss a chance to capture this moment.

33. With a Favorite Toy

Every baby has a preferred toy, so use it as a prop for newborn photography.

34. In a Blanket

Wrap the baby in a soft blanket and take some pictures from above.

35. With Brothers and Sisters

Group photos with siblings help to demonstrate family unity. Try different poses and newborn photography ideas at home.

36. In a Basket

Have a wooden basket? Use it for the photo session as it gives newborn baby photos an organic look.

37. With a Daddy

Take a photo of a daddy holding his baby. This is a very touching and atmospheric picture.

38. Mummy and a Baby

These are must-have shots that will recall many sweet memories.

39. Focus on Tiny Fingers

Take some close-ups of the tiny hands and fingers. It is a simple newborn photo idea but very meaningful.

40. Add Accessories

If a baby was born in autumn, you may add some leaves or other characteristic elements for this season. Talk with the parents to choose something special.

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Create A Solid Contract

You should also have a solid contract in place. A day or so before the session, send reminders for what the parents can do to prepare for their experience. Share what they can to to ensure it is the best experience possible.

Its important to explain why you suggest these things why is a pacifier helpful at the session? Why should the baby be given a very full feeding right before?

Scheduling The Best Time To Take Newborn Photos

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So, when should you take newborn photos? It all depends on the types of photos you want. The guide above can help you choose your ideal newborn photos time frame, but its always best to talk it through with your newborn photographer too. To discuss your options and learn more about scheduling your newborn photo session, contact my Connecticut photography studio today.

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Before Your Newborn Arrives:

  • Send photos of your home or backyard
  • Communicate to me any scheduling restrictions
  • Communicate any pain points to me so we can work through them
  • Stage your home before baby even arrives
  • Have outfits planned at least 6 days prior to your session
  • If grandparents will be present, please educate them about my style .
  • If partners are present, tell them why the room has to be hot . Newborns are used to body temperature heat because they just came from your womb. They arent able to regulate their temperatures yet. Your partner may be cranky, but its about your newborns comfort for those hours Im with you. Feel free to turn on the air conditioner as soon as I leave.
  • If your drapes or windows need fixing/cleaning, do this before your baby arrives. I usually photograph near windows so your windows will be front and centre!
  • Get a space heater if your house doesnt heat up.
  • Dont give your baby their first bath before the session. You can use a soft cloth to wipe them, but a bath really dries out their skin and makes their skin flake for the session. Dont irritate them just before the session.

Take The Sibling Shots First

If you intend to involve babys siblings in your newborn photoshoot, consider doing those group shots firstthat way they can take a break and immediately go play, Juliet says. Its a win-win, because you can continue with the session and your toddler isnt forced into staying when they dont want to participate any more.

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Utilizing Natural Window Light

Using the natural light that shines in through a window is a great way to get soft light. This is an excellent light for an indoor subject. Window light is often overlooked and it costs nothing.

The effect of the window on the outdoor light is the same as that of a softbox on a flash. The intensity of the light lessens and the light becomes soft.

Done right, the effect can be very impressive and professional-looking. You are harnessing the power by moving the subject closer or further away from the window.

Check out this article to learn how to use natural window light for your newborn photos.

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